M M Rutherford & Co.,

                                                             General Merchants


                                                                 22 August 1894


Dear Sir

       In reply to yours in which you acknowledge the £25 I sent you.  I really couldn’t send you the £15 for quarter I have not the cash I am now in [????] and I sometimes get it hard to meet my a/c  The land Gray[1] holds in [Tossy] he has not paid one penny of rent since 1888 and the same [he] has done with Mills[2] [???] and Mr Hubbard[3].  Mr McWilliam[4] has entered a [call] against them for you and Mills [???] and I expect they will pay with costs  the tenants that E W Gray[5] put in the land went into the Courts and got it reduced near the half so he [wrote] us to pay our share of the costs and take the reduced rent  I believe we will have to take the reduced rent but we will not pay Mr Wright[6] costs  when the matter is settled I will write you at once  In fact I have sent you more cash than I received off the tenants for the past three years  I neednt speak to your brother James[7] on the matter he is [getting] the [world] tight enough himself I dont like the way he is doing.  Hoping you and family are well.

                                         Yours sincerely

                                           M M Rutherford[8]


To Mr T McCullagh[9]

[1] Possibly E.W. GRAY

[2] MILLS (?)

[3] HUBBARD (?)

[4] possibly Russell MCWILLIAMS

[5] See Murnane, “At the Ford of the Birches” page 479. Of interest, amongst the tenants in the property accounts as well as Gray there are the Duffy brothers. I wonder if they are connected to the Felix Duffy on page 474?

[6] The Wright family figures in various intermarriages, but I am in the dark here This one may simply be coincidental

[7] James McCullagh, brother to Sarah (McCullagh) Whiteside

[8] M.M. RUTHERFORD – land agent and merchant.

[9]  All of Rutherford's letters were to Thomas McCullagh (1854-1920), brother to Sarah (McCullagh) Whiteside. By the time his son,  Alexander James MCCULLAGH inherited the property, William MARTIN was handling the property management