19th Oct 1874


My dear Sarah[2]

            I received your note this morning & am not surprised that you have not found the coat, as it was only on speck I wrote about it.  Dear knows where Andy[3] left it or who got the loan of it.  I am glad to have such favourable accts of your father[4], I trust he will continue to improve.  I am very sorry there is no word of Andy.  He must have left N York.  Do you know the name of the parties he boarded with?  It would be worth while to write to them & enquire.

    If you have the envelope of Tom's[5] letter you might write to him to the post town that the mark is in the Jan of the letter & he might chance to get it. Other wise he will not remember that he neglected to give his address & wont be in a hurry writing when he gets no reply.  I have not had a line from Mary Reid[6] for a long time.  I am sorry to hear of the pain in her knee.  If it is rheumatism to paint it with Iodine would likely start it.

    I had a letter from Minnie[7] to day from Killarney[8].  They are enjoying themselves & the scenary greatly.  I know not when we may expect them home.

    There is a letter from Mr. [McC???h[9]] to day & counsels opinion is that the Oliver estate[10] must go with chancery to be administered, & I believe my brother Andy[11] is going to take proceedings to lease Kilynure[12] from Thompson[13], so there are a fresh lot if [????]

    I thought Thompson would have been up for Mary[14] on Saturday, but he could not [get] so I do not know when she will [get].  We are all well and unite in love to you all

       Ever your affectionate

                 Aunt Mary[15]


[1] Cavananore, Co. Louth,  a townland outside of Dundalk.

[2] Sarah McCULLAGH (1852-1939), first cousin once removed of Mary Jane OLIVER, later married WHITESIDE.

[3] probably Andrew Bradford McCULLAGH (?-1897), a brother of Sarah McCULLAGH

[4] Thomas McCullagh (1793-1877)

[5] This Tom could be Tom McCULLAGH (1854-1920), a brother of Sarah McCULLAGH

[6] Mary (McCullagh) REID (d. 1919) married William REID (1829-1906) in 1864, a sister of Sarah McCULLAGH

[7] possibly Amelia Lydia (Dare) JACKSON (1851-1944), wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1914), a nephew of Mary Jane OLIVER

[8] Killarney – I will check out this connection for the JACKSONs. Help appreciated.

[9] Mr. McC?

[10] Oliver estate. I am unsure whose this might be.

[11] Andrew Bradford OLIVER, son of Benjamin OLIVER (d. 1831) & Elizabeth BRADFORD (1785-1825), brother of Mary Jane OLIVER.

[12] “Kilynure” is Killynure, Co. Armagh, the townland where Eliza JACKSON (1843-1923) and her husband Thompson BROWN(E) (1837-1915) lived, built a house and raised their ten children.

[13] Thompson BROWN(E), husband of  Elizabeth JACKSON, niece of Mary Jane OLIVER.

[14] Probably Mary MENARY née JACKSON (1844-1921), widowed in February of this year and likely living still at Maghery, near Thompson BROWN(E) and her sister Elizabeth BROWN(E) née JACKSON. She was a niece of Mary Jane OLIVER.

[15] Mary Jane OLIVER (1821-1875), owned the lease at Cavananore.