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These are pages that I have posted in 2010 - 2012.
Sharon Oddie Brown June 5, 2013


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1902 May 19 The Departure of Sir Thomas Jackson from Hong Kong. A banquet held in his honour by the Chinese merchant community. NOTE: I made a significant update to annotations January 11, 2013 and more a week later. December 10, 2012
January 19, 2013
1886 April 12 News clipping. This is an annotated transcription and concerns an award which was presented to Thomas Jackson in 1886 prior to his departure when he first left Hong Kong. Jackson was the Chief Manager of HSBC, and had been the Chairman of the Victoria Recreation Club for a decade prior to leaving the Colony. November 7, 2012
1903 June 4 Postcard. This card was addressed to Stanstead, and then forwarded to Forstertown, Co. Meath, Ireland – the home of TJ’s brother Andrew Jackson. TJ was likely visiting, not long after he had retired from Hong Kong. I do not yet know who M.F.J. at 160 The Bluffs, Yokohama was. I assume there is either a familial or HSBC connection – or both. I suspect that the G. M. [Dare] is George Mildmay Dare, TJ’s brother-in-law. November 4, 2012
Mary E. JOHNSTON I am still trying to track down Mary E. JOHNSTON(E) who married an unnamed BREMNER or BREMER. New notes added. October 25, 2012
Obituary Notice for Lewis Audley Marsh JOHNSTON. Lewis Audley Marsh JOHNSTON, who was from Ballykilbeg, Co. Down, served in a number of positions in the Straits Settlements and in Hong Kong.  
Family tree of JOHNSTONs of Ballykilbeg, Co. Down, Ireland. The purpose of this tree for me is to show the roots of Lewis Audley Marsh JOHNSTON, Postmaster-General of Hong Kong in 1902- 1908 I do not have a photo of him, only a news clipping of his death October 6, 2012
George Edward NOBLE - Detailed tree with sources. I have highlighted in red the names of special interest to me. I am not related to anyone in this tree (as far as I know). My interest is because of connections of the NOBLE family to Sir Thomas Jackson. October 4, 2012
George Edward NOBLE. I have substantially updated the biography of George Edward Noble, and his wife Francesa SEXTON (roots in Co. Limerick). October 1, 2012
Chronology of the life of George Edward NOBLE. This chronology is the result of merging of my own family-focused research with the materials at HSBC archives [S16.7b] as well as with references from the history done by Frank H.H. King. The italicized portions were excerpted from The Hongkong Bank in Late Imperial China 1864-1902. Frank H.H. King. Cambridge University Press, 1987. September 25, 2012
SEXTON-NOBLE Family Tree. On this page, I have posted the outlines of two family trees because of their connections to HSBC. The first is of George Edward NOBLE. The second is that of his wife, Frances Bertha Marion “Daisy” Sexton. I have also posted pieces about both of them on my blog. September 25, 2012
JACKSON mentions in Co Limerick.Just because these bits of information were in the Limerick Chronicle and other sources connected to Co. Limerick does not mean that all the people mentioned in them were only from Co. Limerick. Many were, but many are there for other reasons. September 21, 2012
JACKSON obits in the Limerick Chronicle. Just because these obits were in the Limerick Chronicle does not mean that all the people mentioned in them were only from Co. Limerick. Many were, but many are there for other reasons. Perhaps someone thought it fitting to pay for an ad in the Chronicle because there were family and/or business ties. There is a search box on the site, and when you type in the names of other counties, the results can be quite rewarding. September 21, 2012
Jacksons mentioned in Dublin Deeds. Seven more records have been added to this page. September 5, 2012
1743 April 2. This is a marriage agreement between Vere HUNT & Catherine CHADWICKE. NAMES: Vere HUNT [both sr. & jr.]of Glanagoole, Tipperary; Jeremiah aka Jeremy JACKSON of Fanningstown, Limerick; Richard HAMERSLEY of Holy Cross, Tipperary; William CHADWICKE of Ballinard, Tipperary; Catherine CHADWICKE John SABLIER [?]. OTHER PLACES: Poyntstown, Garryclogh, Ballyconry, Shronell, Kilmagoning, Ballynard. August 21, 2012
1742 March 18. NAMES: Henry DEERING & Mary DEERING of Dublin; Bishop Mordecai CARY & wife Catherine CARY & daughter Catherine CARY, all of Killala; Rev. Daniel JACKSON of Tullamore; Rev Theophilus BROCAS of Killala; Robert FRENCH; Charles DEMPY; Rev. Samuel VIRCASEL [?]; Bartholemew DELANDRY. It is a marriage agreeement between Henry CARY & Mary DEERING. The JACKSON connection is to Rev. Daniel JACKSON (1687-1772). His ancestry can be seen at JACKSONs of Derbyshire This line includes the JACKSONs of Santry. August 21, 2012
1906-7 Who's Who in the Far East. This is a lengthy transcription - 21 pages of selected and annotated text. I have annotated all the entries that referred to men who had some sort of connection to Ireland. My purpose is that I am trying to learn more about the Irish Diaspora in the region during the late 1800s. If there was no known connection to either Ireland of HSBC, I did not include mention (or if I did - it was only because my nose twitched indicating some level of interest). August 12, 2012
Jacksons mentioned in Dublin Deeds. There is a lot more work to be done with these deeds, but I would encourage others who have an interest in this to follow the names of specific properties, for example "Dolfins Barn" or specific occupations, for example "tanner". These will help you to link to many lines of JACKSONs that are customarily linked to other counties. NOTE: I have included all deeds where the JACKSON person referenced is "of Dublin" or else, the property that they held was in Dublin even though they may have been resident elsewhere. July 5, 2012
More Pictures of Cavananore. On this page, I am matching up photos with old maps, so others can make the connection. When these are matched up in turn with older property records such as the Cancellation Books, it becomes possible to begin to imagine the lives of those who lived there. The smaller houses were inhabited by those working on the land, while the one large house was inhabited by the farmer who leased the land, and eventually by others who bought it after land reforms made the purchase possible. May 10, 2012
1865 November 1865 This very brief letter is intriguing in the way that it shows the interdependence of the farming families. I have enclosed a scan of the letter beneath, in part because I have no idea what Wm [sweetening?] his breath might mean. Is it a euphemism for drinking alcohol, or is it something else, or have I mistranscribed it? If anyone has ideas, then I am all ears. May 9, 2012
Maps of Cavananore. This page of pictures of maps of Cavananore is a companion page to a page describing the history of the townland. May 7, 2012
1901 Census of Cavananore and the 1911 Census of Cavananore. This townland is of interest to me because of its connection to generations of the ancestors of Sir Thomas JACKSON, as well as the fact that he bought most of the land and houses in the late 1800s and early 1900s. May 7, 2012
Cavananore Cancellation Book transcriptions. These are my notes from the cancellation book records for Cavananore - a little more than 15 pages worth. May 2, 2012
Family tree of James LYNCH. The LYNCH family are key to us understanding much of Sir Thomas JACKSONs connections to Cavananore in Co. Louth. I am grateful for the help that Eugene, Marie and their son Ronan have given to me over the past few years. We are still trying to track down the LYNCH roots in Co. Kildare since it was said that Patrick LYNCH (1832-1913) worked on a farm in Kildare owned by Sir Thomas JACKSON. I still do not know where that farm might be. May 2, 2012
1799 Agreement with Eliza BRADFORD. This brief snippet ties into a map that then sheds light on future land holdings at Cavananore, and the events that lead to its purchase in the late 1890s by Sir Thomas JACKSON. This agreement may have been triggered by the death of “Mrs. COULTER”, who I suspect was the elderly Martha COULTER. It was posted earlier in a less annotated form, and without a clarifying map. May 2, 2012
Ruminations on Creggan Parish. This is a page where I have tossed together all sorts of disparate bits that may or may not fit in the hope that it may be helpful to some other researcher, and then, if I am lucky, then they will get back to me. April 27, 2012
This new tree connects the COULTERs of Mounthill, Shortstone, Silverbridge and Liscalgot. April 27, 2012
Jacksons of Co. Cavan - second post. I have added five more pages of materials relating to the JACKSONs of Co. Cavan. April 25, 2012
A significant update - Breaking news on a story first posted in 2010: John Charles COULTER (Nov 1840 – bet. 1914-1917) - the mystery surrounding his death and an exploration of his possible family connection to the COULTERs of Carrickastuck. April 18, 2012
Creggan Parish BMDs Intro. I have cross-referenced all the baptisms, marriages, burials and confirmations of Creggan Parish that relate to my family tree and that are available to me from a range of sources. My primary source was PRONI MIC 1-11. Some names are included only because they also reside in a significant townland - for example, Urker. I have cross-referenced all the births, marriages, burials and confirmations of Creggan Parish that relate to my family tree and that are available to me from a range of sources. My primary source was PRONI MIC 1-11. Some names are included only because they also reside in a significant townland - for example, Urker. Many of my notes are not much more than conjecture. Please take them with a grain of salt. In total, there are about 56 pages of transcriptions and notes, and several hundred names are mentioned. April 17, 2012
This is a second group of Quaker JACKSONs who lived in the early 1700s in the vicinity of Kings Co. and Co. Kildare. The emigrated to America and intermarried with another Quaker family from the same region. April 3, 2012
JACKSONs in Kings Co. deeds. I will add more links to this page as time permits. At present, there are at least 8 pages of indexed deeds included which should be of interest to anyone following names in Kings Co., particularly anyone related to JACKSONs through either family or business. March 29, 2012
JACKSONs of Kings Co. This is my first crack at this particular line of JACKSONs. They are not the only ones who show up in Kings Co., but they may be related to other lines in the Country. If anyone can help couple some of these together, I would be more than grateful. March 29, 2012
January 17 & 18 Deed: NAMES: Ann LOFTUS; Edward LOFTUS; Bridget COOKE; George COOKE; Robert JACKSON sr. & Robert JACKSON jr.; Henry PALMER. PLACES: Birr, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co.; Eglish, Parish of Eglish, Barony of Eglish, Kings Co.; Drom, Parish of Drom, Barony of Eliogarty, Co. Tipperary; Grange, Parish of Seirkieran, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co.; Tulla aka BallymacMurra, Parish of Kinnitty, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co. March 29, 2012
1786 September 8th Deed. NAMES: Hanibal FRASER; Ann FRASER née JACKSON, brother James JACKSON; Eugenia JACKSON of Grange and Birr, widow of Robert JACKSON; Mathew HERBERT; Robert DROUGHT of Dublin; Thomas LACY; William MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Liscloony; Clanbamiss; Parsonstown, all of Kings Co. March 29, 2012
JACKSONs of Co. Kildare Outline Tree & JACKSONs of Co. Kildare Detailed Tree with sources. At present, I cannot say which line of JACKSONs these ones may be related to. One of the tantalizing clues is a family crest that contains a horse (see the box beneath). There are also JACKSONs still residing in some of the same townlands. They may turn out to be related. February 25, 2012
1839 March 14 William JACKSON of Ballygibbon, Co. Kildare; Matthew JACKSON of Edenderry, Kings Co.; Margaret FAWCETT, Thomas FAWCETT. Indented deed of marriage settlement. February 22, 2012
Snippets of JACKSONs from Ballygibbon The JACKSONs of Ballygibbon are a bit of a mystery for me. The townland is in the Barony of Carbury, in the north-western part of Co. Kildare. The JACKSONs had leases and/or residency there for at least 100 years. February 22, 2012
JACKSONs of Ballygibbon, Co. Kildare There are several family branches of Jacksons of Ballygibbon, Co. Kildare that will likely interconnect when more is known. None of them are extensive enough to really be called trees - branches is more like it. Shrubs, perhaps. February 22, 2012
Jacksons in Kildare 1823-1837 Tithe Applotments Since computer searches do better with consistent names - for example William instead of Wm or Wllm - I have standardized them all. I find that this kind of table is helpful when viewed alongside deed references, and other land documents. February 13, 2012
Jacksons in Kildare 1835-1839 Voters List NOTE: I still need to access the primary source for this, and I may tweak the following table when I do. I would like to determine which address is residence and which address represents the land leased or held under freehold. February 13, 2012
Jacksons of Kildare in Griffiths Valuation This compilation of data is especially useful when looked at in conjunction with abstracts of Memorials of Deeds of JACKSONs in Co. Kildare. I will be working on more related data and will soon write some companion pieces as well as at least one family tree that I can construct as a result of this data. February 8, 2012
Jacksons mentioned in Co. Kildare Deed Memorials I will be doing more work with this data in the near future, and placing more of these people in family trees. When you see a name that is underlined and in red caps, this means that the material was sourced from Nick Reddan's Deeds site. [Example: MOS.] I am grateful for all the work done by the volunteer transcribers who submit material to his site. I have added notes to these abstracts that include more details of pertinent parishes, baronies and such. This helps to locate individuals, especially when viewed with other property related documents. February 7, 2012
1834 December 5 Creggan Landlords paid tithes on behalf of tenants: Thomas Prideaux BALL; Alexander HAMILTON; Walter McGeough BOND; Ann CLEWLOW; Mrs. QUINN. February 5, 2012
1842 February 3 This news clipping details decisions made at a meeting in Newtownhamilton in response to a decision by Irish judges to invalidate marriages between Presbyterians and Episcopalians when they are performed by Presbyterian Ministers. January 27, 2012
1846 March 7 Obit for Samuel BALL, son of Captain BALL January 27, 2012
1833 February 5 Rent reduction. Mrs. CLEWLOW had family ties to the DONALDSONs of Freeduff, so it is not surprising that she was well acquainted with the issues of tenant rights, and also seems sympathetic to the needs of her tenants. These DONALDSONs were key figures in the 1798 uprising, and thereafter. January 27, 2012
1829 April 28 A lease for Urker Lodge - John BALL. January 27, 2012
1902 August 29 Armagh Guardian and 1906 May 8 Newry Reporter These are two transcriptions of news articles from Armagh relating to Sir Thomas Jackson of Urker, Crossmaglen. January 21, 2012

