Isaiah OLIVER Will Probate





Isaiah OLIVER of Derryrusk, Co. Monaghan d. 12th Jany 1833.

Execurot, Turner BARRETT of Dowdalls Hill, Dundalk. Esq.


1. Testor’s bog & farm in Derryrusk

These Legatees each pay the Wife an  [?] of ₤4 each during her widowhood

Equally John OLIVER, son; Thos OLIVER, son; Hugh OLIVER, son

2. The Mills of Aighnamullen

See note at residue

Hugh OLIVER, son (with survivorship.

Duffy’s holding


Turner B., son

4. ₤100

5. ₤100

6. ₤100

7. ₤100

8. ₤100

To be paid out of the profits of the Testor’s lands & shd sd profits be insufficient for the purpose then sd Lands [?] take equally taxed for the payt of these Legacies with 6 perct In t from the Legatees  [?] shall remain unpaid at that period until paid.


9. The House in which Testor resides & 15 acres of land belonging thereto

The Wife is to have the use of this House & Garden for life and Widowhood.

To the wife until Testor’s youngest Child attains 21 & the Son John puts the House & Garden at the Foot of the Avenue into decent repair & then by implication not disposed of.

10. Furniture


To the wife to dispose of for the benefit of herself and Children

Residue not disposed . No inventory


NOTE: Testor bequeaths “The Mills” to the Wife until  the youngest child attains 21 for the general use of herself & Children – then not disposed of – but Query if the above Mills are not those mentd at No. 2