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These are all the entries posted in 2004.
Notes Date
1703 An account of Armagh by Thomas Ashe Esq. This is the earliest reference that I have to the OLIVER family in Armagh. December 11, 2004
1752 Probate of 1751 will of George Bartley Very brief bit. December 11, 2004
1890, November 15. Letter from John Coulter to Mary Gardiner This letter and the one beneath (start with it first) detail the distress of John Coulter over the effects of his drinking and an affair with a ruinous woman. December 11, 2004
1890, November 3. Letter from John Coulter to Mary Gardiner December 11, 2004
1793 Will of John McKee I have updated this and added hyperlinks to the 1890 letters. December 11, 2004
1910 - Will for Thompson Brown These are notes, not the entire will. December 10, 2004
Newspaper clippings This is a new page taking some docuemtns from other pages - but the significant new additions all have to do with the court cases involving the OLIVER, JACKSON and LESLIE families and the question of the ownership of the Mills at Laragh, Co. Armagh. I have made a substantial start at footnoting these articles and beginning to identify the various players. December 9, 2004
OLIVER-DOBBIN Family links This page is still under construction - so keep checking back as I may not note all the additions on this page. December 6, 2004
Killynure This is Townland in Co. Armagh where the OLIVERS, JACKSONS & BROWNS all lived from the late 1700s-mid 1900s. December 5, 2004
Noble, G.E. This another of the HSBC links. Little known as of yet. November 28, 2004
1874 Letter from Mary Johnson to Miss McCready On the infant death of Edith Bradford JACKSON. November 28, 2004
1828 Letter from David JACKSON I have added footnotes identifying the various people mentioned. This is written by a 14 year old David JACKSON who would grow up and become the father of Sir Thomas JACKSON. November 18, 2004
1867 letter from Joseph DICKIE to Mary Jane OLIVER This letter concerns property purchase issues involving OLIVER, JACKSON & MENARY. Of interest is that it is a mere five months after the death of WIlliam MENARY Sr. November 18, 2004
Cavananore I have updated the links here and added some more references November 17, 2004
1791 BRADFORD Inventory This also contains later inventories relating to Cavananore Novermber 17, 2004
David Jackson The page on the Dvid Jackson who was the manager at HSBC Yokohama, Japan has been updated. November 11, 2004
Irish Counties matched with Townlands and family names October 15, 2004
In the Beginning I have rewritten parts of this account and added Amy LLOYD's version (she being the daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON) October 9, 2004
Parish Map of County Armagh September 30, 2004
Creggan Parish This is the parish where the DONALDSONs & JACKSONs first settled. Urker, Liscalgat and Freeduff are three significant townlands for the family in this parish. September 30, 2004
Lisnadill Parish Killynure, home of the BROWN & OLIVER families is in this parish. September 30, 2004
Brown, Thompson New information has been added in red - Thompson BROWN came to Armagh from Dublin and at the time of his marriage in 1867, his father Samuel was a linen and woolens merchant at 60 Dame Street, Dublin. September 28, 2004
Dickie Descendants This tree is based in large measure on a 1900s pedigree. It is lengthy and generally trustworthy (I believe), but has little in the way of back-up documentation and dates. September 27, 2004
McKean Descendants This includes the McKean family of Laragh. This is a page in progress. September 24, 2004
The Pirates and Mrs. DARE One error corrected & sources added at bottom September 22, 2004
Jackson, David at a bank in the Isle of Man There are few people in this photo who are known to me. There is Daniel Gunn Browne, and David's sister Margaret as well as David Jackson of the HSBC. September 10, 2004
Tollemache, Lionel This family tree includes ancestors of Amelia Lydia DARE, wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON. It starts in the early 1600s. August 11, 2004
Patteson Family PhotosI am unsure why this family would be in the family album, but perhaps someone can enlighten me. August 9, 2004
Dickie Family photos The presence of these photos of the Dickie family of Co. Louth present something of a mystery to me. I am unsure how they tie in to the family, but am certain that they will - once the mystery is unraveled. Here I hope for help from some kind soul who may hold the missing key. August 9, 2004
Browne, Ethel paintings These are photos of paintings of horses and dogs, generally painted on commission in the 1940s and 50s and sent as Xmas cards to the Canadian Brown(e) families. August 8, 2004
Eager-Edgar: Eight Generations This is the family tree that leads from the EAGERs of Scotland in the time of Charles I to the connection with the BROWNE family tree in the 1870s. I am indebted to Tony Browne, and before him Michael Browne for the work which produced this tree. There may still be errors, but we will get to these. August 6, 2004
Tollemach Family Tree This starts with John Tollemache (1710-1777). He is a great-great grandparent of Amelia Lydia DARE, wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON. August 6, 2004
Browne Family Crests and Clues to our Origins This site has been modified and moved from Misc. August 4, 2004
