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James Carlisle Monteagle Browne
Elizabeth Carson
Born: 1877
Died: August 8, 1910 Died:
Father: John Monteagle BROWNE Father:
Mother: Susanna M. EDGAR Mother:

So far, we know little of James Carlyle BROWNE except that which we can glean from his obituary (reprinted from the Belfast Evening Telegraph). From it we learn that he had been an assistant in the Surveyor’s Department of the Belfast Corporation for the past 12 years. He was said to be “a young man of upright character and conspicuous ability, and one who always carried out his duties in a highly satisfactory manner”. There was a widow, hence he was married, but to whom we do not know. His funeral took place at his late residence, D’Olier, Cherryvalley Park, Knock. He had been off duty for several weeks through the illness which brought about his death. The funeral was private and the place of interment was Dundonald Cemetery. Deceased was the eldest son of Mr. John Browne of Ringfad, Ardglass, Co. Down.

The Ordinance Survey Map of Belfast (Bloomfield) 1902 has a J.C.M BROWN, architect and civil engineer living at Holly Park. This was brought to my attention courtesy of Margaret Innis. This accords with Dorothy's memory of visiting Holly Park as a child. The house is just across from the St. Columba's Church where my grandmother was married and just down the street from Albertvillas, a hose which was owned at the time by another brother, John Plunkett BROWNE. It is possible that Holly Park was the home of John & Susanna BROWNE before they retired to Ardglass.



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