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The Townlands that these JACKSONs are associated with are in alphabetical order. More townlands and names will be added. So far I have: Ballyagherty and Barnamaghery and Clontaghnaglar and Lisdoonan and Lisowen and Lisdoonan (I believe I have been confusing these last two with each other, but will fix this in the next draft) and Raffrey. NOTE: This is a 1st draft – there are likely to be errors.

Sharon Oddie Brown. December 5, 2017


Several JACKSON families that cluster in the townlands beneath:

JACKSONS in Raffery etc
This map is based on ones at townlands.ie. Because Barnamaghery is in two parishes (which is confusing), I have added a dotted line. Most of the JACKSONs in that townland were in the south.


JACKSONs various trees:


Ballyagherty Parish of Saintfield

·       1863 Griffiths Valuation. William JACKSON holds a lease from James C. PRICE for £13a 1r and houses valued at £3.0.0.

·       1884 Apr 7 William JACKSON – Alice JACKSON (or BAILIE). ROD; 1884-18-230. Btw. William JACKSON of Ballyagherty & Alice Jane JACKSON otherwise BAILIE, wife of William JACKSON, farmer.. lands in Ballyagherty containing 10 acres 2 rods Cunningham measure – held by William JACKSON as a yearly tenant under James Charles PRICE Esq. at yearly rent of 13 pounds 2s 2d … farm formerly belonged to Alice BAILIE before her marriage to William JACKSON WITNESS: Thomas DUNWOODY of 13 Lombard St., Dublin. NOTE: This was done two days before his death.

·       1884 Apr 9 Administration of the personal estate of William Jackson late of Ballyaugherty County Down Farmer who died 9 April 1884 at same place were granted at Belfast to Alice Jane Jackson of Ballyaugherty the Widow. SEE: Jackson Probates in Co. Down.

·       1887 Feb 22 John JACKSON – John FRAME ROD: 1887-8-257 Image 514 John JACKSON of Carsonstown, of the 1 pt  John FRAME of Carsonstown, farmer of the other. John JACKSON demised lands of 1stly parcel of land containing 12a 7p  Cunningham Measure to be held as tenant from year to year under James Charles PRICE Esq.in townland of Carsonstown, Parish of Saintfield Barony Castlereagh & 2ndly in townland of Ballyaghery [Ballyagherty], Parish Saintfield  9 acres 2r 7p Cunningham Measure … WITNESS: Frederick William CRAWLEY of Downpatrick, Co. Down & Albert J.H. COULTER of Downpatrick Law Clerk. NOTECarsonstown is on the eastern border of Ballyagherty

·       1863 Griffiths Valuation. William JACKSON holds a lease from James C. PRICE for £13a 1r and houses valued at £3.0.0.

·       1887 Feb 26 John JACKSON – Samuel ANDERSON 1885-1887 ROD: 1887-12-258 Image 246 BTW John JACKSON of Carsonstown, Co. Down farmer of 1 pt & Samuel ANDERSON of #33 Belmore St. Belfast Co. Antrim Cooper of the other pt…. demised 12a 7p Cunningham Measure held from year to year under James Charles PRICE Esq. in townland of Carsonstown, Parish of Saintfield, Barony Castlereagh, Co. Down and 2ndly in townland of Ballyaghery [Ballyagherty], Parish Saintfield  9 acres 2r  17p with all houses and buildings… WITNESS: Frederick William CRAWLEY of Downpatrick, Co. Down NOTECarsonstown is on the eastern border of Ballyagherty