Notes from Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich Memorial Library Some records of OLIVERS in Co. Armagh of the Roman Catholic faith.

January 21, 2012
William OLIVER of Armagh This four generations of OLIVERs start in Armagh in the late 1600s and connect to my great-great grandmother, Eliza OLIVER, the mother of David JACKSON. I am experimenting with a new format, which will hopefully work. Another way to access this data is through my tree at Rootsweb. Please let me know if you see errors, hunches that are unwarranted, or if you can add anything else to the information on these ancestors. All is appreciated. January 20, 2012
OLIVERs mentioned in Deed Memorials in Dublin 1708-2000 Hopefully I am better at recording data than I am at typing. You will likely notice more typos that I have missed. Hopefully, this will still be valuable to many researchers both in Armagh, and also those who are tracing ancestry connected to OLIVERs in Ireland - warts and all. January 20, 2012
1873 November 11 - will of William OLIVER NAMES: William OLIVER of Killynure; William COUSER; William MENARY; Sarah ROCK; Benjamin OLIVER; Martha OLIVER; Margaret OLIVER; Andrew Coulter Bradford OLIVER; John JACKSON; ELizabeth BROWN née JACKSON; Thomas JACKSON; Mary MENARY née JACKSON; Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON; Sarah JACKSON; James JACKSON; David JACKSON; Alexander McCOMBE; John P. KEARNEY. January 16, 2012
1736 February 6 Deed NAMES: Nicholas JOHNSTON of Woodpark; Arthur OLIVER of Ballynahonebeg; Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney; Andrew OLIVER; Elizabeth Maria OLIVER; James OLIVER; Alexander McILROY. January 13, 2012
1784 November 25 Deed NAMES: Ann JACKSON, née HUNT widow of William JACKSON of Dublin; John ALLEN of Weavers Sq., Co. Dublin; Hon Col Robert FRAZER, Governor of Kinsale; William CURLES; Paul WINTER; Alderman Percival HUNT & son Percival HUNT; John HUNT; Ann MURRAY, widow of Percival HUNT sr.; Elizabeth WINTER of Portarlington; Anthony POLLE; Joseph NONE [HONE?]; Thomas COLLINS. December 31, 2012
1777 June 30 Deed NAMES: James HAMILTON, Right Honorable Earl of Clanbrassill; Thomas TUCKEY; William HUNT; Anne JACKSON née HUNT; William JACKSON; James WATSON; Thomas SMITH; Thomas BRADBURN; William DUDLEY; Thomas CULLEN; James ASHE; Alice BRYAN; Luke KELLY; William KELLY; James SHEIL. PLACES: Dublin & Raheny. December 29, 2011
1785 July 12 Deed: NAMES: Paul Isaac VATEAU of Dundonald, Co. Down; Peter VATEAU aka de VATEAU, VOTO, VAUTEAU; Samuel JACKSON of Dundonald; David FITZGERALD; Timothy FITZGERALD; John FORSAYTH; Peter JACKSON of Dublin; John MOORE - Registrar. OTHER PLACES: East Side of George Lane, Dublin. December 18, 2011
1786 January 23 - two deeds NAMES: William RUTLEDGE of Foxford; George JACKSON jr. of Prospect, Co. Mayo; Robert MARTIN; William ORME; Rev. Charles KENT; John MOORE. PLACES: Creggaballagh, Parish of Killasser, Barony of Gallen, Co. Mayo; Treannagleragh, Parish of Killedan, Barony of Gallen, Co. Mayo; Dangan. December 17, 2011
1827 August 20 Marriage BLEAKLEY-JACKSON NAMES: Guy BLEAKLEY of Enniskillen; Thomas JACKSON of Lavally, Co. Sligo; Sarah JACKSON; Charles BLEAKLEY of Mullaghmeen; James JACKSON; Jason FRITH; William LITTLE; Rev. Henry LEARD; Rev. Isaac DODD; Thomas LYTLE of Gortlaunane; David BLEAKLEY. December 17, 2011
1817 November 12 Deed:NAMES: Samuel ALLEN of Liscommon, Co. Antrim; George QUINN of Larne; Elizabeth SINCLAIR als JACKSON née ALLEN; William JACKSON; Rev. Robert SINCLAIR; PLACES: Liscommon; Larne; Drumahoe; Kilwaghter aka Parish of Kilwaughter; Towns and Lands of Eagany [aka Eagry? - Parish of Billy] Castledeffrick (Spelling?) [aka Castlecat? Parish of Billy] Urbalreigh aka Urbal, Parish of Billy otherwise Orblereigh Comfriage South Bally divity Upper Levery Maghernenteny also Magherentendy aka Magherintendry, Parish of Billy.. NOTE: There is a Carnanreagh, Parish of Billy, Barony of Lower Dunluce and it seems that these townlands are clustered in the Parish of Billy. December 17, 2011
1802 May 20 NAMES: Francis HAMILTON; Samuel JACKSON of Mount Pleasant, Co. Down; Richard GRAHAM; Thomas Ladford STEWART; John HAMILTON; Charles O'DONNELL. PLACES: Moorpark. December 17, 2011
1760 August 6-7 Deed: NAMES: William DONALDSON of Lucan, Co. Dublin; Isabella DONALDSON née HOGGART; Anne JACKSON; Anthony KING; Thomas HOGGART; Alexander BRANAN; Agmondisham VESEY; John CALDWELL; William CALDWELL; Samuel CALDWELL; James DONALDSON; Elizabeth DONALDSON; Jonathon NIXON; Jonathon SHEPHEARD; Philip EMER; Francis ALLEN; Patrick TANNIN; Edward HENDRICK; Charles FARRAN; Arthur SHEPHEARD; William HALL. PLACES: East Cold Blow [Dublin?]; Dodsfarm; Esker; 3 Parks; Petty Canons House. December 17, 2011
Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff, Dublin There are many threads to follow with respect to linking Dublin-based JACKSONs with JACKSONs in Co. Meath and elsewhere. This Robert JACKSON, a tanner of Dublin is only one of them. Another possibly productive line of inquiry is checking out the tanners named JACKSON in Ireland in the late 1600s. They were active in Co. Down as well as in Drogheda. December 17, 2011
1728 September 23 Deed: NAMES: Rev. William JACKSON of Clonmell, Tpperary; Jeremiah VICARS of Co. Dublin; Robert JACKSON; John FOX; Samuel HEATH; William PARRY. December 17, 2011
1723 October 3-4 NAMES: Joseph JACKSON; Joseph SIDEBOTHOM; Mr. POWER; Thomas WESTON; Jacob POOLE; George CULLIN; Rebecca SMITH; Michael SMITH; Michael SMITH jr.; Hannah SMITH; Matthew PAGEITT; Patrick HAMILTON; Edward DALTON; William PARRY. PLACES: Cork St, in the Liberty of Donore, Co. Dublin. December 17, 2011
1722 January 11-12 NAMES: Joseph JACKSON; Joseph GILL; Mr. POWER; Thomas WESTON; Jacob POOLE; George CULLIN; Rebecca SMITH; Michael SMITH; Michael SMITH jr.; Hannah SMITH; Joseph ROSE; William BARRY; Bruen WORTHINGTON. PLACES: Cork St, & Earl ST. both in the Liberty of Donore, Co. Dublin. December 17, 2011
1721 January 2 - Will of Enoch PALMER NAMES: Enoch PALMER of Dublin; Sarah BOYTON; Mary JACKSON; Elizabeth MAKINGS; Enoch MAKINGS; Josia(s) JONES; Mt [Mr?] ARMSTRONG; William PALMER; Michael JACKSON; Mr. MEREDITH; Samuel PALMER; Ambrose BRUFF [BRUSS?]; Peter CILLARD; Michael BOYTON; James CLARK; Samuel OATES; John SMITH; Alexander McPHERSON; William PARRY. PLACES: St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin. December 17, 2011
1805 June 3 Deed: NAMES: John TUCKER of Dublin; Elizabeth TUCKER als ALYBYRNE; William JACKSON; Henry BALL; Mary NEWLAND; George BLAKE of Drury Lane; James DILLON, Dr.; Robert BLAKE; John BALL; Robert BALL; John AYLBURNE of Stillorgan;John GRIFFIN. December 16, 2011
1749 November 1 Deed:NAMES: Hugh NIVEEDY of Knocknagony; William JACKSON of Ringcreevy; John JACKSON; Robert JACKSON; William KENNEDY; Hugh NILLY of Ballymeek. December 16, 2011
1791 October 1 Deed: NAMES: Robert FITZGERALD of Newhall, Co. Clare; John JACKSON sr., Lucy JACKSON; James HUGH; Jonas BLACKALE. PLACES: Millslaugh, Donbury, Corbally, Querrin, Dreogh, Leadgane, Garanatoly. Ballymaornan. December 16, 2011
1775 September 8 Deed: NAMES: Robert LOWE of Brookhill; Joseph JACKSON of Tincurry; Thomas JACKSON; Abraham JACKSON; Joseph JACKSON; David OLDIS, of Callan; George COLE of Clonmel; Nathaniel MITCHELL; John LUTHER; Samuel HAYMAN. December 16, 2011
1716 October 16 Deed: NAMES: Oliver ST. JOHN of Tandragee; Ralph DAWSON of Drominakelly, Co. Armagh; PLACES: Tullyhappies, Ballymacrangan [Ballymacdermot?]; Arthur DAWSON; Daniel KELLY; Henry CLOSE of Waringstown; Thomas DAWSON; Joseph STRAITON of Artbaka, aka Artbrackagh; John DANE;John MOORE; Walter COPE. December 16, 2011
1721 December 22 Deed: NAMES: Richard CHRISTMAS of City of Waterford; Rev. Alexander ALCOCK; John JACKSON of Portmascully; Thomas HEAD of Headsgrove; John HEAD; Michael HEAD sr, deceased; Michael HEAD jr.; William JONES; James HIGGINS; Robert WHITBY of Killeraggan; Richard VILLARS of Balynaboly; Richard PARRY. PLACES: Woodstock, Castelmitchell. December 16, 2011
1722 August 20 deed: NAMES: John USHER of Dublin; Rev. William JACKSON; Rt. Rev. Dr. William MORETON, Lord Bishop of Meath; Mary JONES; Edward SCHULDHAM; William BARTON of Thomastown, Co Louth; Michael SCRIVENS; John KEARNEY; John MOFFITT; Richard TERRY; Registrar: William PARRY. December 16, 2011
1717 January 20-21 deed NAMES: Joseph WRIGHT of Gola; William WRIGHT of Tullygraham; Henry OWEN of Killmore; Mary OWEN; Edward OWEN; Alexander HAMILTON of Dublin; William SCOTT of Rabanan. PLACES: Gola aka Gowlea also Gowlee Gowlagh Dordowles; Corduffles aka Cordevlish; Shenadown aka Shenaden; Corleck aka Knockenelter also Corbofin; Listumacy aka Aghaclea. Decdember 16, 2011
1747 January 15-16 NAMES: Sambourne JOHNSTON of Currahanna, Co. Kerry; Jeremiah JACKSON of Fanningstown, Co. Limerick; Daniel HULEATT of Dublin; Richard TAYLOR of Carass, Co. Limerick; . PLACES: Alonchard known as Alhonghart and Shanakeilsall Parish of Kilquan Barony of Bunrathy County Clare. December 16, 2011
1790 May 30 NAMES: Charles JACKSON of Dublin; John OLDHAM; Patrick CALLAGHAN; John WARREN of Carroduff, Dublin; Lawrence PEARSON; Terence KELLY. PLACES: Lands of Castleknock, Dublin. December 15, 2011
1818 September 18 NAMES: Nathaniel JONES of Lower Sackville, Dublin; Anne JACKSON of Cork St., Dublin; Samuel JACKSON sr.; Samuel JACKSON jr.; Joseph JACKSON; Benjamin Nun STEPHENS; Sarah STEPHENS; Francis ARMSTRONG. A marriage between Nathaniel JONES and Anne JACKSON. December 15, 2011
Joseph Burton JACKSON Jim Jackson has given me permission to share this. It reminds me of the usefulenss of looking at the family associated with the Quaker JACKSONs which includes a crest with two greyhounds and a dolphin. December 15, 2011
JACKSONs and others with connections to Ireland from the registers of "The Collegiate Church or Abbey of St. Peter, Westminster" aka "Westminster Abbey" Researcher Jan Waugh did most of the transcriptions that include mentions of JACKSON names. I built on her work by including references to other families who also had military, mercantile and/or family connections with Ireland. December 12, 2011
1801 March Will fragment for Mary TIPPING. You can feel the anguish in this will as Mary prepares for her imminent death at the age of twenty-five.  As she says near the end, oh Almighty God. December 10, 2011
Francis JACKSON 1574
Alexander JACKSON 1670
Abraham JACKSON 1685 - proved 1700.
These are three wills for JACKSONs who were goldsmiths in London. One of them, Alexander, was awarded lands in post-Cromwellian Ireland.
December 10, 2011
JACKSONs of Staffordshire I have transcribed wills for Alexander JACKSON and his son Abraham JACKSON. This family tree is based on these wills. December 10, 2011
JACKSONs of Cheshire & Lancashire This chart was made from material included in Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire.  Vol X.1884. A List of Lancashire Wills proved within the Archdeaconry of Richmond, and now preserved in Somerset House, London from AD 1457 to 1680; and of Abstracts of Lancashire Will (belonging to the same Archdeaconry) in the British Museum, from AD 1531-1652. Ed. Lieut-Colonel Henry Fishwick, F.S.A. Printed for the Record Society 1884 December 10, 2011
1690 June 26 Henry JACKSON's will. He died between June 26, 1690 and February 6, 1691. He seems to have been a mariner - possibly involved in fending off the French in the siege of Cork. December 4, 2011
Calendar of State Papers - notes on JACKSONs These are the names of JACKSON men who were granted land in post-Cromwellian Ireland and were often known as "Adventurers". This was the investment system whereby wars were bankrolled by a mixture of either money or service (being a soldier). December 3, 2011
1716 February 17 This will for Samuel JACKSON - son of Thomas, whose will is beneath - is fascinating because he includes the names of more than a hundred other people, most of whom are related in some way or another. December 2, 2011
1680 September 1 This will for Thomas JACKSON is significant on at several counts. He was awarded land in Co. Meath in post-Cromwellian Ireland; he was a pewterer in London; he was related to Rev. Daniel JACKSON of Santry, Dublin. December 2, 2011
JACKSON Pewterers in London In the 1400s-1800s, Jacksons were active as pewterers in London. This table is quite revealing when it comes to seeing how active.Many of them link to the JACKSONs of Derbyshire. December 2, 2011

