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In this lease, we have William, Joseph & Benjamin OLIVER all being farmers at Ballyrea, Co. Armagh and Thomas CRAWFORD a linen Draper of Cherryvale, Co. Monaghan. The lease concerns lands at Laragh & Cornacarra, Co. Monaghan.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 25, 2006

1795 April 7
DEED: #? (I didn't write it down - oops!)

Indenture made on the Seventh Day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety five BETWEEN William OLIVER Joseph OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea in the County of Armagh Farmers of the One Part and Thomas Crawford of Cherry Vale in the County of Monaghan Linen Draper of the other part, WITNESSETH that the said William OLIVER, Joseph OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER for and in consideration of the yearly Rent and Covenants herein reserved, Have and each one of them hath, demited, granted, set and the Farm let; and by these presents do each of them doth demise grant, set and to farm let unto the said Thomas Crawford - ALL the Part Parcel and Proportion of the Towns on the Lands of Laragh and Cornacarra containing five acres and a half Irish Plantation Measure be the same more or less lying adjacent  and contiguous to the North East of a line or Mearing lately laid off by Joseph Fleming Land Surveyor and by him intended to distinguish and divide  the Farm of Land now in possession of George Crawford of Cherry Vale in the County of Monaghan Gent from another farm belonging to William OLIVER Joseph OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER Parties to the said Presents whereof the demised premises are Part  which said lands and premises are situate lying  and being in the Barony of Cremore and County of Monaghan and are now in the actual possession of  the said Thomas Crawford by Virtue of a Bargain and Sale to him thereof made by the said William OLIVER, Joseph OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER for the term of one whole year by indenture of Lease bearing  Date the day next before the Day of the Dale  of these presents in Consideration of Five Shillings Sterling and by Force of the Statute for transferring uses into Possession - Saving and Reserving out of this Demise a Road or Passage as now laid out through the Premises to and from the Corn Mill of Loughegish for the Tenants or Occupiers of the Lands of Carnacarra with full and free Ingress Egress and Regress through the said Demised Premises to the Mill Trespass free -  [more legal stuff I didn’t type] YIELDING AND PAYING therefore and thereout yearly and every year during the said Term unto the said William OLIVER Joseph OLIVER Benjamin OLIVER their heirs and assigns the Yearly Rent of Six Pounds five Shillings and three half Pence Sterling to be paid by two equal payments on every first day of May and first day of November in every year during the said term. [more legal]

Signed Sealed and delivered in the Presence of William OLIVER, Joseph OLIVER, Benjamin OLIVER Thomas Crawford.


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