1 William JACKSON b: 1827 d: 9 Apr 1884

  + Alice Jane BAILIE b: 1837 d: 9 Mar 1904

    2 Agnes JACKSON d: Aft 1889

    2 Jane JACKSON d: Aft 1889

    2 John JACKSON b: est 1851 d: Bet 1901 and 1911

      + Ellen Jane ANDERSON b: Bef 1853 d: Bet 1901 and 1911

        3 Dianna JACKSON b: 6 Sep 1874

        3 James JACKSON b: Abt 1878

        3 Rachel JACKSON b: Abt 1884

        3 Mary JACKSON b: 2 Oct 1886

        3 Agnes JACKSON b: 15 May 1889

        3 Robert JACKSON b: Abt 1892

        3 Lydia JACKSON b: 18 Oct 1895

    2 James JACKSON b: 1861 d: 22 Feb 1889

    2 George Raphael Moore JACKSON b: Abt 1864 d: 21 Dec 1914

      + Elizabeth PATTERSON b: Abt 1873

        3 Alice JACKSON b: Abt 1900

        3 Lizzie JACKSON b: Abt 1901

        3 George JACKSON b: Abt 1903

        3 James JACKSON b: Abt 1905

        3 Joseph JACKSON b: Abt 1907

        3 Thomas JACKSON b: Abt 1910

    2 Mary JACKSON b: 25 May 1865

    2 William JACKSON b: 16 Jul 1866 d: Aft 1911

      + Mary Anne FOLEY b: Abt 1870 d: Aft 1911

        3 John JACKSON b: Abt 1889

        3 James JACKSON b: Abt 1903

        3 George Herbert JACKSON b: Abt 1907

    2 Robert Johnston JACKSON b: 30 Jun 1868 d: Aft 1911

      + Grace MCBRATNEY b: 12 May 1872 d: Aft 1911

        3 Samuel JACKSON b: 12 May 1893

        3 William JACKSON b: 19 May 1895

        3 Elizabeth C. JACKSON b: 24 Jul 1897

        3 Anna JACKSON b: Abt 1904

    2 Anna Orr JACKSON b: 27 Mar 1871 d: Aft 1911

      + George ANDERSON b: 1863 d: Aft 1911

        3 Anne ANDERSON

        3 George ANDERSON b: Abt 1893

        3 Samuel ANDERSON b: Abt 1897


Barnamaghery is in two adjacent parishes: Killinchy & Kilmore. TO DO: Check for more STEWART-JACKSON & BLACKWOOD-JACKSON leases. Also changes in post Griffiths Valuation records.

·       JACKSON [Broken in half with top lying on ground] Erected by John JACKSON of Barnamaghery, Sep 23rd 1806. Here lieth the remains of his three sons, William, William and Hugh who died young. Here lieth the body of the said John JACKSON who departed this life Feb 9 1814 aged 75 years.

·       JACKSON Erected by William JACKSON of Barnamaghery, in memory of his wife Agnes JACKSON who departed this life Feb 15 1834 aged 47 years.

·       1818 Dec 24 ROD: 737-47-502181. Neal CRAWFORD – James MARTIN Image 27 Both farmers of Barnamaghery – small parcel of land at Barnamaghery held for natural life of Nicholas Price BLACKWOOD.

·       1828 Apr 22 Will of James JACKSON of Clontaghnaglar: John JACKSON (son of James Sr.); James DUNNIGAN; Isabel JACKSON (daughter of John JACKSON); Sarah WIGHTMAN; Samuel JACKSON; James JACKSON jr. of Clontaghnaglar (son of Samuel); Eliza JACKSON (daughter of Samuel); Martha HARRIS; Mary JACKSON (widow of Samuel); Robert JACKSON (son of James sr.); Elizabeth THOMPSON (widow of Robert); Martin JACKSON of Barmaghery. Probate granted to Martin JACKSON and James JACKSON the executors 2 May 1829. NOTE: Martin JACKSON was a co-executor along with James JACKSON the grandson of James JACKSON. NOTE: Acreage in Hannah’s land that was mentioned helped to connect him to his John JACKSON.

·       1829 Aug 21 On the 21st inst. JOHN JACKSON of Marnamaghrey, aged 63 years. He was a member of the Saintfield yeomanry corps upwards of 20 years, and an Orangeman 30. He suffered much injury by the United Irishmen, who gathered about his house, wanting two guns he had; and when he would not give them up, they put a rope about his neck, and pulled him up a beam till he was nearly dead; but he kept his guns through the whole of the rebellion. His remains were attended to Killinchy graveyard by 17 Lodges of Orange men, and other loyal people, to the number of 1000, who all behaved peaceably. BNL Aug 28, 1829, Est DOB 1766. NOTE: I suspect a transcription or printing error and that Marnamaghrey is actually Barnamaghery, Parish of Killinchy. The townland of Killinchy in the Woods is to the north, and the townland of Raffrey is to the south.

·       1835 Mar 26 NOTE: This may or may not belong here (The Westmeath reference is not a fit). Westmeath. March 26, 1835. On the 12th instant [March 12], by the Rev. Moses BLACK, of Kilmore, Mr. James WATSON, of Turminin, to Jane, daughter of Mr. William Jackson, of Burneymaghery.