Family Trees of JACKSON of Derbyshire, Berkshire, America & DublinThis line of JACKSONs begins abt 1500 in Derbyshire, England. I have bolded some of the names in the family tree to help other follow their connections to other lines of JACKSONs.

  • In abt 1600, Thomas JACKSON, a pewterer in London was born.
  • In 1604, Rev. John JACKSON was born. His family continued on where he had settled at Twyford, Berkshire.
  • Rev John JACKSON's grandson was Samuel JACKSON, a merchant who died in Philidelphia.
  • One of Rev John JACKSON's sons was the Rev Daniel JACKSON of Santry, Dublin, Ireland, whose descendants continued on in Ireland.
December 2, 2011

Abstracts of Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Somerset House,;
Genealogical abstracts of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury. Register “Wootton” 1658. Vol I;
Genealogical abstracts of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury. Register “Wootton” 1658. Vol II;
Genealogical abstracts of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury. Register “Wootton” 1658. Vol IV;
Here are four more tables - they are not all cleaned up, but they are good-to-go with respect to being useful to JACKSON family researchers.

November 24, 2011

Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury - volume 1 ;
Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury - volume 4 ;
Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury - volume 6
So far, I have three tables completed. If readers spot more editions available in the public domain, please let me know.

November 23, 2011
JACKSONs of Brampton, in the Huntingdonshire district of Cambridgeshire, England Paulina PEPYS, the sister of the celebrated diarist Samuel PEPYS married a yeoman farmer, John JACKSON. Other than the fact that his father was a John JACKSON and he had brothers Richard and James, I do not know where he might fit into another JACKSON tree. November 22, 2011
JACKSONs of Godmanchester NOTE: This is a companion tree to go with other files I have been working on. It is very much a work in progress. It is largely based on work done by a genealogist hired by Christopher Vane Percy. November 19, 2011
1788 May 2-3 Will of Original JACKSON NAMES: Original JACKSON of Godmanchester; George JACKSON - Higney Grange Farm; Sarah JACKSON; Rev. John DOWSING; Elizabeth JACKSON; George PALMER - Water Newton; John JACKSON; Michael GARNER - Kings Ripton; Owen FANN - Huntingdon; Rev. Horace HAMMOND; William FELLOWES - Ramsey, Cambridgeshire; ASKHAM?; John BROMHEAD; Elizabeth DOWSING; Sarah DOWSING; John PEARS - Holbeach, Lincolnshire; John KEY (?); Michael Holm HALL. OTHER PLACES: Woodwalton aka Wood Walton; Sawtry. November 16, 2011
1703 View Of the Archbishop of Armagh. These are notes are only of the portions of this document that are of interest to myself and those looking at similar names: OLIVER & JACKSON as well as townlands connected to them in some way. November 2, 2011
1860 May 26 NAMES: Elizabeth JACKSON née McCULLAGH of Urker Lodge; John JACKSON of Liscalgot; Rev. Charles MASSÉ; Thomas TERISON Esq.; James McCULLAGH sr.; James McCULLAGH jr; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD of Cavananore; John GILLESPIE; James SMYTHE; John SMYTHE; David JACKSON. OTHER PLACES: Drummuck, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. October 31, 2011
1860 May 24 NAMES: David JACKSON of Urker Lodge; Elizabeth JACKSON née McCULLAGH; William Henry OGLE of Newry; John GILLESPIE; James SMYTHE; John SMYTHE; Richard Jebb BROWNE; William Henry WOODS; Edward GREER; John HANBURY. OTHER PLACES: Drummuck, Parish of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. October 31, 2011
1902 August 27 NAMES: Rev. William REID of Belfast; Eliezer GILMORE of Liscalgot; Mary REID née McCULLAGH; Sarah WHITESIDE née McCULLAGH; Rev. William Sherlock WHITESIDE; James McCULLAGH of Derryvalley; Eliza JACKSON née OLIVER of Urker; Sarah GILMORE née JACKSON; Margaret McCULLAGH née JACKSON of Slieveroe; Elizabeth BROWN née JACKSON; Thompson BROWN; Mary GRIFFIN née JACKSON; John NORRIS; Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON of Fostertown; Sir Thomas JACKSON; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD; Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON; William Richard CORR; J. O'CONNOR; James QUAIL; Walter H. PAGE; John NEIL. OTHER PLACES: Annaghvackey; Cavananore. October 31, 2011
1692 Lt. Ball Dividend What fascinates me about this document is that there are only five townlands for which amounts are included - and they are all townlands that have a connection to JACKSONs. I asume that Orhor is Urker; Liscalgahet is Liscalget aka Liscalgot; Glasdromon is Glassdrummond. We know that BALL had lands at Tullyvallen in trust for Daniel and Sarah JACKSON, minor aged children of John JACKSON October 30, 2011
1777 February 15 Memorial of Deed NAMES: Francis EVANS of City of Dublin; Rev. George PHILIPS; Jane PHILLIPS née JACKSON; Frances JACKSON; Rev John JACKSON; Edward BEVER; Mary SHERIGLEY; Abraham SHERIGLEY; Samuel BEVER; Falliot SHERIGLEY of Windmill House & garden part of Felbrim, Parish of Kinsale; William COLEMAN; George PARK; James DODD; Christopher TAYLOR; John BRISCOE; George BRADWELL; Hugh Gillespie PEAFIELD; William WILSON; John GARSLIN; William SHANAGHAN; John McCABE. OTHER PLACES: Mabestown, Parish of Kinsale; Baron Mills; Clondalkin. October 30, 2011
Jackson's Irish Will Probates NOTE: I will be adding to this page as I work through the materials I have come home with from my latest trip to Ireland. I also looked for other names: BRADFORD; COULTER; etc. so a few of them are included, but I quickly ran out of time. October 28, 2011
1859 Will of Frances JACKSON I thought I had posted this some time ago - but clearly not. Finally. NAMES: Frances JACKSON late of Graigue, Queens Co.; Mary JACKSON; Edward Leonard JARMESON; Michael NOLAN; Patrick POWER; Robert Clayton BROWNE; Thomas JAMESON; Adam JACKSON. October 28, 2011
1705 will of Samuel Jackson of Dublin & Coleraine I have posted a major revision to an earlier transcription of this document. October 27, 2011
West Shortstone, Co. Louth Cancellation Books NAMES: Robert Ellis BAILLIE aka BAYLEY; Robert J. BAILIE [I expect this “J.” is a transcription error in the cancellation book, and should be “E”]; Robert BAYLEY; John BRADSHAW; Stephen BROWN; John Baillie COULTER; Mary COULTER aka COLTER; Robert EPINASSE; James FAUGHEY aka FAGHEY; Patrick FLYNN; Bridget HERNON; [Illegible] LEADER; James MARTIN: Peter MARTIN; Thomas McARDLE; Terence MEEHAN; James G. MURRAY; Bernard REILLY; James TRACEY; Thomas WALSH; Jack WISEMAN; Bridget WOODS Thomas WOODS. October 25, 2011
Family Trees I have just posted more than a dozen short family trees for OLIVERs who lived in either Armagh or Tyrone. Scroll down the page to see OLIVERs (the links to these pages are near the bottom) September 11, 2011
Jacksons of Duddington Gravemarkers Photos of JACKSON gravemarkers associated with the JACKSONs of Duddington, and also including one for Original Jackson. I have updated my tree at Rootsweb to incorborate what I have learned from these gravemarkers - it led to a couple dozen new JACKSON names being added. August 11, 2011
Jacksons of Waterford & Cork NOTE: This tree was created by merging two lines of JACKSONs: the JACKSONs of Ahanesk and the JACKSONs of Glanbeg. A detailed report follows beneath. There is much more to learn here. I suspect it can be merged with other lines as I learn more. July 29, 2011
JACKSONs of Lisnabo Family Tree I have made substantial additions to this family tree. There are many pieces of new information, new names, and corrections of errors that I have made in previous versions. July 28, 2011
JACKSONs of Glanbeg This tree is interesting when looked at in connection with the Jacksons of Ahanesk. In each tree, there is a Mary WALLIS, daughter of Thomas WALLIS who marries a Jackson. In the Glanbeg tree, it is a Thomas JACKSON and in the Ahanesk tree, it is a George JACKSON. Whether this is a coincidence, or an error in the secondary sources that I used (ie. Burkes), or whether there is a relationship here still to be discovered, I do not as yet know. I have an outline tree here followed by a detailed report. This tree is not yet included in my Rootsweb tree. July 21, 2011

JACKSONs of Ahanesk NOTE: This tree is interesting when looked at in connection with the Jacksons of Glanbeg. In each tree, there is a Mary WALLIS, daughter of Thomas WALLIS who marries a Jackson. In the Glanbeg tree, it is a Thomas JACKSON and in the Ahanesk tree, it is a George JACKSON. Whether this is a coincidence, or an error in the secondary sources that I used (ie. Burkes), or whether there is a relationship here still to be discovered, I do not as yet know. I have an outline tree here followed by a detailed report. This tree is not included at this time on my Rootsweb tree.

NOTE: It is also interesting with respect to the BARKER-JACKSON connections in a few deeds in Co. Carlow. You can find them on my deeds page.

