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Documents relating to Co. Wicklow - relating to JACKSONs and others.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 30, 2018


Jacksons in Co. Wicklow Deeds. SEE: Links to Deeds research for more up-to-date notes. 2011
Jacksons in Co. Wicklow & Wexford Misc sources. 2011
Jacksons of Woodfield and Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow. Much of this tree is based on hunches and scant records. The annotated version is included beneath the outline version, and is worth checking to see the basis on which the link was made. May 15, 2013
Probates of Jackson who died in Co. Wicklow. I am getting tantalizingly close to being able to click a number of these people into a family tree. At present, I have a stub of a tree including a number of JACKSONs from Woodfield aka Woodfieldglen in Co. Wicklow. If readers know more, it shouldn't take much to make a larger leap. 2013
Leases mentioning Sandymount Co Wicklow. The purpose of this page is to help me to find the ancestors of Rev. William JACKSON (1737-1794) - the famed (or infamous) United Irishman. In the hope of protecting his estate for his wife, he took poison in the hours after his conviction and died in the court before sentencing could be pronounced. His wife was pregnant with their 2nd child and lived in France for the next 20 years.
It has been slim pickings when it comes to readily available evidence about either of them. So far, I have been unable to find a first name for either his father or mother. My starting point was that his mother was a member of the GORE family, and an aunt of his was married to Dr. Edward SALE, a lawyer. I will soon be posting a blog piece on my progress with this mystery.
August 28, 2018



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