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Sharon Oddie Brown. July 4, 2009
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1796 COULTERs in Flaxgrowers I have annotated this table with footnotes that indicate where we might profitably look next in terms of seeking connections to the known family tree and at the same time to connect with what has been learned from other tables. There is still a lot more to learn. As always December 12, 2008
1766 Creggan Parish Census These are the names that are most likely related to members of our extended family. Unfortunately, I do not have access to this source right now. I believe I accessed it in Ireland years ago – possibly at PRONI - but early on in my research, I neglected to keep notes of sources. An act of great folly. If and when I can get to this census again, other family names would be of interest, in particular the names of DICKIE and BAILIE. December 8, 2008
Coulters of Skyhill This very short stub of a tree will likely tie into one of the first two COULTER trees. December 8, 2008
Coulters of Silverbridge This short tree likely shares ancestors with one or both of the first two trees. Why this family left Ireland for England in the first place, is not known. According to family lore, they returned during WWI in order to protect a son from having to serve in the military. December 8, 2008
Coulter family tree connected to Sir Thomas JACKSON This COULTER family tree is directly connected into my known family. It is possible that the “UNNAMED COULTER at the start of this tree is a son of the Joseph COULTER highlighted in tree preceding this one. If there are other descendants of this Joseph COULTER, it could also lead us to knowing where various other stray COULTERs and COULTER trees belong. December 8, 2008
1888 June 9 NAMES: Hugh CALLAN of Dundalk; John Bailie COULTER of Shortstone West; E. CUMING; W.E. ENGLAND; J. WILLIAMSON. December 8, 2008
1851 June 4 Murder of Samuel COULTER NAMES: Mary DULLAGHAN; Patrick M'KIEVER of Silverbridge; Owen MURPHY of Carnally; Michael CAMPBELL of Glassdrummond; Patrick M'CANN of Cariff December 8, 2008
1851 May 11 Murder of Samuel COULTER NAMES: Samuel COULTER of Shortstone, parish of Roche, Co. Louth; Dr. William POLLOCK of Annaghvaghy; Mr. A. FRENCH AKA FFRENCH R.M. Esq.; John J. BIGGAR; Patrick M'KIEVER of Silverbridge; Owen MURPHY of Carnally; Michael CAMPBELL of Glassdrummond; Patrick M'CANN of Cariff. December 8, 2008
1851 May 9 Murder of Samuel COULTER.NAMES: Samuel COULTER (-1851); John BYRNE; A. FRENCH, R.M. Esq. of Dundalk; John James BIGGER of Falmore House; George MORANT; Samuel BRADFORD; John BRADFORD; John DICKIE; John KIERAN; Robert DICKIE; Owen M'INTEGARTH; Joseph M'INTERGARTH; William M'CLEAN; James BELL; William Charles JONES; Hamilton LANE; John Thomas DICKIE of Clonaleenan; James DICKIE; Michael FARRELL; James DUNNE; Ned Kelly; Biddy KEENAN; Anne M'GUINNESS; Robert BAYLEY AKA Baillie; Peter WOODS; Dr. John BROWNE; Dr. Richard DONALDSON; Richard BAILLIE of Mounthill; John COULTER of Ballsmill; Peter M'MAHON; Patrick HAYNES; Police constable CARTIN; John CREIGHTON; James KIRK; Owen KIRK; James MARKEY; Mr. O'CALLAGHAN, J.P. December 8, 2008
1851 May 7 Murder of Samuel COULTER. NAMES: Samuel COULTER (-1851); Mr. J. BURNE AKA John BYRNE; A. FFRENCH, R.M.; E.HILL; Mary COULTER of Shortstone; John Bailie COULTER (1848-); Michael FARRELL; James DUNNE; Anne M`GUINESS; Richard BAYLEY; Peter WOOD; Dr. John BROWN; Dr. DONALDSON December 7, 2008
1849 March 4 Assault of Samuel Coulter NAMES: Samuel COULTER (-1851) of Mounthill; James QUIGLEY of Castleroach; John J. BIGGER. OTHER PLACES: Roach AKA Roche, Parish of Roche. December 7, 2008
Coulter Freeholder Records I have annotated these with what I currently know. I should be able to add more in a few months time December 6, 2008
1851 May 1 Murder of Mr. MOORHEAD. December 2, 2008
Armagh Marriages 1707-1728 from First Presbyterian November 30, 2008
COLTER & COULTER in Griffiths Valuations for Co. Louth This list of COLTER and COULTER holdings has been annotated with the best of what I know to date November 29
COULTERs in Dundalk Church of Ireland Records This is a work in progress. The known names tie into the COULTERs of Carnbeg, descendants of Alexander COULTER. November 28, 2008
COULTER-Early Armagh Probates Only a few of these COULTERs in the earlier Armagh Probate records are known to be connected to our family. A few more are likely to be. Others likely not. November 27, 2008
