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2006 "What's New" records.
Laragh, Co. Monaghan There are several leases involving the OLIVER family and the townlands of Laragh & Creevy. I expect to put it all together in the next week or so and then to add a link for the explanations.It may also be that it will be another bit of the puzzle that links the JACKSONs of Urcher with the JACKSONs of Ballybay. This has long been a mystery. December 9, 2006
Oliver family traces in Co. Armagh I have put together a map showing all the known townlands where OLIVER family members left traces, whether in leases, or BMD records. Beneath the map, is a ten page chart organized alphabetically by townland with a brief description of the information. The accuracy is only as good as the sources, and they are many and varied. December 4, 2006
Tullymore & Umgola, Parish of Armagh, Co. Armagh
Tables of information relating to research on OLIVERs
I have been remiss in updating this page, but behind the scenes much has been added. The tables relating to the OLIVER family contain 15 hyperlinks to tables with hundreds of entries. The Map of Tullymore & Umgola contains all the research I have to date on the OLIVER family there. I look forward to hearing from others. The page on Killynure has also had a new version of the townland map added and other information corrected and updated. I have also added the 1833 will for Isaiah OLIVER
December 1, 2006
DEEDs Page Over the past five days I have posted more than two dozen deeds or marriage agreements relating to the OLIVER part of the family. October 29, 2006
1781 June 23 A Marriage document of Isabella OLIVER & Andrew DILWORTH. He comes from the townland of Derryloren, Co. Tyrone & she comes from Cookstown, Co. Tyrone. October 25, 2006
1766 January 10 Indenture between Joseph JOHNSTON & John OLIVER October 25, 2006
Patteson Family Photos Photos are now labeled. October 25, 2006
Letters page All the letters have now been entered and many have had updated footnotes. There are now 215 annotated letters on the letters page. Whew! October 24, 2005
Letters page Another dozen letters from Eliza JACKSON to her son Sir Thomas JACKSON have been entered into the letters page as individual entries. I am now up to March 11, 1896 October 23, 2006
Patteson Family Photos Thanks to Dawn DOMLEO of Swaziland who emailed me the info and her brother (Rod PATTESON) who did the research, I now know more about the DICKIE-PATTESON links. See end of page for comments. October 19, 2006
Biography of Thompson BROWN I have added a significant photo - taken some time in the mid-1890s -showing all ten children of Thompson BROWN & Elizabeth JACKSON. I have also added a recently discovered obituary for Thompson BROWN as well details of his birth. October 18, 2006
Letters from Eliza Oliver to her son Sir Thomas Jackson. These letters are still at the top of this page in one huge document, but another dozen of them have had their footnotes updated and have been entered into the letters page as single letters in order of date. I am now up to March 1895, with 30 more pages to go. October 13, 2006
Pages 40-END of the 1876 Coroner's Casebook kept by Robert Hamilton REED Names mentioned: Dr. JOLLY; Hugh BROLLY; Margaret BROLLY; James HAMILTON Esq.; Edward McCREEDY; James LEONARD; William WRIGHT; Dr. Richard HENRY; Charles McENROE; Minnie McCABE; Charles SIMPSON; William SLOWEY; Patrick KEARNS; James KEARNS; Michael CARROLL; Ellen GUNN; Mr. GRIMES; David BEGGS; Isabel BEGGS; Mary McGINNES; Mary MEIGHAN; Charles McGUINESS; Eleanor McCABE; John CLARKE; Anne McCLARRY; Robert PATTESON; Constable WILLIAMSON; Mary BRADY; Louisa McGEOGH; William CLARKE; Elizabeth REYNOLDS; Mary MOFFITT. October 12, 2006
Pages 33-39 of the 1876 Coroner's Casebook kept by Robert Hamilton REED Names mentioned: Dr. HENRY; Dr. HOSKINS; Anne JORDON; Mr. TINEN; Mary Anne McCUSKER; Mr. ARMSTRONG; James ARMSTRONG; George KNIGHT; Robert KANE; Dr. Richard HENRY; Anne CAMPBELL; John McCRORY; Margaret LESTER; Betty LESTER; James McCORMICK; John MULLIGAN; Anne MULLIGAN; Anne SHERRY; John LEARY (LOWRY?); Robert LOWRY (LEARY?); Margaret DONELLY; Dr. Robert REED; Patrick GUNN; Mick McCALL; Dr. Andrew JOLLY; Margaret GRAHAM; Constable COONEY; John KELLY; Michael GARTLAND; Owen McPHILLIPS; Susan McPHILLIPS; Dr. REED; William BARRY; John BERRY; Susan BERRY; John McGARRY; Frances CON[?]; Mary WAUGH (alias McCABE); Dr. STEWART; Alice HARRISON; James PLUNKETT; Mary SMITH. October 12, 2006
Pages 32-33 of the 1876 Coroner's Casebook kept by Robert Hamilton REED Names included: William DARETY; Dr. HENRY; Patrick BRIDES; Ellen CLARKENS (possibly CLARKSON); Pat (Patrick) REILLY; Bridget CONOLLY; Alick REILLY; Tom SMITH; Eleanor CLARKSON; John RUDDEN; Michael REILLY; MURPHY's; Richard ATKINSON (or ATEENSON); Willie CLARK's; GRIFFITHs girl; Peter McDONALD; Michael REILLY; Fanny Anne STEENSON; Jane GRIFFITH; Mary MURPHY; Dr. William O'REILLY; Dr. Richard HENRY; Margaret McKENNA; Martin MURPHY; Patrick McKENNA; Matthew BREADY. October 11, 2006
