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NAMES: Lord CONWAY - Francis Seymour CONWAY;Michael JACKSON; Mary JACKSON; Thomas WEALSHE aka WELSH; Brent SPENSER; Valentine JONES; Samuel CLARK; John BUNTIN; William RODMAN; Roger HADDOCK; Ralph SMYTH; John JACKSON; Michael JACKSON; Buntin JACKSON; Ralph JACKSON; Roger JACKSON; Ann JACKSON; Letitia JACKSON; Francis THURKILD; George GREGSTON aka GRESTON; Francis George THURKILD; Arthur DOBBS; James BENNING. PLACES: Lisburn; Dublin.
Sharon Oddie Brown, March 30, 2009
Updated June 18, 2014. & June 25, 2015. Lots of changes to footnotes based on new research.


1709 Aug 10.

PRONI T593/1


NOTE: I have not used the arcane spelling – such as “ffrance” since I used voice recognition software to transcribe it. There was no punctuation and I have added none. I have put a lot of the documentation into a family tree for these JACKSONs of Lisburn.


THIS INDENTURE made the 10th day of August in the year of our Lord God 1709 in the eighth year of the reign of our sovereign lady and by the grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland Queen defender of the faith and &c BETWEEN the right Hon. Francis Lord Conway[1] Barron of Ragley in the Kingdom of great Britain of the one part and Mary E. Jackson of Lisburn[2] in the County of Antrim widow of Michael Jackson[3] deceased of the other part WHEREAS by dreadful fire[4] which lately happened to the dwelling house of the said Michael Jackson deceased was amongst other houses of the said town of Lisburn burnt to the ground and whereas the said Francis Lord Conway in compassion to great loss sustained therein by the said Mary Jackson[5] is pleased to give a sufficient quantity of timber for the Building the said Tenement and also for the further Encouragement of the said Mary Jackson to rebuild the same in manner herein after mentioned freely and without fine to renew a lease of the premises NOW THIS INDENTURE witnesseth that the said Francis Lord Conway on the motives and for the causes aforesaid and in consideration of the rents duties services covenants and conditions herein after expressed HATH demised Lett and to Farm let and by these presents doth demise Lett and to farm let unto the said Mary Jackson all that piece or parcel of ground situate lying and being on the north side of the marketplace in Lisburn joining East upon Thomas Wealshes[6] tenement and west upon the tenement formally George Greston's [7]deceased containing in front Eighty and Eight feet and so ranging down one the right hand of the gate as you go in to the Barne field as also a parcel of land commonly called or known by the name of Jackson's Hill [8]and also another little parcel of land called the barne Park or meadow[9] all the said tenement and lands now in the possession of the said Mary Jackson the said lands containing by estimation 48 acres one rood English measure be the same more or less as it is now fenced and bounded (except all royalties) TO HAVE and to hold all and Singular the said tenement backside and garden thereunto belonging from the first day of May last past the date hereof from thenceforth for and during and until the full End and Term of one and 40 years fully to be completed and ended and TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said lands (for in consideration of a fine of 90 pounds five shillings sterling to him in Hand paid by the said Mary Jackson the receipt thereof in every part thereof the said Lord Conway doth hereby acknowledge from the first day of May last past the date hereof from thenceforth for and during and until the full End and Term of one and 40 years fully to be completed and ended YIELDING and paying unto the said Lord Conway his heirs and assigns & to such or person or persons to the whom the reversion of the premises shall for the time being belong the clear annual rent of 15 pounds 16 shillings sterling over and above all taxes and assessments whatsoever by act of Parliament or otherwise for the said tenement and land to be paid half yearly (vizt) one half every first day of November and every first day of May or within 20 days after each of the said days of payment and also yielding and paying sixpence per pound receiver's fees together with the yearly duties of two couple of fat capons and two days work of a man and horse and wheele Carr or five shillings and four pence in Lieu thereof at the choice and election of the said Lord Conway his heirs and Assigns AND the said Mary Jackson doth Covenant and promise for herself her Exrs admrs and Assigns that within the space of 12 months from the date hereof to build up the said tenement (if it be not already done) conformable to the next adjoining tenements and to pave and cleanse the streets as far as unto the said tenement belongeth and shall do Suite and Service to the courts of the Manor of Killuta and pay four pence sterling for every head Tennant of the premises and two pence sterling for every undertenant in the name of head money or leete silver[10] and shall grind what corn or other grain shall be expended upon the premises at the Mill or Mills of Lisburn or for every default to pay ten shillings sterling to be levied by way of distress and also yielding and paying at the death of each head tenant of the premises the best beast or best piece of plate or other goods they shall die possessed of in the manner of a herriot[11] and shall not alien sell let or part with the premises any part thereof to any person or persons whatsoever (save to her child or children) without the Express Leave Licence & Consent of the said Lord Conway his heirs and assigns or his or their chief agent employed in Ireland and under his order their hands and sealed in writing first had and obtained if otherwise then this lease to be void and of non-effect And shall keep in good and sufficient repair all houses outhouses outleets (sic) Orchard Gardens and fences which are or shall be erected upon the premises and so to leave and yield up to the same peaceably &quietly at the expiration of this demise under the said Lord Conway his heirs and assigns and for default of payment of the said rents and duties of any part thereof that then it shall and may be lawful for the said Lord Conway his heirs and assigns to Destrain the premises and the said Distresses to Ride Lead Drive Impound and Sell According to Law and for want of Sufficient Distress to be had or found in or upon the premises to Reenter Repossess and Enjoy the said demised premises as his or their former estate or anything herein contained to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding IN WITNESS whereof the parties above named to these presents have interchangeably set their hands and seals the day and year first above written


