18th Oct. 1881


My dearest Sally[1],

                Your welcome note gave us all great pleasure this morning, to learn that my dear Mary[2] had her confinement safely over and both she and her little daughter[3] were so well.  Thank God for his great mercy it is a relief to my mind as I have been thinking so much about her lately.  I trust baby will be a blessing and comfort to her father & mother.

    I see by the paper that Dr. Nesbitt[4] has succeeded in getting the Dispensary. I suppose he would be more agreeable to Maggie[5] than a total stranger.  Will she continue to live at Slieveroe  I was glad to hear lately that poor Robert[6] had his wife insured for £2000.  I hope it is true.  I also heard that Maggie is in the family way[7].  Is that true?  Alicia[8] wrote to you last night so you have all our news.  Hannah[9] is thank God finely again.  Annie[10] & Alicia are away to Armagh with their father today.

    Mrs. Barkley[11] is now staying in New Hollow[12] with Mrs. Brown[13].  She came to see me lately Miss Lizzie[14] was with her.  I asked her (Mrs. B) to spend part of this week with me, but she has so many invitations, she has no time.  And I fear my time is wearing away for I feel very feeble, and I have a nasty cold hanging over me all week which will not go, but I am nursing it.  God bless you.

                                    Your affectionate friend

                                         Mary Jane McKean[15]


[1] Sarah (McCullagh) Whiteside

[2] Mary (née McCULLAGH) REID, wife of William REID

[3] Margaret Annas REID b October 14, 1881

[4] Dr. NESBITT?

[5] Margaret (Jackson) (Reed) McCULLAGH whose husband Robert Hamilton REED (1847-Sept 16, 1881) had died  at age 34

[6] Dr.Robert Hamilton Reed, first husband of Margaret Jackson

[7] Thomas Jackson REED was born May 25, 1881, four months before his father’s death. If Margaret (née JACKSON) REED was pregnant again, it did not result in a live birth known to me.

[8] Alicia Eleanor McKEAN, daughter of William McKEAN and Mary Anne Jane BARTLEY

[9] Hanna Georgina McKEAN, daughter of William McKEAN and Mary Anne Jane BARTLEY

[10] Anne McKEAN, daughter of William McKEAN and Mary Anne Jane BARTLEY

[11] Sarah (née JACKSON) BARKLEY, wife of  Rev. Joseph BARKLEY (1811-1881). She is an aunt of  Sir Thomas JACKSON and of

[12] New Hollow, otherwise known as Brown’s Hollow, where Killynure family home was built by Thompson BROWN(E)

[13] Bessie (née JACKSON) BROWN(E), wife of Thompson BROWN(E), sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[14] Miss Lizzie?

[15] Mary Anne Jane  (née BARTLEY) McKEAN (1815-1886), daughter of George BARTLEY and Alicia Eleanor NIXON