Derrivalley[1] 3d Oct. 1873


My Dear Sal[2]

          I am very happy to hear that the Chin is getting on so well, and hope it will be shortly quite well.  I hope you will not stop long in Cavananore[3], on this [????] long to see you let not that prevent [ingoing] the change for some time.  I hope you have kept up your condition by [???ing] some fresh meat every day.  supposing it should be fresh [?essing], lead fish beef or mutton, any thing of the sort is better than want.  the Weather has been very wet and bad this week, it has put a stop to all harvest operations.  Are you confined much to the house as you ought to be out every fine day.   we are all well and getting on as best we can at the old [????].  Mary[4] and her family are as usual pretty well.  Dr. Reed[5] has quit Willm[6]. he says he can do no more for him.

    Anna Bradford[7] our neighbour has got, has got the place to herself, her Father[8] being [busied] this week.  Inclosed I send you Two pounds which you can dispose of as you think best.  Write when you receive it and let me know what day you will leave Newry[9].

                     Ever your affect. Father

                               Thos McCullagh[10]

[1] Derrivalley, Co. Monaghan, home of MCCULLAGH family.

[2] Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside b. 1852 – age 21 at time of letter

[3] Cavananore, Co. Louth, home of Mary Jane OLIVER

[4] possibly Mary (McCullagh) Reid – sister of  Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside

[5] probably Dr. Robert Hamilton REID (1847-1881)

[6] possibly William Reid, husband of  Mary (McCullagh) REID – although he lived to 1906

[7] Anna BRADFORD (?)

[8] Anna’s father(?)

[9] Newry on border of Co. Down and Armagh.

[10] Thomas McCullagh  1793-1877 – age 80 at time of letter