Conway [seal]


Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of

Brent Spencer[12]

Val Jones[13]

Samuel Clark[14]


[in dorso]


 Know all men by these presents that I the within named Mary Jackson widow the within specified lease for and in consideration of the sum of sterling to me in hand paid at the sealing and delivery of these presents by John Buntin[15] William Rodman[16] Roger Haddock[17] and Ralph Smyth[18] gentlemen executors of the last will and testament of Michael Jackson Gent deceased and also for in consideration of a natural affection which I bear towards John Jackson[19] Michael Jackson[20] Buntin Jackson[21] Ralph Jackson[22] Roger Jackson[23] Ann Jackson[24] and Leticia Jackson[25] minors children lawfully begotten on my body by the said Michael Jackson deceased do hereby give grant cell assign alien and make over onto the said John Buntin William Rodman Roger Haddock and Ralph Smyth the aforesaid executors this the said indenture of lease together with the messuages lands and tenements therein expressed demised and let to me by the within named Francis Lord Conway to have and to hold to the said John Bunton William Rodman Roger Haddock and Ralph Smyth  the survivor & survivors of them in trust to and for the proper use and behoof of John Jackson Michael Jackson Buntin Jackson Ralph Jackson Roger Jackson Ann  Jackson and Leticia Jackson minors children of the said Michael Jackson deceased for and during all the residue and term of years yet to come and unexpired by the said indenture of lease and know all men by these presents and I the said Mary Jackson do hereby declare that this lease and everything therein contained was [&] is to and in trust and for the proper use and behoof of the said John Jackson Michael Jackson Buntin Jackson Ralph Jackson Roger Jackson and Jackson and Leticia Jackson the aforesaid minors they the said John Bunton William Rodman Roger Haddock and Ralph Smyth paying the rents and duties and performing the Covenants Conditions and Agreements in the said indenture of lease mentioned which on the part and behalf of the said Mary Jackson ought to be paid performed fulfilled and kept in witness whereof I the said Mary Jackson have hereunto set my hand and seal the [   ] day of October and in the year of our Lord God[   ] nine.


Mary Jackson [seal]