July 21, 2011
JACKSONs of Doncaster This family began in England, and then had family in Co. Tyrone. The most significant were the two cousins who married: James Edward JACKSON & Lydia JACKSON. He became the Dean of Armagh. I have highlighted in blue the known family members who either were born, married or died in Ireland, or were otherwise known to reside there. I expect that this list will grow as I learn more. This outline is followed by a detailed report which includes sources. July 21, 2011
JACKSONs of Duddington, England and Fanningstown, Ireland This family started in Northamptonshire, and had a significant number of Irish connections – family born, married or died in Ireland. I have highlighted these in blue so they are easier to see. There will likely be more to add as I continue with this work – and as other contributors  pitch in with whatever they can find. July 21, 2011
JACKSONs of Ballyboy, Kings Co. There is more than one line of JACKSONs going back to the late 1600s in Ballyboy, Kings. Co. This tree is a start at one line of them. It incorporates material from a couple of trees that have been sent to me by other JACKSON family researchers, as well as other material interpolated from deeds research and PRONI, and the National Archives in Dublin. There is much more to learn here. July 16, 2011
July 21, 2011
1827 November 1 NAMES: John JACKSON of Crieve; Alice aka Alicia DARLEY; John JACKSON of Cremorne; Robert MURDOCK of Eccles St., Dublin; Frederick DARLEY Esq. of William St., Dublin; Rev. John DARLEY; Richard ALLEN; Anne DARLEY; Frances DARLEY; Master HAUGHTON; Master SMITH; William DARLEY Esq. of York St., Dublin; Richard DARLEY of Kings Court, Co. Cavan; Henry LUDLOW; Thomas CHRISTIAN; Henry F. DARLEY; Oliver MOORE. July 7, 2011
1816 February 26 NAMES: John JACKSON; John TATLOW of Grover, Co. Cavan; Elizabeth TATLOW; Anthony Tippington TATLOW probably of Bally [?]; Hugh JACKSON of Drumfaldra, Co. Monaghan; John JACKSON of Crieve; Robert KERR; Hugh JACKSON; John JACKSON; Alexander JACKSON; James JACKSON; Rev. Robert SMYTHE aka SMITH of Dillan, Co. Down;Andrew OLIVER of Leuradown aka Corradown, Co. Monaghan; Capt William JOHNSTON; James DUFF; Thomas GOSLIN of Drumruin Lodge, Co. Cavan. OTHER PLACES: Carrickneneeagh. July 7, 2011
1793 June 17 NAMES: John JOHNSTON of Ballyhain aka Ballytain, Co. Monaghan; Robert JACKSON of Woodvale, Co. Armagh; Richard SEAVER of Bellaghy, Co. Armagh; John JOHNSTON of Armaghgore, Co. Monaghan; Leslie KIRK of Monaghan; Edward CARROLL; Hugh HOFSOM; John HOFSOM. OTHER PLACES: Ballynahonebeg. July 7, 2011
JACKSONs of Santry Significant new facts have been added to this family tree. July 7, 2011
JACKSONs of Steeple, Co. Antrim This line of JACKSONs has pricked my curiosity on two counts.: Firstly, the fact that the first George JACKSON is referred to as a Gent, and a successful merchant, and that he was also probably associated with the leather trade - aka a cordwainer. There are a significant number of other JACKSONs in the leather trades in Ireland in this time frame, and whose holdings would suggest that they shared a similar social status: Gilbert JACKSON (1677-1723) and James JACKSON (1669-1711) both of Co. Down; Joseph JACKSON in Co. Monaghan (father of Richard JACKSON 1769-1836); Robert JACKSON (abt 1650-1711) of Crooked Staff in Dublin; William JACKSON of Killmainhorn, Co. Dublin; Daniel JACKSON of Athy, Co. Kildare in a 1709 deed; and Richard JACKSON active in shipping tanned goods in the late 1600s in Drogheda. July 7, 2011
1773 May 1 NAMES: Rev. George JACKSON of Stabannon, Co. Louth; Capt. Jonathon Bowes BENSON; Charles BROUGHTON; Jonathon COURTNEY; Edward COURTNEY; Nathanial LOW aka LOWE of Loweville, Co. Galway; Fownes JACKSON; Joseph HAYDEN; James POE. OTHER PLACES: Tully, Parish of Louth. July 7, 2011
1779 April 28 NAMES: Richard JACKSON of Coleraine; George HART aka HARTE of Dublin; David LaTOUCHE jr. of Dublin; Henry HART aka HARTE; William JACKSON; Frances EYRE of Eyrecourt, Co. Galway; Elizabeth MOORE; John McALLISTER; William GREER; Thomas HAND; John LITTLE; Thomas STEPHENSON; William KELLY. OTHER PLACES: Ballymadegan; Drumnaquilt [Parish of Killowen, Barony of Coleraine]; Donballycarne; Ringrassbegg Ringrassmore [Parish of Macosquin, Barony Coleraine]; Ardaclaire Upper and lower Altabrean, County Londonderry. July 3, 2011
1743 July 25 NAMES: Richard GORGES; Elizabeth FIELDING; Hamilton GORGES; Right Honorable William Lord Baron of Howth aka William St. LAWRENCE; Thomas JACKSON; Gorges Edward HOWARD; John SMITH; George LOWTHER of Kilbrew, Co. Meath. I have not followed up on the huge number of townland names included. July 3, 2011
1730 February 23/24 NAMES: John BALL of Three Castles aka Bannough, Kilkenny; Thomas JACKSON of Dublin; Dorothy BALL née JACKSON; John HAMILTON; John DOWNING; William PARRY. July 3, 2011
1757 April 5 NAMES: William JACKSON of Balyolane aka Ballyvaloon, Co. Cork; George HODDER; Thomas BARTER [pos. Thomas BARKER] of Anagh, Co. Cork; Rt. Hon Edward SOUTHWELL; John NASH, Esq. of Brinny; Elizabeth FRANKLYN; John VAUGHAN; William SNOWE; Gregory PHILPOTT; Samuel JACKSON. OTHER PLACES: Currane Treilshane in “Kinnelea” Barony aka Barony Kinalea Co. Cork. July 2, 2011
1864 March 26 NAMES: Thomas BLIGH of Brittas, Co. Meath; John SHEILS; James WRIGHT; Thomas Cherburgh BLIGH; James DYAS; Arthur IRWIN; William SHEILS; Edward BLIGH; Sir Ralph HOWARD; Charles William HAMILTON; Gordon JACKSON; Thomas JACKSON sr. & jr.; Philip McCORMICK; John M'ENANY; Thomas Tughe MECREDY. OTHER PLACES: Lisnagrogh, part of Ballynatinuff, Barony of Lower Kells, Co. Meath. NOTE: This deed references several earlier agreements dating back to 1715. July 2, 2011
1828 January 15 NAMES: Hugh JACKSON of Creeve, Ballybay; John JACKSON. OTHER PLACES: Carnaveagh. July 2, 2011
1820 May 3 DONALDSON-COULTER NAMES: Alexander DONALDSON of Philipstown; Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Stewart KING; James DICKIE; Charles COULTER; Robert DICKIE; Joseph DICKIE; James DICKIE; John GETTY; Robert GETTY; Ralph COULTER; Francis ARMSTRONG. June 26, 2011
1818 November 24 DICKIE & DONALDSON NAMES: James DICKIE of Carrickastuck; Alexander DONALDSON; Stewart KING; John FOSTER of Collon; Rt Hon. Frederick Viscount BOYNE aka Frederick HAMILTON; Sir Charles HAMILTON; John Stewart HAMILTON; Charles GRANT; Charles COULTER; Henry COULTER; Paul PARKS; James POLLOCK; Patrick LAWLESS; William FOSTER; Robert DICKIE of Annaghavackey; Andrew BRADFORD; Samuel BRADFORD;John BAILIE; Hugh CULLAN; James LAWLESS; Alexander PARKER; John TOWNLEY; E. WOODHOUSE. OTHER PLACES: Cavananore; Shortstone; Cloughmagniggan - perhaps aka Clonaleeenan; Barronstown. June 26, 2011
1811 October 1 COULTER-CALLAN NAMES: Charles COULTER of Annaghavacky; Brian CALLAN of Tankardstown; Patrick LENNON of Carrickastuck; William COULTER; Charles COULTER jr.; Ralph COULTER; Henry COULTER; Daniel CASSIDY; Stephen PAGE. June 26, 2011
1789 Mar 7 NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Dunany; Susannah BAILIE of Clonaleenan; WIlliam POLLOCK; Richard KINDRICK; George BANON; Charles BANON; Robert BANON; John BANON; James COULTER of Carrickastuck; John MURPHY; George TWIBILL of Dublin. June 26, 2011
1788 August 20 SIBTHORPE-BAILIE & DICKIE NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Dunany; John BAILIE akak BAILLIE; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Rev. Patrick SIMSON aka SIMPSON aka SYMSON aka SYMPSON of Philipstown; James COULTER; George TWIBILL; C. ROONEY;John MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Annaghavackey; Tavanore aka Cavananore; Carrickastuck; Shanmullagh; Courtbane; Terfecken aka Termonfekin. June 26, 2011
1782 October 7 SIBTHORPE-DICKIE NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Newtown; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Alexander McCOMBE; Rev. Alexander McCOMBE; Elizabeth Lady Viscountess Dowager BOYNE; John WARBURTON of Dublin; John KENNEDY; John MURPHY; William KELLY. June 26, 2011
Carrickastuck I have just done a major update on the page on the townland of Carrickastuck aka Carrickistuck, Co. Louth. June 25, 2011
1880 September 16 Chancery Documents NAMES: Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Alexander BELL of Philipstown & Dublin; Catherine TRACY aka TREACY; Dennis TRACY. June 25, 2011
1875 June 3 Will of Ellen DICKIE NAMES: Ellen DICKIE of Carrickastuck; John DICKIE; Mary DICKIE; Rev. Joseph DICKIE; John Dobbin BELL; William STITT. June 25, 2011
1802 April 14 Will of Grizel REID NAMES: Grizel REID of Clonaleenan; Joseph REID; Robert DICKIE; James DICKIE; Ann COULTER; Joseph DICKIE; Mary DICKIE; Robert DICKIE; Elizabeth DICKIE; John DICKIE; Robert SMALL; of Mourne; Robert REID sr of Leakeal & Robert REID jr; James DICKIE; William NELSON; Alexander DONALDSON; James McCULLAGH; Alexander McCOMBE; J. RADCLIFF. OTHER PLACES: Ballygallum, Co. Down. June 25, 2011
1795 May 4 COULTER-COULTER NAMES: Charles COULTER; Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Robert SIBTHORPE of Newtown; WIlliam COULTER; Charles COULTER; John COULTER; John Lord BELLEW; Ralph COULTER; James COULTER of Roachdale aka Anaghavackey; John COULTER of Mounthill, June 25, 2011
1795 July 6 COULTER-DICKIE NAMES: Charles COULTER of Roachdale aka Annaghavackey; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Samuel MOFFETT; Robert SIBTHORPE; Henry COULTER; Ralph COULTER; William COULTER; Charles COULTER; James COULTER. OTHER PLACES: Philipstown. June 25, 2011
1792 January 20 MOFFITT-DICKIE NAMES: Samuel MOFFITT aka MAFFETT aka MOFETT of Freeduff; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; James COULTER, sr. of Carrickastuck; Charles COULTER of Annaghavackey; Patrick MAGUINESS; Patrick CORR. June 25, 2011
1789 April 8 COULTER-McCORMICK NAMES: Charles COULTER of Roachdale aka Rochdale aka Annaghavackey; Mary McCORMICK; Hugh McCORMICK; Arthur McCORMICK of Carrickastuck; Ralph COULTER; Henry COULTER; William COULTER; John COULTER of Mounthill; James COULTER; Patrick MAGINNIS; Samuel MOFFETT. June 25, 2011
1845 April 2 DEED: CHARLETON-DAVISON NAMES: William CHARLETON aka CHARLTON of Philipstown; John Thomas DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Robert COULTER of Dundalk; Rev. David DAVISON,(husband of Jane COULTER); Thomas COULTER of Dublin and Dundalk; Alexander DONALDSON;Edward M'ARDLE; John JOHNSTON; Charles LYNAN; Samuel Alexander COULTER; Alexander COULTER; Joseph Arthur COULTER; James Neale McNEILL; Samuel McCULLAGH of Dundalk; Tobias M. PURCELL; John HOHNES. PLACES: Killen, Kane aka The Stump; Ballinphul aka Ballinfuil; Marblehill. June 21, 2011
1864 February 4 COULTER-KENNY NAMES: Launcelot COULTER of Ballymascanlon; Edward KENNEY aka KENNY of Killen; Charles McMAHON; William McBRITNEY; William Robert ROGERS jr.; Francis Louis KENNEDY. June 21, 2011
JULIUS Family Tree This family had roots in Norfolk, then later in the British Colonies of St. Kitts and Nevis. They married into the DARE family, whose descendant Amelia Lydia DARE married Sir Thomas JACKSON. There are details of the DARE branch in Murray-Tollemache-Parke-Dare . June 13, 2011
