My darling little wife[2]

                     I was very glad to get your little letter how long ago I quite forget.  We have had nothinng but visitors, cooking and eating this last long time and since "the lamb"[3] left nothing but loneliness and [redding][4] up. I had very little pleasure during his visit as Miss C[5]. was here Bessie[6] and Thompson Dada[7] & Bea Oliver[8] so you may guess I had something to do besides talking to him.  I did not get an application of the paving stone at all and am consequently in wretched humour since  I spent Thursday evening at Blackrock with Mrs. Alexander[9].  Miss Maggie[10], Miss Elizabeth[11] & I drove up in our car.  The Gilstons[12] are there yet & were asking for you.  Mrs. G. is very much better and is able to walk a little.

    Dada[13] & Mamma[14] are thinking of going to it for a while now. it is quite full still.  Wee Paddy[15] is there and was most happpy to see me.  I did not observe "Smiler"  Uncle Wm[16]. did not come up he sent Ben[17] instead.  I wish you saw Ben, he is the greatest oddity you ever met.

    The house here is as quiet now as your own.  Andy[18] is at Armagh since Tuesday last and Sally[19] in Dublin so that we are "three jolly girls"  I believe Aunt P.[20] is the liveliest of the party.  Please tell me what your "lum" is about and if it is better.  Have you got your room settled yet

    All here are well and hoping your household are in the same condition  And with fond love to each I am

                          Your ever loving


[1] Probably written from Cavananore when Mary GRIFFIN may have been visiting. There is a great deal of conjecture in these footnotes because of the fact that the letter cannot be reliably dated.

[2] Sarah (McCullagh) Whiteside. Since she married in 1893, the letter would have to be after that.

[3] Could this be the second husband of Mary JACKSON? It is a mystery why we have nothing about him. No record of death. Did he leave the marriage?

[4] “redding up” an Irish expression meaning to get ready.

[5] Miss C?

[6] Elizabeth “Bessie” (Jackson) Brown

[7] Thompson Brown, husband of Elizabeth “Bessie” (Jackson) Brown

[8] possibly Ben OLIVER, son of Andrew Bradford OLIVER and Anne NORRIS

[9] Mrs. ALEXANDER  - possibly the wife of Samuel ALEXANDER

[10] Miss Maggie?

[11] Miss Elizabeth?

[12] GILSTONs?

[13] David JACKSON (1814-1899)

[14] Eliza OLIVER (1815-1903)

[15] “Wee Paddy”?

[16] possibly William Oliver

[17] possibly Ben Oliver

[18] possibly Andrew Bradford McCullagh or else the brother of Mary, Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON

[19] could be “Sally” Sarah JACKSON, sister of Mary GRIFFIN

[20] Margaret (née JACKSON) (REED) McCULLAGH, sister of Mary JACKSON

[21] probably Mary (née JACKSON) (MENARY) GRIFFIN