1801 July 8 DEED: 543-185-357805 OLIVER, William - McCULLAGH

NOTE: Between William OLIVER[1] of the City of Armagh Soap Boiler and Chandler of the one part and Jane McCULLAGH[2] of Lissnamuddy[3] in the County of Armagh of the other part ... the said Wm OLIVER did demise to the said Jane McCULLAGH all that part of the town and lands of Brootely[4] in the County of Armagh in his possession held under the representatives of the late Robert MAXWELL[5] Esq. By deed ... 53 acres English measure paying the rent yearly of £32 ... and did demise and grant to Jane McCULLAGH & his assigns all that dwelling house, office and garden in New Street in the City of Armagh held under the representatives of the late Wm. JOHNSTON[6], Gent which said leases and lands are held in perpetuity ... [hard to read] the said Wm. OLIVER did demise to her the said Jane McCULLAGH during her natural life. Yet nevertheless said Wm OLIVER is to have and receive all the rents ... of said premises during her natural life and after his decease the same is to go to her ... [hard to read] Richard WALSH[7] of the City of Armagh Book seller & Mary OLIVER[8] of Ennislare in said County. Witness: Richard WALSH. John RICHARD[9], Chandler.


[1] William OLIVER of Armagh, Soap Chandler. It is most likelt that he is the son of the William OLIVER of Ennislare  who married Elizabeth STEEL. NOTE: The lands mentioned are the same ones mentioned in the 1781 DEED: 370-333-251896 and 1793 DEED 474-175-299375. In these deeds, he is described as William jr.

[2] Jane OLIVER, daughter of William OLIVER & Elizabeth STEEL married John McCULLAGH SOURCE:  1832 will of Benjamin OLIVER, her brother.

[3] Lissnamuddy. I do not know what this townland might be.

[4] Brootely, AKA “Brootally”, Parish of Derrynoose, Co. Armagh. The parish of Derrynoose is between the parishes of Lisnadill & Tynan. In 1706, a William OLIVER had a lease here. In 1781, it was still held by a William OLIVER (presumably another generation). In 1804 an Andrew OLIVER of Brootally married an Anne HANNA. In 1853 James OLIVER (farmer) and in 1854 William OLIVER of “Brootally” had wills probated (SOURCE: CD 132 LDS All Ireland Probates”). This would mean at least 150 years of a continued OLIVER family presence in this townland. By 1832, the lands were leased by ARMSTRONG and owned by Maxwell Close, Esq. NOTE: Look for an ARMSTRONG-OLIVER marriage. A will of Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831) mentions a brother called “James” although other sources have him with only two brothers, William and Joseph.

[5] Of interest is that this is the same acreage that was deeded in 1781 between William OLIVER of Ennislare and William OLIVER jr.

[6] William JOHNSTON

[7] Richard WALSH, bookseller.

[8] Mary OLIVER of Ennislare. I wonder if she is a sister. I have no record of her. There is a Mary OLIVER, daughter of a William OLIVER b. Nov 17, 1722 in the First Armagh Presbyterian records. If this is her, she would be aged 81. Because of the illegibility of the transcript, I am unsure if the lease was for her life or if she was a signatory. She could also be a wife of one of the many OLIVER men living in Ennislare or nearby.

[9] John RICHARD, Chandler.