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These are all the pages posted in 2005
Notes Date
The Memoirs of Thomas Cathcart BREAKEY The annotated index that I have prepared to these Memoirs is over 100 pages long, so I have broken them into a dozen pieces. This Memoir was written during the latter part of the 1800s and the early 1900s when the author (1834-1914) was in his 60s and 70s at the time of writing it. His is a unique voice and his record includes mention and anecdotes concerning some 500 people living close to Co. Monaghan in the 19th Century December 4, 2005
George BARTLEY & Margaret ORR descendants.This is an update of the previous file - an amazing piece of work undertaken by Wendy Jack with more than 600 footnoted entries. It is divided into four sections (see links beneath) since as a single file is too large for my computer and software to handle with any effiiciency. Even as it is, some of the files are quite large. In time, I will find a more elegant solution to this problem. In the meantime, I wanted to share the stories.The BARTLEY family included many military men, doctors and clergy. Their commitments and fortunes took them all over the world and their stories reveal a family-sized echo of what was happening on a larger scale with the great outwash of the British Empire. More is to come. September 5, 2005
Bartley generations 1-4 In this first section, there is considerable detail on Walter Tyler BARTLEY (see #47) who was killed in action in 1846 at the Battle of Sobraon in India. Also there is fascinating detail on Rev. John COULTER (see #31) who was influential in the movement to merge the two secessionist synods of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and was also active in the Tenant League movement.
Bartley generation 5 John Hamilton GRAY as premier of PEI hosted the Charlottetown Conference in 1863 which laid the ground work for Canada's Conferation some four years later. Regrettably for GRAY, the people of PEI rejected union at that time and he resigned. Had he stayed in office for another four years, one of life's ironies is that the Fathers of Confederation would have included two John Hamilton GRAYs - the second was premier of NB.
Acheson George Henry GILMORE, Samuel GILMORE and David JACKSON are all related to Sir Thomas JACKSON are part of the larger HSBC story. (The last I know of this Samuel GIMORE is that he was a Japanese prisoner of war in a Hong Kong hotel)
Bartley generation 6 It is in this generation that we witness the personal costs of the Boer War and WWI. Roland Ernest LORD was invalided out of Boer War in 1900, only to go back. Three brothers lost their lives: George Barlow BARTLEY DENNISS in the defence of Wagon Hill in the Boer War; Henry Barlow BARTLEY DENNISS died in 1913; Thomas Vivian BARTLEY DENNISS died of wounds in 1918. John Franklyn PETERS was killed at Ypres where he is remembered in a memorial on the same tablet as his brother, Gerald Hamilton PETERS, who went missing, presumed dead. The saddest story in my mind is that of Eric Skeffington POOLE who "had the unenviable distinction of being the first British Army officer executed during World War I." The full story is beneath. David Clements BATES also died in WWI.
Later, during WWII, Thomas Jackson HOUSTON died of dysentry as a prisoner of war in Hong Kong
We also see more connections with the Far East and banking in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Robert Thomas WRIGHT and David JACKSON, both managers at HSBC, Yokohama; John Stevenson Reed WRIGHT with the Imperial Bank of Persia, James Francis WRIGHT in Hong Kong with a brokerage.
Bartley generation 7 A couple more HSBC connections are detailed here: Robert Thomas WRIGHT, Thompson BROWN{E).
