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NAMES: Rev. Andrew OLIVER of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh; Andrew OLIVER of Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh; John OLIVER of Tullymore, Co. Armagh; James OLIVER of Augsebrach, Co. Armagh, William OLIVER of Mullintur. Co. Armagh; William OLIVER deceased bachelor; Samuel KNIPE; John MOSSON of Armagh, Co. Armagh; Henry HUTCHISON Innkeeper of Armagh, Co. Armagh. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Tullysarren. See also: Olivers of Mullinture
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 14, 2007

1785 Aug 10
DEED: 375-10-247623.
OLIVER, Andrew Rev - OLIVER, John

A Memorial of a deed of Mortgage by lease & release bearing date [?] the 28th and 29th days of July in the year 1785 between the Rev. Andrew OLIVER [1] of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh Clerk, Andrew OLIVER [2] of Newtownhamilton in Co. Armagh Gent & John OLIVER [3] of Tullymore [4] in said Co. of Armagh Gent of the one part and James OLIVER [5] of Augsebragh [6] in the said Co. of Armagh Gent of the other part. Wherin is recited that Wm OLIVER [7] of Mullintur [8] in said County of Armagh being seized in the townland of Tullysarren [9] in the said County of Armagh devised the same to Rev OLIVER & Wm OLIVER share and share alike and also that said William OLIVER [10] died a bachelor intestate whereby his share in said lands descended to his two brothers the said Andrew OLIVER [11] & John OLIVER [12] and said release witnessed that the said Revd  Andrew OLIVER [13] , Andrew OLIVER and John OLIVER in consideration of the sum of £100.11s.1 ½ to them in hand paid by the said James OLIVER did grant bargain sell alien release and confirm unto the said James OLIVER his heirs and assigns all that and those the Town and Lands of Tullysarren formerly in the possession of Samuel KNIPE [14] deceased situate lying and being in the Manor of Charlemount and County of Armagh all the estate right to the interest claim and demand whatsoever of them the said Rev. Andrew OLIVER, Andrew OLIVER & John OLIVER of in to or out of the said premes share and to hold all the said released premes unto the said James OLIVER his heirs & assigns for ever subject to redemption or payment of the said sum of £122.11.1 ½ with legal interest on the 1st day of Sept next coming with said deed of mortgage & this memorial was witnessed by John MOSSON [15] of Armagh in the Co. of Armagh, Gent & Henry HUTCHISON [16] of the same Innkeeper. James OLIVER [SEAL] etc sworn 2 Aug 1785.


[1] Rev. Andrew OLIVER of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. He shows up there in the 1788 poll of electors. If he was a nephew of the William OLIVER who died between 1776-1779 (see Deed: 580-365-398643), then it is most possible based on what we know at this time that he was a son of John OLIVER of Tullymore, brother of the aforementioned William.

[2] Andrew OLIVER of Newtownhamilton. Brother of William OLIVER (d. bet 1776-1779)of Mullinture and John of Tullymore (d1772). He was a distiller and husband of Elinor and they had many children whose names I do not yet have.

[3] John OLIVER of Tullymore. He was the father of Rebecca OLIVER & Andrew OLIVER and also was the brother of William OLIVER –the bachelor linen draper who died probably in 1779. A John OLIVER of Tullymore died in 1772 (SOURCE: Will Probate).

[4] Tullymore, in the Parish of Armagh. SEE My web page under Maps for Tullymore.

[5] James OLIVER of  Augsebragh. I can’t yet place him. In the same time frame as this lease, PRONI Freeholder records of 1796 show a James OLIVER as well as a John OLIVER leasing land at Tulnaloobe (AKA Tullynaloob) – a townland in the Parish of Drumkeeran, Co. Fermanagh.  Also, a James OLIVER of Armagh who leased lands in 1818 & 1828 in Lislooney. There is also a James OLIVER (1791-1863) in the Nicholson OLIVER line from Co. Tyrone (many family names are the same). James & Mark OLIVER leased land at Lismullydown, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone in 1796 as did Robert OLIVER in nearby Aughasallagh. Interestingly, in the records of 1st Presbyterian Church, Armagh there is a record of the birth of a James OLIVER(1715), son of Andrew OLIVER. This might make him a son of Andrew OLIVER of Newtownhamilton. SOURCE: The Irish Ancestry of Henry William OLIVER, Henry Oliver Rea, 1959 has a James OLIVER, SON OF Stephen born in 1750, in Tattykeel or Corchoney Townland, Parish of Kildress, Co. Tyrone.

[6] Augsebragh. There is no townland with the name in modern times in Co. Armagh. My best guess is Armaghbrague in the southernmost tip of the Parish of Lisnadill and with Tullyvallen (Parish of Newtownhamilton) on its southern border. That is, if the borders did not change. If it is in Co. Tyrone, then Aughasallagh is also a good bet. 

[7] William OLIVER. This is possibly the father of  William, Mary, John & Andrew OLIVER, the same William OLIVER who died in 1726 (SOURCE: Will Probate)

[8] Mullinture AKA  Mullanture is in the Parish of Eglish, Co. Armagh. It is bordered on the east by Tullysarren.

[9] Tullysarren, Parish of Eglish, bordered on the west by Mullanture. Of interest is that in 1825, leases were in place by the Earl of Charlemount to James KILPATRICK, Charles NIMMO (life of John NIMMO) James McMAHON & John SANDERSON. Eglish Parish. 2007 LDS Film # 853875 has many NIMMO & OLIVER references. Regrettably, I did not transcribe any of the NIMMO records, but my vital statistics files include a record of a Margaret OLIVER, daughter of Anthony OLIVER marrying a Charles NIMMO son of Charles NIMMO in 1847 in Eglish Parish. NOTE: A John SAUNDERSON married a Sarah OLIVER in 1805. SOURCE: National Archives 2007 notes on Marriage bonds.

[10] William OLIVER. Probably the bachelor linen draper who died in 1779.

[11] Andrew OLIVER – this would be the one of Newtownhamilton.

[12] John OLIVER – this would be the one of Tullymore

[13] Rev Andrew OLIVER – this would be the one of Enniskillen.

[14] Samuel KNIPE deceased. Interestingly, in Deed: 313-580-211019, 1777, Jan 27 involving the linen draper Robert JACKSON, John POOLER was named as the executor of Samuel KNIPE late of Ballymatran. (Probably Ballymartrim, Parish of Eglish, Co. Armagh).

[15] John MOSSON, Merchant of Town & County Armagh. He witnessed other deeds: 1781, Nov 7 &1771 Sept 17.

[16] Henry HUTCHINSON, innkeeper – there may be a familial connection. In 1776 a Robert OLIVER married Agnes HUTCHINSON (SOURCE: National Archives 2007 Notes on Armagh Marriages). The 1833 Tithe Appointments for Eglish Parish show a Robert OLIVER at Mullinture



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