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NAMES: John COULTER of Carrickastuck; William POLLOCK of Carrickastuck; Charles COULTER; William COULTER; John COULTER; Lord John BELLEW; James COULTER; Robert BRANNAN jr. of Longfield, Monaghan; Catherine COULTER; Michael MOLONY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. AUgust 30, 2009


1776 Dec 4

DEED: 323 232 213562


Notes from my 2009 diary – cobbled together from two versions.


Between John COULTER[1] of Carickistook[2], Co. Louth, farmer of the one part & Wm POLLOCK[3] of Carrickistook aforesaid farmer of the other part, reciting that Charles COULTER[4], Wm. COULTER[5] & John COULTER[6] had taken a lease from the late Lord BELLEW [7]bearing date the 4th day March 1734[8] of the said lands of Carrickistook … 136A… rent of £7.7.6[9] for lives of Wm. COULTER, John COULTER and James COULTER[10], son of Charles COULTER and that the said Charles COULTER & Wm COULTER are since dead and that said lands by the said Lord BELLEW’s lease fell to the survivor or longest liver of the said three [?] & [?] that the said John COULTER who is the survivor … did demise unto William BELLEW 1/3 part of the lands of Carrickistook then in the actual possession of the said William POLLOCK at the yearly rent of £16.2.6 … … lives of John COULTER, James COULTER & Robert BRANNAN jr. of Longfield [?] Co. Monaghan … yearly rent to pay to Robert BRANNAN[11] jr. of Longfield[12] [?] Co. Monaghan & Catherine COULTER[13]. WITNESS: William POLLOCK; Michael MOLONY[14].


[1] John COULTER (bef 1734-?) of Carickistook, Co. Louth. Son of Charles COULTER (?- bef 1776) and Mary McIVOR.

[2] Carrickastuck, a townland of 229 acres in the Parish of Phillipstown, Co. Louth.

[3] Wm POLLOCK of Carrickistook farmer

[4] Charles COULTER I believe this to be the Charles COULTER (?-bef 1776 ) who was deceased before 1776 Dec 4 SOURCE: Deed: 323 232 213562. I also suspect that he was a brother of Samuel COULTER (abt 1690-?) of Cavananore and of William and John COULTER – the latter two were also deceased before 1776. He married Mary McEVERS before 1735 (son James mentioned).  SOURCE: DEED: 134 179 90509. And DEED: 80 473 56629

[5] Wm. COULTER (?-bef 1776) brother of the above Charles COULTER.

[6] John COULTER (?-bef 1776) brother of the above Charles COULTER.

[7] Lord BELLEW Going by the date, I would assume that this is the 2nd Baronet, Sir John BELLEW b 1660, son of Sir Patrick BELLEW and Elizabeth BARNEWALL. He died a few months after this deed, on 23 July 1734. SOURCE: http://www.thepeerage.com/p13731.htm#i137308

[8]I suspect this is the Deed: 82 179 57452 that was registered on 1734 Mar 11

[9] In another section of my notes I have the acreage as 135 acres and the rent as £57.7.6. I suspect that is more likely to be correct.

[10] James COULTER, son of Charles COULTER (?-bef Dec. 1776)

[11] Robert BRANNAN jr. of Longfield, Co. Monaghan

[12] Longfield, Co. Monaghan. The mention of this townland is interesting in that it appears again  in a DEED dated 1851 April 28: Andrew HAMILTON of Longfield in the County of Monaghan farmer

[13] Catherine COULTER NOTE: I can’t place her. In another version of my notes relating to this deed, I have “pay £3 yearly to Catherine COULTER”.

[14] Michael MOLONY



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