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A Silly Rhyme in Honour of the 60th Birthday
with love from Alison

Andreas and Sharon are writers, dear me,
Their house is a mansion o’erlooking to sea.
Their driveway is bounded by books in the posts
And parties at their place have proven them great hosts

Andreas and Sharon have a daughter Vanessa
Who needed a home for her two cats, etcetera.
Cohousing seemed great, so they got a two-bedroom
Bought tools and got housemates, and lavender, a vacuum.

Now, Sharon makes bread on Thursdays, some weeks
Great soup to go with it - organic - no meats
Took minutes, chaired meetings, sent emails galore
And kept the community from crumbling at the core

Andreas regales us with tales of his past
Of shows on the radio of German war brats (counterfeiters)
He drives motorcycles around these fair parts
And writes his adventures, or fiction – “the arts”.

They show up quite often at cohousing do’s
Meditations and dances and Halloween spoofs
If you spot them you're lucky, so pour them some wine
And listen quite closely – conversation’s sublime.

These two humble people - or not so - sometimes
Are neighbours and famous in these rainy climes
But Sunshine Coast weather will not get their pique
As they grew old and toothless in dear Roberts Creek

I know that the invite did say ‘no gifts’
But there’re people up later who are playing some riffs
And it's really just paper with a few squiggly marks
So I hope that presenting this won't cause no sparks (double negative – sorry).

Alison Etter. November, 2006



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