Sept 18th                                                             





My dear Sally[2],

            I was delighted to get dear Clairs[3] photo this day he is a dear child I sent Eva[4] hers she was charmed with it  What sort of a dress is it he looks well in it I hope you are all well & and that Mary[5] is getting on as well as you would like I am stopping for a few days with Miss Sallie McMurray[6] and Jane Skelly[7] every one that has seen Clair thinks him a fine fellow.  Elie Gilmore's[8] daughter Jane[9] is to be married to the Rev Mr. Bartley[10] a brother of the Dr.[11] you met him  It is to be soon.  I lodged in the Northern Bank [????] [200-30-0]  I tried to get a five doller note but could so I send you three dollers one for Clair one for Mary & one for yourself as your birth day is drawing near with love to you all  It is not much but I could hardly it.  They[12] are working away in Drummuck Mary Menary[13] is home I [believe] the better of her visit Sister Carlisle[14] has returned to Brighton Nothing now in Ballybay Dr Bentont[15] lectured in the Temperance Hall last evening subject the boy.  Jane[16] went to hear him. I did not go it was to stormy you may remember him in Derryvalley. I am watching for a letter from you Derryvalley  Congregation make great enquiries about you all.  Dr. Bartley was admiring your photo [today] [Witty] McMurry[17] was here he is in Newry now old Mrs Moore[18] told me to ask you if her son James[19] was living near you & if his wife was with him she has not heard from them for a long time & she would like to know.  You may remember a girl named Hamilton[20] in your class in the Sabbath school her name now is Jackson[21] she was glad to see the photo asked for you Mr W[22].  I saw Sallie Little[23] she is in Mrs Kirkpatricks[24] I went to see her & show her the photos I give you S McMurry & Jane's love and also Mrs Thomas [???][25] the girls are growing tall as well as [????] all your old friends send their greetings to you & yours give Clair & Mary kisses from me and wishing the Blessing of God on you both & the children

                                               ever your

                                           old Mother Cready[26]


[1] Drummuck, home of McCULLAGH family

[2] Sarah McCullagh WHITESIDE (1852-1939)

[3] Thomas Clair Whiteside (1893-1959)

[4] probably Eva Oliver REED (1876-1968), later USSHER, daughter of Robert Hamilton REED & Margaret JACKSON. Her mother later married Andrew Bradford McCULLAGH (?-1897)

[5] Mary Ione WHITESIDE (1896-1960)

[6] Sally McMURRAY mentioned in many letters.

[7] Jane SKELLY – always mentioned at same time in letters with Sally McMURRAY.

[8] “Elie” Eliezer GILMORE (1845-1919) who was married to Sarah JACKSON (1848-1942),. They lived at Liscalgot House, Crossmaglen, Co. Armagh.

[9] Mary Jane GILMORE (1876-1907), daughter of Eliezer GILMORE and Sarah JACKSON (1848-1942).

[10] Rev. Thomas Bartley

[11] Dr. BARTLEY. I still need to find info on him. Help appreciated.

[12] “They” I assume the McCULLAGHs

[13] Mary MENARY (1872-1946), daughter of Mary MENARY née JACKSON later GRIFFIN (1844-1921).

[14] “Sister Carlisle” She may be related to the Martha CARLISLE who married Hamilton REID in 1806.

[15] Dr. BENTONOT?

[16] Probably Jane McCULLAGH, daughter of James McCULLAGH & Eliza WALLACE

[17] An unknown McMURRAY married and Elizabeth McCULLAGH. This may be who is being referred to.

[18] Mrs. MOORE?

[19] James MOORE?

[20] Unknown HAMILTON

[21] Unknown JACKSON

[22] William Sherlock WHITESIDE (1860-1916), husband of Sarah née McCULLAGH WHITESIDE.

[23] Sally LITTLE?


[25] Mrs Thomas ?

[26] Mary Anne McCREADY, the governess