Kingsden Park



                                                                 Aug 11th/06


My dear Sally[1],

             Thank you for your very kind letter.  I cannot begin to tell you about my dear old man[2], only he was so ill at last, we were thankful to see him at rest.  We were 42 years together all but a month.  I send you P.O. for £7. Six is yours and the other will you send to Tom[3] from me.  I would like to do more but cannot at present.  I did not send Ellen McMahon[4] any money.  James[5] was here and advised me not, that if you had any to spare it would be better to give it to Tom[6].

    I was very glad to hear you were so much better.  Take good care of yourself and do not do so much.  Have you heard of Mr. McKean's[7] death.  I wrote to Annie[8]. They only sent a card so I have not heard any particulars.  Andy[9] leaves us on the 21st of this month.  We will miss him greatly.  Jim[10] has not got his length yet.  Willie[11] writes that he hopes to get home next spring.  Only think, he gives me £144 yearly now.  Is he not good - and the other boys have been very good also.  We have a very snug wee house here and a good garden.  Cis[12] was at Slieveroe for a week, at the ordination of a new minister, a Mr. Montgomery. She brought Mollie[13] back with her.  They were all well in Slieveroe[14].

    I have no news.  Cis[15] will write you soon.  I have been very poorly however I think I am improving.  I hope Mr. Whiteside[16] and the children are well.  Give my love to them.  I forgot to say the property at Dromault[17] is yours and Cis's[18] now and she has put it in Mr. Martin's[19] hands to collect the rents and send you your share as we were afraid we could not manage it.  I can not give you any statement of A/Cs  I just send you half of what came.  Now dear I must stop.

Good bye and God bless you all,  Your loving sister

                                             Mary Reid[20]


[1] Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside b. 1852

[2] William Reid, husband of Mary Reid, d. 26 May, 1906 – a little over two months before this letter

[3] Thomas McCullagh, brother of  Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside

[4] Ellen McMahon (?)

[5] James McCullagh, brother of  Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside

[6] Thomas McCullagh, brother of  Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside

[7] William McKEAN (1822-Aug 6, 1906) of Millmount, Keady. I believe he owned mills at Laragh.

[8] Annie McKEAN, daughter of William MCKEAN & Mary Anne Jane BARTLEY.

[9] Andrew Reid, son of  William & Mary Reid

[10] possibly a son of the sender, James McCullagh REID

[11] William Reid 1866-1923 – NOTE in other correspondence, he is noted as being in Yokohama  Could it be HSBC?

[12] Sally McCullagh Reid, daughter of  William and Mary Reid b. 1870, age 36 at time of letter

[13] probably Mary McCullagh, age 16, daughter of Andrew Bradford McCullagh & Margaret (Jackson) McCullagh

[14] Slieveroe, Co. Monaghan where Margaret McCULLAGH née JACKSON lived.

[15] Sally McCullagh Reid, daughter of  William and Mary Reid b. 1870, age 36 at time of letter

[16] William Sherlock Whiteside

[17] Dromault – I need to check this. Probably an alternative spelling.

[18] Sally McCullagh Reid, daughter of  William and Mary Reid b. 1870, age 36 at time of letter

[19] William MARTIN, land agent handling accounts in Ballybay.

[20] Mary (McCullagh) Reid, sister of Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside