inch long and rather inclined to be curly.  His eyes are very dark blue.  The children think he is fine even the boys like to play with him.  They (the boys & Addie) nearly fought with Mr. Cartwright (a man who sells vegetables) because he told them Aleck had sold him the baby for a dozen ears of corn.

    The way I make hop yeast is this - Take about « a 10 cent package of hops put them in a stew kettle with about 2 quarts of water and put on the stove and boil  When well boiled strain the water off.  Sift about 3 large or 4 small cups of flour in a pan and stir in it half a cup of sugar and same of salt and turn over it the hot hop water  stir well and when lukewarm add a cup of yeast and let raise.

    I have told you all the news I can think of this time Aunt Sallie[1]  Write soon and tell me how you all are and if you like the place any better.  When you feel especially blue Aunt Sallie sit down and "count your blessings" as an old lady told me to do.

    I will have to close now.  All the folks send love to you all.

    Be sure and write soon  I remain as ever

                                            Your loving niece



P.S.  You did not tell me any thing about your baby last time  I would like to hear all about him and how you manage him.

[1] Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside