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There are likely several lines of JACKSONs included in these deeds. For now, the simplest way to get a feel for who is who, I suggest that you start with the family tree under The JACKSONs of Kings Co. The links there should take you where you need to go. Good luck.
Sharon Oddie Brown, March 29, 2012
NOTE: Many of these people also held lands in adjacent counties.

Jacksons of Kings Co.






Transcriptions & Notes




1712 May 16


Mtg on Estate of Francis COGHLAN Esq. of Kilcolgam in Kings Co. from the Revd John JACKSON & Anne his wife to the Revd Charles Lord Bishop of Cloyn of certain lands in the Kings County. Town & lands of Killcolgan, Rossfarraghan, Clonfenlogh, Clonfenlock, Leighbegg also Leaghbegg and Coole & Townlands of Dirricky, Liss also Lissdermott & Camus Barony Garrycastle, Kings Co.




1714 Sep 28

JACKSON Robert Farmer Mountmellick, Offaly aka Kings Co. holds letter of Attorney from said George BEWLEY of Woodhall, in Parish of Coldbeck, Cumberland, England  dated 1706 Roz McC




1710 July 6


Robert JACKSON of Mountmellick, Queens County, farmer with Thomas BEWLEY of Bigbutter Lane (near City of DUBLIN)  tallow Chandler & Lancelot SIMPSON (James ST. near Dublin City) of the one part & James SHARPLES of Rousk, Parich of Ballymackwilliam, Kings Co. (farmer) leased land called “Rourk”[?] in Lannanamarran Parish of Ballmackwilliam, Kings Co.




1719 Jun 10 & 11

JACKSON-HOUSTEN NOTES in 2009 diary 1708-1738

Between Robert JACKSON of Mountmellick, farmer & Robert HOUSTON of Knock, Kings Co. Esq. For £100 for Corn Mills and Lands on South side by River coming Drinane & all the West by Simon Hill ... [more description] ... Robert JACKSON had lately built a Corn & Tuck Mill in Mannor of Mountmellick ... together also with house and garden late in possession of Ann WRIGHT ... lives of Nathaniel JACKSON, Erasmus JACKSON & Isaac JACKSON. WITNESS: Colin MAXWELL of Mountmellick, Gent; William HOUSTON of Knock, Gent; Joseph CROFTON of Mountmellick, Gent




1720 Aug 22 & 23

JACKSON-THWAITES NOTES in 2009 diary 1708-1738

Between Robert JACKSON of Mountmellick, Gent & Ephraim THWAITES of City of Dublin, Gent fro £100 land of Drinagh & Garoon containing 180 acres & also 125 acres in lands of Cloneheran in possession of said Richard JACKSON, Parish of Rosanallis ... lives of Nathaniel JACKSON, Erasmus JACKSON & Isaac JACKSON (sons of Robert JACKSON) ... deed of release recited from James PETTECREW, Merchant to Robert JACKSON. WITNESS: Elizabeth THWAITES, daughter to said Ephraim THWAITES & William SUMNER, notary, Dublin.




1760 Jan 31

PRONI T808/8266

Memorial registered 31 January 1760 of assignment of 26 January 1760 g from Robert LOVETT & John LOVETT Gents; Mathew SLEATOR hatter & his wife Mary SLEATOR alias LOVETT; Samuel HEATLEY Gent & his wife Susan HEATEY alias LOVET which Robert John Mary & Susan are the only children of Charles LOVETT and his wife Frances LOVETT alias WILLINGTON alias WALL all of Dublin City to Robert JACKSON junior of Grange in Kings Co. £25 yearly payable out of both lands and tythes of Grange in St. Keirans parish [aka Parish of Seikieran,]  in Kings Co. under a grant of fee farm made 9 June 1737 by said Christopher LOVETT to Robert JACKSON senior WITNESSES: Marlborough STERLING & George BOLTON both of Dublin Memorial signed by Robert & John LOVETT; M. SLATER & Susan HEATLY.





