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Distance travelled 15 miles

Paid Dr. HENRY ₤1.0.0

Paid for room for Jury 2.0

Held on view of the body of Bridget McGINN 16 October 1876 in the town of Clones, Parish of Clones & Barony of Dartry

May REILLY. Deposed to deceased living in a room of her house. She was over 80 years of age. Lived as a mendicant. During past five weeks though poorly in health. Keptstirring about on her feet. On Saturday last, was afoot as usual. About 8:00 p.m., I saw her at the street door throwing out some slop water. She did not die of want having food in the house with her. The person now seen by the jury is that of the late Bridget McGINN.

James REILLY. Deposed that on Friday last deceased who lived in my house. I saw walking up the street in Clones. On the morn of Sabbath 15 instance from hearing no noise in her room got a neighbour girl to go in to deceased's room with me. Having first knocked at the door and receiving no answer I pushed it open and on going in saw deceased lying dead on her bed. On which I gave words to the police.

Dr. R. HENRY. Deposed to being called on by the police to go and see the deceased who my found lying on her bed her left arm lying across her chest, her face greatly swollen as also her left arm. On examining found that the swelling proceeded from air. I consider her death though sudden proceded from natural causes.

Verdict. If the deceased on 15 October 1876 from natural causes.

Enquiry No 5 ₤1.0.0

On this 19 day of October 1876 attendant at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Catherine McCORMICK aged 32 years. An inmate of said institution since July 1860 and whose death after nine months illness resulted from consumption.


Distance travelled 16 Miles

Fee to Dr. A. HENRY ₤1.1.0

Held on view of the body of Bernard McCARNEY 20 October 1876 in the townland of Fernhinch, Parish of Clones, Barony of Dartry.

Patrick GUNN. Deposed that on the 13th of October, I was engaged with deceased raising stones for Mr. THOMASON for road repairs in the quarry when about one o'clock in the day the place where he was with the crowbar engaged suddenly came down with a mess of stuff as much as two or three cart loads bringing him down with it. I repeatedly warned him that the place where he was standing was unsafe. As quick as possible he was conveyed to his house where he was attended by Dr. Alexander HENRY of Clones.

Doctor A. HENRY. Deposed on the 13th of October instance I saw deceased. He had concussion of the brain. A wound over the left eye which I probed. I found a fracture of the skull. He was quite conscious. In my opinion death resulted from inflammation of the membranes of the brain caused by fracture of the skull.

Verdict. Deceased came by his death from injury of the brain caused by a fall into a quarry on the 13th of October instance resulting in dissolution on 19 October 1876.


Fee paid Dr. OíREILLY ₤1.1.0

Held on view of the body of Margt FINIGIN 20 date October 1876 in the townland of Cormoy, Parish of Aghabog, Barony of Dartry.

Patrick FINIGIN. Deposed the deceased aged but 36 years and a delicate health on the night of Tuesday 24 instance took ill on which I went for Dr. OíREILLY of Clones who was promptly in attendance. She died however on morning of 26 instance.

Dr. Wm OĒREILLY. Deposed that I was called on attend the which I promptly did. I found deceased in bed and insensible. While I remained (nearly 2 hours) she had several attacks of convulsions and from my knowledge of the family and their general health and from what I saw on that occasion I consider death resulted from effusion on the brain.

Verdict. Death on Thursday 26 October 1876 from effusion on the brain.

Enquiry No 6 ₤1.0.0

On this five the day of November 1876 attendant at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Catherine McKENNA an inmate since 13 September 1875 whose death was caused by exhaustion from epilepsy.

Enquiry No. 7 ₤1.0.0.

On this sixth day of November 18 706I attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Patrick MURPHY aged 18 years an inmate since April 1874 whose death was caused by consumption.


Distance travelled 13 miles

Held on view of the body of John McQUILLEN 8 November 1876 in the townland of Garran, Parish Tyhallen [AKA Tehallen] , Barony Monaghan.

John McQUILLAN. Deposed is father of deceased. Who left home for Monaghan on morn of Monday six instance in health and sober. He did not return evening of same day, though he usually did save when detained by his business as a working tailor. He did not however return on evening of sixth instance.

Leading my own house on business on morn of Tuesday seventh on the path side I saw a small parcel. On stooping to lift, with the tail of my eye I observed my son lying in the gripe on the path side. Quickly I raised him up out of the small pool of water in the gripe and though there was but a few inches of water about his mouth yet the spark of life was quite gone.

Rose MURPHY. Deposed knowing deceased well. The end of my house was close to the public road and on the evening of Monday six instance I heard deceased as he passed my house about 11 o'clock singing and talking and a little cheer occasionally. I live within a bout a mile of deceasedís father.

Verdict. John McQUILLAN came to his death on the night of Monday 6 November 1876 from accidentally falling into a small pool of water where he was found next morning and like extinct.