2d March 1874


My Dear Sal[2]

          Inclosed I send you one pound.  I thought it better than sending stamps as it would be unpleasant to be asking cash for them.  John[3] and Tom[4] got a very rough passage to Liverpool[5] last Wednesday night they were all very sick but I believe the arrived safe.  A neighbour girl that was on the same Boat wrote to her parents, and told all about it.  We are very lonely here.  Mary[6] and the children are all well.  The Election for the Dispensary Doctor[7] will take place tomorrow.  I hope aunt Peggy[8] continues better give my love to her and Peg Jackson[9]

           Ever your loving Father

                    Thos McCullagh[10]


[1] Derrivalley, Co. Monaghan – home of MCCULLAGH family.

[2] Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside b. 1852

[3] John McCullagh, brother of Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside

[4] Thomas McCullagh, brother of Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside

[5] Sailed on Wednesday, February 25, 1874 to Liverpool and thence to the USA

[6] Probably Mary (née MCCULLAGH) REID who had at least half a dozen children by now.

[7] Probably Dr. Robert Hamilton REID of Slieveroe won this election.

[8] Probably Margaret BRADFORD (1786- August 1784). She lived at Cavananore with Mary Jane OLIVER.

[9] Margaret JACKSON (1853-1944), sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON who would first marry Robert Hamilton REID and then Andrew Bradford MCCULLAGH

[10] Thomas McCullagh  1793-1877. This letter was written two weeks before his death.