Pages 27-31 of the 1876 Coroner's Casebook kept by Robert Hamilton REED Names included: Sarah AGNEW; Mr. SWEENEY; Peter McCABE; Mary McCABE (two inquests); Owen KEENAN; Frances KELLY; Eliza SMITH; Patrick McCAUL; William HEIL; Mary McKERNEY; William Andrew PATTERSON; Dr. IRWIN; James FOY; Robert COULTER; John LAWLOR; Susan McPHILLIPS; [Jemmy?] McKERNAN; Mary REILLY; Catherine SHERRY; Mary McGUINESS; Margaret MORRIS; Anne PLUNKETT; Ellen McGINLIN; Constable McDONALD; Moses GRIMES; Dr. REED; Mary SUMERILL; John SUMERILL; Dr. Robert REED; Mary McKENNA; Mary Jane SWAN. October 11, 2006
Pages 25-27 of the 1876 Coroner's Casebook kept by Robert Hamilton REED Names included: John McADAM; James SWIFT; Anne HOINS; Matilda KENYS; Mary OWENS; Anne McKENNA; Sylvester McCAGE; Mrs. DODDS; Owen McCABE; James WINTERS; Ellen CONOLLY; Margaret COONEY; Thomas McADAM; Margaret McDOWELL; Bridget BREADY; Matthew TUBMAN; Anne HAMILL; Dr. WOODS; Andrew TRIMBLE; Mary O'HARE; [Jimry?] STEWART; Head Constable HAVERTY; Mary CONLON; Surgeon YOUNG; Constable KEENAN; Constable CRAVEN; Leticia CONLON; John CAMPBELL; Richard ARMSTRONG; George WAUGH. October 10, 2006
Letters Another 11 letters from Eliza Jackson to either her son Thomas JACKSON or his wife Amelia Lydia DARE have been posted chronologically. I am now up to 1892. October 9, 2006
Pages 22-24 of the 1876 Coroner's Casebook kept by Robert Hamilton REED of Co. Monaghan Names mentioned: Dr. R. HENRY; Bridget McGINN; May REILLY; James REILLY; Catherine McCORMICK; Patrick GUNN; Mr. THOMASON; Dr. Alexander HENRY; Margaret FINIGIN; Patrick FINIGIN; Dr. Wm. O'REILLY; Catherine McKENNA; Patrick MURPHY; John McQUILLAN (or McQUILLEN); Rose MURPHY. October 9, 2006
Pages 19-22 of the 1876 Coroner's Casebook kept by Robert Hamilton REED of Co. Monaghan Names include: Dr. R. HENRY; Dr William O'REILLY; John BOYLAN; Joseph MOORE; Patrick HUNT; Robert GRAHAM; John McDONALD; Thomas REILLY; Constable James FINEGAN; Constable HUNT. October 8, 2006
Pages 16-19 of the 1876 Coroner's Casebook from County Monaghan kept by Robert Hamilton REED Names mentioned include: Dr. GARDNER; James CUSH; Mary McKENNA; Thomas McAVIN; Owen CARLEY; Susan MEGAGHY; Mary TREANOR; Mrs. McQUAIDE; Constbale JOHNSON; Dr. STEWART; William WRIGHT; ELiza BEGGS; Hugh NESBITT; Jane Eliza NESBITT; John WILLSON; Surgeon YOUNG; Frances LOCKEAD; Thomas COLE; Maurice HIME Esq.; Surgeon YOUNG; Dr. WOODS. October 8, 2006
Pages 10-15 of the 1876 Coroner's Casebook from Country Monaghan kept by Robert Hamilton REED Names included: Surgeon YOUNG; Pat Moore IRWIN; Pat IRWIN; Thomas BOGUE; Joseph ROSS; Dr. A.K. YOUNG; Patrick GINLEY; Ann GINLEY; Jane MACARTNEY; Mary McCORMICK; Mary BURKE; Foster BREEN; Ellen CARR; Dr. IRWIN; Mary CONNOLY; Elsie FARMER; Bridget KELLEY; Sarah MAGUIRE; Richard QUIGLEY; Anne FAULS; Mary PRATT; [?] McQUADE; John MAGUIRE; Jane GRAHAM; Jane MAGUIRE; Dr. RIchard HENRY; Dr. Alexander HENRY; Hare FOSTER; Mr. DUDGEON; Margaret GOLLOGLY; Benjamin SHARPE; Thomas HUGHES. October 6, 2006
17 more letters from Eliza Jackson have been entered chronologically and had their footnotes tweaked and also various supporting documents have had footnotes corrected where errors were found.. October 6, 2006
Pages 5-9 of the 1876 Coroner's Casebook from County Monaghan Pages 5-9 out of 40 pages of the Coroner's Casebook that belonged to Dr. Robert Hamilton REED (1847-1881) October 5, 2006
Freeduff Church Records, Co. Armagh I have updated the BMD notes after receiving new information from Mike Johnson of Brantford Ontario. October 5, 2006
Letters I have started entering the 77 letters from Eliza JACKSON to her son Sir Thomas JACKSON that were found in a bog prior to 1960. So far, the letters from 1873-1880 have been completed - 14 letters in all. Also, other letters of the time have had their footnotes tweaked and also various supporting documents have had footnotes corrected where errors were found.. October 4, 2006
1876 pages 1-4 of the Coroner's Casebook from County Monaghan The first 4 pages out of 40 of the Coroner's Casebook that belonged to Dr. Robert Hamilton REED (1847-1881) October 4, 2006
Jackson family in Ireland - social scenes with cousins These are four photos of JACKSON relations, mostly young female cousins and friends. September 7, 2006
1912 September 21 Initially I thought this letter was dated 1918 - but that made no sense. I am now guessing to to be 1912 (but with this most idiosyncratic handwriting when it comes to numerals, I could be wrong). The Killykeeragh connection is interesting. September 7, 2006
1915 May 11 A brief note from Sir Thomas JACKSON to a niece - notable primarily as another indicator of how connected he was to his far flung family and how attentive he was to particulars. September 7, 2006
Brown family photos in Alberta circa 1909 The photos included are from the collection of Thomas Andrew JACKSON of Bangor, Co. Down. They were not the best quality. Many of them had been printed on non-photographic paper and perhaps with less fixative than would have been desireable. I am assuming that Thomas Jackson BROWN (my grandfather - 1879-1933) had his own darkroom, but costs and the availability of supplies were an issue. I have cropped some of the photos and also edited them for more clarity. September 7, 2006
1925, May 31 "Brownie" to her sisters Mollie & Lizaba A chatty letter from "Brownie" a niece of Sir Thomas JACKSON who was living in New Zealand, the wife of a Presbyterian Minister, to her two sisters at Slieveroe, Co. Monaghan. September 5, 2006

1940 James M. CARROLL to Alan E. SKUCE
1940 James M.CARROLL to "Mollie" WRIGHT
I have updated the footnotes to two letters containing genealogical questions raised by James M. CARROLL. I do not know whether he left descendants when he died in 1962, but the news this week announced the death of tobacco heiress Grace Marmion CARROLL. She would likely be either a daughter or niece. This is of note because of the GILMORE family connection and the fact that James M. CARROLL seemed to be running some of this to ground in the 1940s.

September 5, 2006
1922 April 19 - Andrew JACKSON to Mollie WRIGHT This letter shows once again, another family conflict over property - but what property is it? Is it Urker? Cavananore? Or somewhere else altogether? And who is old "Anne" who is getting short shrift? September 5, 2006
1911 August 31 - Postcard from Mattie to an unknown sister. This postcard has a group photo of the family of Margaret McCULLAGH, nee JACKSON - the sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON September 4, 2006
1911 Postcard from Alice AKA "Brownie" to her sister "Mollie"
This Postcard has a photo of "Brownie" and mentions that she and her friends just climbed Mt. Rigi in Switzerland.
September 4, 2006
1929 Letter from Minnie CALVERT to Mollie WRIGHT I have updated the footnotes in this letter. I am still interested in the connection of William & Martha BROWN to the GILMORE family. Not that I have found any relationship (and it may be that they are merely friends), but some of the other facts in this letter may help me to narrow this down and then see if there is any connection to Thompson BROWN's family. September 4, 2006
"Tanty" Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON I have added a lot of material to this page as a result of what I have learned from the materials shared by Thomas JACKSON of Bangor. September 3, 2003