1844 September 25 will of Louisa Caroline DARE NAMES: Louisa Caroline DARE née JULIUS of Camberwell; Rev. George QUILTER of Canwick, Lincolnshire; Alfred Alexander JULIUS of Richmond, Surrey; Jane Adelaide DARE; Augusta Louisa LOADER; John Julius DARE of New Amsterdam, West Indies; George Julius DARE of Singapore; Dr. George Charles JULIUS of Richmond. June 7, 2011
Strettell Jackson of Co. Cork This is one of those pieces of research where I cobble together what I can, and try to make sense of it. When I can go no further, I post it in the hopes that either someone else can make sense of it all, or else some parts of it will help someone else to break through their brick wall. This focuses on JACKSONs in Co. Cork, but the family had connections to many other counties and families, particularly in the Quaker and Protestant circles, but not exclusively in them.NOTE: There are also extensive footnotes about both Strettell and Lodowick JACKSON of Youghall, Co. Cork. May 27, 2011
1859 September 6 Memorial NAMES: Launcelot COULTER of Ballymascanlon; John DICKIE of Moyles, Co. Monaghan; Russell PATTESON of Fairhill; Mountifest LONGFIELD; Charles James HARGRAN possibly HARGREAVE; WIlliam CARVILLE; Thomas George ROWLAND of Whitemills; Mary BELL aka CROZIER of Christianson; Sir John McNEILL. May 21, 2011
1854 November 7 Memorial NAMES: Jane MAGILL; Launcelot COULTER of Killeen; William PARSONS; Thomas BRYAN; Samuel REID. OTHER PLACES: Edentubber aka Edentober; Clanlyard possibly Clontygora; Clanbrassil St., Dundalk. May 21, 2011
1861 April 10 Deed NAMES: John TOWNLEY of Ballymascanlon; Launcelot COULTER; James Wolfe McNEALE; James MOORE; Thomas Coulter DICKIE; James STOKES; Robert ROGERS; John HANBURY. OTHER PLACES: Mountpleasant aka Mount Pleasant; Culfore. May 21, 2011
1873 September 4 - will of Launcelot COULTER NAMES: Launcelot COULTER of Ballmascanlon; Montifort LONGFIELD; Charles James HARGREAVE; George CRAWLEY sr. of Killeen; George CRAWLEY jr.; Elizabeth COULTER; Elizabeth OLIVER, née Elizabeth CRAWLEY; William CRAWLEY; John COULTER; Joseph CRAWLEY; Esther HILL née COULTER; Anne CRAWLEY née COULTER; Mary JOHNSTON née COULTER; Dr. William POLLOCK of Caravilla; Joseph CRAWLEY; FOSTER; Edward TIPPING; Maria WILSON; Thomas WILSON; Joseph DICKIE; WIlliam GIBBON. OTHER PLACES: Clontygora, Edentubber aka Edentober; Culfore; Monascrobe aka Monascreebe; Bellurgan; Proleek; Dundalk. May 21, 2011
1919 Will of John COULTER NAMES: John COULTER; Patrick TREACY; William TREACY; Margaret TREACY; Mary Anne TREACY; Margaret GORDON; John Gordon COULTER; Charles COULTER; James McCOURT; Francis James TEEVAN; A. NELSON. PLACES: Carrickmacross; Ottertail, Minnesota. May 11, 2011
Murray-Tollemach-Parke-Dare The MURRAY-TOLLEMAGHE-PARKE-DARE family tree is a complex and fascinating tree. There are links that go back to Gregory CROMWELL - husband of Elizabeth SEYMOUR, whose sister Jane was wife to Henry VIII. The tree starts with William MURRAY, the whipping boy of King Charles I. In the ensuing generations, there are stories of fortunes made and lost, of pirates, and bigamous marriages. In short, practically everything that could have happened to this family, from the noble, merchant and seafaring classes, did. April 4, 2011
1908 May 19 Obit. William Ramsay SCOTT was a brother-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON. April 4, 2011
DARE history by George Mildmay Dare This is the family history of the DARE-JULIUS family as compiled by George Mildmay DARE somtime before his death in 1907. It was clearly also used for the history that Amy Oliver LLOYD prepared in 1951. The footnotes on this piece are mine. April 4, 2011
1890 August 1 NAMES: Thomas BALL of Cullihanna; John JACKSON of Liscagot; Margaret JACKSON; Barbara JACKSON; Samuel BALL of Urker; Patrick KANE of Coolderry; George JACKSON, lawyer in Dublin. March 26, 2011
1927 January 29 - The Straits Times Annie Dorothea Caroline EARNSHAW of Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England, daughter of  Edward EARNSHAW & Caroline Sophie DEACON was first married to George Mildmay DARE and then after his death to G.P. OWEN. She was also a sister-in-law of Amelia Lydia DARE, wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON of HSBC. Their stories are also part of the story of why HSBC and other business enterprises experienced some of their early successes - based on the social connections which laid the ground for business connections. More of that story will be told in my upcoming book. March 13, 2011
1907 December 16 The Singapore Press George Mildmay DARE was the brother-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON of HSBC. The story of his sister Amelia Lydia DARE is also part of the story of why HSBC experienced some of its early successes - the social connections which laid the ground for business connections. More of that story will be told in my upcoming book. March 13, 2011
Jacksons in 1847 in Ceylon & India These are the references for a number of JACKSON family members in India and Ceylon in 1847. March 13, 2011
Hong Kong Outings in late 1800s This page has a selection of photos of outings that included members of the family of Sir Thomas JACKSON as well as several of their friends and business acquaintances. February 22, 2011
Hong Kong 1894 This is a page of photographs of a fund-raising chess game played with people as chess pieces in 1894 at Wan Chai which was formerly called East Point. February 22, 2011
Cavananore about 1908 It may turn out that I have egg on my face, but I believe the family gathering depicted here is at Cavananore. February 10, 2011
The history of The Peak in Hong Kong The history of building on The Peak in Hong Kong is intertwined with the stories of many of the men who were in power in Hong Kong in the mid to late 1800s, as well as the stories of their wives and children. Thomas Jackson and his family built a summer home there called Creggan. February 9, 2011
Old Pictures of Hong Kong Houses and family This is one of these pages that will be in progress for some time. I have more pictures to add, and much more to learn about the ones that I already have. February 7, 2011
Unveiling Ceremony & other pictures This series of pictures were taken on Febraury 24, 1906 at the unveiling ceremony of a statue celebrating Sir Thomas Jackson. It was erected at Statue Square in Hong Kong and is only one of two statues remaining that were erected in the late 1800s and early 1900s. January 31, 2011
Unveiling Ceremony A statue was erected to honour Sir Thomas Jackson in 1906. This is the account by The Hong Kong Telegraph, March 3, 1906. January 31, 2011
Jacksons & Wexford mentions in Deeds I am an absolute novice when it comes to research in Wexford, and am still trying to place several townlands that are mentioned there. My notes beneath illustrate the extent of my ignorance. Bit by bit, I will compare these entries with other sources, and perhaps will learn more about them and their families. In the meantime, if any of these JACKSONs are “yours”, please let me know and I will add their particulars under the notes column. January 27, 2011
JACKSONs from Co. Wicklow in Deeds This list of references does not capture anything like all the records of JACKSONs connected to Co. Wicklow who appear in Memorials of Deeds, but it is a start. January 23, 2011
JACKSONs mentioned in gravemarkers in Ireland This page is a work in progess - I will record updates, so it may be worth checking in from time to time. January 23, 2011
Creggan Church of Ireland Church Registers I have done a substantial update, adding dozens of new records to this page. January 23, 2011
1901 Census - Co. Louth JACKSONs These Jackson families are clustered in two cities in Co. Louth: Dundalk & Drogheda. Jacksons living in each of these places may be pertinent to the study of the background of Sir Thomas Jackson. Some are gone by the time of the 1911 Census. January 16, 2011
1911 Irish Census - Co. Louth JACKSONs These Jackson families are clustered in two cities in Co. Louth: Dundalk & Drogheda. Jacksons living in each of these places may be pertinent to the study of the background of Sir Thomas Jackson. January 16, 2011
Dundalk & other Co. Louth mentions of Jacksons At present, I do not know how any of these Dundalk JACKSONs may connect with the John W. JACKSON who called himself a cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON in a letter sent about 1900. There may also be a connection to the Charles Jackson memorialized at Clonaleenan Graveyard (see bottom of page). January 15, 2011
1900 John W. Jackson letter to Sir Thomas Jackson This is a significant letter, in spite of its brevity. It is the first mention of John W. JACKSON being a cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) and could very well lead to other branches of the family. Thanks to Pat Roberts and John McAnally for their input on various aspects. January 15, 2011
Census in Manchester looking for John W. Jackson These census records from Manchester came to me thanks to the hard work of John McAnally. They are the start of tring to find the ancestors of John W. Jackson, who wrote a letter in about 1900 to Sir Thomas JACKSON. January 15, 2011
JACKSONs in Wicklow, Wexford and some Kildare This dozen or so pages includes various bits that I have found relating to the JACKSONs who had connections with either Co. Wexford or Co. Wicklow - and some bits from Kildare. When I finish more deeds research, there will be more to add - possibly in a separate page. January 5, 2011
1857 August 1 NAMES: Robert COULTER; Thomas BRADFORD; Alexander PARKER; Mary BRADFORD; William CHARLETON; Catherine DONALDSON; Joseph DONALDSON; Joseph DICKIE; Pat RUSSEL; R.A. THOMPSON. PLACES: Carrickastuck; Philipstown; Carnbeg. December 31, 2010
1834 February 20 NAMES: Alexander PARKER; Mary BRADFORD; Thomas BRADFORD; Robert COULTER; Samuel COULTER; John Henry RANSON; John TOWNLEY. PLACES: Dundalk; Carnbeg. December 31, 2010
Tullyvallen & relations of JACKSONs I have assembled a pretty extensive table containing all that I have collected so far that may relate to both Tullyvallen as well as to various relations of JACKSONs. I suspect they will turn out to be related to the families of Liscalgot & Urker. December 29, 2010
Jacksons of Tullyvallen, Parish of Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh These little family trees can more correctly be called shrubs – they have so few twigs so far, and many of them have been grafted on with a bit more tape and glue than what I normally feel comfortable with. Still, I have cobbled them together in the theory that something is better than nothing and they can always be pruned or even turfed if they turn out to be in error. December 29, 2010
JACKSONs in the Belfast Newsletter My primary goal here was to note JACKSONs, but I also picked up a few other stray bits that interested me for one reason or another. In articles that have long lists of names, I have sorted them alphabetically – which is not how they were printed in the paper, but it makes it easier to avoid eyeball burn out. December 13, 2010
JACKSONs of St. John Parish, Dublin Like many of the other pages of parish churches in Dublin, I have a great deal more work to do - but it will have to wait until the new year. October 26, 2010
JACKSONs of St. Michans Parish, Dublin This parish intrigues me because of its connection to the JACKSONs of Ballybay who were involved in the United Irishmen. It may very well be that they were also related to some of the earlier JACKSONs in this parish. October 26, 2010
