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NAMES: Robert LOWE of Brookhill; Joseph JACKSON of Tincurry; Thomas JACKSON; Abraham JACKSON; Joseph JACKSON; David OLDIS, of Callan; George COLE of Clonmel; Nathaniel MITCHELL; John LUTHER; Samuel HAYMAN.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 16, 2011
Updated July 15., 2013.



This lease is related to the document at PRONI: T1173/2/6: CHANCERY DECISION: William Jackson versus William Jackson younger, Sarah Jackson widow & Joseph Druet. Joseph Jackson the elder late of Tincurry, Co Tipperary demised in 1796 certain lands in Tincurry to his sons Abraham & Joseph Jackson; further sd Joseph the younger was seized of lands of Sragh, Kings Co, by lease from Brice, Earl of Milltown for lives of Anthony Jackson of Waterford, son of Thomas Jackson of Edenderry, Robert Boardman of Dublin, 2nd son of Joseph Boardman of sd city, clothier and William Greer son of Thomas Greer of Dungannon linen mercht. Recites [see PRONI D366/193] M/Settlt dated 25th Nov.1801 of sd Joseph Jackson and Sarah Miller dau of William Miller of Lurgan, Joseph Druet and William Jackson plaintiff being trustees. Joseph Jackson the elder died intestate July 1813, leaving his widow Sarah Jackson otherwise Miller, William Jackson his eldest son and Mary Jackson his dau and no other issue. Ptf prays that he may be allowed to sell lands to obtain about £8000 for which he is a creditor, having lent said sum to sd Joseph.
REPLY: That Sragh came by lease dated 17th Sep 1734 from Thomas Wakely of Ballyberly, Kings Co Esq to Thomas Jackson of Jonestown of 134ac. of Sragh. Thomas Jackson left this by Will to his son Joseph the elder who left it by Will to his son Joseph the younger. The lease was renewed by Brice Earl of Milltown to sd Joseph the younger.
JUDGMENT: Case remitted to Thomas Ellis, Master in Chancery. NOTE: The JACKSON names in this deed have been added to the family tree at Rootsweb. These JACKSONs are descendants of Thomas JACKSON (1698-1785) and Mary BOARDMAN (1694-1740), a Quaker family.


Book 331, page 5, #219983

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe


Lowe to Jackson

Deed of Lease dated 8 September 1775

Between Robert Lowe[1], Brookhill[2], County Tipperary, Esq, and

Joseph Jackson[3], Tincurry[4], County Tipperary, Gent


Robert Lowe, in consideration of the Rents and Covenants therein mentioned demised to Joseph Jackson Robert Lowe’s share of the Town and lands of White Church[5], commonly known as Houlkillen, 128 acres plantation measure, together with the mountain and commons adjoining and now in possession of Joseph Jackson and his undertenants situate in the Barony of Iffa and Offa, County Tipperary to hold to Joseph Jackson for the natural lives of Thomas Jackson[6], eldest son of Joseph Jackson, Abraham Jackson[7], second son of Joseph Jackson, and Joseph Jackson[8], third son of Joseph Jackson and the survivors of them and after the determination of 3 lives during the further Term of 10 years …


Witnessed by:

David Oldis [9]of Callan[10], County Kilkenny, Gent

George Cole[11] of Clonmell[12], County Tipperary, Gent (subscribing witness)


Sworn in Clonmell, County Tipperary 1 June 1779


Justices present: Nat Mitchell[13], John Luther[14], Mayor

Samuel Hayman[15] Deputy Register


Registered 4 June 1779


[1] Robert LOWE of Brookhill, Co. Tipperary

[2] Brookhill, Co. Tipperary

[3] Joseph JACKSON Gent, of Tincurry, Co. Tipperary. Assuming this is Joseph JACKSON sr., he was born 1727, son of Thomas JACKSON (1698-1785) and Mary BOARDMAN (1694-1740)
: A Mary JACKSON was recorded in Quaker records as being from Tincurry. She married a John WALPOLE. She may be his grand-daughter. I need to check.

[4] Tincurry, Co. Tipperary

[5] White Church aka Houlkillen, Barony of Iffa and Offa, Co. Tipperary

[6] Thomas JACKSON, eldest son of Joseph JACKSON

[7] Abraham JACKSON, second son of Joseph JACKSON

[8] Joseph JACKSON, 3rd son of Joseph JACKSON. He is the one who married Sarah MILLER of Ballybrittain, Kings Co. SOURCE: PRONI D366/193

[9] David OLDIS, Gent of Callan, Co. Kilkenny

[10] Callan, Co. Kilkenny

[11] George COLE, Gent of Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

[12] Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

[13] Nathanial MITCHELL

[14] John LUTHER, Mayor

[15] Samuel HAYMAN, Deputy Registrar




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