signed sealed and delivered in presence of

Brent Spencer

Thomas Welsh


Whereas the whole estate and interest of the within named Mary Jackson of and in the within Demised Tenement and premises with the appurtenances by virtue of the within the indenture is now vested in me Francis Thurkild[26] of the city of Dublin merchant and whereas the Reversion and Inheritance of the said premises is now descended & come to the right Hon. Francis Lord Baron Conway son of the within named Francis Lord Conway now know all men by these presents that I the said Francis Thurkild do hereby surrender to the said Francis Lord Baron Conway the Son all that part of the within demise premises [  ] mentioned that is to say all that piece or parcel of ground situate lying and being on the north side of the marketplace in Lisburn joining East upon Thomas Welsh’s tenement and west upon the tenement formally George Gregston's[27] deceased containing in front 80 and 8 feet as within described and expressed together with all the edifices and buildings thereupon erected and all my Estate Right Title and Interest of in and unto the same to the intent [to] enable the said Francis Lord Baron Conway to grant unto me the said Francis George Thurkild[28] a new lease of the said premises hereby surrendered for the lives of his present Majesty George II king of Great Britain and France and Ireland his Royal highness Frederick Prince of Wales and his Royal highness Prince William Duke of Cumberland and the survivor and survivors of them with a covenant for renewal thereof forever at the yearly rent of 2 pounds four shillings with two shillings and 8 pounds in lieu of duties in consideration whereof the sum of 2 pounds six shillings and 8 pounds is to be deducted and released out of with the within reserve rent during the remainder of the term within granted from the first day of November last passed in witness whereof I the said Francis Thurkild have hereunto set my hand and seal this 15th day of April in the year of our Lord 1741 and Arthur Dobbs[29] of Lisburn Esq. agent for the said Francis Lord Baron Conway in Ireland have in testimony of the premises set his hand hereunto as a witness


Francis Thurkild [seal]


Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us


Arthur Dobbs

Jas Benning[30]








[1] 1st Lord Conway, Francis Seymour Conway(1679-1732) He died Feb 3, 1732 at Lisburn. In 1709, he married his second wife, Jane BOWDE of Drogheda, Co. Meath. SOURCE: The House of Commons, 1690-1715: The House of Commons, 1690-1715 (5 Vols) Eveline Cruickshanks, David Hayton, Stuart Handley, History of Parliament Trust (Great Britain)Cambridge University Press, 2002

The Conway titles and arms had been added to the Seymour name by Francis, who had been elevated to the peerage in 1702-1703 as Lord Conway, Baron Conway of Ragley and, in 1703, of Killultagh, in County Antrim, since the death of Edward Conway, Earl of Conway. There is a legend that the Earl bequeathed his estates which consisted of some 50,000 acres largely in Counties Antrim and Down to the young Colonel Francis Seymour who was in command of British troops stationed at Antrim, because he was to have married his daughter, but she died before the ceremony was solemnized. The Conway family had always resided on the estate in a castle in Lisnagarvagh, now Lisburn. SOURCE: Relations between Landlord, Agent and Tenant on the Hertford Estate in the Eighteenth Century. Sharon Adams .

[2] Lisburn, or Lisnagantey as the town was known until the 166os, was founded in the early seventeenth century. In 1611 James I granted Sir Fulke Conway the manor of Killultagh, 60,000 acres in south west Antrim. Conway built a fortified manor house and church on a rise overlooking the River Lagan and encouraged the town's first inhabitants to build their houses in two streets leading to a market place, one from his house (now Castle Street) and the other from a new wooden bridge over the Lagan (Bridge Street). A weekly market on Tuesday was established by royal charter in 1628. 'The Ground Plotte of Lisnagarvey drawn about 1640 reveals that the original street plan has survived even though the town was destroyed in the Irish rebellion of 1641 and razed to the ground by a fire in 1707.

In 1839, Jackson’s Lane was widened and named Railway Street. In 1853, the Friends meeting Place was remodeled by the famed Quaker architect, Thomas JACKSON.

SOURCE: http://www.planningni.gov.uk/index/policy/supplementary_guidance/conservation/conservation_map/conservation-lisburn.pdf

[3] Michael JACKSON d. bef 1709. He was the son of Roger JACKSON and Alice HARRISON (daughter of Michael HARRISON of Marlea). Although the surviving Lisburn church registers do not record any relevant baptism, marriage or burial for this JACKSON family, a Roger JACKSON was listed as a Churchwarden in April 1699 and again in April 1700 and then replaced June 19th, 1700 (possibly because he had just died).SOURCE:   Churchwardens of Lisburn Cathedral as cited in The Harrison Family. Barry Smith. [A private paper, emailed to me February 23, 2010.] What tweaks my interest in this family treeis that the name Roger JACKSON surfaces in a few places in connection with Coleraine JACKSONs.  
SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1705Dec4-Samuel%20JACKSON.html The Samuel JACKSON of this will had a brother named Roger aka Rodger.
SEE:Jacksons of Coleraine
There was a Rodger JACKSON who was mentioned as an ensign in the 1649 Officers (SOURCE: The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry, When Cromwell came to Ireland. John O’Hart. 2007.) NOTE: There was also a Roger JACKSON of Lisburn recorded in 1766 religious census. I only mention this as a name to follow.
A will for a Michael JACKSON of Lisburn, 1710 was proved. SOURCE: Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland.Sir Arthur Vicars. Dublin, 1897.

