Carlow BMD trees: POSSIBILITIES for JACKSON Connections


Since the oral history of the JACKSONs of Urker, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh is that the family was granted lands in Co. Carlow, I wanted to check out records that might help us to verify or disprove this, Both would be useful. Now that DNA is complementing the paper trails that are possible through other means, this work may also be helpful to other lines of JACKSONs. In light of this, if you family ties into any of these lines, then it would be helpful to let me know so I can add to the shared memory bank. NOTE: I suspect that other information relating to Carlow JACKSONs will emerge as I work on the Dublin JACKSON clues.



A Roger Jackson, who had the rank of Ensign, is included in the post-Cromwellian land settlements “In favour of the 1649 Officers”. The county of the land received in the grant is not recorded. SOURCE: The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry, When Cromwell came to Ireland. John O’Hart. 2007


In the Coleraine JACKSON family tree, there is a Rodger JACKSON who would be in the right generation to be a possible father of the Roger mentioned in the Co. Carlow births. SOURCE: The registers of the parish church of Whittington in the County of Lancaster. Christenings, burials, and weddings, 1538 to 1764


In the recently posted Carlow BMDs for the COI, a Roger Jackson has four children recorded under Tullow baptisms:

1.     Rachel Jackson b. Mar 25, 1700

2.     John Jackson b. Jan 28, 1701

3.     William Jackson b. Jan 12,1703 [twin]

4.     Crutchly Jackson b. Jan 12,1703[twin]

Also a Roger Jackson has 2 children mentioned under deaths (It is possible that these are siblings of the Roger Jackson who is the father of the 4 children above):

1.     Edward Jackson d. May 5, 1703

2.     Mary Jackson d. Aug 14, 1704


This name has long interested me as a possible connection to our family trees but it has only been recently that I have been able to assemble a tree that has any semblance of accuracy (much more work needed!). I interpolated the Daniel and Mary JACKSON whose names were included in the Baptism records of Aghold, Co. Wicklow – although I have no proof of this. Aghold is just across the border from Co. Carlow and there are numbers of JACKSONs from the early 1700s (and presumably before) who lived in that neck of the woods.

The JACKSONs based on info from Inga JACKSON and others.

This line is connected to Peter Jackson (a draper) and his wife Mary Frances PAINE.

Descendants of Thomas Jackson

   1       Thomas Jackson                                

..    +Hannah Unnamed                                  

........    2          Joseph Jackson           b: 28 Mar 1731                      

........    2          Hanna Jackson            b: 06 Mar 1739                      

Descendants of Edward Jackson

   1       Edward Jackson b: 1735 d: 1800 May 5

..    +Ann Unnamed                           

........    2          Ann Jackson   b: 19 Aug 1761                      

........    2          Jane Jackson   b: 20 Jan 1763           

........    2          Robert Jackson           b: 18 Feb 1765 d: 17 Jun 1765

........    2          Elizabeth Jackson       b: 12 Apr 1766                       

........    2          William Jackson         b: 12 Aug 1766 d: 1773

........    2          Robert Jackson           b: 19 Jan 1769 d: 28 Feb 1770

........    2          Robert Jackson           b: 29 May 1770 d: 27 Nov 1786 in Dublin

........    2          Edward Jackson          b: 20 Oct 1773            d: 03 Aug 1786

It would be fascinating to learn more of the origins of this line.  Michael may have also have had two other sons: William (1783-1846)  and Robert (1740-1803). The family was seemingly based in Graigue which is in Co. Laois (Queens Co.). In current day maps, it seems now to be part of the town of Carlow, Co. Carlow, albeit on the Co. Laois side of the border. SEE: Frances JACKSON Will.

Descendants of Michael Jackson               
    1      Michael Jackson    b: 1740   d: 20 Jan 1803 Married: Rebecca Unnamed           
........    2      Adam Jackson    b: 1785  d: 20 Sep 1858 in of Graigue, Queens Co., Ireland Married: Bridget Jackson NOTE: There are significant land holdings held and also leased by an Adam JACKSON recorded in Griffiths. There is also a reference to participation as a 2nd Lt in the Cloydagh Infantry. 
...................    3      Frederick Jackson    b: 25 Feb 1813 in probably Carlow or Wicklow       
........    2      Frances Jackson    b: 1791 d: 17 Jun 1859 in of Graigue, Queens Co., Ireland. NOTE: A transcription of her will curiously describes her as a spinster, but with a daughter Mary. It also mentions her brother Adam as well as properties that he had held on Tullow Street, Carlow. She also mentions properties in Springhill, which is a short distance west of Graigue.
...................    3      Mary Jackson   

The Co. Carlow and Wicklow JACKSONs who ended up in Lanark Ontario seem to be a match with the names beneath – although there is some disparity of dates between what I have found and what they have. We may be comparing apples and oranges as I am working from baptismal records whereas they may have actual birth dates. For their version (which includes many more names), SEE: Jacksons in Lanark Ontario at

SEE also: for links to Rachel JACKSON with CODD or CODE family.

