10 July 1913

                                                             Caddagh House,


                                                                 Co. Monaghan.


Dear Mr McCullagh

               Your brother James[1] died on Monday the 7 inst in Belfast and was buried yesterday in 1st Ballibay where your father and the rest are buried Rev W Reid[2] son[3] told me that he made a Will and left [Annamece] to Andy's[4] elder son[5] and some money he had to Mrs Whiteside[6] as far as I could gather he has left nothing to you and indeed I think he should  Mr W Reid[7] is Executor and is to come up to me to take Probate out when I get particulars I will send you all I know

  You and Mrs Reid are all left now[8] and my sister and I are all left of our Family  God only knows who may be next called.  May the Lord prepare us all for that change for what is this world nothing in comparison to eternity

  I hope you and your family are well

      With kind regards

          I remain

              Yours sincerely

                  M M Rutherford


[1] James McCULLAGH (d. July 7, 1913)

[2] Rev. William REID (1829-1906) is probably the husband of Mary MCCULLAGH

[3] Since there were several sons, I am unsure which one it mught be.

[4] Andrew Bradford McCULLAGH, deceased husband of Margaret JACKSON

[5] George David McCULLAGH (1896-1918) I wonder who it passed to after his death in the war?

[6] Sarah (née McCULLAGH) WHITESIDE (1852-1935)

[7] Probably William REID (1866-1923) son of Rev William REID. This may mean he was back from Asia.

[8] Incorrect. Thomas McCullagh was still alive too.