Imperial Hotel

                                                             Derry  Oct. 27th[1]


My dear Sarah[2],

              Of course I must begin by telling you that Maggie[3] & I arrived here safely about « past ten, after a tiresome journey.  It rained, as you know, all the time and has not ceased yet, so you may guess how dismal is the prospect of seeing Derry.   However we have got pretty comfortable quarters here and must try to make the best of it.  We haven't come to any conclusion yet as to our future movements.

    Now I hope dear Sarah you won't feel lonely after Maggie.  If you do then the best thing for you is to follow her good example & say yes, good, although you will be surprised to hear that we haven't spoken to each other for the last, well, thirty seconds.  I hope you enjoyed yourselves after we left yesterday. It has just stopped raining & we must run out a goodbye

             Dear Sarah

                     Your affect friend

                              R.H. Reed[4]


Miss McCullagh


[1] October 27, 1875 since they got married on October 26

[2] Sarah McCULLAGH(1852-1939), later to be WHITESIDE

[3] Margaret (née JACKSON) REED (1853-1944) – the letter is the day after their marriage! She is a sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[4] Robert Hamilton REED (1847-1881) – he was a doctor and coroner for Co. Monaghan