Descendants of John Jackson  NOTE: It is possible that John was the son of Lancelot and Abigail JACKSON (d. 1763 June 1).
    1      John Jackson  married Sarah Esther [aka Hester] Kersey           
........    2      Lancelot Jackson    b: Abt. 1790  married Hannah Unnamed [possibly KELLY] m: Bef. 1817 in of Aghold, Co. Wicklow   
...................    3      Lancelot Jackson    b: 30 Nov 1817       
...................    3      Ellenor Jackson    b: 30 Apr 1820       
........    2      James Jackson    b: 24 Jun 1785  d: 10 May 1867 in Innisville, Drummond Twp., Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada married Sarah Cummings or Chamney        m: 1815    d: 11 Apr 1867 in Innisville, Drummond Twp., Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada
...................    3      Lancelot Lanty Jackson  b: 17 Jan 1819  d: 1820 in At sea
........    2      Mary Jackson  b: 11 Mar 1792       
........    2      Abigail Jackson    b: 1793       

Descendants of Joseph Jackson                                                      

   1       Joseph Jackson d: . Resided at Castle Street, Carlow, Co. Carlow, Ireland He married Grace Anne Unnamed                                 

........    2          Jacob Jackson b: 05 Jul 1837            

........    2          Grace Anne Jackson   b: 13 Sep 1839                       

Descendants of Edward Jackson

NOTE: His occupation was given as "Policeman" in one entry "Farmer" in another. In pencil: "America". His address was Leny Lany or Leney. My guess is that “Leney” is the townland of Leany, Parish of Moyacomb, Barony of St. Mullins Upper. This puts it on the eastern border of Co. Carlow. Perhaps significantly, there is no mention of the name JACKSON in that townland in Griffiths. There was a Benjamin JACKSON (1764-1849) of Leney who may have been related, possibly his father.  

   1       Edward Jackson b: 1797 d: 30 Oct 1843 in Co. Carlow, Ireland. He married Rachel Unnamed                               

........    2          Amelia Jackson b: 06 Jan 1836                     

........    2          Ellen Jackson  b: 23 Jan 1840                    

Descendants of Alexander Jackson                                     

   1       Alexander Jackson d: in of Browne's Hill, Co. Carlow, Ireland [Parish Clonmelsh, Barony Carlow. The main avenue divides it from Kernastown, Parish of Carlow, Barony Carlow]. SEE: Occupation: Servant, also Farmer and Herd to R.C. BROWNE (aka Robert Clayton BROWNE). He married  Deborah Unnamed                          

........    2          Alexander Jackson b: 30 May 1841              

........    2          Thomas Jackson b: 23 Aug 1843. Occupation: Herd. He married Margaret Jackson b: in of Bounes Hill aka Burrin Hill m: 12 Jul 1864 in Carlow COI          

...................     3          Sarah Jane Jackson     b: 27 Apr 1865                       

........    2          Deborah Jackson        b: 1844                       

Descendants of Edward Jackson                                         

   1       Edward Jackson husband of Susannah Unnamed                             

........    2          Thomas Jackson d: 12 Feb 1763

........    2          Hannah Jackson  19 Feb 1763

Descendants of Joseph Jackson
    1      Joseph Jackson married  Rachel Unnamed           
........    2      Thomas Jackson           
...................    3      Henry Jackson jr. was of Hacketstown, Co. Carlow, Ireland
........    2      Samuel Jackson   d: Bef. 1834 late of Coolmana, Co. Carlow. He married Esther Unnamed  d: Aft. 1790
...................    3      Henry Jackson sr. of Coolmana
...................    3      Esther Jackson. She married Joseph Brien, farmer of Carrigbrack aka Carrig Lower, Parish of Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow
........    2      Joseph Jackson