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NAMES: James NORRIS of Torrehage [AKA Tannagh], Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone; Charles NORRIS of Larakeen AKA Lairakeen, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone; Andrew OLIVER of the Parish of Tynan (possibly Lislooney); Sarah OLIVER, daughter of Andrew OLIVER; Margaret HAMILTON, Countess of Orrey; Ben OLIVER of Farmacartley AKA Farmacaffley; John CALDWELL of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; Robert BRENAN of Glaslough, Co. Monaghan.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 13, 2007
Updated June 18, 2008


1754, Feb 9 DEED: 166-289-111573.

OLIVER, Andrew - NORRIS 1746-1758
Townlands Index: 1746-1758





  • Freeholders records show a Charles NORRIS of Caledon.
  •   I do not have a subscription (and therefore access), but the following notes look promising: W. H. J. WAR WORDS: "SPEARHEAD": "MOP UP." Notes and Queries, 1944; 187: 275 - 276. *......F.R.] of Caledon, Co. Tyrone, and David Boyd of City...town of Caledon,? Co. Tyrone, then, in possession...of said Mary Pringle, Charles Norris, , Oliver Norris, Cornelius...and all situate in Co. Tyrone To Hold to Thomas Lewins...... NOTE: This may mean that NORRIS-PRINGLE deed searches could be useful.
  • ·         Norris, John (c. 1547-1597) English soldier. He served in conflicts in the Low Countries, France, and Ireland, and in 1589 commanded, with Francis Drake, the fleet that ravaged the coasts of Spain and Portugal. He served in the Low Countries 1577-85, at the head of a party of English volunteers fighting on behalf of the States-General in their revolt against their Spanish rulers, and acted as ambassador to the Netherlands in 1588. In 1591 he served Henry IV of France in his conflict with the League in Brittany. He went to Ireland in 1597 to aid in reducing Tyrone. After fighting and negotiating with the O'Neills in Ulster and warring in Connaught, which he failed to pacify, he asked to be recalled. This was refused, but he was superseded in his military command.

·         There is a photo of a Martha Eliza NORRIS in the Gilford Castle collection. The inscription on the back identifies her as a niece of the recipient (whoever that was). It would have to be a later generation – likely about 1860. But since Anne NORRIS married Andrew OLIVER later – this is likely a set of families that kept on connecting.

·         LDS records have nothing. There was a Jane NORRIS, daughter of Robert NORRIS who was christened 1779, July 16 at Arboe, Co. Tyrone. There are also James NORRIS’s of Arboe, CO. Tyrone – but nothing in the early to mid-1700s.

·          Mary Jane OLIVER refers in her will to Mary Jane NORRIS her “grandniece of Queensland”. This may mean that she was a married daughter of Benjamin OLIVER, the son of Andrew Coulter OLIVER. NOTE: Check to see if Benjamin OLIVER emigrated to Australia sometime after the death of his uncle William OLIVER in 1873 (according to a letter from Eliza JACKSON née OLIVER he seems to have been close enough to Urker to be supporting his father Andrew in the contesting of the will).

·         Given naming conventions and proximity, it is likely significant that the Freeholders List for Dungannon Barony , Co. Tyrone 1795-98 has an Oliver NORRIS resident in Caledon who has a freehold in Knockaginney, Parish of Aghalow, Co. Tyone. He could very well be a son of Sarah OLIVER and Charles NORRIS.


To the Register appointed for the registering of Deeds Wills & Conveyances and so by Act of Parliament.

 A Memorial of a deed or article of marriage bearing date twenty second day of October one thousand seven hundred & fifty made by and between James NORRIS[1] of Torrehage[2] & Charles NORRIS[3] of Larakeen[4] both in the Parish of Aghalow & County of Tyrone of the one part & Andrew OLIVER[5] Parish of Tynan[6] and County of Armagh of the other part. Witnesseth that whereas it appears by the said deed a marriage was intended between the said Charles NORRIS and Sarah OLIVER[7], daughter to said Andrew OLIVER that the said James for and in consideration of his paternal love and affection to the said Charles and for and in consideration of the said marriage hath thereby given, granted and assigned over to the said Charles a full half or moiety of Larakeen with the Houses, Appurts and Improvements therein his the said Charles possession and also one half or moitie off the remainder is then laid out and agreed upon by the said parties Charles and James Norris the full half or moiety of said Larakeen for the whole and full time or lives of the original lease held under Margaret HAMILTON[8] now Countess of Orrery at the same rate and exactly upon the same terms which the said James has it and with right of renewal and the other half of the remainder as then laid out and agreed upon for the said terms and conditions and subject to the yearly rent of a five pounds ten shillings each and every year while the present lease shall subsist and the said deed of which this is a memorial for the imports that the said Andrew OLIVER for an in consideration of his love and esteem towards the said Sarah OLIVER and for and in consideration of the above recited settlement and farm and appurtenances thereunto belonging doth thereby  promise and oblige himself his Heirs, Executors  or Assigns to pay or cause to be paid to the said Charles NORRIS the sum of fifty pounds sterling and the said deed of which this is a memorial further imports in the following words that is to say (viz) and further the said Andrew besides the above specified portion intends to consider the said Sarah as having a child’s part at his death and the said deed of which this is a memorial is witnessed by Ben OLIVER[9] of Farmacartly[10] in the County of Armagh, farmer and by John CALDWELL[11] of Calledon[12] in the County of Tyrone, merchant & this Memorial is witnessed by the said John CALDWELL and by Robert BRENAN[13] of Glaslough[14] in the County of Monaghan Littorate

