Hongkong and Shanghai Bank

31 Lombard Street


6 Dec 1912


My dear Mary[1]


You may remember my telling you my experiences in the Caledonian Hotel at Inverness when the Editor of a pestilent paper (since defunct) called the Scottish Highlanders was enlarging on the iniquities of landlords in general and Highland ones in particular. I had just passed through the country and was able to give him some severe body blows. I enclose a cutting from the “Sunday Times” of this week which fully bears out what I saw and what I so freely ladled out upon the Editor; I was so struck with the Similarity that I thought of sending the cutting to you, I enclose a copy of the Journal of the Society of Arts the leading paper is by Harold Cox, read it and pass the Journal to any one you would like to enlighten on the economic question.


Beastly weather, however we are all  A1. both at home and abroad,


Love to all,



ENCL Article from The Sunday Times December 1, 1912. The article uses the arguments of Mr. Harold Cox to attack the politics and ideas of Lloyd George. It supports the position of conservatives of the day that social policies lead to dependency and do not “reward economic morality”. It also describes the soil condition of the Scottish Highlands, the consequent marginal farming options and the increased fortunes of those “who left the Highlands, voluntarily or compulsorily,, seventy years ago”.

[1] Mary (née JACKSON) (MENARY) GRIFFIN (1844-1921), sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[2] Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)