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This will is one of several for JACKSONs who were goldsmiths. I have done a family tree for them. NAMES: Alexander JACKSON of St, Andrew Holborn, Middlesex, goldsmith; John JACKSON of Staffordshire; Robert JACKSON; Lawrence DYER; Alexander DYER; Sarah DYER; Abraham JACKSON; Isaac JACKSON; Bartholemew PICKERING; Daniel JOSLIN.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 10, 2011
PS Thanks to Jan Waugh for her substantial assistance in the transcription and notes.


Will of Alexander JACKSON goldsmith


In the name of God Amen. I Alexander Jackson[1] of the parish of St. Andrew Holborn[2] in the County of Middlesex citizen and Goldsmith of London being weak and infirm in body but of perfect mind and memory praise the Almighty God for the same and considering the frailties this life and the uncertainty of the time when or as soon as it may pleased the Lord to take me out of this world, I do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner following, that is to say, first and principally I command my soul into the hands of Almighty God my creator being confidently assured by and through the only merits of my blessed Saviour Jesus Christ to obtain free pardon and remission of all my transgressions in this life, and a crown of glory in the kingdom's of  [?] amongst the elect. My body I commit to the earth from whence it came to be decently buried and near unto my late deceased wife[3] in the late parish church of St. John Zachary[4] in London, if it may conveniently be done, if not I leave it to the discretion of my executors hereinafter named, and for that  [?] estate which it hath pleased God of his mercy to bestow upon me I give and dispose of the same as follow with, that is to say, I give unto my brother John Jackson[5] of Staffordshire[6] 20 pounds, and I give unto [his] son Robert[7]  [?] pounds, and I give unto my son in law Lawrence Dyer[8], pewterer the sum of 400 pounds, item I give unto my four grandchildren John Dyer[9] Alexander Dyer[10] Lawrence Dyer[11] and Sarah Dyer[12] children of my late daughter Sarah[13] deceased five and 20 pounds apiece to be paid unto them at the accomplishment of their several and respective years of one and 20 years or upon the day of marriage of the said Sarah for her part what shall first happen. And if in case any of my said for grandchildren shall happen to die and depart this mortal life before the accomplishment of their said several and that he respective ages and times aforesaid then I give the part and share of their portion for dying unto the survivors or survivor of them equally share and share alike; item I give and bequeath unto my son Abraham Jackson[14] all and  [?] my messuages houses and tenements with their and  [?] of their appurtenances and the gardens yards and grounds to them and  [?] of them belonging situate in being in the Charterhouse yard and Charterhouse land in the County of Middlesex together with all and several my leases and leases by which I hold the same to have and to hold the said messages houses tenements yards gardens grounds and all other  [?]  [?] in Charterhouse yard and Charterhouse land aforesaid with all and  [?]  [?] issues profits thereof which are 100 pounds or per and am clear over and above the quit rent Erie at and all my rights titled interest property benefit  [?] and demand of in and to the same unto my said son Abraham Jackson his executors administrators or assigns for all the remainder of the said lease or leases sold upon this condition that my said son Abraham Jackson his executors or assigns shall pay out of the rents and profits thereof unto my son Isaac Jackson[15] 20 pounds a year during the remainder of the said lease if free the said Isaac shall so long live. All the rest and residue of my goods chattels money debts and all other my estate whatsoever my debts legacies and funeral charges being throughout first paid and are so deducted I give unto my two sons Abraham Jackson and Isaac Jackson to be divided between them equal share and share alike. And I do make and ordain my said two sons Abraham Jackson Isaac Jackson joined executors of this my last will and testament. In witness where of either said Alexander Jackson revoking all former wills by me made  [?] to this my last will and testament confryned in one sheet of paper set my hand and seale this fifth day of April 1667 in the 19th year of the reign of King Charles II over England  [?] Alex Jackson. Signed sealed published and declared by the said Alexander Jackson as and for his last will and testament in the presence of Barth Pickering[16] -- servant Dan Joslin[17] his servant.


NOTE: I would expect that he is associated with this line of JACKSONS – although sometimes this source is more fanciful than one might wish:

Visitation of London, 1568 : with additional pedigrees, 1569-90, the arms of the city companies and a London subsidy roll, 1589


G.10. f. 57

F.l. 183 [JACKSON] 62b

H.S. 40

ARMS : Gules, a fesse argent between three jackdaws proper wiíh a crescent or

for difference in chief.1

William Jackson of Smythall2 in the Cownte of Yorke gent maried

and had yssue Charles Jackson sonne and heire John Jackson second Sonne.

John Jackson seconde Sonne to William aforesaid maried and had yssue


Thomas Jackson Sonne and heire of John maried the doughter of [blank]

and had yssue Thomas

Thomas Jackson Sonne and heire of Thomas maried [blank] the doughter

of [blank] and had yssue Francés

Francés Jackson of London gentleman Citesen and goldsmyth of the

same Citie maried [blank] the doughter of [blank] and by her hathe3—.

1 In G.10 the birds look like magpies; they are painted black with white breasts and

bellies. There is no difference mark.

2 " Snythall " in G.10.

3 F.l has no arms and gives the pedigree as follows: " Wyllm. Jakson of Snythall had

ysewe Charles Jakson John Jakson Charles Jakson had ysowe Wyllm Jakson wyche Wyllm.

had yshew Charles Jakson nowe owner of Snythall John Jakson had yshewe Thomas

Jakson and Thomas had yshewe Francis Jakson."

Descendants of Robert Jackson

 1  Robert Jackson 

........ 2  Alexander Jackson  d: 1670 in of Parish of St. Andrew Holburn, London Occupation: Goldsmith, London

............ +Unnamed  d: Bef. 05 Apr 1667 in of Parish of St. Zachary, London

................... 3  Abraham Jackson  d: Abt. 1700 Occupation: Goldsmith, London

................... 3  Isaac Jackson  d: Bet. 1667 - 1685

............................. 4  Abraham Jackson  d: Aft. 03 Sep 1700

............................. 4  Mary Jackson  d: Aft. 03 Sep 1700

................... 3  Sarah Jackson  d: Bef. 05 Apr 1667

....................... +Lawrence Dyer 

............................. 4  John Dyer b: Bef. 1667 d: Aft. 1670

............................. 4  Alexander Dyer b: Bef. 1667 d: Aft. 1670

............................. 4  Lawrence Dyer b: Bef. 1667 

............................. 4  Sarah Dyer b: Bef. 1667 

........ 2  John Jackson b: in of Staffordshire 

................... 3  Robert Jackson b: in of Staffordshire 


[1] Alexander JACKSON, a goldsmith of London. He died 1670, buried St John Zachary  [in Aldersgate sec. of London]. His father was father Robert Jackson of Stone, Staffordshire . He was a Presbyterian Elder of 5th Classis of London Province. SOURCE: British History Online http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=31886#s2  ALEXANDER JACKSON: Co Co Aldersgate Within, 1652, 1660 St John Zachary, 1624-64, ChW, 1637, St Andrew Holborn, 1667 (1) GOLD, appr, 1605, to John West, fr, 1615 (2) d 1670, bur ? St John Zachary (3) Will PCC 177 Penn, 19 Dec 1670 f Robert Jackson of Stone, Staff (4) Goldsmith, 1643, Assay Master of the Mint, 1624, Deputy Assayer of GOLD, 1626 (5) City property (£100 p a) (3) Presbyterian Elder of 5th Classis of London Province (6) Da Sarah mar Lawrence DYER (7)
(1) McMurray, pp 422a, 438b, will (2) Will, GOLD, Appr Reg, I, f 165, Index of Appr (3) Will (4) GOLD, Appr Reg, I, f 165 (5) Heal, London Goldsmiths, p 181, McMurray, p 456, GOLD, Index of Appr (6) Sion College, MS Acc L40 2/E17 (7) Will, Boyd 25284

[2] St. Andrew Holburn. Interestingly, this was the same parish that Lodowick JACKSONwas recorded in when he married in 1662.  SEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Andrew,_Holborn