Charles Norris [SEAL]

Signed sealed and delivered

in the presence of

John Caldwell

Robert Brannon


The above named John CALDWELL came to stay before me and made oath that he was present and did see above named James NORRIS Charles NORRIS and Andrew OLIVER duly sign seal and execute the above recited deed or article of marriage for which the above writing is a memorial and was also present and did see the said Charles duly sign seal and execute the above memorial and deposes that he is a subscribing witness to both said deed and said memorial and that the name John CALDWELL subscribed to both as a witness is this deponants proper handwriting

Sworn before me at Monaghan in the County of Monaghan the 16 day of October 1753 by virtue of a commission to me directly for taking affidavits in the County and I know the deponent.

Will Johnston

Two of his Majesty's justices of the peace for

the County of Monahan present when the

above affidavit was sworn

Alexander Montgomery

Oli Anketete




[1] James NORRIS the father of Charles NORRIS.


[2] Torrehage, Parish of Aghalow AKA Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone. I am guessing this may be the townland of Tannagh. It’s the closest sounding townland in Aghaloo.

[3] Charles NORRIS. A Charles NORRIS is one of several names in a list mentioned along with Arthur OLIVER in the Belfast Newsletter 5 Nov 1776 as supporting a reward for a theft in Blackwatertown.

[4] Larakeen, Parish of Aghalow AKA Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone. I am assuming this is Lairakean. Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone.

[5] Andrew OLIVER of Parish of Tynan. He does not show up in Tynan in any Freeholders Records at this time (they may be lost). HUNCH: It may be that he is a brother of the William OLIVER who I currently have as the oldest likely known ancestor and that their father was the Andrew OLIVER who showed up in the Hearth Money Rolls. NOTE: The only Andrew OLIVER that I could find in the Freeholders Records shows up as a  resident at Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh in 1788, would be a later generation and is connected to the Mullinture line (which also likely connects to the SherranmcAghully line).

[6] Parish of Tynan. It is regrettable that the actual townland was not mentioned. Lislooney would be my best guess based on other deeds showing a continuous set of leases held by OLIVERs.

[7] Sarah OLIVER, daughter of Andrew OLIVER. Given the 1754 time of her marriage, this makes her a contemporary of the William OLIVER who married Elizabeth STEEL in 1757. She may be a sister or possibly a cousin. It is significant that a witness was Benjamin OLIVER of Farmacartley.

[8] Margaret HAMILTON, Countess of Orrey.  She was a daughter of John HAMILTON, proprietor of the Caledon estate and in 1731 married the Earl of Orrery. A Source I do not have access to, but which might be of interest to others: MARY BOYLE. LETTERS OF THE COUNTESS OF ORRERY AND OTHERS, 1740-1746. Notes and Queries, 1882; s6-V: 205 - 206. ......MDCCCLXXVII. (1877). W. C. B. LETTERS OP THB COUNTESS OP ORRERY AND OTHERS, 1740-1746 (ante, p. 161).--Will you permit the great-granddaughter of Margaret Hamilton, Countess of Orrery (afterwards of Cork and Orrery), to correct a slight......

[9] Benjamin OLIVER, this is likely the Benjamin OLIVER of Ballinhonebeg who died in 1770. He was a brother of the William who married Elizabeth STEEL – both of them sons of a William about whom I know little.

[10] Farmacartly AKA Farmacaffley AKA SherranmcAghully, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh – land likely handed down from another Andrew OLIVER who was recorded as resident there in the 1663 Hearth Tax Rolls.

[11] John CALDWELL?

[12] Calledon AKA Caledon, Co., Co. Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone – this townland had a town centre and market.

[13] Robert BRENAN?

[14] Glaslough, Co. Monaghan is just over the border from Co. Tyrone & Co. Armagh.



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