BROWNE Family Tree This family tree is the one that most reliably connects to my grandmother, June Edgar BROWNE. The connections to the BROWNE family tree beneath are alleged, but the links still need to be both found and proven. August 4, 2004
1952 letter from June Edgar BROWNE This is the first bit of news that pointed me towards the Sligo BROWNE connection. August 4, 2004
Browne, the Janeville Browne's of County Down I am still in sleuth mode on the BROWNE family & have yet to figure out how the Monteagles and the Montagues and our Brownes all connect. August 4, 2004
Browne, Sir Anthony descendants This is definitely a DRAFT level of tree, but it is an attempt to knit together the original MONTAGUE line of BROWNEs from whom the Westport BROWNEs are imputed to be descended. These BROWNEs are otherwise known as the MONTEAGLE BROWNEs. The file is close to twenty pages long - so it will require some patience if you are on a slow modem. Sorry. August 4, 2004
1918 Notes on will of Elizabeth BROWN She was the wife of Thompson BROWN and the daughter of David JACKSON & Elizabeth OLIVER July 9, 2004
Lisnadill Parish of Co. Armagh Townlands Map July 1, 2004
Browne's of County Down Family Album This page is still under construction - more to come. June 20, 2004
Donaldson Photo Album Connections to JACKSONs of Crossmaglen June 19, 2004
Photo of Eleanor PELAN who married John Gilmore GRIFFIN This has been added to the GRIFFIN family album. June 18, 2004
1875 Court Case between the infant Mary MENARY versus William Robert FERRIS, David JACKSON, Samuel MENARY, & Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON Why Mary MENARY's grandfather David JACKSON and her maternal uncle Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON as well as her paternal uncle Samuel MENARY would join in the suit against her, is not at all clear June 17, 2004
1875 Court Case between William Couser & Andrew Oliver, Mary Jane Oliver, Andrew Jackson and Dependants June 14, 2004
Biography of Sarah "Blin" Margaret BROWN This is a first draft so that others can offer suggestions for revisions June 14, 2004
1802 Donaldson Indenture regarding land in Freeduff and Cloughage June 13, 2003
1938 Letter from Blin Brown to "Jack" June 13, 2004
1922 letter from Bessie Brown to her son, Thomas Jackson Brown Corrected footnotes June 11, 2004
Thomas McCullagh BROWNE Minor update June 10, 2004
Edgar Monteagle BROWNE Updated some info & added hyperlinks May 28, 2004
Descendants of Allan MARTIN of Ringfad This is a first draft of this, but I decided to get it out. There are links to pertinent biographies. May 5, 2004
Family Tree of Samuel John Corbett ORR Thanks again to Robyn M. Condliffe in Australia May 5, 2004
Biography of Richard Binney ORR & Margaret Anne Bethune This biography has been updated with a photo as well as additional information thanks to Robyn M. Condliffe in Australia. May 4, 2003
Griffin Family Tree Updated with information added on Olive Mary LOMAS, first wife of Philip George GRIFFIN. Thanks to Walter Richardson for the new information. May 4, 2004
Will of William Donaldson The footnotes have been amended and new information added in the introduction. April 29, 2004
Griffin Family Tree The JACKSON family many photos and such from the GRIFFIN family - I am still guessing as to the exact connection. April 28, 2004
Griffin Family photos These photos come compliments of Christine WRIGHT from Gilford Castle and are part of the link between the JACKSONs and the GRIFFIN families in both Ireland and Canada. April 28, 2004
Cordevlish Thanks to Wendy Jack, I have added a version of the map which has the two sections joined together March 28, 2004
Cordevlish "A Map of Cordevlish in the Parish of Aughnamullan, Barony of Cremoran & County of Monaghan belonging to Miss Elizabeth Breakey, surveys in 1781 by Jn Bruster" This map is of particular interest because of its information about the Breakey family conection. Elizabeth Breakey would have been aged 23 at the time of this map, the year of her marriage to Thomas Bradford. Note in the second part, the lands tenanted by John Breakey. February 24, 2004
The Amy Lloyd History transcriptions had a number of glitches in them and all four pages have been tidied up with a few extra notes added for the sake of clarity. Find them under Documents. January 20, 2004
1850 Letter from Barbara Donaldson to Mary Jane Oliver Footnotes have been added to this letter clarifying some of the identities and events. January 5, 2004
1775,December 27 proving of Andrew Coulter's Will I have added the proving document to the will January 5, 2004
Martini Guitars This is the site of my youngest brother, Martin Brown, who builds exquisite hand made guitars. January 4, 2004
Meneray News Clipping Undated A fascinating tale dating back to the Napoleonic Wars and a link to Canada. January 4, 2004
Photos of family members at Urker Lodge, Crossmaglen This house was the Jackson family house for generations before these early 1900s shots were taken. January 2, 2004
Photos of David Jackson David Jackson worked for the HSBC until he died at work in 1903. This album shows him as a young man and later when he was married, a mere ten years before his untimely death at age 47 (of a heart attack). January 2, 2004
1928 Letter from Nellie Griffin to Molly Wright This helps to establish the Griffin links in the family January 1, 2004



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