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NAMES: Rev. George JACKSON of Stabannon, Co. Louth; Capt. Jonathon Bowes BENSON; Charles BROUGHTON; Jonathon COURTNEY; Edward COURTNEY; Nathanial LOW aka LOWE of Loweville, Co. Galway; Fownes JACKSON; Joseph HAYDEN; James POE. OTHER PLACES: Tully, Parish of Louth.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 7, 2011


1773 May 1

Book 298, pg 312, #197534
Transcribed thanks to Dawn Lowe. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown.


Indented Deed of Release


NOTE: This deed gave me a clue that helped me to update footnotes at a July 3rd, 1739 Deed which involved many of the same people. It was the introduction of the name Fownes JACKSON that made me recall finding a marriage of Peter JACKSON and Frances FOWNES. I still do not know who the Fownes JACKSON mentioned in this deed might be, although he may be a son or grandson of Rev. George JACKSON. I have assembled a page to complement the interpretation of this deed at JACKSONs of Steeple, Co. Antrim


Between the Reverend George Jackson[1] of Robannon[2], County Louth Cleric of the first part

And Jonathan Bowes Benson[3] Esq late Captain in his majesty’s 58th Regiment of foot on the English establishment heir at Law of Charles Broughton[4] late of City of Dublin, Esq, Deceased

and Jonathan Courtney[5] of Waterford, County Waterford, Gents, heir at Law of Edward Courtney[6] late of City of Dublin, Surgeon, Deceased, of the second part


And Nathaniel Low[7] of Loweville[8], County Galway, Esq, of the third part


Whereby after reciting the said George Jackson in consideration of the sum of 4,300 pounds 5 shillings and 3 sterling and the said Jno Bowes Benson and Jno Courtney in consideration of 10 shillings apiece to them respectively paid by said Nathaniel Low did according to their respective interests grant, bargain sell, release and confirm to Nathaniel Low in his actual possession then by virtue of a bargain and sale to him by George Jackson, Jno Bowes Benson and Jno Courtney for one whole year by Indre bearing the date of the next before the day of the date of said Release in consideration of 5 shillings and by force of the Statute for Transferring uses into possession and to his heirs all that and those Town and lands of Tully[9], County Louth, Parish of Louth containing 450 acres then lately in possession of said Charles Broughton with appurtenances to hold to Nathaniel Low, his heirs and assigns during natural life and lives of several Cesta que Vies then in being in the Renewal therein mentioned and the Survivor of them.


Witnessed by Fownes Jackson[10] and James Conolly both of the City of Dublin and as to the execution by George Jackson Fownes Jackson and Joseph Hayden[11] of City of Waterford, Merchant, and this Memorial is witnessed by said Fownes Jackson and James Poe[12] of Poes Court, County Louth, Gent.


George Jackson: Seal

Signed and sealed in presence of Fownes Jackson and James Poe

Fownes Jackson is a subscribing witness to said Deed of Release of which this is a Memorial. Delivered to Jno Macabe, Deputy Register

Registered 28 Sept 1773



[1] Rev. George JACKSON (1711-1782) of Robannon (probably Stabannon), Co. Louth. Son of Rev. Peter JACKSON, rector of Killincoole BA 1733. Buried at Stabannon. 1755 Vicar of Dromin, Mosstown & Stabannon (united with Collon).  SOURCE: Armagh Clergy and Parishes, p201 & 411.. I have the following on a Rev. George JACKSON:

  1. Presented on July 14, 1755 to Stabannon by Vicars Choir.
  2. Curate of Louth in 1736
  3. A George JACKSON was a Scholar at T.C.D. in 1743 and became M.A.
  4. He resigned the Vicarage of Mosstown and the Rectory of Dromin on 21st March, 1769.
  5. In 1782 at Louth Spring Assizes, the Rev George JACKSON, J.P., and Hercules TROY, were indicted for having assaulted Patrick McARDLE at Stabannon; and having rescued him from said George JACKSON whom he had arrested on the 13th August 1781, for £204 5s 4d. (Grand Jury records – this snippet is confusing).
  6. Died 1782 and is said to be buried in one of the two open vaults at the east end of the church of Stabannon.
  7. According to Notes & Family Charts relating to Grand Jurors by TGF PATTERSON, Rev George JACKSON, rector of Stabannon, Co. Louth had a daughter Martha JACKSON who married a Samuel [MOORE or POE?] SOURCE: LDS Reel# 1279353Item #3, p4A [NOTE: This deed makes it more likely that the name was POE not MOORE.]

[2] Robannon, Co. Louth. NOTE: I suspect this might be Stabannon, Parish of Stabannon, Co. Louth.

[3] Capt. Jonathon Bowes BENSON in 1774, he was the High Sherriff of Louth and was “of Catherine Grove” SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Sheriff_of_Louth

[4] Charles BROUGHTON, Gent, late of Dublin, deceased.

[5] Jonathon COURTNEY, Gent of Waterford, Co. Waterford.

[6] Edward COURTNEY, of City of Dublin, Surgeon, deceased.

[7] Nathaniel LOW Esq., of Loweville, Co. Galway

[8] Loweville, Co. Galway

[9] Tully, Parish of Louth, Co. Louth – a 765 acre townland.

[10] Fownes JACKSON. I suspect he may have been related to Peter JACKSON and Frances FOWNES who married at St. Andrews, Dublin December 22, 1711.

[11] Joseph HAYDEN of City of Waterford, merchant

[12] James POE of Poe’s Court, Co. Louth. See also The Origin and early history of the Family of Poë or Poe with full pedigrees of the Irish branch of the family and a discussion of the true ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe the American Poet. Sir Edmund Thomas Bewley, Dublin, 1906. SOURCE: http://www.archive.org/details/originearlyhisto00bewl



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