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NAMES: John JACKSON of Crieve; Alice aka Alicia DARLEY; John JACKSON of Cremorne; Robert MURDOCK of Eccles St., Dublin; Frederick DARLEY Esq. of William St., Dublin; Rev. John DARLEY; Richard ALLEN; Anne DARLEY; Frances DARLEY; Master HAUGHTON; Master SMITH; William DARLEY Esq. of York St., Dublin; Richard DARLEY of Kings Court, Co. Cavan; Henry LUDLOW; Thomas CHRISTIAN; Henry F. DARLEY; Oliver MOORE.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 7, 2011


1827 Nov 1

Book 829, page 590, #557925

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown.


NOTE: This deed relates to the JACKSONs of Lisnaboe.


Indented Deed of Settlement


Between John Jackson[1], Crieve[2], County Monaghan, Esq, of the first part

Alice Darley[3], Great Georges Street, City of Dublin, spinster, of the second part


John Jackson[4] of Cremorne[5] Green, County Monaghan,

Robert Murdock[6], Eccles Street, City of Dublin, Esq,

Trustees named on behalf of said John Jackson,

And Frederick Darley[7] the younger of William Street, City of Dublin, Esq

And the Rev. John Darley[8] Jr. Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin,

Trustees for Alice Darley,

Of the third part


Reciting a marriage intended between John Jackson and Alice Darley and that Alice Darley was entitled to 2,993 pounds 18 shillings 4 pence, 3-1/2 percent Government Stock standing in the name of Richmond Allen[9] Esq, as Guardian of Alice Darley in the Books of the Governor and Company of Bank of Ireland,


And that Anne Darley[10] late of Great Georges Street, Dublin, deceased, by her last Will and Testament dated 26 Feb 1824 bequeathed to her sister Frances Darley[11] her house and concerns in Jervis Street as occupied by Master Haughton[12] at a rent of 100 pounds … and also bequeathed to Frances her house and concerns at No. 13 Great Georges Street which Testatrix inhabited and held from Master Smith[13] at the rent of 11 pounds 4 shillings per annum. And as to the house on Jervis Street, after the death of Frances she bequeathed the same to her brother William Darley[14] of York Street, Dublin, Esq, his heirs and assigns forever, he paying to her Niece Alicia Darley 300 pounds sterling and as to the house in Great Georges Street, she directed on her decease same should be sold and out of the sum arising from the sale 1,000 pounds should be given to Alicia Darley.


As Anne Darley died without changing her Legacies, it was agreed in Court between Alice Darley and John Jackson that said sum of 2,993 pounds 18 shillings 4 pence, 3-1/2 percent Government Stock and also the said sums of 1,000 pounds and 300 pounds should be vested and assigned to John Jackson.


John Jackson, Robert Murdock, Frederick Darley and John Darley upon the Trusts in performance of said agreement the said sum of 2,993 pounds 18 shillings 4 pence had been transferred to the joint names of John Jackson, Robert Murdock, Frederick Darley and John Darley in the Books kept by the Governor and the Bank of Ireland.


Said Deed of Settlement in further pursuit of said agreement signed over the sums mentioned to John Jackson, Robert Murdock, Frederick Darley and John Darley and any other sums Alice may be entitled to upon the decease of Frances Darley.


In Trust to dispose of the interest dividends and annual proceeds thereof unto said Alice Darley during her life for her sole and separate use without control or interference of John Jackson … and upon decease of Alice Darley leaving John Jackson her survivor, to dispose of such dividends to said John Jackson, his heirs and assigns during his life or until he should commit an Act of Bankruptcy.


In case of Issue from said marriage … if neither John Jackson nor Alice Darley survive, the funds should be held in Trust until the son reaches the age of 21 years and the daughter reaches the age of 21 years or is married. If there is more than one child, share alike unless otherwise directed by the Wills of John Jackson or Alice Darley.