·       1835 Apr 2 On the 2nd inst. By the Rev. Moses Black, of Kilmore, Mr. Samuel Gaw of Ballymacreely, to Eliza daughter of Martin Jackson, of Barrymaghery. BNL Apr 10 1835. NOTE: In the freeholder records, Martin JACKSON of Barnemaghery leased from Robert Stewart for lives of Frederick, Hugh KENNEDY & Martin JACKSON

·       1850 Jun 27 June 27, at his late residence, Barnamaghery, Mr. William Jackson, in his 70th year of his age. BNL 1850 Jul 2. Est DOB 1781 NOTE: It is in Killinchy Parish. Likely connected to: Anne Jackson late of Barnemaghery County Down who died 9 December 1888 at same place were granted at Belfast to Gardiner Jackson of Barnemaghery Farmer the Husband. SEE: Jackson Probates in Co. Down.

·       1863 Griffiths Valuations. NOTE: I don’t know why, but Barnamaghery appears in two places in the Griffiths that is on line. One under the Parish of Killinchy, and one under the Parish of Kilmore. The first includes no JACKSONs.

o   P 61, no JACKSON, but the name of Jane CAMPBELL is of interest. She may be the mother of Jane CAMPBELL who was the mother of William JACKSON in 1837.

o   P. 62. The main lessor to JACKSONs is the Marquis of Londonderry aka Frederick William Robert Stewart, 4th Marquess of Londonderry (son of Charles STEWART and Lady Catherin Bligh). He leased:

§  Jas JACKSON (Copeland) 30a.3r & buildings valued at £3.0.0. This makes him one of the larger farmers in the townland.

§  Jas. JACKSON (Bank) Land only 6a 3r 35p

§  Jas. JACKSON (Martin). 11a 3r 5p &  house valued at £2.0.0

§  Thomas JACKSON’s Land: 25a.3r and his buildings have the highest valuation of anyone in the townland: £8.0.0. They include houses, offices, flax mill and land, again from the Marquis of Londonderry.

§  Robert JACKSON Land  14a and  buildings valued at £2.10.0

§  John JACKSON Land 10a.3r. and  buildings valued at £2.0.0

Forde CAMPBELLL leases:

§  Jas JACKSON (Bank) – another smaller holding.

Freeholds by JACKSONs

§  James JACKSON small house leased out

§  Jas JACKSON (Martin) small house leased out

§  Thomas JACKSON three buildings leased out.

·       1876 The Will of Thomas Jackson late of Barnemaghery County Down Farmer deceased who died 31 December 1876 at same place was proved at Belfast by the oaths of John Coulter of Killinchy Woods (Derryboy) Farmer and William Campbell senior of Barnemaghery (Saintfield) Bailiff both in same County the Executors. NOTE: Parish of Kilmore; son Gardner JACKSON; son Francis JACKSON’ wife is a tenant; daughter Margaret M’CONNELL; daughter Mary Jane LECKY; daughter Juliana SMYTHE; other 3 sons: John JACKSON; James JACKSON; Joseph JACKSON. Effects under 300.WITNESSES: John HAMILTON & Agnes COULTER. Parish of either Kilmore in Barony of Castlereagh Upper

·       1887 Nov 5 Robert MARTIN – Elizabeth JACKSON 1885-1887 Image 78 BTW Robert MARTIN of Barnamaghery Co. Down Farmer of 1 pt & Elizabeth JACKSON of Barnamaghery Widow of other pt. Reciting that MARTIN demised to Elizabeth JACKSON parcel of land 18a 2r 10p and also another farm 19a 1r 20p in Barnamaghery in parish of Kilnare [now Parish of Killinchy or Kilmore], Barony Castlereagh. WITNESS: Frederick William CRAWLEY of Downpatrick, Co. Down,  Solicitor & Albert J.H. COULTER of Downpatrick, Clerk

·       1888 Dec 9 Anne JACKSON late of Barnemaghery County Down who died 9 December 1888 at same place were granted at Belfast to Gardiner JACKSON of Barnemaghery Farmer the Husband. SEE: Jackson Probates in Co. Down.

·       1892 May 7 John JACKSON – John THOMPSON 1890- 1894 Image 305 BTW John JACKSON of Barnamaghery Co. Down farmer of 1 pt & John THOMPSON of Barnamaghery famer of other pt. Reciting indenture of mtg 2 Dec 1884 btw William MURDOCK of 1 pt & John JACKSON of other pt…. 19a 2r 24p with house and buildings in townland Barnamaghery Parish of Kilmore Barony Upper Castlereagh.

