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NAMES: Hanibal FRASER; Ann FRASER née JACKSON, brother James JACKSON; Eugenia JACKSON of Grange and Birr, widow of Robert JACKSON; Mathew HERBERT; Robert DROUGHT of Dublin; Thomas LACY; William MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Liscloony; Clanbamiss; Parsonstown, all of Kings Co.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 29, 2012

NOTE: As I learn more, I will add to the footnotes.


Book 370, pg. 379, #252830

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe; annotations by Sharon Oddie Brown

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Memorial of an Indented Deed of Conveyance 8 Sept 1786


Hanibal Fraser[1] late of O'Haye? In the King's County Esq


Anne Fraser[2] otherwise Jackson his wife of the one part and


Eugenia Jackson[3] late of Grange but now of Birr[4] in the King's County Widow of Robert Jackson[5] late of Grange aforesaid Esq Dec'd


Reciting as in said Deed is severally recited and witnessing that the said Hanibal Fraser and Ann Fraser did grant to the said Eugenia Jackson her heirs and assigns all the undivided moyety of the said Ann Fraser and her heirs of in and to all that and those the ground lying in Cumberland Street bounded on the east with the said street on the north with James Jackson[6] Perriwigmakers plot on the west with Mathew Herberts[7] holding and on the south with James Jackson's holdings Brother to the said Ann Jackson all which said demised premises are situate in the Town of Parsonstown[8] in the Barony of Ballybritt and in the Kings County aforesaid together with all the houses, buildings, improvements rights and appurtenances  thereunto belonging. To hold unto said Eugenia Jackson for the lives therein mentioned and lives of the survivors of them … paying unto the said Hanibal Fraser the yearly sum of 35 pounds sterling payable half yearly … And also out of all that and those the Town and Lands of Liscloony[9] and Clanbamiss[10] in said County during the continuance of the lease thereof and the said Hanibal and Ann Fraser agreed to levy a fine of all said premises in Birr before the end of the next Michaelmas Term which said Deed and this Memorial are respectively witnessed by Robert Drought[11] of the City of Dublin Esq and Thos Lacy[12] Clerk to the said Robert Drought.


H Fraser:  SEAL

Anne Fraser:  SEAL


Signed and sealed in presence of Thos Lacy and Robert Drought


The above named Thos Lacy maketh oath that he is a subscribing witness to the Deed of which the above is a Memorial … duly executed by Hanibal Fraser and Anne Fraser, delivered to Wm Moore[13] Gent, Dep Register


Registered 9 Sept 1786



[1] Hanibal FRASER

[2] Ann FRASER née JACKSON, brother James JACKSON

[3] Eugenia JACKSON died aft 1790 bef 1828.

[4] Birr, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co.

[5] Robert JACKSON died May 1785

[6] James JACKSON, brother to Ann JACKSON

[7] Mathew HERBERT

[8] Parsonstown aka Birr, Parish of Birr, Barony of Ballybritt. NOTE the Parish of Sierkeeran aka Sierkieran is on the east side of Parsonstown. This parish is one where generations of JACKSONs lived. In the townland of Grange.

[9] Liscloony, Parish of Tisaran, Barony of Garrycastle, Kings Co.

[10] Clanbamiss, aka Clonbonniff, Parish of Tisaran, Barony of Garrycastle, Kings Co. NOTE: Eugenia JACKSON by Deed of 15 July 1791 appointed to her son Henry JACKSON a lease of Lisclooney & Clonbanniffe which was afterwards evicted so Henry brought a Chancery suit & got a Decree in pursuance of which he got £564 and above assignment. SEE: Memorial 545-451-360036.

[11] Robert DROUGHT of City of Dublin. NOTE: There is likely a DROUGHT-JACKSON family connection here since the name crops up in other memorials, and also there are many DROUGHT family members buried in Ballyboy Churchyard where there are also the family of a George JACKSON of Ballyboy, Kings Co.

[12] Thomas LACY, clerk to Robert DROUGHT

[13] William MOORE, Gent, Deputy Registrar.



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