11th July [1873][1]

                                                                  New York


Dear Sister[2],

           I do not kmow what you will think of me for not writing to you before this and all the excuse I can make is the old sore "laziness".  Indeed I may say that I have not had time.  N. York has been my abode now for nearly three months and I cannot say much in its fovour as it is very difficult to get respectable employment.  I have got into a wholesale business at ten dollars a week, but I intend to change as soon as possible as the work is very hard and the hours long and you know very well that it does not agree with my stomach.  I like the country very well, only I did not care so much for the Boss I was with he and I had a falling out, indeed we were nearly coming to the fists  at all events, I told him to pull out the cash and so goodbye to the west.  Tom[3] knows one eyed Bill Spur[4], it was with him I was hired.

    Well Sal, there is no use talking, a city is the place to live, by --- a person would see more life here in a day than you would during a life time in the country indeed I must say there is one thing not in its favour "temptations" on all sides, some of which it is very difficult for a youth to avoid but you know I am a very steady young man.

    I hope all are well in the old home and Drummuck[5] and Caddagh[6], remember me to old Mr. Breakey[7] & Tom[8] and the rest of my well-wishers.

    You remember a woman[9] used to come to see Nancy Rogers[10] I wish you could get Nancy's address from her and send it in your next.  I would like very much to see old Nancy.

    I had a volume more to say only I cannot remember it now, as I am very sleepy.

       Ever your affectionate brother Andy[11]



       238 West 30th Street,


write very soon

[1] The year of the letter is imputed from a letter July 25, 1873 where the father of Andrew Bradford JACKSON is anxious about him and there is a reference to finding an address for “Nancy JACKSON”.

[2] “Sal” or “Sallie” Sarah McCULLAGH who would marry William WHITESIDE

[3] Thomas McCULLAGH (1854-1920), brother of “Sal” and “Andy”

[4] It is most likely that Bill SPUR is known only to Andy and that he resides in America.

[5] Drummuck – another branch of the McCULLAGHs lived there.

[6] Caddagh. At a later date, Matthew McAuley RUTHERFORD lived there and it may be that RUTHERFORDs lived at Caddagh at this time.

[7] John BREAKEY (-1878) of Drumskelt.

[8] Tom Cathcart BREAKEY, the author of the Breakey Memoir that I am transcribing and footnoting and will get posted to this site in the fullness of time.

[9] “a woman” – is he being coy here?

[10] In another letter (July 25 1873 his father writing to his sister), he is said to be interested in Nancy JACKSON. CLUES? The only ROGERS that I have so far is that a James ROGERS married Mary COULTER (1759-?). Mary was a sister of the Samuel COULTER who was the father of the famous botanist, Thomas COULTER. There is a Daisy ROGERS in Jeannie MOORHEAD’s birthday book

[11] Andrew Bradford McCULLAGH ( -1897), brother of  “Sallie” Sarah WHITESIDE née McCULLAGH and future husband of Margaret JACKSON (1853-1944)