Mary E. JOHNSTON & BREMNER page I know little other than there are photos of her in two family albums and her name is inscribed in Jeannie MOORHEAD's birthday book. Much more to discover. August 29, 2005
JOHNSTON family descendant tree This is a tree with a few lionks to our family, but likely more to be found. August 29, 2005
Jeannie MOORHEAD's Birthday Book This page has had a serious retrofit. I have added in dozens of IGI entries that Wendy Jack found which in turn impelled me to find other other connections. Finally, I inserted hyperlonks to biographies so people can readily see who was in the book. More to do, but enough for now. August 29, 2005
MENARY Family Tree This is my most recent stab at making this tree as accurate as I am able to. That being said, I would suspect there may still be errors - although I have done my best to itemize sources where I have them. I look forward to comment. I look forward to the future when other MENARY trees will find where they fit into this one - especially the Orangeville, Ontario "cousins". August 2, 2005
Four letters to Mary Wright from various Ontario Menary family members This link is to the MENARY Main Page - scroll down to find the annotated letters. August 1, 2005
MENARY news clippings New bits added. August 1, 2005
MENARY name in New York Passenger lists 1820-1892 August 1, 2005
MENARY MAIN PAGE This page has many links to other MANARY material - enough to keep anyone with an interest in this family engrossed for hours. Highlights include biographies of Anne Jane MENARY and Mary MENARY (including a wedding photo of her Hong Kong with Sir Thomas JACKSON in attendance), a map of Maghery, newsclippings, will probates, records of dozens of births and marriages (new to this site), legal cases and links to letters. More will come in the next few days, and then I'll be done with the MENARY branch of the family for a while. July 31, 2005
NOTE: I have neglected to note here all kinds of revisions to previously existing pages posted during the course of the past month. Please recheck pages that interest you. July 31, 2005
1791 March 25 - Administration after the death of Thomas BRADFORD July 31, 2005
"Minnie" Mary Wilson CALVERT (1864-1934) I am just starting this page, but there is a photo. She was a daughter of Henry CALVERT and Jane MENARY. June 30, 2005
1871 December 18 - mention of copies of deeds sent by Thompson BROWN(E) This indicates a number of copies of deeds received from Thompson BROWN(E) relating to Kiltybawn and the DONALDSON and BRADFORD families. June 30, 2005
Undated Letter Menary to Calvert This letter from Nancy MENARY to Mrs. CALVERT was likely part of the CALVERT family work on assembling their family tree. NOTE: I have also updated a few footnotes in other letters as a result of this one. June 30, 2005
1862 February 13 letter from Carrie G. EVERT to "Cousin Jane"Cary is most likely a gran-daughter of Jane (nee MENARY) WILKINS of New Haven (see letter beneath dated 1817) while Jane is likely Jane (Nee MENARY) CALVERT. There is a reference to the American revolution. June 19, 2005
1817 February 8 Jane Wilkins to her mother Martha Menary Jane moved to New Haven USA either just before or after she was widowed. I have included photos too. June 19, 2005
1837 November 15 - will of Joseph OLIVER This ties into the Laragh Mills OLIVER family and I am unsure about its connection to our OLIVERs. See also: Newsclippings where there are three articles relating to OLIVER family members and legal proceedings regarding the mills. June 19, 2005
1875 November 10 Will of Mary Jane OLIVER Bequests to various Oliver-Jackson-Reid-McCullagh-Norris family members. Sir Thomas JACKSON was designated to be responsible for "legatee and devises". Extensive footnotes have been added. June 19, 2005
1832 March 1 Probated will of Benjamin Oliver of Killynure This will provides the names of Benjamin OLIVERs children, adds some townlands of interest in his holdings (Maghery Kilcrany, Knockagraphy and Lisdrummond) and gives us the names of his two brothers "William and James" raising some doubt about the possibility of Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore being one of his brothers. It also connects us once again to the McCULLAGH family, possibly of Derryvalley. NOTE: He was also a grandfather of Sir Thomas JACKSON. June 19, 2005
1886 May 5 Frederick Richard GRIFFIN to Mary (Jackson) MENARY This is a most exiting find. It is just about all we have of the elusive Frederick Richard GRIFFIN, suitor of Mary MENARY at this time (and husband to be). The references are such that we can reasonably assume the connection to the John Gilmore GRIFFIN family whose descendants ended up in Canada June 18, 2005
1912 December 6 Sir Thomas Jackson to Mary Griffin This letter illustrates the nature of Sir Thomas's political convictions with regards to social policies and the interpreatation of history. June 18, 2005
1908 August 29 HENRY to GRIFFIN The main interest of this letter in this project is in the glowing description of Sir Thomas JACKSON. June 18, 2005