[3] She may have been a sister of William DRAX or DRAKES, although DRAX could have been the husband of one of Alexander’s sisters, whose names are not known to me. This DRAX was buried at Bishopsgate Ward, St. Helens, London in December 1669. SOURCE: The following year the manor was discharged from sequestration, forfeited by Mildmay, and bought from the Treason Trustees by John Warre of London. In 1657 it was, apparently, again sold by the Treason Trustees to William Drax, a London merchant, and his brother-in-law Alexander JACKSON, a London goldsmith. They alleged in a Chancery suit in 1657 that they had lent Francis Mildmay £1,200, and that their purchase of the estate was their only way of recovering the money. Nevertheless, Mildmay seems to have recovered the estate next year, for he is then found mortgaging Ambrosden manor to Sir James Drax of London. Mildmay's financial embarrassments evidently continued to be serious, for according to the evidence given by Drax in a Chancery suit Mildmay had borrowed £3,300 from him on the security of the manor and advowson of Ambrosden. It was alleged that after conveyance of the property Mildmay refused to 'set forth and discharge the same estate . . . or to declare the annual value of the manor', contrary to his agreement. His case is typical of the Roman Catholic gentry at this date.

From: 'Parishes: Ambrosden', A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 5: Bullingdon hundred (1957), pp. 15-30. BHO.

[4] The parish church of St Zachary, built in the year 1,000 AD in the City of London, Gresham Street was destroyed in the Great Fire of London, in 1666 and was never rebuilt. The site belongs to the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths which maintains the gardens for the benefit and enjoyment of Londoners. SOURCE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/costi-londra/sets/72157624706176151/
In 1638, a Thomas JACKSON of this Parish pod £20 and Alexander JACKSON paid £16. SOURCE: 'Inhabitants of London in 1638: St. John Zacharies', The inhabitants of London in 1638 (1931), pp. 79-80. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=32018

[5] John JACKSON Staffordshire. NOTE: In the will of Samuel JACKSON, Pewterer, there was also a reference to a “cousin” John JACKSON of Staffordshire – by then deceased

[6] Staffordshire JACKSONs are a lot that I need to do more work on. It is interesting that Rev. Daniel JACKSON, Vicar of Santry, Co. Dublin, was born in 1651to a John JACKSON in Staffordshire. I suspect they would have been of a similar social class, if not also related.

[7] Robert JACKSON, seemingly a nephew of Testator, son of John JACKSON of Staffordshire.

[8] Lawrence DYER, Pewterer. SOURCE: The Rulers of London 1660-1689: A biographical record of the Aldermen and Common Councilment of the City of London (1966), pp. 56-63. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=31880 

DYER, Lawrence Dakins - Dyer'Co Co Cripplegate Within, 1675-80, Dep, 1680-90 (1) St Lawrence Jewry, ChW, 1670, 1691 (2) PEW, W, 1669, M, 1675 (3) b Kingham, Oxon, d 1691 (4) Will PCC 208 Vere pr, 18 Dec 1691 mar (A) Sarah, da of Alexander JACKSON, (B) Elizabeth ? Moorhouse (5) Pewterer (6) City property, land Kent, Oxon (4) Whig ("naught", 1682) (6)

(1) Dep, 1680 VBk, St Lawrence Jewry (2) VBk, St Lawrence Jewry, will (3) Boyd 26284 (4) Will (5) Boyd 26284, will of Alexander JACKSON (6) SP/29/418/199

[9] John DYER, child of Lawrence DYER and Sarah JACKSON

[10] Alexander DYER, child of Lawrence DYER and Sarah JACKSON

[11] Lawrence DYER, child of Lawrence DYER and Sarah JACKSON

[12] Sarah DYER, child of Lawrence DYER and Sarah JACKSON

[13] Sarah DYER née JACKSON, daughter of Alexander JACKSON, Testator.

[14] Abraham JACKSON, goldsmith

[15] Isaac JACKSON. He may not have been a goldsmith, and may have been a merchant trading in silk.

[16] Bartholomew PICKERING

[17] Daniel JOSLIN



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