COULTERs and Creggan Church Significantly, I can make no matches to our family tree for any of the COULTERs mentioned in the parts of the Parish Register which are available for Creggan Church. They are connected in other Creggan Church records (also included here). November 27, 2008
Descendants of Alexander COULTER This COULTER family tree is the one connected with the famed botanist, Thomas COULTER of Carnbeg. I suspect that the people in this tree are linked to the COULTERs of Cavananore, but since we are still missing some of the connecting bits of data - I can't prove this yet. November 27, 2008
1790 Will of Martha Coulter NAMES: Martha COWEN nèe COULTER of Cavananore; John COULTER; Joseph COULTER; Thomas BRADFORD of Cavananore; Samuel BRADFORD of Cavananore; David JACKSON of Liscalgot; William COWEN of Killalin, Co. Down, Linen draper; Laurence VALLON, Merchant of Dundalk; John JOHNSTON of Tralmer, Co. Louth; James McKEE of Castleblayney; Hannah McKEE of Castleblayney; Patrick GARLAND; John GARLAND; George KENNEDY; Iain COWEN; Joseph COWEN; James COWEN; John BAILIE; George JACKSON; Thomas SHEA; Henry COULTER. OTHER PLACES: Kane Graveyard. November 18, 2008
Coulter Will Probates These will probates are all tied in to the COULTER families of Co. Louth - with some tendrils into Co. Armagh. November 14, 2008
1798 August 9 NAMES: William CUNNINGHAM; John JACKSON; John WILSON; John CONNELLAN, a Dundalk apothocary; Mrs. McCAUL; John KELLY of Dundalk; Thomas Gunning BASHFORD, Belfast shopkeeper; Mr. CAMPBELL of Derry; William DONALDSON of Freeduff; Mr. O'HANLON; Daniel DEVIT. November 10, 2008
1798 August 14 NAMES: John CONNELLAN, apothocary from Dundalk; John MOORE; James PILLAR; John JACKSON; John WILSON; William CUNNINGHAM; William CAMPBLE AKA CAMPBELL, innkeeper at Armagh; Mrs. McCAUL; William DONALDSON of Freeduff; John KELLY, Dundalk; Unnamed STIRLING; Hugh HERON; Daniel DEVIT; (probably Samuel) COULTER; JOCELYN; Alexander JOHNSTON; William CUNNINGHAM; John MOORE; William FOSTER of Dundalk; John HINDES of Dundalk. November 10, 2008
1798 August 17 NAMES: James Taylor; John MOORE; John JACKSON; William CUNNINGHAM; John WILSON; John CONNELLAN; James MITCHELL; John QUEERY; Gawin WATT. November 10, 2008
1847 March 27 CONCERNING GRAVESTONE DESECRATION. NAMES: Eleanor BOND nee JACKSON; Oliver BOND; Henry JACKSON; William JACKSON; Richard Robert MADDEN. November 6, 2008
1833 February 8 An attack on residents of Urker, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh. This is where the grandmother of Sir Thomas JACKSON lived - as did the next four generations. November 6, 2008
1854 Feb 24-May 10 NAMES: Richard Thomas DAWSON; Edward VAUGHAN; Robert Ross TODD; Edward GIBSON; Allan NESBITT; Owen HALL; McCAY. PLACES: Corlea, Laragh, Lisgall. NOTE: This is not the Laragh that is connected to the OLIVERS. November 6, 2008
1849 July 11 NAMES: James GREEN. PLACES: Keady; Laragh. November 5, 2008
1846 June 9-13 RE: Violence done to Mrs. McKINLEY. NAMES: Mr. & Mrs. McKINLEY. PLACES: Laragh. November 5, 2008
1845 March 4 LESLIE vs RULE NAMES: George LEDLIE; James TWIGG; Lord BLAYNEY; Dr. David LESLIE; John LESLIE; Mr. CASSENT; Mr RENNICK jr of Carrickmacross; Mr. KEEGA; Dr. COLLINS; Mr. JOY; Mr. O`HAGAN; Mr. CASSIDY. PLACES: Laragh; Blayney Arms. NOTE: This article sheds light on the social life of family members involved in the court cases surrounding the OLIVERs and the mills at Laragh. November 3, 2008
1829 July 17 - Sale of Laragh & Conacarrow. NAMES: GARRETT; CRAWFORD; George & Thomas McTEAR: PLACES: Laragh; Cornacarrow. November 3, 2008
1923 November 17 NAMES: H. Wallace; Mary ORR nee MARTIN; Jane MARTIN nee CLARKE; Richard Binney ORR; Letitia Atherton; Mrs. T. Jackson BROWN. PLACES: Ballee. Footnotes added. November 1, 2008
1846 May 1 CONCERNING LARAGH MILLS.NAMES: David Leslie; Joseph OLIVER; Mr. TOMB, Q.C.; Mr O'HAGEN NOTE: I have also fixed a few minor errors in articles relating to this one. October 31, 2008
1735 August 20 NAMES: William Morris JONES of Monyglass, Co. Antrim; Andrew & Abraham McCLELLAND of Ballynany; Mary TODD nèe McCLELLAND; Charles CHARLETON; Thomas TIVEY of Loughbrickland; Nicholas WHITE of Dropgheda; William TIVEY of Loughbrickland; John TREVOR of Loughbrickland. October 30, 2008
1775 Will of Andrew COULTER NAMES: Andrew COULTER of Cavananore, Co. Louth; Rev. Robert DURMOND of Ballymascanlon;Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Samuel BRADFORD & Thomas BRADFORD of Cavananore & Carnbeg; Andrew JELLY; John JELLY of Maddock; Anne COULTER; John LEDLIE; Adam LEDLIE of Mullaghglass; Elizabeth LEDLIE née COULTER; Mary TIPPING nèe COULTER; Susanna MURROW, née COULTER; Margaret JACKSON nèe BRADFORD (1739-1820); Barbara BRADFORD nèe COULTER; Nathanial COULTER; Robert BAILLEY of Shortstone; Robert DICKIE of Clunaleenon; OTHER PLACES: Kane Graveyard; Dungooley, Co. Louth; Tullyvallen, Co. Armagh; Moybane, Co. Armagh. October 1, 2008
Bradford family of Co. Louth The BRADFORDs of Co. Louth that connect to the family tree of Sir Thomas JACKSON reach back to the early 1700s. At this stage, I have more questions than answers. September 30, 2008
Bradford Freeholder Records I have footnoted known BRADFORDs and other names with a focus on the BRADFORDs of County Louth who appear in Freeholder Records. BRADFORDs from Co. Armagh & Co. Down are also included. PRONI's freeholders records come from a variety of sources. They include registers of those who had registered to vote (excluding all those whose land status prohibited them from voting) as well as poll books which showed the lists of voters and who they voted for. September 29, 2008
Co. Louth 1864 Griffiths Valuations I have assembled this table to enable me to begin to make sense of the various property entanglements in Co. Louth that involved the BRADFORDs, COULTERs, JACKSONs, DICKIEs and other family members related to Sir Thomas JACKSON. At present, it is merely a work in progress, but I thought it might be worth sharing in the interim as other researchers may find it useful. September 24, 2008
Co. Armagh 1864 Griffiths Research Notes These are merely rough notes - but I am posting them in case they are of use to fellow researchers. In the future, my plan is to organize the data more efficiently. September 23, 2008
Bradford Newsclippings These notes on newsclippings give a sense of the sweep of events in the lives of the BRADFORDs who lived in County Louth 1850-1895. September 19, 2008
Bradford Family Will Probates These probates are all tied in to the BRADFORDs of Co. Louth (with also a few from Monagahan). September 18, 2008
1865 July 20th & September 12th These two news clippings concern the Thomas BRADFORD (1797-1872) of Carnbeg who married Margaret WALLACE (1811-1885). They had twelve known children. In his will probate, he left an estate valued at £9000. OTHER NAMES: M'CLINTOCK. September 17, 2008
1850 July 5th Anglo Celt COUNTY OF LOUTH TENANT-RIGHT MEETING. NAMES: Rev. KENDELAN, P.P.; Thomas BRADFORD of "Cairnbeg" AKA Carnbeg; Rev. BANNON, P.P.; Samuel DICKIE; James M. M'ALISTER; Rev. DOBBIN; Nicholas MARKEY; WIlliam M'CULLOCH; Owen MARKEY; Rev. M. RUTHERFORD; John COLLIER; Rev. James BEATTY; James O'HANLON; J.P. NEARY; John FARLEY. September 17, 2008
1838 June 9 - 1839 Will Probate for Samuel BRADFORD NAMES: Samuel BRADFORD; Rev. James BEATTY; William Jocelyn BRADFORD; Barbara M [Maxwell?] BRADFORD; William McCULLAGH. PLACES: Cavanore AKA Cavananore, parish of Creggan, Co. Louth; Ravensdale, Parish of Ballymascanlan, Co. Louth. September 3, 2008
Coulter, Bradford & Cavananore Timeline The connections of the COULTERs and BRADFORDS with Cavananore begin in the late 1600s and carry through to the early 20th Century. September 3, 2008
1792 December 26 NAMES: Samuel COULTER(1755-1801) of Carnbeg; Anne DICKIE (1772-1803); Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan. This is the marriage agreement between Samuel COULTER and Anne DICKIE daughter of Robert DICKIE. August 26, 2008
Ancestry of Thompson BROWNE Working backwards from the pretty well known to the less thoroughly known and then back in time to utter darkness, here goes. I have a suspicion that my great-grandfather Thompson BROWN[E] (1837-1915) may be related to Daniel Gunn BROWNE (1808-1892) who was an uncle by marriage of Thompson BROWN’s wife, Elizabeth JACKSON. By following the trail back, I hope to either prove or disprove this notion. All help will be appreciated. August 26, 2008
1871 documents This shows links between the BROWN family of Killynure and the BRADFORD and DONALDSONs of Co. Louth. Also, the property of Kiltybawn figures in the records of these leases which it seems became the home of Elizabeth Johanna DONALDSON nee JACKSON. Footnotes updated. August 26, 2008
Freeduff Church Register I have added more records to the Freeduff Presbyterian Church, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh BMDs. Several BROWNs. August 26, 2008
1817 August 1 - Indenture of Marriage I am posting this in spite of my ignorance about exactly who is who. Hopefully, others can help. NAMES: William POOLER of Newry; Mary COULTER of Dowdalshill; Thomas COULTER of Dublin; Samuel COULTER of Carnbeg; Joseph COULTER late of Dowdallshill; William NELSON, DD.; James DICKIE. August 23, 2008
1803 January 20th Indenture NAMES: Robert Earl of Roden; Joseph COULTER of Dowdallshill; James DICKIE of Carrickastuck; Joseph DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Lennox BIGGER of Richmond House; Thomas COULTER (1893-1843) famed botanist; Joseph COULTER (1795-1812); Samuel COULTER (1799-1840); Samuel COULTER of Carnbeg (1755-1801) OTHER TOWNLANDS: Carnmore; Glebe; Jeffries Land (Lisdoo); Sportsmans Hall. August 23, 2008
Four Carnbeg Maps 1737-1900 Here are four maps connected to Carnbeg, Parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth which connect to various COULTER family deeds that I am currently working on. August 22, 2008
1754 June 6 Indenture These are notes of the earliest indenture that I have connected to the lands of Carnbeg, Co. Louth and the COULTER family. NAMES: James HARRISON, Viscount of Limerick; Samuel COULTER, William McCULLOUGH; Thomas READ; Isaac READ; Joseph BOARDMAN; Richard VINCENT; David JOHNSTON. In the footnotes are the names of Anne DICKIE, Jane DAVIDSON and Thomas COULTER. August 22, 2008
Browne, John (died 1588) descendants This is a draft tree and likely contains several errors needing the benefit of input from many careful readers (and I will make changes when notified). It is also huge - running to close to 30 pages. It incorporates the BROWNEs of Westport, Co. Mayo as well as the BROWNEs of Janeville, Co. Down. This detailed tree would not be anywhere near as complete were it not for the contributions of many kind souls. Deirdre McEvoy, Wendy Jack and William Stranney deserve special mention. NOTE: The footnotes are worth reading for the stories they contain. August 20, 2008
BROWNE, Robert (mid-late 1300s) descendants A family story from about a 100 years ago says that our BROWNE family is connected by ancestry to the BROWNEs of Sligo. In turn, the family history of the BROWNEs of Sligo (the Westport House BROWNEs) alleges that they connect back to the Montague BROWNEs of Cowdray. My conundrum is the issue of John BROWNE (d. 1588) who is the 11th entry in the 5th (and last) generation of this tree. (NOTE: I will pick up his descendants in a tree focusing on the BROWNEs of Sligo.) How John BROWNE fits into the MONTAGUE line is uncertain. Although I have him (for the moment) as a child of Anthony BROWNE, it is also possible that he was a child of Sir George BROWNE, the older brother of Anthony. August 20, 2008
BROWNE family connections from Cowdray, Sligo & Janeville This is only an outline tree, but even at that it runs to six pages or more. It contains the most up-to-date names and dates for the BROWNE family of Janeville, Co. Down, The Sligo BROWNEs of Westport, Co. Mayo and the Montague BROWNEs going back to the early 1400s. Not all my sources are necessarily reliable, but I have cross-referenced to the best of my ability and will fix any errors as soon as I know of them (help is always appreciated). The dates, where they differ, supercede the dates in the two trees beneath which have yet to be updated. August 11, 2008
August 20, 2008
1880 March 18 Auction of Drummuck & Ednafirkin NAMES: John Wallace McCULLAGH (1840-1894); Joseph DICKIE; James McCULLAGH (d. 1865); Thomas Coulter DICKIE (1837-1908); Eliza McCULLAGH nee WALLACE (1809-1895); Thomas McCULLAGH (1843-1895); James McCULLAGH (d. 1892);Henry Aitkens Newell AITKENS; James HAMILTON; Thomas HAMILTON; David LYSTER; William BROWN; James BROWN. TOWNLANDS: Drummuck & Ednafirkin, Co. Monaghan. July 2, 2008
1885 February 11 Probate of will of Thomas McCullagh The initial will was dated April 21 1874, a Codicil was added August 29th 1876 and the will was probated February 11, 1885. NAMES: Thomas McCULLAGH (1793-1877); Andrew Bradford McCULLAGH (1842-1897); James McCULLAGH (-1913); Mary REID nee McCULLAGH (1840-1919); Rev. Wm REID (1829-1906); Sarah WHITESIDE nee McCULLAGH; Thomas McCULLAGH (1854-1920); Matthew McAuley RUTHERFORD ( 1845-1926); Samuel McCLEAVE; George Hill SMITH. TOWNLANDS: Derrivalley AKA Derryvalley; Dromalt AKA Drumalt; Ganemoe possibly Garranroe; Possy AKA probably Tossy; Ballibay AKA Ballybay. July 2, 2008
1845 Archibald BROWNE will This will represents my first steps in trying to situate some of the Ballybay BROWNE connections to the rest of the family tree. Of interest, is another document that I will soon transcribe involving the sale of lands in Ednafirkin in 1880 relating to the estate of John Wallace McCULLAGH. It mentions a William and a James BROWN as tenants adjacent to the McCULLAGH holdings at Ednafirkin.NAMES: Archibald BROWNE and his children: William, John, Archibald, Benjamin, Robert, Samuel and Eliza Jane; Witnesses John McCLATCHIE & William JAMIESON. TOWNLANDS: Ednafirkin, Co. Monaghan; Tullywalter AKA Tullywaltry, Co. Cavan & Drumcondia, Co. Cavan July 2, 2008
1824 Pigotts Directory - listings from Armagh It is interesting to compare this Directory with Bradshaws Directory done only a few years earlier. Both represent only a small sampling of the population - likely geared towards those who would be prepared to purchase such a directory. I note that New Streeet AKA Navan Street is not included, for example, although there were people living there who would have received notice. So, just because your people of interest are not mentioned doesn't mean that they were not there.Warning - this a 29 page file and may load slowly. July 2, 2008
Bradshaws 1819 Directory for the City of Armagh When Thomas Bradshaw published his Directory in 1820 he wrote that it contained an alphabetical list of the merchants, manufacturers and inhabitants of the towns of Newry, Armagh, Dungannon, Portadown, Tandragee, Lurgan, Waringstown, Banbridge,Warrenpoint, Rostrevor, Kilkeel and Rathfriland. Listed here are all the entries for Armagh city. Although it is a useful early source of information it is far from a comprehensive one. A census of the city in 1817 estimated the population at 7010, but this list only includes 620 names. SOURCE: http://www.asaz58.dsl.pipex.com/brad.htm
My idiosyncratic notes relate to what I am learning about connections of any of these people to members of our family. Warning - this a 24 page file and may load slowly.
June 23, 2008
1849 August 27 "Award" This is the only connection we have in terms of Memorials of "Deeds, Wills and soforth" relating David JACKSON to Aughavilla, Co. Leitrim. June 20, 2008
1788 November 7 Deed. Joseph OLIVER of the Kennedies, Co. Armagh sold his lease of 97 acres in the Kennedies as well as a bog in Enagh, Co. Armagh for ₤600 for 21 years to John HUGGINS of Glenart, Co. Tyrone. WITNESSES: John BURGES of Armagh, Gent; Thomas IRWIN of Caledon, Co. Armagh; Robert LIVINGSTON. NOTE: Footnotes added. Known errors corrected. June 19, 2008
1797 January 17 Deed NAMES: John OLIVER, Mary OLIVER & Elizabeth OLIVER (all of Ballinahonebeg children of Joseph OLIVER), John SCOTT of Umgola, William GARVIN, John PRENTICE and William SLOAN of Armagh; Winright PROCTER. OTHER PLACES: Kennedies. Updated from Photocopy of deed. SEE also: Olivers of Ballinahonebeg June 19, 2008
1793 Feb 11 Deed NAMES: David OLIVER of Ballyrea; William OLIVER of Ballyrea; Joseph OLIVER of Ballyrea; Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea, George CRAWFORD, linen draper of Cherryvale; Joseph BOYD; Thomas CRAWFORD & Andrew CRAWFORD (Sons of George); Armar LOWRY-CORRY. TOWNLANDS: Ballyrea, Co. Armagh; Cornacarrow & Laragh, Parish of Aghnamullen, Co. Monaghan. Updated from full deed. June 19, 2008
1765 June 1 Deed NAMES: Galbraith LOWRY-CORRY of Ahennis; David OLIVER of Ballyray AKA Ballyrea; Edmond McMAHON; James NORRIS; William & Joseph OLIVER (twin sons of David); William COLE; Robert COOPER of Killkarn AKA Killcarn, Parish of Loughgilly, Co. Armagh; Thomas IRWIN of Killynal AKA Killnaul, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone. OTHER PLACES: Laragh; Cornacarrow, Parish of Aughnamullen, Co. Armagh. Updated from full deed. June 19, 2008
1750 October 22 NAMES: James NORRIS of Torrehage [AKA Tannagh], Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone; Charles NORRIS of Larakeen AKA Lairakeen, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone; Andrew OLIVER of the Parish of Tynan (possibly Lislooney); Sarah OLIVER, daughter of Andrew OLIVER; Margaret HAMILTON, Countess of Orrey; Ben OLIVER of Farmacartley AKA Farmacaffley; John CALDWELL of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; Robert BRENAN of Glaslough, Co. Monaghan. NOTE: This was previously dated 1754 Feb 9th - likely the date it was registered, not made June 18, 2008