1771 Jan 22 & 23

PRONI T808/8266

Memorial registered 12 February 1771 of assignment of 22 & 23 January 1771 for natural love &c by Robert JACKSON the elder of Grange in Kings Co.  Esq. to his son & heir apparent Robert JACKSON Esq. the younger of the same Grange. Tythes and lands of Grange 244 acres Contourt land in Ballymoney 17 acres 2r 3p & the South East & North West parts of Cumber all in Ballybritt Barony in Kings County to hold forever subject to the rents and renewal fines and to £500 due Robert FINCH of Birr, Gent & to £500 due to Hector VAUGHAN of Fancroft Esq. WITNESSES: Rev. Adam BLAIR of the Leap in Kings Co. & Robert SWEETMAN of Monmore in Kings Co. Carpenter. WITNESSES of memorial signed by Robert JACKSON junior said Adam BLAIR & James JACKSON of Birr Gent. Memorial was proved by Rev. Adam BLAIR at Birr in Kings Co., 22 January 1771 before Thomas BIGGS Commissioner & Jonathon BERRY & George CLARKE J.P.s




1769 Nov 2

NAMES: Ann LOFTUS; Edward LOFTUS; Bridget COOKE; George COOKE; Robert JACKSON sr. & Robert JACKSON jr.; Henry PALMER. PLACES: Birr, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co.; Eglish, Parish of Eglish, Barony of Eglish, Kings Co.; Drom, Parish of Drom, Barony of Eliogarty, Co. Tipperary; Grange, Parish of Seirkieran, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co.; Tulla aka BallymacMurra, Parish of Kinnitty, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co.SEE: LOFTUS-COOK-JACKSON




1766 Jun 7


Witnessed by Minchin JACKSON of Fortnall, Kings Co., Ireland




1767 Jul 6

PRONI T808/8263

Memorial registered 6 July 1767 of lease of 4 July 1767 from Samuel WINTER of Agher, Co. Meath Esq to Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co. Gent. Tythes of St. Kerans Parish; Tythes of Knockarley Newtown & Lowhollon in Rosconnor Parish; lands of the Glebe lands of Upper Ballyshane; Tythes of Upper Ballyshane Tulla Ballyhalack Ballym’Murragh Glenfilly 100 acres Kinnitty & Castletown in Kinnitty Parish in Ballybritt Barony in Kings County. WITNESSES Henry PIERCE & Walter SWEETMAN both of Dublin City.




1769 Nov 2

JACKSON Rob’t Conveyance The elder, Esq. Grange, Kings Co. Randall COOKE, Esq. From Tipperary released to Robert JACKSON the elder of Grange, Kings Co. the lands of Ballymacmurragh, Kings. Co. Coleby




1769 Feb 7

James JACKSON, Birr, Kings Co., Gent  was a witness to the will of Robert WELDON, wife, Mary WELDON, daughter Mary WELDON.




1766 Apr 9

Will of Jeremiah HANKS the elder, Birr, Kings Co. Mentions lease of part of Ballinderry (Ballinderra, Kings Co,) held from James JACKSON.




1778 Feb 21

Will of Thomas HANKS of Birr, Kings Co, maulster  .. Lands of Ballindarra held under James JACKSON.




1786 Sept 8

NAMES: Hanibal FRASER; Ann FRASER née JACKSON, brother James JACKSON; Eugenia JACKSON of Grange and Birr, widow of Robert JACKSON; Mathew HERBERT; Robert DROUGHT of Dublin; Thomas LACY; William MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Liscloony; Clanbamiss; Parsonstown, all of Kings Co.




1794 Jul 3

PRONI T808/8253

Volume 486 page 223 number 307 400 or more a register 3 July 1794 of assignment of 20 June 1794 for £120 by Henry JACKSON of Newparks, County Wicklow Esq. to Eugenia JACKSON of Birr and Kings County widow. Elizabeth Brown's house and 25 acres in Tulfaris, County Wicklow leased 1 July 1792 by Elizabeth Brown to William Nixon and Henry Gray for 91 years at 2 pounds at £40 which Nixon as surveyor 12 March 1793 assigned to Henry JACKSON who now assigns to Eugenia JACKSON. Witnesses Michael Rutledge and Samuel Barry. The memorial signed by Henry JACKSON.




1801 May 4

PRONI T808/8266

Memorial registered 9 June 1801 of lease of 4 May 1801 for lives renewable for ever by Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co. Esq. to Henry HARDING of Dublin City Gent. The house offices Desmesne & bogg of Grange 61 ½ acres in Ballybritt Barony in Kings County for lives of said Henry HARDING the lessee, Johnathon HARDING eldest of Johnathon HARDING of Glenlee in Kings County Esq. & Thomas PALMER son of John PALMER of Glenacurra in Kings Co. Esq. WITNESSES Rev Mathew WOOD [elk?] John PALMER of Glenacurra Esq. in Kings Co. Memorial signed by JACKSON.




1802 May 10

PRONI T808/8263

Memorial registered 10 May 1802 of Deed of Assignment of … June 1798 from Eugenia JACKSON widow & sole executrix of will dated 22 March 1781 of Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co., Esq. deceased to Henry JACKSON 2nd son of Robert & Eugenia. Tythes of St. Keran Parish. Tythes of Knockarley, Newtown & Lowhollen in Roscennor Parish lands of the Glebe of Upper Ballyshane.

Tythes of Upper Ballyshane Tulla Ballynalek Ballym’Murragh Glenfilly 100 acres Kilnitty & Castletown in Kilnitty Parish all in Balycritt [Ballybritt] Barony in Kings Co. Recites that Robert by his will left 1s. to each of his children and all residues of his property to Eugenia to be divided among them as she should think fit. That by Deed of 15 July 1791 she appointed to Henry a lease of Lisclooney & Clonbanniffe which was afterwards evicted so Henry brought a Chancery suit & got a Decree in pursuance of which he gets £564 and above assignment. WITNESSES: Joseph CURTIS of Bath in England & Henry Vincent JACKSON of Dublin, City attorney. Memorial signed by Eugenia.




1802 Dec 31

PRONI T808/8285

Memorial registered 31 December 1802 of Deed of 14 October 1802 between Robert JACKSON late of Grange in Kings Co.  now of Dublin City Esq. eldest son of Robert JACKSON of Grange Esq. deceased & Coote CARRELL of Templehouse, Co. Sligo Esq. both of 1st part Eugenia JACKSON late of said Grange in Kings Co.  now of Bath in England widow of said Robert JACKSON Esq. deceased & mother of above Robert JACKSON of 3rd part James Ruddock GRAY of Ballineer in Kings County Esq. husband of Henrietta a daughter of Robert JACKSON deceased and now also deceased of 2nd part. To Joseph CURTIS of Bath in England Esq, of 4th part lands and tythes of Grange & Contourt in Ballymoney 17 acres 2 r 22p plantation. Robert JACKSON’s will dated 1781 Eugenia sole executrix. Deed 10 Nov 1785 Eugenia to her eldest son Robert JACKSON of above lands subject to £150 yearly to Eugenia & to £2000 for Henrietta RUDDOCK which last has been since paid off. MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT 17 Nov 1785 of said Robert JACKSON & Mary CARROLL spinster since his wife and now dead. Robert JACKSON was then a coronet in 4th horse in Ireland. The trustees were said Coote CARROLL & William FAIRBROTHER of Willsborough Co. Wicklow Esq. since dead; said Mary CARROLL alias JACKSON died leaving no son & only one daughter Henrietta JACKSON now about 14. Now all sell to CURTIS for £6366. WITNESSES Rev Richard GRAVES D.D. Richard BIRCH attorney & Peter JACKSON attorney, all of Dublin City. Memorial signed by Robert JACKSON.




1805 Jan 11

PRONI T808/8264

Memorial registered 11 January 1805 of mortgage 10 January 1805 for £600 by Henry JACKSON of Birr in Kings Co. Esq. to Joseph CURTIS of Bath Esq. Tythes of St. Kerans Parish & of Knockarly Newtown & Lowhollon in Rosconroe Parish, Glebelands of Upper Ballyshane; Tythes of Upper Ballyshane Tulla Ballynack Ballym’Murragh Glanfilly 100 acres Kilnity & Castletwon in Kilnitty parish in Ballycrit Barony in Kings Co.. WITNESSES Benjamin KERNEY & Samuel BARRY both of Dublin City Gents. Memorial signed by Henry JACKSON.




1805 Mar 12

PRONI T808/8264

Memorial registered 12 March 1805 of mortgage of 1 January 1805 for £352 13s by Henry JACKSON of Grange Cottage in Kings Co., Esq. to Valentine O’CONNOR junior of Dublin City Esq. merchant – same list of tythes as in #321021. WITNESSES: Withercock HOBART of Dublin City, Gent; William NEVELLE of Grange in Kings Co., famer. Memorial signed by Henry JACKSON.




1804 Jun 18

PRONI T808/8254 Groves Manuscripts

Deed of Settlement. Eugenia JACKSON late of Grange in Kings Co.  Afterweards of Miskin Co Clamorgan in Great Britain now of Bath City, widow of Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co. Esq. Deceased of 1st part . Joseph CURTIS late of the Parish of St, John Hackney, Co.  Middlesex, now of Bath City & his wife Eugenia Maria CURTIS both of 2nd part. James Ruddock GRAY of Ballineer in Kings Co. Esq. Thomas PLUMMER of London City mt St. George CURTIS of Fitzroy St. Fetzroy Sq. Co. Middlesex Esq. & Richard Massey HANSAARD of Miskin Co. Glasmorgan but now of Bath City Esq. All of 3rd part 1st & 2nd parties transfer to 3rd party as trustees messuages &c of Tyd ABBOT Esq. & Rev Abram DOWNES in Main Street of Birr Town in Kings County with  a garden behind James JACKSONs house & 2 fields of Michael & Benjamin KEARNEY near Birr. WITNESSES: William CARDALE of Bedford Row Co. Middlesex gt William CARDALE junior of same; John PLUMMER of Philpot Lane, London mt mem signed by Joseph CURTIS.