·       1943 Jan 30. London Probate: John JACKSON. Of Barnemaghery, Crossgar, Co. Down Probate to David GIBSON accountant, Mary JACKSON, spinster & Samuel Orr JACKSON, merchant. Effects £438 2s 9d in England. Sealed Liandudno.

·       1952 Feb 20 London Probate: Mary JACKSON Aka Minnie, of Barnamaghery, Crossgar, Co. Down, spinster. Probate to John DICKSON, farmer & David GIBSON, accountant. Effects £344 11s 5d in England. NOTE: There was a Minnie JACKSON age 22 (b abt 1879) in 1901 Census as a daughter of Francis JACKSON.

·       1899 Probate of the Will of James Jackson (Senior) late of Barnamaghery County Down Farmer who died 5 August 1899 granted at Belfast to James Jackson (Junior) William Jackson and William Jackson Farmers. Died age 79 (b 1820). Effects £918 4s. 4d. He mentioned bequests to his children Alice, Anna Maria, Christina, Samuel, Mary Elizabeth, Agnes, James jr., & William and to his wife Maria. His executors were William GIBSON, Presbyterian Minister at Raffery & William JACKSON of Killinchy in the Woods, farmer.

Barnamaghery: Tree # 1


1 James Copeland JACKSON b: 1805 d: 14 Apr 1883

  + Grace

    2 Isabella JACKSON

      + William ORR

    2 James JACKSON d: Aft 1883

    2 Armour JACKSON b: Abt 1833 d: 18 Aug 1904

      + Isabella PENTLAND b: Abt 1827

        3 Arthur James JACKSON b: Abt 1861 d: Aft 1911

          + Isabella

            4 Arthur James JACKSON b: Abt 1897

            4 William Francis JACKSON b: Abt 1899

            4 Isabella JACKSON b: Abt 1901

            4 Joseph Orr JACKSON b: Abt 1903

            4 Mary E. JACKSON b: Abt 1907

            4 Jane Anne JACKSON b: Abt 1910

        3 John JACKSON b: 20 Feb 1870

          + Isabella CONNELLY

            4 Armour JACKSON b: 25 Dec 1903

        3 Sarah JACKSON b: Abt 1871

          + Robert KENNEDY b: Bef 1869 d: Bet 1897 and 1901

            4 Rachel KENNEDY b: Abt 1890

            4 Robert KENNEDY b: Abt 1893

            4 Mary J. KENNEDY b: Abt 1895

            4 Isabella KENNEDY b: Abt 1897

        3 William JACKSON d: Aft 1904

Barnamaghery: Tree # 2


1 James JACKSON b: 1820 d: 5 Aug 1899

  + Maria CLELAND b: Abt 1832 d: Aft 1901

    2 Christina JACKSON b: 1854

    2 James JACKSON b: Abt 1856

    2 William JACKSON b: 1859

    2 Agnes JACKSON b: Abt 1862

      + George Woods b: Abt 1855

        3 James WOODS b: Abt 1883

        3 Samuel WOODS b: Abt 1885

        3 Thomas WOODS b: Abt 1889

        3 William WOODS b: Abt 1892

    2 Alice JACKSON b: 8 May 1867

    2 Anna Maria JACKSON b: 25 Nov 1869

      + John COULTER b: Bef 1877

    2 Mary Elizabeth JACKSON b: 23 Mar 1874

    2 Samuel JACKSON


Barnamaghery: Tree # 3


1 Samuel JACKSON b: est 17 Apr 1838 d: Aft 1875

  + Eliza Coulter b: Abt 1841 d: Bet 1901 and 1911

    2 John JACKSON b: 1867

    2 Ellen Jane JACKSON b: 20 Jan 1868

    2 Martha JACKSON b: 14 Mar 1870

    2 David Stewart JACKSON b: 15 Apr 1872

    2 Minnie JACKSON b: Abt 1875


Clontinaglare aka Clontaghnaglar

·       1828 April 22 – will of James JACKSON This will mentions 1 acre of Hanna’s land to his son John and the will of John JACKSON who died in 1842 also mentions 1 acre Hanna’s land..

·       In the early 1800s, Simon ISAAC was the landlord to various JACKSONs of Clontinaglare. Simon ISAAC. See:Turtle Bunbury’s site. Of possible interest is his connection to Dromore Cottage in Co. Monaghan.

·       1842 PRONI: D366/631. John JACKSON of Quintinaglare (aka Clontinaglare is about 2 miles east of Saintfield). Bequests to his beloved wife Jane, daughter Isabella PATTERSON and her husband John PATTERSON and Granddaughter Jane PATTERSON. John JACKSON was a farmer of some means - had valuables to bequeath including an 8 day clock, dining room table, and other interior furnishings. The will was written 23 Jun 1842 and probated 13 Feb 1843.

·       1890 Mar 14 PRONI has a transcript. The Will (with one Codicil) of Christina Jackson late of Clontinaglare County Down Widow who died 14 March 1890 at same place was proved at Belfast by John Jackson of Barnamaghery in said County Farmer the surviving Executor. Effects £552 10s NOTE: Appoint William JACKSON of Killinchy Woods (deceased) and John JACKSON of Barnamaghery executors. Daughters Eliza McROBERTS and Mary JACKSON the farm.; two grandchildren Gawn JACKSON & William JACKSON;  grandson John JACKSON; granddaughters Agnes JACKSON & Lizzie JACKSON; daughter Jane CLELAND. Probably the townland of Clontaghnaglar, Parish of Kilmore in Barony of Castlereagh Upper. NOTE: Elizabeth JACKSON of Magheradrool married Samuel McROBERT April 1, 1861. She was the daughter of Gawn JACKSON. NOTE: In 1901, the JACKSON family at Clontaghnaglar included Eliza JACKSON, Presbyterian widow famer age 60, and her sons Gawn JACKSON age 30, William JACKSON age 28 and daughters Agnes JACKSON age 32, and Lizzie age 26, all unmarried. NOTE: In the Rademan non-subscribing Presbyterian church,  burial of John JACKSON of Cloutinaglare age 77 died Aug 13, 1842

·       1904 Aug 18. Probate of the Will of Armour Jackson late of Barnamaghery County Down Farmer who died 18 August 1904 granted at Belfast to William Thompson Farmer. Effects £804 7s. 10d. NOTE: Son Arthur James JACKSON, the farm formerly held by my father; I will that William JACKSON at present in Downpatrick Asylum …if he recovers…; to son John JACKSON farm in Clontinglan, Parish of Kilmore [I suspect this is Clontaghnaglar, Parish of Kilmore]; daughter Sarah JACKSON otherwise KENNEDY a small farm in Barnamaghery. NOTE: In 1901 Census he was 71, a farmer & living with his widowed daughter Sarah KENNEDY age 30, his wife Isabella, age 60 and their son Arthur J age 40. 3 nieces & a nephew. Parish of Kilmore in Barony of Castlereagh Upper

·       1950 Sep 11. Jackson Gawn of Clontnaglare Saintfield county Down farmer died 11 September 1950 Probate Belfast 10 December to Gawn McCaughan Jackson and William James Jackson and John Thompson Morris Jackson farmers. Effects £5628.

Clontinaglare Tree #1


1 Gawn JACKSON b: Bet 1790 and 1800 d: Bet 1861 and 1890

  + Christine b: 1796 d: 14 Mar 1890

    2 Jane JACKSON d: Aft 1890

      + Matthew CLELAND

    2 Mary JACKSON d: Aft 1896

    2 Gawn JACKSON

        3 John JACKSON b: Bef 1840

          + Eliza BAILIE b: Bef 1840

            4 William JACKSON b: Abt 1867-1873 d: 24 Oct 1914

            4 Agnes JACKSON b: Abt 1869

            4 Gawn JACKSON b: Abt 1871

              + Elizabeth Mary JACKSON

                5 Caroline C. D. JACKSON b: Abt 1908

                5 Gawn McCaughan JACKSON b: Abt 1909 d: Aft 1950

                5 William James Fisher JACKSON b: Abt 1910 d: Aft 1950

            4 Lizzie JACKSON b: Abt 1875

    2 Eliza JACKSON b: Bef 1840 d: Aft 1896

      + Samuel MCROBERTS b: Bef 1840 d: 7 Jun 1876


Clontinaglare Tree #2


1 James JACKSON b: Est. Bef 1740 d: Bet 1828 and 1829

    2 Samuel JACKSON d: Bef 1828

      + Mary

        3 James JACKSON

        3 Eliza JACKSON

    2 John JACKSON b: 1765 d: 13 Aug 1842

      + Jane d: Aft 1842

        3 Isabella JACKSON d: Aft 1842

          + John PATTERSON d: Aft 1842

            4 Jane PATTERSON d: Aft 1842

            4 PATTERSON, John J.

    2 Robert JACKSON b: 1766 d: Bef 1828

      + Elizabeth THOMPSON


Lisdoonan Parish of Saintfield NOTE: I was assuming that Lisdoonan and Lisowen are the same - but I need to revisit this.

