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Sources for Jackson of Co. Down Family tree.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 19, 2010


The main source material used in assembling this tree has come from:


  • PRONI T808. Groves Manuscripts comprising genealogical and testamentary papers, notes, abstracts, census substitutes including freeholder lists, Hearth money rolls, poll books and other material, c.1650-1900. These contain a great deal of valuable material for genealogists. Tenison Groves, a Belfast genealogist, spent more than forty years compiling a vast collection of transcripts, abstracts, notes, etc., from records held in the Public Record Office in Dublin prior to its partial destruction in 1922. The part of the collection that relates to Northern Ireland was purchased by PRONI in 1939. The 9,000 plus items includes seventeenth-century muster rolls, militia lists and family pedigrees. The genealogical material has been arranged rather haphazardly, although surnames starting with the same letter are usually grouped together. The arrangement under each letter is not strictly alphabetical and material on one name can appear in several volumes.
  • PRONI 619. Pedigree of the JACKSON family, Tartarghan, Co. Armagh,1681-1933. This JACKSON pedigree was prepared in 1933 with some reliable and some dubious sources and/or lack of sources. Since it is significantly at odds with so many other pedigrees, I have set it aside for the most part. It starts by stating: The First Record of JACKSON family dates from 1690. Three brothers served at the Battle of the Boyne and family tradition states John was with King William when he was wounded on the eve of the Battle and that John's pistol was shattered by the shot. John's swords have come down in the family and seals (for linen) used by John Grand-son died 1782) and John (great grand-son 1761-1836) are still preserved. A collection of correspondence between the family of Thomas (Stonewall JACKSON's father) and the family of his brother John existed to quite a recent date but has been lost. Search is being made for traces of its fate. Family history states that an Estate was presented to the brothers after the pacification of Ireland but that on finding it occupied by two old ladies they refused to take possession. They afterwards got lands at the Birches, Co. Armagh where the ruins of three old houses of the family still remain. NOTE: This pedigree was seemingly one of the sources for The Ulster JACKSONs. There are a number of assumptions that they both share.
  • The Ulster JACKSONs. D.J. McCarthy. Carrickfergus Borough Council, Belfast, 1997.
  • John JACKSON by JACKSON Brigade http://www.eg.bucknell.edu/~hyde/jackson/John-JACKSON.html One of the sources cited on this site: JACKSON, Nancy Ann and Linda Brake Meyers. Colonel Edward JACKSON 1759-1828 Revolutionary Soldier History and Genealogy Of The Son Of Immigrants John and Elizabeth Cummins JACKSON His Wives and Families Of Mary Haddan and Elizabeth W. Brake Grandparents of General Stonewall JACKSON. Franklin, N.C.: Genealogy Publishing Service. 1995.
  • Virginia Military Institute Genealogy of Stonewall JACKSON: http://www.vmi.edu/archives2.aspx?id=5005 This seems to be a well researched site. Also: Stonewall Jackson Genealogy An Online Resource from the VMI Archives http://www.vmi.edu/archives.aspx?id=4927
  • The Hermitage: Home of President JACKSON.
  • Movilla Graveyard. Various transcriptions of JACKSON names – thanks to Ros Davies.
  • Proceedings of the Sesqui-Centennial Gathering of the descendants of Isaac and Ann JACKSON at Harmony Grove. 1875. Linen Hall Library, Belfast & Google pdf
  • Ulster Pedigrees. Descendants, in many lines, of James Orr and Janet McClement who emigrated from Scotland to Northern Ireland ca 1607. Ray A Jones. LDS Library in Salt Lake City Catalog Reference: Call No 929.2415.Or7j; location JSMB British Book. It is also on fiche reference: FHL British Fiche 6036613. NOTE: Brian Orr email: It is a follow up on the work  by Gawin Orr of Castlereigh (12 Jun 1756 - 7 June 1830 ) which is in the Linen Hall Library, Belfast. The author has added information from the Gravestone Inscriptions series (vols 1-12) and other data he compiled. It contains some 2,800 Orr connections although, unfortunately, it is sometimes rather short of dates.
  • Andrew JACKSON. Robert V. Remini Palgrave Macmillan. This is one of the most prolific and popular authors of books relating to President Andrew JACKSON.
  • The JACKSON Family Genealogy and history. William Ross Cooper and Frances JACKSON Baldwin. 19??. SOURCE: Library of Congress Microfilm 86/6192 (C)
  • Burkes – various versions. As a rank amateur, I had thought them to be close to the voice of God, but there are a number of instances where their pedigrees rest on clay feet.
  • JACKSON Mapp Perkins Brown Russell Young Brooks. This site has a number of good sources on it. It traces the ancestry of Stonewall JACKSON amongst others. http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=lelandj&id=I129
  • JACKSON Brigade Inc. Genealogical Association for Descendants of John JACKSON (1715-1801). http://www.eg.bucknell.edu/~hyde/jackson/ This is an excellent site for information on the history of Stonewall JACKSON. Like many sites (mine included) not all the connections made are equally valid and/or sourced.
  • Descendants of Richard JACKSON SOURCE: http://www.angelfire.com/al/jack/RJackson.txt
  • Descendants of Richard JACKSON SOURCE: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~hcpd/norman/JACKSON/RICHARD.htm
  • 1890 Genealogy of the Jackson Family. Prepared by Hugh Parks Jackson assisted by Hugh Hogue Thompson, D.D. and James R. Jackson, Esq. 1890. http://www.archive.org/details/genealogyofjacks00jack
  • Andrew Jackson Cottage – this is fun tour of the site at Bonneybefore near Carrickfergus.  http://www.virtualvisit-northernireland.com/gallery.aspx?dataid=54096&title=Museums%20and%20Galleries
  • Gragg, Grace, "Jackson/Hoy Family Tree" (Jackson/Hoy Family Tree - Ancestry.com).
  • Descendants of Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Long Island, New York. This web site is dedicated to the descendants of Robert Jackson. Robert is said to have arrived in Massachusetts with his father, Richard, about 1630, sailing from Yarmouth, England. http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/#TOC



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