1766 January 14 NAMES: David Oliver of Ballyrea, Thomas McCLELLAN of Marlecow, Parish of Mullaghbrach, Co. Armagh, Owen McMAHON of Livingstones March, William OLIVER & Joseph OLIVER (twin sons of David), Galbraith LOWRY CORRY, Michael DUFFY, Robert HAMILTON of Dublin, Patrick MULLIGAN. TOWNLANDS: Marlecow (probably Marlacoo Beg, Parish of Mullabrack, Co. Armagh), Cornacarrow, Parish of Aughnamullen, Co. Monaghan. Updated June 18, 2008
1800 May 6 NAMES: Robert WELSH of Tullymore, Co. Armagh; John OLIVER of Tullymore; Robert WELSH; Joshua MEGEOUGH; Tobias MAGUIRE of Drumcullen, Co. Armagh; John OLIVER of Tullysarren; Rev. James WHITESIDE of Drumflugh, Co. Tyrone. Updated June 16, 2008
1761 December 1 NAMES: Alexander DONALDSON of Cloghog; Samuel DONALDSON; Mary MOFFET AKA MAFFETT;Samuel & Thomasd MOFFET; John DONALDSON; Rev. Alexander McCOMBE; John COULTER; Robert MURPHY. OTHER PLACES: Freeduff, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh; Dowdallshill, Parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth. June 16, 2008
First Armagh Presbyterian This is a work in progress. There are likely errors in transcription - both as a result of my work and also the work of the original transcriber. I have been doing my best to match names with deeds and family trees. If there are place names that have alternate spellings that I have not included, I would be grateful to know more. Some are hard to track down. If you know more about any of these people, please let me know. June 16, 2008
Villiers Alweyn Caesar HAWKINS I have added a few more biographical facts. June 16, 2008
1755 November 18 Deed. NAMES: Randal DONNALDSON AKA DONALDSON of Castle Dillon; William DONALDSON of Cloghoge; Samual DONALDSON; Alexander DONNALDSON; John BABE of Johnstonsbridge; Mathew MURPHY of Dublin. OTHER PLACES: QUINNs Corner. June 11, 2008
1740 November 19 Deed. NAMES: Randal DONNALDSON AKA DONALDSON of Castle Dillon AKA Castledillon; ALEXANDER DONNALDSON; Samuel DONNALDSON; Joseph DONNALDSON;John DONNALDSON of Castledillon; Hugh McMASTER of Foxfield; Edward TRESHAM; Thomas VERNER. OTHER PLACES: Phillipstown. June 11, 2008
Donaldson, John descendants This is a tree that incorporates the DONALDSON line starting with John DONALDSON who died in 1715 and includes also Randall DONALDSON whose leases of land connect him to the DONALDSONs of Cloghoge. The tree also connects to the ECHLIN family and to the will of Louisa Jane KELLY. June 10, 2008
1807 January 20 NAMES: John OLIVER of Tullysarren, Rebecca HOLMES née OLIVER & James HOLMES of Blackwatertown, William OLIVER of Mullinture, Samuel KNIPE, William OLIVER of Tullymore, Andrew OLIVER brother of Rebecca; Andrew OLIVER of Enniskillen, James CALDWELL, John TROTER of Mullyleggan, John Lloyd SANDERSON. June 9, 2008
1785 July 29 NAMES: Rev. Andrew OLIVER of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh; Andrew OLIVER of Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh; John OLIVER of Tullymore, Parish of Armagh; James OLIVER of Augsebragh, Co. Armagh; John MOSSEN, Co. Armagh; William OLIVER of Mullinture; William OLIVER, bachelor, deceased; Henry HUTCHINSON, Innkeeper, Armagh. OTHER PLACES: Tullysarren, Parish of Eglish, Co. Armagh. Significant update. June 9, 2008
1785 July 29 NAMES: Rev. Andrew OLIVER of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh; Andrew OLIVER of Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh; John OLIVER of Tullymore, Parish of Armagh; James OLIVER of Augsebragh, Co. Armagh; John MOSSEN, Co. Armagh; Henry HUTCHINSON, Innkeeper, Armagh. OTHER PLACES: Tullysarren, Parish of Eglish, Co. Armagh. May 3, 2008
1853 April 16 OLIVER-DOBBIN deed Added information on Henry Leslie PRENTICE April 19, 2008
1793 June 20 OLIVER-OLIVER Deed. William OLIVER of Ennislare; William OLIVER jr. of Ennislare; Robert MAXWELL of Fellows Hall; Elizabeth CLOGHER of Brootely AKA Brootally; Andrew OLIVER of City of Armagh, soap chandler; John Kerr of CIty of Armagh, Merchant.OTHER TOWNLANDS: Cormeen, Parish of Derrynoose; Tullycallidy, same; Lisdrumbrughas, same. Updated using actual deed. April 12, 2008
1794 June 20 Deed NAMES:. Names mentioned: Wm OLIVER of Ennislare; Benjamin OLIVER of Ennislare; Mrs. Frances PRINGLE of Lime Park, Co. Tyrone; Thomas WHALLEY of Dublin (and possibly Tullyhugh); John DOBBYN; Samuel DOBBYN; Wm OLIVER jr. of Ennislare, linen draper; James OLIVER, linen draper. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Farmacaffley, Ballymorran, Drumconwell, Enagh, Magherkilcranny, Killynure. April 11, 2008
1792 December 24 KERR-OSBURN-OLIVER Deed NAMES: Edward KERR; Thomas OSBURN; Andrew OLIVER; George CAMPBELL; Robert OSBURN; Esther OSBURN; John CHICHESTER; Christopher CHRISTIAN.