·       1829 Nov 20 JACKSON 1828-1832 ROD: 853-25-570025 Image 15 BTW Agnes Maria JACKSON spinster of Lisdonan [Lisdoonan, Parish of Saintfield] and Grace JACKSON spinster of Lisdonan Co. Down Spinster of the other pt. Reciting where Agnes Maria JACKSON transferred to Grace JACKSON in her actual possession the farm of land in Lisdown cont 11a Cunningham Measure and also land in townland of Lisdownan 14a 2r 6p bounded on the east by James McBRIDE’s land & turf bog in possession of Michael PRICE and his tenants, on the east by Lisdownan Lough on the South east and south by John DICKSON jr’s farm and on the west by the mearing that separated the townland of Lisdownan from the townland of Oghly in Parish of Saintfield, Barony Castlereagh, Co. Down … life of Mathew FORDE… Agnes Maria JACKSON [SEAL] WITNESS: William CRANSTON & Denis DOROLING. NOTE: I do not know who these two women are yet, but an Agnes JACKSON daughter of Andrew JACKSON (-1874) of Lisowen married Samuel McBRIDE 13 Nov 1860 – that Andrew JACKSON is likely related.

·       1863 Griffiths Valuations – no JACKSON mentions

·       1963 Oct 19. Agnes Jane Jackson London Probate: Of Lisowen, Saintfield, Co. Down, spinster. Probate to William JACKSON, farmer. Effects: £350 in England.



1 Andrew JACKSON b: Abt 1799 d: 24 Dec 1874

  + Unnamed d: Bef 1875

    2 James JACKSON b: est bef 1845

    2 Mary Anne JACKSON b: est aft 1845

    2 Sarah JACKSON b: 1845 d: 20 Mar 1898

      + William John JACKSON b: Abt 1841 d: Aft 1901 NOTE: His father was Moses JACKSON of Saintfield – he leased a small holding in Clontinaghlar.

        3 Andrew JACKSON b: 28 Oct 1870

        3 Agnes JACKSON b: 9 Oct 1872

        3 Robert JACKSON b: 22 Mar 1876

    2 Agnes JACKSON b: Est aft 1846

      + Samuel MCBRIDE

    2 Margaret JACKSON b: est aft 1847


Raffrey, Parish Killinchy (sometimes spelled as Raffery).

·       20 years ago 34 families in and about Raffrey worshipped in a schoolhouse. Now 350 families sit in a most comfortable and commodious church. Downpatrick Recorder January 9, 1864

·       The cauldron, of which an accurate drawing is now given, was lately found in the County of Down, while cutting turf in a bog in the townland of Raffery, parish of Killinchy, by Mr. William Jackson, who was good enough to send it to Belfast for inspection. SOURCE: Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol 5, 1857

·       On the 22nd last, by the Rev. Mr. M’Glaughlin, P.P. Mr John Jackson, near Haw Lodge, Raffery, aged 16, and only son of Mr. John Jackson clock and watch-maker, Killinchy, to Miss Sarah Feenin, formerly of Strabane, only 40. BNL Nov 28, 1847. NOTE; The ages, odd as they may seem, are as they were printed.

·       1864 March 9 at his residence, Raffery, Parish of Killinchy, Mr. William JACKSON, in the 94th year of his age.  Downpatrick Recorder 19 March 1864. NOTE: His death cert says that he was widowed and that his son William JACKSON was present at his death. He died of old age and debility.

·       William JACKSON jr. – Robert KELLY ROD: 1888-8-4 Image 151 Btw William John JACKSON of Raffery Co. Down, Farmer of 1 pt & Robert KELLY of Belfast Co. Antrim Solicitor of other pt. William John JACKSON as beneficial owner assigned to Robert KELLY farm of land lying in townland of Raffrey in Parish of Killinchy… 24a 20p with 6a of reclaimed and [un___reed] Bog together with all houses erections and buildings of every kind … signed by William John JACKSON.