1805 Dec 2

PRONI T808/8264

Memorial registered 2 Dec 1805 of Deed of 2 Dec 1805 from Henry JACKSON of Grange Cottage in Kings Co., Esq. & Valentine O’CONNOR of Dublin City, Gent to trustees Thomas LELAND of Dublin City Gent & Edward Beacon CONNOR or CANNON of Leicester Place, Co. Middlesex Gent. Mentions Deed of 17 Sept 1805 & mortgages of £1805 & £352 of 1 January 1805. Same Tythes as #381021. WITNESSES: Robert HOLMES & Peter FLATTERY both of Dublin Gents. Memorial signed by O’CONNOR.




1811 Jul 22

PRONI T808/8264

Memorial registered 22 July 1811 of Deed of 17 Nov 1809 by George WATKINS of Guilford, Co.  Surrey Esq. & Charlotte Parisot of Vauxhall, Co. Surrey spinster to Thomas LELAND of Dublin City & Edward Beacon CONNOR of Leicester Place, Co. Middlesex. Same list of tythes as 321021. LELAND & CONNOR were trustees to pay WATKINS £150 & Parisot £100 yearly during life of Henry JACKSON. They are selling the property & paying off WATKINS & PARISOT. WITNESSES: Nicholas SCOLLARD & john GERAGHTY both of Dublin City.




1811 Jul 22

PRONI T808/8264

Memorial Registered 22 July 1811 of Deed of 18 Nov 1809 by Henry JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co., Esq. & Thomas LELAND of French Street in Dublin City Gent & Edward Beacon CONNOR of Leicester Place & Middlesex to James CURTIS of Mossfield in Kings Co. , Esq. Same list of tythes as #321021. WITNESSES: Nicholas SCOLLARD & john GERAGHTY both of Dublin City. Memorial signed by Leland.




1818 Jan 28

PRONI T808/8265 Groves  Manuscripts

Memorial registered 28 January 1818 of mortgage of 28 January 1818 by Robert JACKSON late of Grange in Kings Co. now of Dublin & his only child Henrietta JACKSON both of 2nd part Joseph CURTIS of Mossfield in Kings Co.  Esq. & his wife Eugenia Maria CURTIS alias JACKSON both of 3rd part & George MEARES, John DROUGHT of Glencarrig in Kings Co. Esq. deceased of 1st part. To Benjamin KERNEY of Dublin City Esq. for £3000 of 4th part as trustee for Anne WYSE of Dublin City, widow as to £1000 & for Charles MOLLER Esq. a late Lt. in 18th Dragoons as to £2000 Grange & Cantourt lands & tythes in Ballybritt Barony in Kings Co. WITNESSES: John JONES; Patrick WOODS both of Dublin. Memorial signed by both Robert & Henrietta JACKSON.




1818 Jan 28

PRONI T808/8256 Groves  Manuscripts

Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings County now of Dublin City Esq. And his only daughter Henrietta JACKSON spinster to Joseph CURTIS of Mossfield in Kings Co. Esq. & his wife Eugenia CURTIS alias JACKSON to Timothy DRISCOLL of Dublin City Esq. One of his Majesty’s Counsellors at Law. Refers to deeds of 11 & 14 Oct 1802 as to Tythes & Lands of Grange & Contourt in Ballymony in Ballybritt barony in Kings County. WITNESES: John JONES & Pat WOODS mem signed by both Robert & Henrietta.




1818 Jan 31


PRONI T808/8256 Groves  Manuscripts

Reconveyance by Lancelot FISHER of Dublin City attorney to Robert JACKSON of Dublin City, Esq. & his only daughter Henrietta Ruddock JACKSON. Mortgage was dated 26 January 1810 by said Robert & Henrietta on Grange in Kings Co. for £1000. WITNESES: John JOHNSTON & James HASMELL both of Dublin, Clerks of said FISHER who signed memorial.