PLACES: City of Armagh, Thomas Street; Ballymorran, Parish of Lisnadill.
April 11, 2008
1778 November 20 WALKER-OLIVER deed Updated footnote on Leonard WALKER. This makes him more likely to be the father of Susanna WALKER who married David OLIVER of Ballyrea. April 11, 2008
Olivers of Ballinahonebeg Added Armagh Guardian report on the 1845 move of John JACKSON from Ballinahonebeg. April 8, 2008
Links between OLIVER-KIDD-OSBORNE families near Milford, Co. Armagh.NAMES INCLUDED: Osburn Aka Osborne; Oliver; Kidd; Mccrum; Abbot; Arbuthnot; Young; Boyd; Malcomson; Graham; McCann. April 8, 2008
1853 April 16 OLIVER-DOBBIN NAMES: William BROOKE, Esq.; Mary CAMPBELL of Portinaughy; Robert KILLEN; George Killen CAMPBELL of Portnaghy, Co. Monaghan; Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney; James OLIVER (son of Benjamin); Letitia OLIVER (née SIMPSON - wife of James); Leonard DOBBIN; Arthur OLIVER; John BURNS; Henry Leslie PRENTICE of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; William BARNES. February 6, 2008
1843 May 18 OLIVER-HANNA I now have a photocopy of this deed, so it is now transcribed in its entirety and several footnotes have been edited as a consequence of new information. February 1, 2008
1801 July 8 OLIVER-McCULLAGH In an earlier version, I was working from notes. This is based on a photocopy and new material has been added and transcription errors fixed. NAMES: William OLIVER of Armagh, soap chandler; Jane McCULLAGH (née OLIVER)of Lissnafeedy, Co. Armagh, William JOHNSTON, Richard WALSH, Benjamin OLIVER of Ennislare [My notes taken from the index had the name as Mary OLIVER], John RICHARDSON, Chandler. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Brootely AKA Brootally. February 1, 2008
1747 November 14 WALKER-McCULLAGH deed NAMES: Gervais WALKER of Kilmacrew, Co. Armagh; William McCULLAGH of Ballynahonemore, Co. Armagh; James NEILSON; John WAGH; George WALKER of Newry, Co. Down; James DUNLAP of Drumhirk, Parish of Derrynoose, Co. Armagh; Adam DUNLAP; Hugh CUMING of Kerneyhill, Co. Armagh; Alexander McCULLAGH of Ballynahonemore. OTHER NAMES: HUTCHINSON, JACKSON, GLENNY, HENDERSON. January 3, 2008
1759 March 15 Deed between Silver OLIVER & Michael McKIERNAN NAMES: Silver OLIVER Clondofoy, Co. Limerick Esq.; Michael McKIERNAN of Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim Merchant. TOWNLANDS: Lower Aghavillin. December 30, 2007
1897 February 26 Deed OLIVER-GILLESPIE NAMES: David GILLESPIE of Armagh, Merchant; Andrew Coulter Bradford OLIVER of Ballybrockey, Co. Armagh, farmer. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Lisbane (probably Parish of Eglish) December 19, 2007
1897 February 8 Deed OLIVER-BRAWLEY NAMES: Andrew Coulter Bradford OLIVER of Ballyscandle, Co. Armagh, farmer; William BRAWLEY of Terreskane. December 19, 2007
1836 August 16 DEED LESLIE-OLIVER NAMES: Nathaniel LESLIE of Leslie Hall in CO. Armagh; Joseph OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, Gent; Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, gent; William LESLIE deceased; Camack & Henry MAHALLAM; Bernard McCARTEN, Co. Monaghan; Thomas REILLY, Co. Monaghan. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Drumcanver (not sure which parish). December 19, 2007
1792 April 5 Deed SMITH-OLIVER NAMES: John SMITH of Town of Armagh; James OLIVER of Town of Armagh, Gent; Edward GLASSY of Co. Monaghan; George FLETCHER of Town of Armagh, hosier. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Breagh, Co. Armagh. December 19, 2007
1873 December 31 Deed OLIVER-DICKIE NAMES: Mary Jane OLIVER of Cavananore (aunt of Sir Thomas JACKSON); Thomas Coulter DICKIE of Omagh, Co. Tyrone; John Thomas DICKIE of Phillipstown, Co. Louth. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Clonaleenan, Co. Louth. December 19, 2007
1850 December 21 Deed OLIVER-FLETCHER NAMES: Rev John OLIVER late of Derryroosk, Co. Monaghan, but now of Belfast; Hugh OLIVER formerly of Derryroosk but now of Rockcorry, Co. Monaghan; Turner Barrett OLIVER; Turner BARRETT of Dowdalls Hill, Co. Louth; Thomas Henry FLETCHER of Newry. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Aghnamullen corn mill. December 19, 2007