JACKSONs of St. Catherine's Parish, Dublin I have done more work on the JACKSONs of this Parish than I have been able to for the pages relating to other parishes. More work still awaits me however and I hope to get to it early in the new year. October 26, 2010
JACKSONs of St. Bride's Parish, Dublin The JACKSONs in this parish seem to be primarily trades people. I have more to learn and will get back to this page in the new year. October 26, 2010
JACKSONs of St. Audoens Parish, Dublin The number of JACKSONs in this parish with military connections intrigues me. I have much to learn here and will get back to this material early in the new year. October 26, 2010
JACKSONs of St. Andrews Parish, Dublin I will revisit this page early in the new year. For now, this is as far as I can take it. October 26, 2010
JACKSONs of St. Nicholas Parish, Dublin I will revisit this page early in the new year. For now, this is as far as I can take it. October 26, 2010
Cancellation Books of Aghavilla The last of David JACKSON's and Eliza OLIVER's children to be born at Aghavilla aka Aughavilla was Mary JACKSON b 1844. There is a deed reference that shows David JACKSON still connected to Aghavilla in 1849 August 27. This is the last mention of the land in connection with him and his name does not show up in the records at the time of the Griffiths Valuation in 1856-7. According to his marriage agreement, JACKSON had leased 86 acres and 17 perches or thereabouts - measured in Irish acres. This would work out to be a little more than 139 acres English measure. It would seem that this would then be the land leased by LaTouche to Rorke. The mystery is when and how the land went from a leasehold held by David JACKSON to one held by Hugh RORKE. October 26, 2010
JACKSONs in 1600 Parish registers of Dublin After bashing my head on many brick walls, I have decided to start looking at as many JACKSONs as I can find in Ireland in the 1600s. My reasons are self serving. I know that my particular JACKSONs came over to Ireland in that century, although which particular batch they belonged to, I haven't a clue. Most of these JACKSON records included beneath will be ruled out as significant to me in the long run, but may be significant for others. Many of them may have been mainly in Antrim or Down or Carlow or goodness knows where else – but they still had links to Dublin as well. October 3, 2010
1765 June 15 Will of Richard JACKSON NAMES: James JACKSON; Richard JACKSON; Elizabeth HARRISON; George HARRSION; Jackson HARRISON; Margaret HARRISON; Elinor HARRISON; Mary HARRISON sr. & jr.; Thomas JACKSON; Thomas PEAT; Richard GITSOLL aka GAITSKILL; John POSTLEWAITE; WIlliam BAXTER. PLACES: Kirby Kendal; Finkle Street aka ffinkle; Gill in Bradley Field; Brigsteer. September 2, 2010
JACKSONs at Trinity College I have sorted the material by date.  This is my first stab at documenting who is who. I am hopeful that others will contribute and then we can find homes for all of these JACKSONs. August 24, 2010
Jacksons of Christ's College from Yorkshire, Westmorland & Lancashire My purpose in assembling this table and highlighting various words is to support those researchers who are working to establish links between the various JACKSON families who emigrated to Ireland in the 1600s and then perhaps also went back and forth to England for reasons of study, business or family. The JACKSONs of Coleraine were definitely connected to the Clothworkers part of the plantation settlements in the early 1600s, but more is still to be learned of them. They were also not the only line of JACKSONs to settle in Ireland in this time frame, although it is not unlikely that other lines will turn out to have some tangential relationship with them. Leeds, Westmorland and Yorkshire were specific places that many of them hailed from. August 22, 2010
JACKSONs mentioned amongst Oxford Alumni My purpose in assembling this table and highlighting various words is to support those researchers who are working to establish links between the various JACKSON families who emigrated to Ireland in the 1600s and then perhaps also went back and forth to England for reasons of study, business or family.
The JACKSONs of Coleraine were definitely connected to the Clothworkers part of the plantation settlements in the early 1600s in Londonderry, but more is still to be learned of them. They were also not the only line of JACKSONs to settle in Ireland in this time frame, although it is not unlikely that other lines will turn out to have some tangential relationship with them. Leeds, Westmorland and Yorkshire were specific places that many of them hailed from.
August 22, 2010
Index to Irish Marriages 1771-1712 I have made a table incorporating the JACKSONs mentioned in the two volumes of Walker's Hiberian Magazine and added clarifications where known. August 22, 2010
Significant updates of: Jackson mentions in Cromwellian records and Jacksons in Co. Down probates August 22, 2010
Sources for JACKSONs of Co. Down August 21, 2010
Samuel JACKSON of Dundonald, Co. Down This Samuel JACKSON - or "these" Samuel JACKSONs - are more than likely to be part of the family lines traced in the County Down JACKSONs. At present, I am in a zone of decided ignorance, but I have decided to share the crumbs that I have scrounged in the hopes of learning more. August 21, 2010
1735-1739 Letters concerning JACKSONs and deeds in Co. Down The families of NICHOLSON-JACKSON and CLELAND seem to be more than geographically close. There are several connections of either intermarriage and/or property. I suspect I only know the half of it. These letters as well as other documents that I hope to see in the near future should help us to connect more of the dots of the early JACKSON years in Co. Down. A particular curiousity of mine concerns Anne JACKSON (1724-1814) who married a BLACKWOOD and is buried in the Abbey Graveyard at Bangor.
NAMES: James JACKSON; James BLACKWOOD; Gilbert JACKSON;STEVENSON; Robert BLACKWOOD; Elizabeth HUTCHON; Mr. ECHLIN; PLACES: Ballyleidy; Ballymisca.
August 20, 2010
The Jacksons of Co. Down A great deal of new information has come to light since this page was first posted (not that long ago!). The three trees that are included challenge many assumptions about the ancestry of both President Andrew JACKSON as well as Stonewall JACKSON. There is still much to learn and I suspect future revisions will contribte to an ever-clearer picture of the truth. August 20, 2010
The Ejected of 1662 in Cumberland and Westmoreland : Their Predecessors and Successors, Vol 2. This is a fascinating document with many, many references to both JACKSONs and also MAULEVERERs (another family that had roots in Northern Ireland). There is also quite a bit about the context of Quakers, Presbyterians and the Established church in the mid-1600s in Westmoreland. August 3, 2010
The Ejected of 1662 in Cumberland and Westmoreland : Their Predecessors and Successors,Vol 1. B. Nightingale, M.A. Manchester, 1911 There are numerous JACKSONs in these records. August 2, 2010
JACKSON Family Trees based on Whittington Parish register I have merely grouped JACKSON names that seem to belong together. It seems like a modest enough place to start, although I suspect that many of these little trees are in turn related to each other as well. August 2, 2010
JACKSONs in Whittington, Westmorland Church Registers These records provide the BMD sources for a number of the JACKSONs who ended up in Londonderry in the mid-1600s. They are likely significant for understanding many other Irish-England connections. August 2, 2010
Jacksons of Co. Down The ancestry of the JACKSONs of County Down may turn out to hold valuable clues to correcting some glitches in the supposed ancestry of both President Andrew JACKSON as well as Stonewall JACKSON. More work is required and I will focus on some of it in the fall of 2010 when I plan to visit Ireland again. The trade of tanner that some of the early members of the family are engaged in is of interest since there are JACKSONs in the same time frame in Drogheda who are also connected to the tanning trades. July 28, 2010
JACKSON subscribers to Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837 July 13, 2010
JACKSONs of Lisnaboe, Co. Meath The sources for much of the detail included in this tree come from http://www.farrell-family.org/ an excellent site with hundreds of primary sources managed by Bill and Mary Farrell. I have not taken the time yet to integrate the outline tree with the detailed report (which follows the outline on this page). July 12, 2010
JACKSONs named in Land Grants In time, my hope is that we will be able to pin all these men to particular JACKSON family trees. For now, this is merely a work in progress. SOURCE: The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry, When Cromwell came to Ireland. John O’Hart. 2007. July 9, 2010
Jackson crests relating to Irish JACKSONs This page has meant looking simultaneously at dozens of JACKSON crests - and I can't claim to not have made a mistake or three. There were dozens of hyperlinks to add - so hopefully they are all working. Please let me know if you encounter difficulties, errors or if you can add more to this story. July 8, 2010
JACKSONs of Duddingham Duddington [aka Doddington], Northamptonshire, England  is the origin of a JACKSON family tree that rooted in Fanningstown, Co. Limerick. July 8, 2010
The JACKSONs of Enniscoe and Carramore, Co. Mayo originated in Sneyd Park, Bristol, England. I suspect that in time, we will also find that this tree is connected to a Miles JACKSON of Co. Mayo (found there as early as 1655). July 8, 2010
Descendants of William MAULEVERER This is just a couple of generations of MAULEVERERs. They go back many generations at Maghera, Co. Derry and at some point, I will add those bits in. For now, this is intended only as a complement to the story about the murder of Robert Lindsay MAULEVERER. July 7, 2010
1711 February 18 will of James JACKSON NAMES: James JACKSON tanner of Newtown, Co. Down; John JACKSON, brother of Ballyreagan; Katherine McKINNEY aka Catring McKINNEY; Catrine HUTCHON and Catrine BIRCHE; Rachel JACKSON; JohnTODE; Agnes PAGE; Sam McDOUELL; Hendrie JACKSON; James ROSSE; John JACKSON of Ballyskeagh; Thomas JACKSON of Ballyreagan; James JACKSON nephew of James JACKSON of Ballymasca; James  NEIL; Gilbert JACKSON son of John JACKSON of Ballyskeagh; Martha WITHER; James SLOAN; Thomas JACKSON of Newtown Innkeeper. July 4, 2010
Jackson Tree in Library of Congress There are some good clues here, but probably also some red herrings. Since this material is unsourced, I approach it with caution. July 4, 2010
JACKSONs in Co. Down Probates The Newtown JACKSONs seem to be tied into the John JACKSON, born 1624 Eccleston, Lancashire, England. July 4, 2010
JACKSONs in Co. Carlow Griffiths This is a work in progress. I am trying to situate the JACKSONs who show up in Griffiths as either lessors or lessees in Co. Carlow. This page also includes where they are in a Parish map. July 2, 2010
