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Written by unknown verse-meisters who live in our midst!

Happy 60th Birthday Sharon and Andreas

In Roberts Creek where the blackberries grow
There lives a couple, the writers you know

Eight years as neighbours, Creeker and friends
We hope they slow down, as old age descends

She’s up at 5, searching for ancestors past
He’s cleaning the gutters and shingles, quite fast.

By 6, they’ve settled in for a nice cup of tea
Reading books by the dozens, literacy A to Z

They’ve read all the great ones, Proust, Joyce and yes, Toews
They read and discuss and dissect all they say

What symbolism this, what metaphor that
Their neighbours’ prefer a good “Cat in the Hat”

Instead of long beach walks, eight ball and play
He’s written 10 volumes of Skull Dagarays.

So, here’s to our neighbours, Happy Birthday to you
Slow down, relax, and enjoy your great view.


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