I Samuel Bradford of Carnbeg in the County of Louth gentleman do hereby for myself my heirs executors administrators and assigns promise and covenant to and with Thomas MCullagh[1] of Derryvalley in the County of Monaghan justice of the peace that in consideration that the said Thomas MCullagh shall execute a lease for twenty one years from the first of November last past at the annual rent of two hundred and forty seven pounds sterling of these parts of the land of Cavananore and Anaghvackey lately in the possession of Miss Mary Jane Oliver[2] now deceased I shall and will indemnify the said Thomas MCullagh his heirs executors administrators for and against all damages costs loss and expenses of what kind or nature soever that may or shall in any way (either directly or indirectly) or at any time be incurred by or entailed on the said Thomas MCullagh his heirs executors or administrators in consequence of the said Thomas MCullagh's executing said lease and more particularly for and against all damages costs and expenses of any action which shall or may be brought against the said Thomas MCullagh his heirs executors or administrators by Thomas Jackson[3] Esquire of Hong Kong as Residuary Devisee of the estate of Andrew Coulter Bradford[4] of Cavananore aforesaid or by his representatives in title. In witness whereof I have hereto put my hand and seal this eighteenth day of February eighteen hundred and seventy six.

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of

John W. MCullagh [signature]

James M Cullagh [signature]


Sam Bradford [signature]


[1] possibly Thomas McCullagh who married Mary Bradford, the sister of Elizabeth Bradford and Andrew Coulter Bradford.

[2] Mary Jane Oliver, died about 1875. Her mother, Elizabeth Bradford was the sister of Andrew Coulter Bradford.

[3] Sir Thomas Jackson of HSBC

[4] Andrew Coulter Bradford d. May 10, 1847 29 years before this. According to Blin, he died unmarried. He was the only son of Thomas Bradford and Elizabeth Breakey.