1826 Apr 11

JACKSON John Esq Dublin City of the House of Industry Pre-marriage William ABBOTT of Dublin City, groom, Registrar of House of Industry, charge on property in Birr & Elizabeth CRANFIELD of Co. Wexford, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (nee USHER) CRANFIELD of Co. Wexford Roz McC







Transcription & Notes





JACKSON, James & Mary-LLOYD, William




1834 Dec 2

JACKSON, Matthew H. – JACKSON, Anne

Matthew Henry JACKSON of Millmount, Kings Co. & Anne JACKSON, widow, his mother of Marrion Ave., Co. of Dublin. … sum of 400 pounds to his sister Hannah POWELL orse JACKSON… south side of Edenderry St., Edenderry 78 ft X 54 ft X 200 ft X 400 ft under lease of Marquis of Devonshire & part of the lands of Monastoris called Millmount formerly called Jacksons farm – 150 acres profitable land and 27 acres of bog  together with the Mill dwelling house [?] trees and other improvements and also the Mill dam watercourses flowing to and from the mill at the yearly rate of 50 pounds, in the Barony of Coolestown, Kings Co…. lives of Matthew Henry JACKSON & Rolleston John GRATTON




1835 Ap 22

BENNET-JACKSON Marriage articles


Between George BENNETT of Killivanouge then called Sorrill Hill, Co. Tipperary of 1st pt & Anne JACKSON, 2nd daughter of Francis JACKSON of Killavilla, Kings Co., Esq. of 2nd pt; George JACKSON of Killavilla, Kings Co.  and Thomas BENNETT of Eastwood, Co. Tipperary, Esq. of 3rd pt




1835 Jul 25


Btw Frederick Stewart DROUGHT of Church St.,City of Dublin [Curveline?] Hatter of 1st pt; Julia DROUGHT of Boot Lane, city of Dublin, widow & executrix of Frederick DROUGHT late of Temple Bar, City of Dublin, Hatter & Francis JACKSON of Killavilla, Kings Co.,… reciting earlier DROUGHT leases lands of Fancroft…released to Francis JACKSON lands of Fancroft, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co… & lands of Glassluen




1841 Nov 6


Marriage settlement dated March 14 1839 btw William JACKSON of Ballygibbon, Co. Kildare. Gent of the 1st pt & Matthew JACKSON of Edenderry, Kings Co., Gentleman and miller, son of William JACKSON. Of 2nd pt. Margaret FAWCETT eldest daughter of Thomas FAWCETT of Edenderry of 3rd pt. Thomas FAWCETT, father of Margaret of 4th pt. marriage was intended shortly to be had.. lands of Ballygibbon jointure, Parish and Barony of Carbury, Co. Kildare containing 222acres 2 roods 32 perches for life of William JACKSON or for term of 21 years…92 acres was in the actual possession and control of William JACKSON… http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1839Mar14-JACKSON-FAWCETT.html




1842 Dec 19


Deed btw Thomas FOSSITT of Ballymurreen, Co. Wicklow but late of Edenderry, Kings Co. Louth & Sarah FOSSITT otherwise NORTH his wife of 1 pt; Harrington TINKLER of Portarlington, Queens Co. Gent & said Sarah FOSSITT of 2nd pt; Rachel FOSSITT, Mary Anne FOSSITT, Sarah FOSSIT, Charlotte FOSSITT, and Rebecca FOSSITT five of the daughters of the said Thomas FOSSITT and Sarah his wife of Ballymurren House aforesaid of 3rd pt; Matthew JACKSON and Margaret JACKSON otherwise FOSSITT, his wife late of Millmount, Kings Co. but now of Prosperous, Co. Kildare Gent of 4th pt..refers to earlier 1837 deed FOSSITT-TINKLER





MANLEY-JACKSON Digital record 010146-8

Charlotte JACKSON of Kings Co widow of Matthew Henry JACKSON late of Miil___ of Kings Co & mother & guardian of Roland William JACKSON only son & heir a minor. Indenture April 8, 1824 ... part of town & lands of Monstergri aka Millenough commonly known as Jackson’s Farm. 150 acres Barony of Coolestown, Parish of Monsteroris, Kings Co.




1870 Jun 11


Memorial of an Indenture: between George Jackson sr. of Laurel Hill, Roscrea, Kings Co. Esq. Constance Peppard JACKSON of Laurel Hill Roscea,  spinster & Bessie JACKSON of Laurel Hill, spinster all of 1st pt. George JACKSON jr. of Camden St, Dublin Esq of the other part… reciting that John Joseph JONES (then) late of Mount Salem, Co. Limerick Esq.  made his will dated Sept 6, 1864 & devised to his brother-in-law the said George JACKSON senior & the Rev. Robert KERR property in trust ……memorial mentioned his nephew Arthur Henry JACKSON





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