Witnessed by:

Richard Darley[15], King’s Court, County Cavan, Esq

Henry Ludlow[16], City of Dublin, Gent

Thomas Christian[17], City of Dublin, Gent

Henry F Darley[18], City of Dublin, Gent


John Jackson:  Seal     Alicia Darley:  Seal


Signed and sealed in presence of Richard Darley, Henry Ludlow, and delivered to Oliver Moore[19] Esq, Deputy Register at the Office at King’s Inn Quay, Saturday 24 Nov 1827


Registered 24 Nov 1827




[1] John JACKSON (1795-?) son of John JACKSON and Sarah BRUNKER. He was known as “Red John”. He owned the mills at Drumfaldra, Bowelk, Edenforan and Corawillin. His first wife was Elizabeth Tatlow (1793- 1824), and married secondly Alicia DARLEY. The emigrated to America.

[2] Of Crieve, Co. Monaghan

[3] Alice aka Alicia DARLEY

[4] John JACKSON (1789-1877) married his cousin, Elizabeth JACKSON. He was a son of Alexander JACKSON & Mary HENRY. He was a cousin of the John JACKSON who married Alicia DARLEY. He became Manager of the Belfast Banking Co. in Monaghan and resigned in 1843 when he was appointed Secretary to the Grand Jury, a position that he held until his death in 1877. SOURCE: James H. Murnane & Peadar Murnane, At the Ford of the Birches: The History of Ballybay, its People and Vicinity, 1999 R&S Printers, Monaghan Ireland, p284,

[5] Cremorne

[6] Robert MURDOCK of Eccles Street, Dublin

[7] Frederick DARLEY, Esq. of William St., Dublin. Possibly a brother of Rev. John DARLEY.

[8] Rev. John DARLEY jr, fellow of Trinity College, Dublin

  • 1832— John Darley, pros. May 16 ; inst. May 30 ; inducted June 7 {D.R.). He was (one of a family of 20) the son of Alderman Frederick D., Chief Police Magistrate of Dublin and High Sheriff for 1798, by Miss Guinness, dau. of Arthur G., founder of Guinness's Brewerv ; b. on 28th Sep., 1799, ent. T.C.D. ; Sch. 1818 ; Gold Medal in Classics 1819 ; B.A. 1821 ; Fellow 1823 ; M.A. 1827 ; m. m 1832, his cousin Susan, dau. of the 2nd Arthur Guinness, and had issue 3 daus. — the eldest m. the late Archdeacon Galbraith ; the 2nd, Elizabeth Jane, b. 29 Nov., 1835, m. Richard Guinness, of 16 Rutland Street, London, and the youngest, Theodosia Susan^ b. 1837, ra. the late Bishop F. R. Wynne, Killaloe, and d. 3 Nov., 1896. He d. on Dec. 4, 1836, aged 37, and was bur. at Arboe on Dec. 7, where a monument in the aisle of the church is inscribed : — In memory of the Rev John Darley, A.M., M.R.I.A., Rector of the Parish of Arboe, formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, who entered into rest the 4th day of December, 1836, aged 37 years. In testimony of unwearied zeal, unaffected humility, and ministerial faithfulness as a memorial to his beloved flock which he fed after the example of the Chief Shepherd, with the Bread of Life, the Gospel of the grace of God ; and as a tribute of regard for a friend and brother, who, by the unsearchable wisdom of God, in the prime of life, from the enjoyment of domestic happiness how transient ! — and from a sphere of great usefulness was summoned to a higher plane in that kingdom of peace and felicity into which through faith in a Redeemer's blood and righteousness he had already entered — the neighbouring clergy have erected this tablet. See Twigg's Arboe, pp. 15, 16 for much about him. SOURCE: Armagh Clergy and Parishes.

[9] Richard ALLEN, Esq. Guardian.

[10] Anne DARLEY, (?-bef 1824) of Great Gorges St., Dublin, aunt of Alicia DARLEY.

[11] Frances DARLEY

[12] Master HAUGHTON

[13] Master SMITH

[14] William DARLEY, Esq., of York St., brother of Anne DARLEY

[15] Richard DARLEY Esq., of Kings Court. Co. Cavan.

[16] Henry LUDLOW, Gent, City of Dublin

[17] Thomas CHRISTIAN, Gent, of City of Dublin

[18] Henry F (Frederick?) DARLEY, Gent of City of Dublin

[19] Oliver MOORE, Deputy register, Dublin.



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