1846 June 10 Deed OLIVER-KEENAN NAMES: Elizabeth GUNNING of Armagh; Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore; Phillip KEENAN of Armagh, hotel keeper; David OLIVER; Jacob BARRETT gent of Armagh; John McKEE, gent of Armagh. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Derryhaw. December 19, 2007
1824 May 28 Deed LYLE-OLIVER NAMES: Andrew LYLE City of Armagh; Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore; Joseph LEE innkeeper, CIty of Armagh; John LEE probably grocer of Armagh; James ARMSTRONG of Dublin; James WATT of Dublin. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Kennedies mtg. December 19, 2007
1813 June 12 Deed - OLIVER-McMORRAN NAMES: John OLIVER of Armagh, Gent; Samuel OLIVER of Monaghan, sadler; Robert McMORRAN of Tullymore, Co. Armagh; Leonard DOBBIN, Armagh. December 19, 2007
1778 March 17 Deed OLIVER-HUGGINS NAMES: Joseph OLIVER of the Kennedies; John HUGGINS of Glenart; John BURGES of Armagh; Francis IRWIN of Caledon. OTHER TOWNLANDS, Enagh, Parish of Lisnadill. December 19, 2007
1840 April 6 OLIVER-OLIVER NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Enagh, Co. Armagh; Mary Jane OLIVER nee HAYES; William OLIVER jr. of Killinure (he and Andrew are likely sons of William OLIVER & Elizabeth BALLANTYNE); James HAYES of Maghery, Co. Armagh. December 16, 2007
1785 October 26 OLIVER-McMATH NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Newtownhamilton (related to Mullinture OLIVERs) Elinor OLIVER (wife); Andrew McMATH of Aughadreena, Parish of Donaghmoyne, Monaghan; Francis McCAMMON; John MURPHY; John STEEL, City of Dublin, attorney; James NIBLOCK of Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Innkeeper. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Tullyvallen, Parish of Newtownhamilton, Armagh. December 16, 2007
1765 October 30 OLIVER-PRINGLE deed NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Corragh Down, Parish of Donagh, Monaghan; Elizabeth OLIVER (wife); William PRINGLE of CAledon, Tyrone; Thomas GREISSON; William DONNOLLY of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; Bryan Mc[?]ANNA of Caledon. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Mullin, Parish of Tynan, Armagh. December 16, 2007
1764 August 5 OLIVER-THOMPSON NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Corragh Down, Parish of Donagh, Monaghan; George THOMPSON; Rev. Robert SMYTHE AKA SMITH of Dillin, Parish of Ballee, Co. Down; Alexander SMITH (brother); John SMITH (brother); John WILSON of Oreas, Glasslough, Parish of Donagh; Francis CARLIFFE of Tournamale [?] John ROGERS of Cornamucklagh; John FIDDES. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Corrinshigo, Parish of Currin, CO. Monaghan; Carricknaveagh (possibly Carnaveagh or Carrickaveilty), Parish of Aghnamullen. December 16, 2007
1784 November 23 DEED between BRYAN-OLIVER. NAMES: Joseph OLIVER, of Kennedies, Parish of Armagh, Co. Armagh, Gent; William BRYAN of City of Dublin, Esq.; Arthur DENNIS; Henry RICHARDSON, City of Dublin, Gent; Patrick REILLY, City of Dublin. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Enagh, Parish of Lisnadill. NOTE: The mystery here is how the OLIVERs had all these leases in this area and yet seemingly had no part in the success of the mills at Milford in the early 1800s. December 15, 2007
1754 February 9 Deed between Andrew OLIVER and James NORRIS NAMES: James NORRIS of Torreg, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone; Charles NORRIS of Lairakeen, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone; Andrew OLIVER of the Parish of Tynan; Sarah OLIVER, daughter of Andrew OLIVER; Margaret HAMILTON, Countess of Orrey; Ben OLIVER of Farmacaffley; John CALDWELL of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; Robert BRENAN of Glaslough, Co. Monaghan. December 13, 2007



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