6 February 1892

To Mr. Thos McCullagh[1]



Dear Sir

I send you the Rental for 4 years You see Gray[2] has paid none for these years Their tenants have brought them to Court and reduced the rent so much they seem to say we owe them something for the annuity I paid them nothing and I hope to be able to make them pay us [or you] rent as the undertenants we have nothing to do. I have given the matter to Mr. McWilliam[3] and when I have more news I will let you know. [to Mills] I think we cannot make out the Title have you any more Title Deeds if not I cannot see how the Title will be made out I showed him all the papers I have of you and they cannot see how it will be made out. I will ask James[4] if he can give us any help.

Hoping you are all well

Yours truly

M M Rutherford[5]

[1] Thomas MCCULLAGH (1854-1920), born in Ballybay & died in Australia.

[2] GRAY

[3] McWILLIAM would this be Russell MCWILLIAM? A solicitor in Ballybay?

[4] Possibly James MCCULLAGH

[5] M.M. RUTHERFORD land agent in Ballybay