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NAMES: David Oliver, William OLIVER, Joseph OLIVER, Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea; George CRAWFORD (of Cherryvale); Thomas LIVINGSTONE of City of Armagh; Thomas McMAHON. TOWNLANDS: Cornacarrow & Laragh of Parish of Aghnamullen, Co. Monaghan.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 10, 2007.

1793 Jan 10 DEED:  462-482-296434
OLIVER, David - OLIVER Need to order.

1786-1793 NOTES: David OLIVER [1] of Ballyrea [2] , Co. Armagh farmer of the one part & William OLIVER [3] , Joseph OLIVER [4] & Benjamin OLIVER [5] of Ballyrea, farmers of the 2nd part. It seems that David OLIVER granted to his sons a lease at Cornacarrow & Laragh, Co. Monaghan. Date of 1790 court case mentioned. David OLIVER plaintiff & George CRAWFORD [6] defendant. Witnesses: Thomas LIVINGSTONE [7] , City of Armagh & Thomas McMAHON [8] , City of Armagh


[1] David OLIVER (prob 1725-Feb 1806), husband of Susannah WALKER. Curiously in spite of all the leases involving Ballyrea, he does not show up in the PRONI Freeholders Records with that particular holding. In fact the only David OLIVER to show up there is one at Bangor, Co. Down in 1813-1821.

[2] Ballyrea is a townland in the Parish of Armagh, County Armagh.

[3] William OLIVER (1764-1844). Since William married in 1809, it make sense that at this point he was still resident at the family home. He would later live at Laragh.

[4] Joseph OLIVER (1764-1837) . Since Joseph married in 1804, it make sense that at this point he was still resident at the family home. He would later live at Tullymore

[5] Benjamin OLIVER. We do not know when (or even if) Benjamin OLIVER married. He d. Bet 1837-1840 at Ballyrea. A Mary OLIVER died March 11, 1834 at age 7 at Ballyrea and she may have been a descendant.

[6] George CRAWFORD SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches James H. & Peadar Murnane. 1999. p. 262. “In 1796 Lord Belmont of Coole Castle Co. Fermanagh assigned 400 acres of land in the townlands of Laragh and Cornacarriff (sic) to George CRAWFORD of Cherryvale, linen draper, then in his possession on a yearly lease. … Crawford remained in possession of the bleaching mill and green, possibly on a renting basis. He was declared bankrupt on the representations of David McTEAR for outstanding rent in 1804.” p. 263 “Crawford was a United Irishman”. p. 326  He sheltered William HAMILTON of Enniskillen, a talented public speaker who could draw large groups to hear him expound on the objectives of the United movement and on Thomas Paine’s “Rights of Man”. He would have recruited large numbers of Defenders into the ranks of the United Irishmen.” NOTE: These are the same mills that in 1844 would be taken over by the McKEAN family, friends of the JACKSONs of Creggan. NOTE: The Cherry Vale mill at Cornacarrow is at the point where the Owenagh River flows from Laragh in the south into Lough Eglish. For Bankruptcy document dated May 26, 1804 see: PRONI D/199/30

[7] Thomas LIVINGSTONE of City of Armagh. He is mentioned in other leases.

[8] Thomas McMAHON – possibly related to Edmond McMAHON DEED: ?


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