This is a collection of letters condolence relating to the death in Hong Kong of "Tanty" Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON, nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON.
1918 February 1 David JACKSON to his mother Eliza Emily JACKSON
1918, February 2 Bessie BROWN to her sister-in-law Eliza Emily JACKSON

1918 February 2 - Margaret McCULLAGH nee JACKSON to Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON - her brother

1918, February 5th - Mary GRIFFIN to Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON
1918, February 5th - "Mollie" Mary WRIGHT to Elizabeth Oliver Muriel JACKSON
1918, February 21st - David JACKSON to his mother
1918, February 22nd - Ethel Mary STABB to David JACKSON
1918, April 9 David JACKSON to his Mother
1918 November 8 - Archie CREW to David JACKSON
Notes from Letters of Condolence

September 3, 2006
1914, October 2 Sir Thomas JACKSON to Eliza Emily JACKSON nee GILMORENews of the sons of Sir Thomas JACKSON, their recovery from war injuries as well as a brief comment on his nephew, Tanty, giving up the study of Law. September 3, 2006
Mystery photos from the collection of Thomas JACKSON of Bangor, Co. DownSurnames include: ALLEN, BOGUE, DONALDSON, ERWIN, FARR, FFENNELL, GOGHAN, GILMORE, HAMILTON, HEENEY, JACKSON, McCLEAN, McCULLAGH, MENARY, ROHU, TOSS, and WHALLY. August 29, 2006
Flax Growers Roster - 1796 There are seven MENARY names mentioned. August 27, 2006
CORR family of Urker & Crossmaglen - Photos and snippets of information
The CORR family are not central to our family story, but since their photos have shown up in the family archives, I thought them worth sharing with others who may know more. Besides, William Richard CORR was the solicitor who handled much of the family's legal work
August 16, 2006
I was unable to post anything for a while, so there is a backlog of small fixes on the following files - new information added, footnotes updated and such.
Connections to JACKSONs: Gordon Holmes STITT of HSBC & Crossmaglen
Info on James Pender MOLLISON: 1915 Dec 28 Japan Gazette-Obit for Sir Thomas
Charter School history added: Biography of George JACKSON (1718-1782)
HASKIN entry for July 13 updated: Jeannie MOORHEAD Birthday Book
I have updated a number of footnotes: Eliza JACKSON to Sir Thomas JACKSON
A bit of charter school history added: Liscalgot Map
August 16, 2006
1918 February 2 Margaret JACKSON to her brother Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON This letter concerns the recent death of Andrew's son - Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON. He was working as a stockbroker in Hong Kong and had previously worked for HSBC. He was the second of Sir Thomas JACKSON's nephews to die while working in the Far East. August 16, 2006
1885 Creggan Church Wardens to David JACKSON This letter is an appeal for David JACKSON to rejoin Creggan Church. From the content of a few other letters and reading between the lines, it seems that the finances of Creggan Church were in disarray at the end of Rev. Dr. Mills tenure (he had a stroke and was unable to do this part of the job). The controversy may also have had to do with some circumstances surrounding the death of the interrim curate Rev. Dr. Thomas CORR. It is curious that his name is not recorded on the list of curates. August 16, 2006
Creggan Church Photos This page is a page in progess. It includes a link to the Stained Glass window erected in memory of Sir Thomas JACKSON. I have also added four postacrds showing the church, the Manse & the Rectory. August 1, 2006
August 11, 2006

