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NAMES: William BARTLEY of Losset; John BARTLEY of Losset; George BARTLEY of Losset; Hugh FRAZIER of Town of Monaghan; John COSSGRAVE of Twn of Monaghan; John RUTHERFORD.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 15, 2009


DEED 441 443 28465

Bartly to Bartly 1739-1810 (TI Bk 45)

Regd 30 Sep 1791

Transcribed by Wendy Jack (many thanks!)


The BARTLEY family (subject to several variant spellings) was a family that generated a significant number of business and family connections with the core family tree that I am pursuing (relations of Sir Thomas JACKSON).SEE: file:///C:/Users/Sharon/Documents/Webstuff/theSilverBowl2/familytree/BartleyTree_1-4.htm



A Memorial of an Indented deed of Conveyance bearing date the fourteenth day of September one thousd Seven hundred and ninety one and made between Wm BARTLY[1] of Losset[2] in the County of Monaghan farmer of the one part and Jno BARKLY[3] of Losset afs of the other part reciting as therein is recited and the sd Wm BARTLY for the Considns therein mentd and in Considn of the Sum of Sixty pounds to him paid did bargain sell release and Confirm unto the said Jno BARTLY all that and those the one half of the town and lands of Losset then in the actual possession of the said Wm BARKLY, that is to say that part of the said lands of Losset lying and adjoining the road leading from Jacksons Mill to Ballybay To hold unto the said Jno Bartly his Eors Admors and ass the said Conveyd premes and all the Estate right Title and Int. property claim and demand of the said Wm BARTLY of in and to the same and every part and parcell hereof from the  day of the death of the said Wm BARTLY for and during the full space and Term that shall be then unexpired and to [have] of the same under any title which the said Wm now hath a Cdn claim thereto by virtue of the last Will and Testament of George BARTLY[4] deced father of the said Wm or orse whatr Subject to certn yearly rents and Covents, and which said deeds of Conveyance as to the Execution thereof by the said Wm and Jno BARLIE[5] is witness by Hugh FRAZIER[6] Gent. and Jno COSSGRAVE[7] both of the Town and County of Monaghan and this Meml. as to the Eon. thereof by the sd Wm BARTLY is witnessed by the said Hugh FRAZIER and Jno RUTHERFORD[8]. Wm BARTLEY (Seal) Signed and sealed in the presence of us Hugh FRAZIER. Jno FRAZIER  Jno RUTHERFORD. …

[1] Wm BARTLY of Losset. Son of George BARTLEY & Margaret ORR.

[2] LossetThere are four townlands named Losset. Going by BARTLEY holdings registered at the time of Griffiths (James BARTLEY & Margaret BARTLEY), I would suspect the Paris of Kilmore, Co. Monaghan is the appropriate one

[3] Jno BARKLY of Losset aka Jno BARTLY and Jno BARLIE (d 1788), Tullycorbet. PRONI D/991/6/1/2 "In Enniskilling Dragoons in the "Seven Years War" in 1758" "Quartermaster" There is a book showing this. The title is not given.

[4] George BARTLY of Losset died before 1752.. SOURCE PRONI D/991/6/1/2 "Of Lossit, County Monaghan. Probate of will taken out 30th December, 1752". Probate of the Will of George Bartley of Lossett. 25 October 1751. Probate granted to Robert Bartley of Dunraymond. Sole Executor. 30 December 1752, in the Registry of the Diocese of Clogher. He married Margaret ORR and had 6 known children. His wife Margaret was a widow whose fisrt husband was Alexander WILSON. They may have had children. George BARTLEY was a Linen Draper. SOURCE: D178/1

[5] Jno BARLIE aka Jno BARTLY aka John BARTLEY – see above.

[6] Hugh FRAZIER Gent





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