JACKSONs - Various trees of families based or connected to Co. Carlow Since the oral history of the JACKSONs of Urker, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh is that the family was granted lands in Co. Carlow, I wanted to check out records that might help us to verify or disprove this, Both would be useful. Now that DNA is complementing the paper trails that are possible through other means, this work may also be helpful to other lines of JACKSONs. In light of this, if you family ties into any of these lines, then it would be helpful to let me know so I can add to the shared memory bank.
: I suspect that other information relating to Carlow JACKSONs will emerge as I work on the Dublin JACKSON clues.
July 2, 2010
JACKSONs found in Carlow Church of Ireland Records NOTE: Since my focus is JACKSONs, I didn’t look much at non-JACKSON witnesses. I have checked the image of the register for all the burials and Baptisms and selected records otherwise. I have sorted the three tables (Marriages; Baptisms and Deaths) chronologically. July 2, 2010
1834 May 1 NOBLETT-JACKSON NAMES: Estyer [Esther?] JACKSON; Joseph BRIEN; Thomas NOBLETT; Henry JACKSON; Andrew STEWART; Francis JONES; Samuel JACKSON; George BARKER aka George PARKER; Joseph BARKER aka Joseph PARKER; Joseph JACKSON; William MOORE; Widow MURPHY; Rachel JACKSON; Samuel SHARP; Thomas ALCOCK; Valentine KINSHALLA (this name may be a misreading of the text); Widow BYRNE; Abraham PARKER sr.; Abraham PARKER jr.; Joseph PARKER; Lorenzo John WALTERS; Michael HICKEY; Oliver MOORE. PLACES: Hacketstown; Coolmana; Nashe’s Quarters; Long Meadow; Soliska aka Loliska aka Starlusk aka Stralusky, Parish of Haroldstown; River Dereen; Charles’s Park. July 2, 2010
1834 May 2 JACKSON-NOBLETT NAMES: Estyer [Esther?] JACKSON; Joseph BRIEN; Thomas NOBLETT; Henry JACKSON; Andrew STEWART; Francis JONES; Samuel JACKSON; George BARKER aka George PARKER; Joseph BARKER aka Joseph PARKER; Joseph JACKSON; William MOORE; Widow MURPHY; Rachel JACKSON; Widow BYRNE; Abraham PARKER sr.; Abraham PARKER jr.; Joseph PARKER; Lorenzo John WALTERS; Michael HICKEY; Oliver MOORE. PLACES: Hacketstown; Coolmana; Nashe’s Quarters; Long Meadow; Soliska aka Loliska aka Starlusk aka Stralusky, Parish of Haroldstown; River Dereen; Charles’s Park. July 2, 2010
JACKSONs - one line based in Co. Carlow & Co. Wicklow This line of JACKSONs were based in both Co. Wicklow and Co. Carlow. Some of my connections in this tree are based on fairly far fetched hunches - but I have identified them as such so I hope that any errors do not echo into posterity! As I learn more, I will fix it up. I am grateful for the help from Inga JACKSONs posts to the Carlow List Serve as well as emails from other participants on that list. June 20, 2010
JACKSONs of Santry This is my first crack at this particular JACKSON tree, so I expect it will be improved in the future thanks to the kindness of friends and strangers (and the magic of all those who connect through the ether). Please let me know if you encounter errors or have other sources that are new to me. June 20, 2010
JACKSONs found in Co. Carlow & Co. Wicklow I have two requests of readers. Firstly, this is a 30 page document and I have had to wrestle with some aspects of getting it onto a readable page. Please let me know if it works for you. Secondly, If you have trees that link any of the earlier names to more recent ones, I would love to learn more. NOTE: I have not interpolated data from the 1901 Census since it seemed to shed no significant new light on what I already had. June 3, 2010
I have just completed a number of interrelated pages concerning early property holdings in Co. Cavan. Firstly, there is the list that Coote replicated from Pynnar on lands in 1618-1619. Secondly, a page where I make a stab at following the older place names into what they are more frequently known as today. Thirdly, early sightings of JACKSONs in Co. Cavan. Finally, a list of the proprietors in Co. Cavan in 1802 - which includes one lone JACKSON. May 20, 2010
Recollections written about 1951 This history was written by Amy Oliver JACKSON, one of the daughters of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915). May 17, 2010
1916 March 3rd. Probate of 1905 Will of Sir Thomas Jackson NAMES: Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915); Amelia Lydia Lady JACKSON (1851-1944); Kathleen McCullagh JACKSON (1872-1959); Thomas Dare JACKSON (1876-1854); George Julius JACKSON (1883-1856); Elizabeth BROWN (1843-1923); Mary GRIFFIN (1844-1921); Sarah GILMORE (1848-1942);Margaret McCULLAGH (1853-1944); Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON (1846-1929); James JACKSON (1850- aft 1911); Kate JACKSON (1854-?) widow of John JACKSON; PLACES: Stanstead; Cavananore; Urker; Annaghavackey; Liscalgot. May 17, 2010
The murder of Robert Lindsay Mauleverer The story of this murder has a significant connection to the story of the JACKSON family of Urker, Co. Armagh and there is also a direct connection with a family story about the boy who became Sir Thomas JACKSON, the man who ran HSBC in Hong Kong during the mid to late 1800s. May 12, 2010
The Battle for Cavananore This is the story of various legal challenges over Cavananore that stretched over more than a hundred years. The family names of the main players are:COULTER, BRADFORD, McCULLAGH and JACKSON. May 12, 2010
Jacksons of Urker genealogy notes Bessie BROWN née JACKSON  (1843-1923) was my great-grandmother. Her notes are amongst the earliest direct notes on our family history that we have. This does not mean that they are accurate, but most of it has been verified. April 18, 2010
Jacksons of Coleraine I have done a major rewrite of this page. A significant amount of old information has been corrected and clarified and new information has been added. April 10, 2010
Descendants of Jane JACKSON & Henry WRAY The WRAY family are connected to the JACKSONs of Coleraine. April 10, 2010
1739 July 3 Deed Notes NAMES: Frances JACKSON; Rev. Peter JACKSON of Killincoole and Darver; Rev. George JACKSON of Dromin, Mosstown & Stabannon; George ADAMS of Heathtown; Elizabeth ADAMS née JACKSON; Francis JACKSON; ANthony FOSTER; James DOBBIN. OTHER PLACES: Bellelulcashell, Kilhavan, Killemurree, Mullefinegan, Tannafofan, Killaughavare, & Eskar all in Co. Monaghan & town and lands of Ardpatrick Co. Louth. April 9, 2010
1931 Parliamentary Debates - Acquisition of Louth Estates NAMES: William BAILIE; Mrs. QUIGLEY; Patrick O'ROURKE; Patrick CUNNINGHAM; Misses DICKIE; Rupert F. FRANKLIN. PLACES: Annaghvackey; Cavananore; Clonaleenaghan; Rassan; Shanmullagh April 8, 2010
1915 List of lands owned by Sir Thomas JACKSON in Armagh & Louth NAMES: Sir Thomas JACKSON; PLACES: Cavananore; Anaghavakey; Urcher aka Urker; Liscalgot. These were lands that meant more to the family than simple acreage - they were the lands where his family had its roots, roots that went back at least to the mid-1700s in some properties and a century earlier in others. April 7, 2010
1818 September 4 Letter NAMES: James McCULLAGH; Elizabeth JACKSON née  McCULLAGH; John GILLMER; John WALLACE; David JACKSON; John JACKSON. PLACES: Creggan; Tullyegallahan aka Tullyogallaghan. April 6, 2010
1876 Jan 6th & the next few months - The John E. MORTON case This case helps to make sense of part of the ongoing conflict surrounding the house and lands of Cavananore, Co. Louth. I will finish writing up a full account in the near future. April 1, 2010
1864 May 21 will of Samuel STUART aka STEWART This is a will that was saved at Gilford Castle by Mary MENARY. It is a mystery about the connection of Samuel STUART to the MENARYs. I also wonder if the bequests may have had some bearing on a later MENARY-COUSER court case. This document is shared thanks to the generosity of Christine WRIGHT. The transcription and footnotes (and hence all errors) are mine. NAMES: Samuel STUART of Lisdrumard; Rev. Joseph Ford LEATHLY aka LEATHLEY; William MENARY sr. & William MENARY jr. of Magherkilcranny; Alexander MENARY of Cavanaballaghy aka Cavan Bellaghy; Sarah WILSON of Rowan, Parish of Derrynoose; Jane COUSER of Aghavilly; Anne COUSER of Aghavilly; Elizabeth ORR of Umgola; Margaret GRAY; James HAYES. March 30, 2010
1887 December 26 Eliza Jackson to Mary Menary jr. NAMES: Mary MENARY; David JACKSON; Ellen DONALDSON; Eliza JACKSON of Urker, Crossmaglen. March 30, 2010
1883 March 28 Robert Johnston to Mary Menary This letter is likely connected with ongoing legal issues concerning leases and lands with the McCULLAGHs. NAMES: Mary MENARY; James McCULLAGH; Mary Jane OLIVER; Robert JOHNSTON; PLACES: Ormond Quay, Dublin; Urker. March 30, 2010
John Jackson 1839-1886 I did a major rewrite of a biography of John JACKSON b. 1839. March 30, 2010
Elizabeth Jackson Report Cards from Newry District Model School Elizabeth JACKSON (1843-1923) attended Newry District Model School. I do not know whether others of her family also attended there, but it is likely. March 29, 2010
1851 October 11 Kathleen JACKSON to Thomas Dare JACKSON This letter explains the way that the letters that we have from Eliza JACKSON (1815-1903) were selected for posterity by her children. NAMES: Thomas Dare JACKSON; Kathleen McCullagh JACKSON; Amy Oliver JACKSON; Beatrice Minnie Shrieve JACKSON. PLACES: Herringfleet, Sussex. March 29, 2010
1887 October 26-30 Evening Post News. The story of the foundering of the HMS Waspas relayed from The China Mail to The Evening Post. In a letter that Elizabeth JACKSON wrote to her son Thomas October 31, 1887, she describes her fears about her son David who was on the ship and her hopes that he is safe. Her calm tone is remarkable. March 22, 2010
Deeds & Wills page I have updated a number of older deed transcriptions with new material added in the footnotes. In the right hand column on the Deeds & Wills page, I have inserted the date of the pertinent updates. I have also made hundreds of new data entries (and continue to do so) in my Family Tree March 19, 2010
John Charles COULTER (Nov 1840 – bet. 1914-1917) - the mystery surrounding his death and an exploration of his possible family connection to the COULTERs of Carrickastuck. The knowledge of the story is thanks to a series of emails in 2009 from Lainey (Elaine) Machovsky. March 2, 2010
Council book of Drogheda - Jackson references Starting in 1657, the first generation -Richard JACKSON of Drogheda (carpenter, sheriff etc.) - seems to have been quite successful. His son, Alderman Richard JACKSON also seems to have succeeded although his various pension requests in 1713-1715 lead one to wonder how well he was doing near the end of his life. By 1727, his son George seems even more financially precarious as he pleads for money so he can place his two sons as apprentices. The Corporation finally says, enough in 1730: and yt for the future, no petition or application be received from the said George Jackson for any further relief. February 26, 2010
Andrew Bradford OLIVER(1818-1877) This is a complete rewriting of this biography with new photos and information. February 10, 2010
JACKSONs of Creggan and Drogheda There is mounting evidence that there may be a connection between the JACKSONs of Creggan and the JACKSONs of late 1600s and early 1700s Drogheda. In time, this may or may not be proven. It will depend on not only the truth of whether or not there is a connection, but also whether there are enough available records to make the case compellingly.