[4] This fire started after a long period of dry weather on Sunday, April 20th, April1707. A brisk wind was blowing in the direction of the town. The houses, being roofed with wood shingles and their walls made of timber and plasterwork, burned like tinder. Apparently, the began in the house of Widow Walsh of Sluice Street from the innocent act of some turf ashes, thrown on a dunghill, which a brisk wind blowing towards the town raised and threw on the shingles of the next house.” Since many of the residents were at church when it started, there were few able bodies around to combat the flames and regardless, there was really no source of a steady supply of water regardless. The fire was massive enough that people in the outlying fields watched in awe as it burned with great fury along both sides of the street, consuming everything as it went.

As the news of the fire spread, people ran from the church to recover whatever they could and to bring their rescued possessions back to the churchyard. Not that that helped. The churchyard being very big and near the church, and not being near any of the burning houses, it was considered a safe place, but the fire, having seized the church, descended on the goods in the yard and completely consumed them.” As Dr Molyneaux described the scene: “When I stood in the churchyard I thought I had never seen so dreadful a scene before. All around me the church burnt to the ground. The tombstones all cracked; vast trees burnt to their trunks. Lord Conway’s Castle, some distance from the rest, burnt to ashes and all his gardens in the same condition.”

SOURCE: http://www.plantationgospelhall.org.uk/Fire%20of%20Lisburn.html

[5] Mary JACKSON.. Her birth surname was Mary BUNTIN. It is not impossible that she remarried after the death of Michael JACKSON and became the wife of James BIRCH (d. 1727) of Birchgrove. She is close enough in terms of class and geography to be worth a second look, although it is more likely that she married a THURKILD.

[6] Thomas WEALSHES. I suspect he would be related to the Widow Welsh of Sluice Street, where the fire began. A Thomas WELSH was a Lisburn merchant, who married Dorothy Haddock, of Magheragall, at Lisburn Cathedral, 2nd June, 1692. SOURCE: Lisburn Cathedral and Past Rectors. Their son was the the Very Reverend John WELSH whose baptism was recorded in the Cathedral Register, 11th May, 1693.

[7] George GRESTON's

[8] Jackson's Hill. Jackson's Lane, which later became Railway Street, began at Market Square and ended at Michael Jackson's land on the Magheralave Road.

SOURCE: http://www.lisburn.com/books/lisburn_miscellany/miscellany_2.html
Market House, Market Square, The Hertford Arms at the corner of Jackson's Lane or Railway Street, The Kings Arms Hotel on the left hand side of Market Square going towards Bow Street, the Linen Hall at the corner of Linen Hall street , the New Market on the site of the present grain market, the Methodist Chapel in the "Old Shambles," Market Sq. Church surrounded by buildings then as it is now, all Appear on this old map of 1833. SOURCE: ww.lisburn.com

[9] barne Park or meadow

[10] head money or leete silver. This was essentially the rent money for the lease.

[11] Herriot - a render of the best live beast or dead chattel of a deceased tenant  due by local custom to the lord of whom he held. OED definition

[12] Brent SPENCER

[13] Val JONES aka Valentine JONES. He married a sister of a Mary JACKSON who is unlikely to be the Mary JACKSON of the documents on these pages (she had no daughter named Mary). My best guess is that she was a wife of a brother of Michael JACKSON - husband of the Mary JACKSON of these documents. NOTE: I have lost the source for this alleged marriage. This is likely the 2nd Valentine JONES, and was descended from a Welshman named Jones, who settled in Ireland in 1640. This one died in 1694, and his wife was named Elizabeth. The son of this 1st Valentine JONES to settle in Lisburn married Mary CLOSE, and thay had, amongst sevreal children, another Valentine JONES (1711-1805). Much of their history is written up in "Old Belfast Families and The New Burying Grond. Ulster Historical Foundation. See also: PRONI: T808/8242. Connor will made 1 March 1716/1717, proved 12 November 1717. Mary JACKSON of Lisburn, County Antrim widow, to be buried in Derryaghy church, all to only child Mary JACKSON, if she dies a minor then to brother Richard PEERS, children of dead brother Edward PEERS and children of brother-in-law Valentine JONES, clothes to sister-in-law Jane PEERS and my aunt BLACKER the executor. Witness: Penelope MERRIFIELD. Administration to Valentine JONES of Lisburn in trust for Mary JACKSON minor daughter of testatrix. Connor administration bond signed 2 November 1717 by Valentine Jones and Samuel CLOSE, both of Lisburn. That said JONES will truly administer above will. NOTE: I need to look at PRONI. T1289/9, Peers family genealogical notes. Also: PRONI., D2223/29/2 John Peers's will of 19 March 1700. There was a Mary who may also be related who was a daughter of John PEERS, and that her grandfather or great grandfather was a vicar of Derryaghy. James PEERS was the sole executor of John PEERS (d 1700) will SEE: PRONI D577/22.