Freeduff, Co. Armagh BMDs - records pertinent to our family tree
Creggan Parish BMDs as they relate to family names and places
I have added more information on McNEELY of Freeduff and OGLE of Creggan.

July 28, 2006
Freeduff, Co. Armagh BMDs - records pertinent to our family tree These records of families pertinent to our family tree still need to be double checked for accuracy, but I don't know when I may again have access to the film, so better this than nothing (I figure). It should also be remembered that there may be some duplication of people who also attended Creggan Church of Ireland in the nearby community of Creggan. July 27, 2006
Creggan Parish BMDs as they relate to family names and places These BMDs are the ones from Creggan Parish that seemed to me to be likely fits for our family history. I looked for pertinent names and townlands and then annotated them to the best of my current knowledge. WARNING This file is a 13 page table and may be slow loading, depending on your computer configuration. July 25, 2006
1823 April 5th - Will of Louisa Jane KELLY I have finally footnoted this will. It raises some tantalizing suggestions about the family connections to Saintifield which I have raised in the footnotes. It is part of me making sense of the DONALDSON connections and the United Irishmen. July 24, 2006
1810 April 7th "Certificate for Killing Game" This document reveals that the primary abode for John JACKSON (1780-1817) at this time was Liscalgot (at least as far as officialdom was concerned). At the time of his death, some 7 years later, it was Urker. July 20, 2006
1817 August 20 - Inventory of the possessions of John JACKSON of Urker
John JACKSON of Urker died at age 37 leaving his wife, Elizabeth McCULLAGH at age 25 with four young children. The youngest child and only male was David JACKSON, age 3 who would later inherit the farm and go on to father ten children, one of whom would become Sir Thomas JACKSON. There is also mention of money owed by McCULLAGHs - which may have been the start of an ongoing intergenerational legal tiff.
July 20, 2006
1804 March 3rd - Letter from George JACKSON to John JACKSON
1805 April 10 - Letter from George JACKSON to John JACKSON
1805 August 13 - Letter from George JACKSON to John JACKSON
1806 July 16 - Letter from George JACKSON to John JACKSON
These are four letters from George JACKSON, a solicitor in Dublin who is an uncle of John JACKSON (1780-1817) of Liscalgot & Urker, Co. Armagh. They concern various legal matters pertaining to property.
July 19, 2006
Royal school of Armagh Records I got sidetracked & ended up going through the records of the Royal School of Armagh once again & adding a few dozen more records that relate either to HSBC or family. July 19, 2006
David JACKSON (1855-1903)I have updated this biography as parts of it were outdated and new information has come to light. July 8, 2006

1888 May 4 - Will of David JACKSON This David JACKSON was the father of Sir Thomas JACKSON. Although in the middle of the 1800s he had times when he couldn't come up with the rent, by the time of his death, things had turned around - I suspect largely due to the efforts of his wife and the support of his children.

