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NAMES: Richard CHRISTMAS of City of Waterford; Rev. Alexander ALCOCK; John JACKSON of Portmascully; Thomas HEAD of Headsgrove; John HEAD; Michael HEAD sr, deceased; Michael HEAD jr.; William JONES; James HIGGINS; Robert WHITBY of Killeraggan; Richard VILLARS of Balynaboly; Richard PARRY. PLACES: Woodstock, Castelmitchell.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 16, 2011


Book 39, page 126, #24529

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe


Tripartite Deed Dated 22 Dec 1721


Richard Christmas[1], City of Waterford, Esq,

The Rev Alexander Alcock[2], City of Waterford,

John Jackson[3], Portmascolly[4], County Kilkenny, Gent, all of the first part,

Thomas Head[5], Headsgrove[6], County Kilkenny, Esq, of the second part, and

John Head[7], City of Waterford, Esq, of the third part.


Reciting a Clause in the Will of Michael Head[8], Esq, late of Waterford deceased whereby all of Michael Head’s interest to a moiety of the Lordship and Town and lands of Woodstock[9] and Castlemitchell[10], in the Barony of Riban and Nara, County Kildare, were vested in Richard Christmas, the Rev Alexander Alcock and John Jackson for the remainder of Term of years but in Trust first to make good any deficiencies in his Estate for payment of funeral charges, debts and legacies and that after should reconvey all remaining Term of years to Michael Head’s son Thomas[11] and his grandson Michael[12] Head … and that Michael Head gave by his Will a discretionary power to Richard Christmas and Alexander Alcock, his executors, if they should think fit to supply his son John Head with necessaries during his life provided they exceeded no more than 30 pounds sterling per annum which said executors did allow … Out of said lands of Woodstock and Castlemitchell for 15 pounds sterling per annum and said John Head acknowledges to have taken security from Thomas Head … there being sufficient assets, the said  Richard Christmas and Alexander Alcock and John Jackson did by said Deed reassign to Thomas Head one entire Quarter of land part of said Lordship and Town and lands of Woodstock and Castlemitchell, the other Quarter being reconveyed to Michael Head, grandson of Michael Head deceased.


Witnessed by:

William Jones[13], City of Waterford, Alderman

James Higgins[14], City of Dublin, Gent

In the presence of Robert Whitby[15], Killeraggan[16], County Kilkenny, Esq

Witness to Memorial: Richard Villars[17], Ballynaboly[18], County Kilkenny, Gent

Thomas Head: Seal

William Parry[19], Deputy Register


Registered 3 Oct 1723


[1] Richard CHRISTMAS of City of Waterford, executor of will of Michael HEAD sr.

[2] Rev. Alexander ALCOCK, City of Waterford, executor of will of Michael HEAD sr.

[3] John JACKSON of Portmascolly. Co. Kilkenny, executor of will of Michael HEAD sr.

[4] Portmascolly aka Portnascully in the parish of either Portnascully or parish of Pollrone, both in Barony of Iverk, Co. Kilkenny

[5] Thomas Head of Headsgrove, Co. Kilkenny

[6] Headsgrove, Co. Kilkenny NOTE: There is no such contemporary townland name, but it may be Hoodsgrove, Parish of Rosbercon, Barony of Ida.

[7] John HEAD, City of Waterford

[8] Michael HEAD, senior late of Waterford, deceased.

[9] Woodstock, Barony of Riban and Nara, County Kildare

[10] Castlemitchell, Barony of Riban and Nara, County Kildare

[11] Thomas HEAD, son of Michael HEAD

[12] Michael HEAD, son of Thomas HEAD and grandson of Michael HEAD

[13] William JONES, alderman of City of Waterford

[14] James HIGGINS, City of Dublin, Gent

[15] Robert WHITBY of Killeraggan, Parish of Waterford, Barony of Iverk, Co. Kilkenny

[16] Killeraggan aka Kilcraggan, Co. Kilkenny

[17] Richard VILLARS of Balynaboly, Co. Kilkenny

[18] Balynaboly, Co. Kilkenny NOTE: There are two townlands with this name. One is in the Parish of Thomastown and one in the Parish of Waterford.

[19] Richard PARRY, Registrar



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