[14] Samuel CLARK

[15] John BUNTIN. Probably related to Mary JACKSON – this was her birth surname.

[16] William RODMAN

[17] Roger HADDOCK

[18] Ralph SMYTH. It may mean nothing, but in 1856 a Mr. Jackson SMYTH was ordained and became assistant at First Dromore Presbyterian (before going to Armagh). SEE: http://www.lisburn.com/books/dromore/dromore3.html

[19] John JACKSON - child of Mary JACKSON, born 1702 (based on age at time of burial..

[20] Michael JACKSON (1694-1727) - child of Mary JACKSON, born 1696 (based on age at time of burial.. NOTE: A will for a Michael JACKSON, gent of Lisburn, 1734 was proved. SOURCE: Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland.Sir Arthur Vicars. Dublin, 1897. He was an apothocary and died in 1727. SEE: Deed: 76-503-55611 July 10, 1734.

[21] Buntin JACKSON - child of Mary JACKSON, younger than 21 in 1709

[22] Ralph JACKSON - child of Mary JACKSON, younger than 21 in 1709

[23] Roger JACKSON - child of Mary JACKSON, younger than 21 in 1709

[24] Ann JACKSON - child of Mary JACKSON, younger than 21 in 1709. Married John MERCER.SEE: Deed: 76-503-55611 July 10, 1734.

[25] Leticia JACKSON - child of Mary JACKSON, younger than 21 in 1709. Married Richard NUTTALL. SEE: Deed: 76-503-55611 July 10, 1734.

[26] Francis THURKILD. There is probably a further connection to the JACKSON family – likely through marriage though I don’t know the particulars. The C. Of I. Rector at Monaghan, Philip SKELTON (b. 1706 at Derriaghy, near Lisburn)) had a brother John who was Headmaster of Dundalk Grammar School and curate of Dundalk 1754-1767. He married Rebecca, daughter of Jackson THURKILD. SOURCE: Clogher Clergy & Parishes, Rev. Cannon J.B. Leslie. p.73. Also of interest in Clogher Clergy & Parishes, Rev. Cannon J.B. Leslie. p.40: Arabella Cathcart ; had five brothers, including the celebrated Rev.  Philip Skelton (see D.N.B.) and 4 sisters ; T.C.D. Sch. 1711 ; B.A. 1720 ;  d. in 1767, bur. in Dundalk, Jan. 25, 1767. By his P. Will, made 26  July, 1766, proved 28 Feb., 1767, he left his wife Rebecca £300 and his  title in the tenement known as Blackamoor Shead in Lisburn and  tenements in Jackson's Lane purchased by his father-in-law, Jackson  Thurkild, to be divided between his three daus, Joice, Rebecca and  Sarah and 10 acres of Gayer's Farm in Derriaghy parish ; mentions his  eldest son Richard, his 2nd son Dr. Francis S., of Lisburn ; his  brother Richard of Derriaghy parish, and his brother Rev. Philip.  He was interested in sugar works and salt works at Sea-  town, Dundalk. Mrs. Skelton, of Seatown (? his widow) was bur.  Sep. 2, 1799. The Derriaghy connection may be significant. There was a much later JACKSON presence there (Amongst others – a John JACKSON was a church warden there in 1844). SEE: http://www.lisburn.com/books/derriaghy/derriaghy5.html

[27] George GREGSTON SEE: GRESTON above – likely one of those instances of variant spelling.

[28] Francis George THURKILD I would guess that he is a son of the first Francis THURKILD.

[29] Arthur DOBBS

[30] Jas BENNING



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