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NAMES: Thomas BALL of Cullihanna; John JACKSON of Liscagot; Margaret JACKSON; Barbara JACKSON; Samuel BALL of Urker; Patrick KANE of Coolderry; George JACKSON, lawyer in Dublin.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 26, 2011

1800 Aug 1

Deed 534-143-349


A Memorial of a Deed of a Lease bearing date the first day of August 1800 made between Thomas BALL[1] of Cullihanna[2] in the County of Armagh Esq. Of the one part and John JACKSON[3] of Liscolgat[4] in the Said County of Armagh farmer of the other part. Whereby the said Thomas BALL for the Consideration therein mentioned did Demise Grant Set and to [farm?] Let Release and Confirm Unto the Said John JACKSON (then being by virtue of a Lease for a year as therein mentioned & to his assigns all that and there that part of the Lands of Urker[5] known by the name of the Charter Lands[6] then in the possession of the said John JACKSON Containing by estimation 29 acres, two roods or thereabouts be the same more or less which is [_arly] described in a map or [__rchart] there of thereunto annexed situate lying and being in the Parish of Creggan Barony of Upper Fews and County of Armagh Excepting and Reserving out of Said demise unto the said Thomas BALL his heirs and assigns as therin is Excepted and Reserved to hold said Demised premises with the appurts unto the said John JACKSON his heirs Exors Admons and Assigns for and during the natural life and lives of the said John JACKSON the lessee then aged about nineteen[7], Margaret[8] and Barbara JACKSON[9] twins sisters of the said John JACKSON both aged seventeen years thereabouts & the [?____?____] of them as for and during the term of twenty four years to be computed from the 21st day of November then last which ever of said term for lives or years should last the longest at and under the yearly rent of [pounds] 34..16..7p in which said lease is contd sevl clauses & covts in the said John JACKSON his heirs, Exors, Admins, & Assigns to be done & performed & in case the said John JACKSON his heir Exors, Admins & Assigns shall perform & fulfill said Covenants and Clauses then said yearly rent of [pounds] 34.16.7 should be reduced to [pounds] 32.9.4 and no more which said deed was duly executed [?/?] therto in presence of and witnessed by Saml BALL[10] of Urker in the County of Armagh Esq. & Patrick KANE[11] of Coolderry in Said County and [?] this Memorial was also duly Exed by the said John JACKSON in presence of the said Patrick KANE & George JACKSON[12] of the City of Dublin Attourney at Law, John JACKSON [SEAL] Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of Patrick KANE came this day before me & made oath & saith he is [?] Witness to & saw the Original Deed of which the above writing is Memorialized duly.

Executed by the parties thereto & also save the above memorial duly executed by the above named John JACKSON and faith the name Patrick KANE [?] as a witness to said [?] & Memorial [....] proper name & handwriting Patrick KANE sworn before me at Dundalk in the County of Louth the 29th day of December 1800 by Virtue of a [?] to me directed for taking ...[hard to read legal bits]

[1] Thomas BALL of Cullihanna, Parish of Creggan. He had held the lease to Liscalgot that David JACKSON held.

[2] Cullihanna aka Cullyhanna, Parish of Creggan. In 1688, about 249 acres of Tullyvallen, Parish of Creggan were granted to Thomas BALL to the use of Daniel & Sarah JACKSON. In another source, Thomas BALL of Creggan was also listed in Ferguson Certificates as having 5,253 acres as an assignee of Edward Richardson, Ellinor Blackiston, Dan Jackson, Sarah Jackson, Elisabeth Hepburne and Katherine Jones. NOTE: I still do not know how these JACKSONs connect.

[3] John JACKSON (1780-1817). At the time of this deed, he was possible just come of age – since I do not know what month he was born. His father had died four years earlier, and John was the only male child. He was assisted by George JACKSON, presumably his uncle, a lawyer based in Dublin. His parents were David JACKSON (1743-1796) and Margaret BRADFORD (1739-1820). She had twin brothers.

[4] Liscalgat, Parish of Creggan – the townland that his grandfather George JACKSON had first settled at in 1737.

[5] Urker, Parish of Creggan. John’s father was already living there with his family prior to his death in 1796.

[6] The Charter Lands were set up in connection with the school at Liscalgot.

[7] Since he was then aged about nineteen, and it seems that there had been a lease for a year, this is likely what is being referred to.

[8] Margaret JACKSON, b 1783, married Thomas McKEE with whom she had one child born after his death, and then after his death, John SEAWRIGHT. She died in 1810, in childbirth, age 27. Nothing is known about the child, or whether it even survived.

[9] Barbara JACKSON (1783-abt 1813) died age 30, likely also in childbirth since her third child was born in September 1813. Her Husband was Thomas STEPHENS (1773-1829), of Crossmaglen.

[10] Samuel BALL of Urker, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh. NOTE: In Creggan graveyard, Standing in what is known as the "Ball Enclosure", this headstone is a memorial to Elizabeth Page, daughter of Captain Sam Ball, Crossmaglen, a descendant of Thomas Ball, the military adventurer who was granted 5911 acres of land in the Baron of Upper Fews at the time of the Cromwellian Plantation. Thomas Ball may have lived at, or on the site of, "Woodvale House" for some time, as the Hearth Money Rolls of 1664 record that he paid on four hearths in the townland of Glassdrummond. "Woodvale House", occupied by the Johnstons of the Fews in the 18th. century, stood in the townland of Glassdrummond. The name of the village adjacent to the house may have been changed by the Johnstons from Ballynaclera to Ballsmill. The Ball surname is also preserved in Camlyball, a townland near Newtownhamilton.

1970 reading of inscription:"Elizabeth Page born 1807. Died 12th June 1831. This tablet a slight but tender tribute to her virtues is erected by her affectionate husband Robert Luke Page MD".  SOURCE: http://creggan1.tripod.com/CregGui4a.htm

[11] Patrick KANE of Coolderry, Co. Armagh

[12] George JACKSON (aft 1744-aft 1820), a lawyer in Dublin. It is not known if he married. He left Urker in disgrace after being involved with a daughter of a church warden.



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