1897 March 9 HARRIS to Mary GRIFFIN This is followup on the will of Mary Anne McCready and indicates that she had family in Dublin. June 18, 2005
1827 Settlement between James & John MClelland and Andrew Coulter Bradford These documents record the acquisition of Dungooley in the County of Louth & Tullyvalley & Maybawn - Lands which would pay dividends to future decendants. June 17. 2005
More Letters from the Sarah WHITESIDE collection I have finished updating these letters. Look to the right hand column for the date of the most recent updates. There are now more than 100 letters and well over a thousand footnotes. I would appreciate the opportunity to correct any errors, so if you find any (and there will be some!), please let me know. I am not troubling myself yet about capitalization and such. June 15, 2005
Letters from the Sarah WHITESIDE collection I had originally included these letters in groupings at the bottom of the letters page under "The McCullagh Letters". Twenty-nine of them are now separated out and hyperlinked in the chronological list with all the other transcribed letters. Many more to be tidied up in such a fashion, but it does make the information shared in them all the richer for the shared historical context June 8, 2005
1787 & 1791 Receipts for rents paid by COULTER and BRADFORD The obvious mystery still for me here is how does John COULTER fit in? Solving this may well link the Cavananore COULTER family with the Carnbeg family (or not). June 6, 2005
1775-1776 "Recits of Lagacies" This shows the family connections to BRADFORD, COULTER, LEADLEY & TIPPING as well as the presence of the family at Cavananore, Co. Louth in 1775 June 6, 2005
Rootsweb: silverbowl I have posted the family tree which now encompasses more than 2500 names. The names and information of those living has been stripped out for reasons of privacy. I will update it from time to time. I am in the process of adding sources to many of the names and these too will be posted in the fullness of time. June 6, 2005
1826 Will of Jane COULTER This is a significant will shedding light on the COULTER family of Carnbeg. June 1, 2005
Transcriptions of Deeds This link leads to s page with links to five deeds that I have transcribed and footnoted. They shed light on the OLIVER family at Enagh and Killynure as well as DONALDSON, BREAKEY and DOBBIN connections. May 31, 2005
1833 Will of Elizabeth BRADFORD nee BREAKEY This is the full version of the will, interesting because of connections to Cavananore and the Jacksons May 30, 2005
1915 December 20-Letter from Sir Thomas Jackson to "Bessie" Brown Sir Thomas died the day after writing this letter to his sister "Bessie" Elizabeth Brown. As so often was the case, he has enclosed a cheque, although he seems to feel that his means are more limited than usual. He ends with his concern for the poor suffering on account of a cold winter. May 30, 2005
1915 March 30-Letter from Sir Thomas Jackson to "Fan" Frances Oliver Brown Sir Thomas's sons are all either in the theatre of war or recuperating from injuries. Francis is his niece, the daughter of Thompson Brown and Elizabeth "Bessie" Jackson. He sends her and her sister "Blin" Sarah Margaret Jackson, a gift of $50.00. May 30, 2005
1914 November 7-Letter from Sir Thomas Jackson to Mary Griffin Sir Thomas's son Julius is recovering from wounds and his son in law Raymond Marker has been seriously injured. May 30, 2005
1910 September 26-Letter from Sir Thomas Jackson to Mary Griffin This letter conveys the concerns of Sir Thomas over his daughter Kathleen's engagement. May 30, 2005
1914 November 14-Letter from Sir Thomas Jackson to Mary Griffin News of Raymond Marker's death May 30, 2005
1914 September 25-Letter from Sir Thomas Jackson to May Griffin News of two of Sir Thomas' sons being wounded early in WWI. May 30, 2005
1911 June 2-Letter from Sir Thomas Jackson to his sister, Mary Griffin This letter shows the depth of connection and generosity that Sir Thomas Jackson still felt towards the people of Crossmaglen and his concern over their various misfortunes. It also mentions Sir Thomas's son-in-law, Raymond Marker, having surgery as well as his son "Pat" (Claude Stewart JACKSON). May 30, 2005
I have updated Killynure and added Griffiths listings. January 15, 2005
1863 - Will of Barbara Donaldson This will is of interest for the many family connections that are mentioned. Amongst other connections of note, she was a great-aunt of Sir Thomas JACKSON. I have also added a lengthy entry on Rev. William King, one of the beneficiaries of the will, who established the settlement in Ontario, Canada for fugitive and freed slaves in the mid-1800s. January 12, 2005
1915 Feb 27 - letter from David JACKSON to his mother Eliza Emily GILMORE This is written from Hong Kong while David JACKSON, a nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON was in the employ of HSBC. January 11, 2005



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