July 1, 2006
1796 January 23 - Will of David Jackson It seems that David JACKSON had come some way up in the world from his father's ruputedly meagre beginnings and was a maltster as well as man with many leases on diverse properties. Unfortunately, as he died a mere three weeks after writing this will and there were complications for his wife and children (who were all minors). June 30, 2006
Case Opinion by William SAURIN Esq Legal suits ensued after the death of David JACKSON and I have posted this part of a lawyer's opinion that had been sought at the time (1796). Many subsequent letters from his brother George JACKSON also shed light on these events. June 30, 2006
1798 November 27 This letter from solicitor and family member George JACKSON of Dublin is instructing his nephew, the teenage John JACKSON on how to proceed with Court challenges to his father's assets after his father's demise. In particular, there had been an issue as to the disposition of the asset of the malt materials left on the land (mentioned in his will). The father, David JACKSON died in1796 when the recipient of the letter was a mere 16 years old June 30, 2006
1799 February 16 This letter from solicitor and family member George JACKSON of Dublin is instructing his nephew, the teenage John JACKSON on how to proceed with Court challenges to his father's assets after his father's demise. In this case, it concerns Cavananore and involves the COULTER & BRADFORD families (which means it may also involve the OLIVER family too through the Thomas BRADFORD connection). John's father, David JACKSON, died in1796 when his only son was a mere 16 years old. June 30, 2006
I have fixed a mistaken reference in the 1792 Indenture and corrected the mistake in other documents. The Indenture concerns lands in Cashell NOT Liscalgot. June 30, 2006
Map & Information & links pertaining to Liscalgot, Co. Armagh. Liscalgot is a townland with 220 acres within its boundaries and is situated 2-3 km. east of Crossmaglen, just south of Creggan Church (one can walk there by way of a path behind the church). June 29, 2006
1770 April 9 - Indenture between John JOHNSTON & George & David JACKSON It is alleged that the JACKSON family was at Liscalgot and/or the neighbouring townland of Urker from 1720 onwards. That may be so, but at present this is the oldest documented evidence that I have seen myself. It represents a lease on the southern portion of Liscalgot. It is helpful to look at the Map of Liscalgot in order to get oriented. This agreement is between John JOHNSTON & George & David JACKSON. June 29, 2006
1792 February 21 Indenture between Richard JOHNSTON & David JACKSON This Indenture is between David JACKSON (d.1796) of Liscalgot, Co. Armagh ( my g-g-g-g-grandparent) and his brother-in-law Richard JOHNSTON (husband of Anne JACKSON) and Thomas BALL (the landlord). It concerns lands in Cashell (Cashel), Co. Armagh adn refers to an earlier lease made in 1783. June 29, 2006
77 Letters from Eliza JACKSON to her son Sir Thomas JACKSON dated from 1873-1902 Thanks to input from Wendy Jack of Australia & Peter McWilliams from Ireland, I have amended footnotes numbered: 42, 76, 294, 788, 938 & 993. I am sure that more amendments will be forthcoming as other people are able to check them out for me. As always, I am grateful for the help. June 27, 2006
1782 Will of George JACKSON of Urcher & Liscalgot, Co. Armagh This is the will of my 5th Great-grandfather, George JACKSON of Liscalgot & Urcher. I have a scan of the original from a family collection, and it is used with permission. The will is brief - all on one page. I will add more on George - his son - as I work my through other documents. June 26, 2006
1839 Newry Telegraph Voters List - OLIVERs OLIVERS of Lislooney & Loughgall are mentioned here. June 21, 2006
Belfast Newsletter Births Marriages Deaths -OLIVERs June 21, 2006
1838 February 7th Marriage IndentureThis is the marriage agreement between David JACKSON & Eliza OLIVER - parents of ten children including Sir Thomas JACKSON and David JACKSON of HSBC fame. They were also my great-great grandparents. June 21, 2006
77 letters from Eliza (OLIVER) JACKSON to her son Sir Thomas JACKSON sent 1873-1902.This is a cumbersome file but I hope it is still accessible to most readers. It will take a bit of time to load. (It is in Word html format and runs to 151 pages and includes 1321 footnotes.) Next week, I plan to start entering the individual letters into their chronological order just as I have done with the other letters beneath. I will also write an introduction to them. Together they convey a remarkable picture of the social history of the family in this time and place. I suspect they will be a boon to researchers interested in more general topics. June 21, 2006
GRIFFIN, John Gilmore
These two biographies have had minor updates - I will get to full scale revisions when I am able.
April 20, 2006
Dr. John MENARY d. 1942 This obituary goes a long way to explain the links between Mary MENARY of Gilford Castle and the MENARY family of Orangeville, Southern Ontario. February 26, 2006
Bell, Thomas & Charlton, Eliza This couple are related to the DONALDSONs. February 24, 2006
Gordon H. STITT worked for HSBC for close to 37 years starting in at least 1889 when he arrived in Hongkong. My suspicions are that he came from a Townland close to Crossmaglen - although I have yet to find definitive proof. He would be another of the early HSBC staff who had a likely familial connection to Sir Thomas JACKSON. February 23, 2006
Villiers Alweyn Caesar HAWKINS I have updated this biography - thanks to new information discovered by Venetia Bowman-Vaughan. February 21, 2006
JOHNSTONs of Gilford & Guildhall, Co. Down This tree is of interest for two reasons. Gilford is the town where several early family members resided, principally the BIRCH family. Also, the mention of HAWKINS is a hook, given the fact of Villiers Alweyn Caesar HAWKINS who was claimed to be a cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON. February 21, 2006
1723 January 21 - referring also to 1715, July 15 This Deed involves the transfer of land from a Thomas JACKSON, a merchant of the City of Dublin to a James LECKY. The land in question is in the townland of Rathcrogue, Co. Carlow. Although hunches may prove to be red herrings, this may still prove to be one of the missing links to the JACKSONs who preceed our last known relative, George JACKSON (1718-1782). February 13, 2006
NOBLE, George E.I have updated the page on George E. NOBLE. HE was for a time a manager of the HSBC and died in 1902 in London. February 10, 2006
OLIVER-DOBBIN The OLIVER-DOBBIN page has been updated with information on Isaiah OLIVER d. 1833. In a few weeks I will be in Ireland and hope to get more details on all this. February 9, 2006
RECOLLECTIONS OF SIR THOMAS JACKSON These recollections were written by Mrs. Kathleen MAJOR, a niece of Sir Thomas JACKSON (daughter of his older brother John). February 1, 2006
1857 December 14 Will of Jessie BARTLEY, widow of Major General Sir. Robert BARTLEY. February 1, 2006
John REA newsclippings
John REA biography
John REA was a noted barrister-reformer who acted as a defender of the Irish Land League. This page has a little biographical information as well as descriptive obituaries.
February 1, 2006

