Sept 25 1896


My dear Sallie[1]

             I received your welcome letter this morning Friday 25  I was sorry to hear that the dear little ones[2] were ill  I hope by this time with God's blessing they are all right  I hope you had my letters & papers forwarded to you I never neglected to write & send papers  I hope my last which is a week posted, you will get as there was a small enclosure in it  I will return to Drumuck[3] next week they are very kind to me here.  I was showing your Photos to the Rev Mr Young[4] he was greatly pleased with them and thought Clair far older that he is I have no news only I wanted you to know that I got your letter  Many kisses to the dear children & love to you &  Mr. W[5]  Sallie McMurry[6] & Jane[7] send their love to you I made a mistake in my last in putting down what I had put in the Bank  It is £238 the Lord is good to me

                     yours ever

                     dear Sallie

                     From your old

                          Mother Cready[8]


I may give all your friends love to you

I hope you may be comfortable in the house when you go to it.  I am glad you like the weather we have very bad weather here


[1] Sarah WHITESIDE née McCULLAGH (1852-1939)

[2] Thomas Clair aged 3 & Mary Ione aged 7 months.

[3] Drummuck, home of McCULLAGH family in Co. Monaghan

[4] Rev YOUNG?

[5] Rev William Sherlock WHITESIDE (1860-1916), husband to Sarah McCULLAGH

[6] Sally McMURRAY

[7] Jane SKELLEY – she & Sally McMURRAY are often mentioned together in letters

[8] Mary Anne McCready (?-1897), the governness