1 James JACKSON b: 1811 d: 25 Feb 1891

  + Jane LOWRY d: Aft 1891

    2 John JACKSON b: 13 Dec 1838 c: 23 Dec 1838 d: Aft 1901

    2 Mary Jane JACKSON b: 2 Jun 1841 c: 6 Jun 1841 d: Aft 1901

      + Robert COOPER b: Abt 1846

        3 Jane Campbell COOPER b: 16 Sep 1875

        3 Sarah Hewitt COOPER b: 28 Mar 1877

        3 David John COOPER b: Abt 1879

    2 James JACKSON b: 6 May 1843 c: 18 May 1843 d: Aft 1891


Raffrey – complete tree in JACKSONs of Knockbreda. NOTE: His father was a James JACKSON which makes it quite possible that he was a brother of John JACKSON b 1814 of Raffery & James JACKSON b 1811 of Raffery


1 Robert JACKSON b: 1815 c: 20 Mar 1815 d: 24 Dec 1884

  + Agnes b: 1817 d: 26 Dec 1869

    2 John JACKSON b: Abt 1843 d: Aft 1911

      + Maria LITTLE b: Abt 1848 d: 30 Apr 1910

        3 John JACKSON b: 2 Oct 1866

          + Margaret b: Abt 1852

        3 William Francis JACKSON b: 15 Jul 1868 d: 24 Dec 1893

        3 Hugh JACKSON b: 26 Aug 1870 d: 1956

          + Catherine MOHAN b: 26 Jun 1874 c: 28 Jun 1874 d: 26 Aug 1942

    2 Hugh JACKSON b: 1852 d: 10 Dec 1909

      + Christina MCINTYRE b: Abt 1859 d: 24 Nov 1934

        3 Annie JACKSON b: 1879

        3 Agnes JACKSON b: 1882

          + Lachlan MCDONALD b: Abt 1879

        3 Christina JACKSON b: 11 Jul 1883 d: 29 Dec 1967

        3 Robert JACKSON b: 1885 d: 17 Mar 1887

        3 Margaret JACKSON b: 1888

          + James Mahood HUGHES

        3 Hugh JACKSON b: 1891 d: 30 Jun 1918

        3 Jane JACKSON b: 1895

    2 David JACKSON b: 1860

      + Margaret MCKEOWN b: 1861

        3 William J. JACKSON b: 1883

        3 Margaret Jane JACKSON b: 1886

          +  CULLY

            4 Mary CULLY

        3 Samuel JACKSON b: 1887

        3 David JACKSON b: 1891

        3 Mary Ellen JACKSON b: 1893

        3 Christina JACKSON b: 1895

        3 Maria JACKSON b: 1898

      + Agnes Jane WELCH b: 1870

        3 Robert James JACKSON b: 1901

        3 Christina JACKSON b: 1909




1 John JACKSON b: 1814 d: 21 Dec 1886 at Raffrey. Son William John present at death

  + Eliza Jane HUGHAN

    2 Ellen JACKSON d: Aft 1886

    2 Elizabeth JACKSON d: Aft 1886

    2 David G. JACKSON d: Aft 1886

    2 Margaret JACKSON

    2 William John JACKSON b: Abt 1856 d.7 Dec 1834 Raffery, Co. Down m 24 Dec 1889 Raffrey Presbyterian.

      + Margaret MCBRATNEY b: Abt 1867

        3 William John JACKSON b: Abt 1891

        3 Samuel George JACKSON b: Abt 1893

        3 Anna JACKSON b: Abt 1896

        3 David McBratney JACKSON b: Abt 1902

        3 Thomas Stewart JACKSON b: Abt 1902

        3 Margaret Elizabeth JACKSON b: Abt 1908

        3 Lucy JACKSON b: 12 Jan 1910

    2 Mary Jane JACKSON b: Abt 1859 d: Aft 1911

    2 Samuel George JACKSON b: 1863 d: 20 Sep 1911

    2 Sarah JACKSON b: 14 Oct 1868 d: est bef 1886

    2 Robert James JACKSON b: 22 Jun 1871 d: Aft 1886

    2 Hugh JACKSON b: 17 Aug 1872 d: Bef 1886




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