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These links used to be on a page that had the info from all of the Irish counties.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 23, 2018


I have completed a major revision of a Family Tree - Jacksons of Co. Carlow & Wicklow, as well as a page that includes probates of JACKSONs of Co. Carlow with links to other data. May 12, 2013
Jacksons of Co. Carlow. This page pulls together references to deeds and a few other bits that I have surrounding Esther JACKSON and her leases at Coolmana, aka Nashe's Quarter in Co. Carlow. I have also appended a tentative family tree - rather mor of a shrub actually, as well as a similar one for her SHARP family. This is all in the hopes that we may be able to tie them into another tree of JACKSONs. Possibilities include JACKSONs in Carlow, Wicklow, Kildare as well as Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada. September 16, 2013
John JACKSON of Cargeen Co. Kildare and Sarah LUCAS of Rathdaniel, Co. Carlow Benthams Abstracts were key to putting these relationships together. In the next couple of months, I have a lot more in other records such as deeds to add. That will have to wait until my return from Ireland – I will get to it then. April 12, 2018


NOTE: This page includes maps as well as charts and other information about people organized on the basis of place.
Here are some useful sources for maps

My usual place to start is: Ordnance Survey of Ireland
Or else, the maps associated with Griffiths Valuations on the Ask About Ireland Site.
Valuation Office Books at National Archives of Ireland.
1659 Census of Ireland.
Mapco has an 1838 map of Ireland which can be viewed in enlarged segments.
For maps of Ireland in the 1650s: The Down Survey of Ireland hosted by Trinity College is an amazing site. You can also do a search and learn a great deal more about how the early maps relate to later ones.
A site that tracks population changes in Irish parishes from 1841 to 2002: Irish Famine Population Data
A site that is now one of my go-to places when I want to see adjacent townlands is: http://www.townlands.ie/
Wikipedia is useful for tracking down varient townland names, as is the Sean Ruad site.
To track the Irish versions of names that preceded the English version: Placenames Database of Ireland
For Historical Maps: A sub-section of the Placenames Database of Ireland July 1, 2016
To track down English, Scots, or Irish place names: Place names in Northern Ireland
Bob Sinton's townland maps: http://www.bob-sinton.com/maps2/mapsx.php
Townlands superimposed on contemporary maps: http://ireland.kiwicelts.com/irishMap/ireMap.html

A site new to me: Open Street Maps. March 2016
Years Ago, I found some of these on one of my trips. Now they are digital. A wonderful resource: Geological Maps. July 7, 2016
PRONI has some excellent 1602 maps of Escheated Estates on Flicker. September 7, 2016
Since many of the Irish JACKSONs came from Westmorland and Lancashire, This site featuring Old English maps is excellent.

PRONI Historical Maps viewer. New in 2016.
Also new in 2016, The Family History Library has included many images of pages from the Deeds Registry in Dublin. These include both grantor indices and townland indices. Nick Reddan's Deeds Indexing Project will be starting to transcribe them - thanks to volunteer labour.
Alison Kilpatrick has also done yeoman service when it comes to transcribing deeds. See her site: Arborealis.
A fabulous new site by ​Sebastian Graham showing all the mills of Northern. Ireland. July 5, 2017
For general reading, History of Ireland: Free ebooks. This is an excellent site. February 7, 2017
Alison Kilpatrick's map of The Manor of Kinard (Minterburn & Tiranny) 1613-1641. July 5, 2017


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