1890 Nov 3 John COULTER to his sister Mary GARDINER
1890 November 15 John COULTER to his sister Mary GARDINER
Links to these letters have been added. They are sad letters wherein John COULTER is asking his sister for help to have a few things pawned so he can procure new underclothes for his trip to New York to start afresh after a time of dissipation. See also 1793 Will of John McKEE

January 31, 2006

1944 July 16 Mrs. Marshall WRIGHT to "Mollie" WRIGHT
1944 July 17 Marshall WRIGHT to James Francis WRIGHT
These two letters are part of the work done by James Francis & Mary WRIGHT of Gilford Castle and shed light on various branches of the WRIGHT family. There are likely errors in my footnotes and I look forward to hearing from those who may know more than myself.

January 31, 2006
1801 July 2 Will of Elizabeth McCULLAGH One of the interesting aspects of this will is that it shows how long the family was rooted in Ulster - in this case Derrivalley, County Monaghan. Elizabeth McCULLAGH was one of the great-great grandmothers of Sir Thomas JACKSON. BRADFORD family connections are also revealed. January 26, 2006
1831 August 27 will of Eliezer Birch GILLMERGILLMER (GILMORE, GILMER etc). This will is significant for all the family links it establishes as well as for the land holdings mentioned. Eliezer died at age 71 on July 29, 1834 in Glasgow where he likely had gone after the death of his wife to live with his daughter Eliza Jane and her husband, Patrick Adair BLACK. January 26, 2005
1900 May 8 This is an account of a dinner hosted by The American Asiatic Society held in New York in honour of Sir Thomas JACKSON January 13, 2006
D.P. Martin's Photo AnnouncementThe photos referred to in this news article are now at the Armagh Museum as part of D.P. Martin's "County Armagh Portrait Gallery" January 12, 2006
1915 December 28 This obituary of Sir Thomas JACKSON, published in the Japan Gazette, was written by a man who knew him in the 1870s when they were in Japan. I am unclear as to the identity of the writer. He is referred to in the text as "MOLLISON". The closest name that I can find in HSBC records is "John MORRISON". If "J.P. is the telling detail, then J.P. McMAHON is a possibility. January 12, 2006



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