February 4, 2010

February 26, 2010

PIPPARDs of County Louth Deeds. This page is not meant to be an exhaustive summary of all deeds pertaining to the PIPPARDs of County Louth. It only includes the ones that I have found as part of exploring JACKSON-PIPPARD connections as well as ones that can be found on Nick Reddan’s excellent site.  As in all of this work, we are all standing on the shoulders of others. February 1, 2010
1735 August 5 NAMES: Rt. Hon Lord John BELLEW; James DICKIE of Clonaleenan; David BAILIE; George PIPPARD of Drogheda; Cornelius M'LAUGHLIN of Drogheda; William PARRY. January 31, 2010
1735 August 5 NAMES: Rt. Hon. John Lord BELLEW; Samuel COULTER of Cavananore; John COULTER; Nathanial COULTER; Andrew COULTER; George PIPPARD of Drogheda; Cornelius M'LAUGHLIN; William PARRY. January 31, 2010
1735 August 27 NAMES: Rt. Hon. John Lord BELLEW; Charles COULTER of Carrickastuck; William COULTER of Carrickastuck; John COULTER; James COULTER; George PIPPARD of Drogheda; Cornelius M'LAUGHLIN of Drogheda; Matthew PAGEITT; Benjamin JOHNSTON. Updated from a notes version to a full transcription.
January 31, 2010
JACKSON Freemen of Dublin NOTE: This is merely the start of a work in progress - trying to learn more about these men and who their families may have been. I am particularly interested in the ones with Quaker links. January 26, 2009
1834 July 2 Will of Margaret JACKSON NAMES: Margaret JACKSON of Monaghan née IRWIN; James JACKSON; James ALEXANDER; George BARTLEY; James HATCHETT; E.M. MORPHY; Richard JACKSON of Monaghan. January 25, 2010
1812 Letter from William DONALDSON to Oswald LAWSON NAMES: Oswald LAWSON of Newry, Co. Armagh & Norfolk, Virginia; William DONALDSON of Freeduff, Co. Armagh; General B---VAL (I can't read his name); Dr. Edward SHERIDAN; Thomas KIRWAN of Dublin; Dr. William Steel DICKSON; Mark DEVLIN, Esq.; Rector Dr. Henry STEWART; James ?; Alderman WALMSLEY; Ann SCOTT and Unnamed SCOTT; Barbara DONALDSON. OTHER PLACES: Derry. January 5, 2010



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