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Names mentioned: Dr. HENRY; Dr. HOSKINS; Anne JORDON; Mr. TINEN; Mary Anne McCUASKER; Mr. ARMSTRONG; James ARMSTRONG; George KNIGHT; Robert KANE; Dr. Richard HENRY; Anne CAMPBELL; John McCRORY; Margaret LESTER; Betty LESTER; James McCORMICK; John MULLIGAN; Anne MULLIGAN; Anne SHERRY; John LEARY (LOWRY?); Robert LOWRY (LEARY?); Margaret DONELLY; Dr. Robert REED; Patrick GUNN; Mick McCALL; Dr. Andrew JOLLY; Margaret GRAHAM; Constable COONEY; John KELLY; Michael GARTLAND; Owen McPHILLIPS; Susan McPHILLIPS; Dr. REED; William BARRY; John BERRY; Susan BERRY; John McGARRY; Frances CON[?]; Mary WAUGH (alias McCABE); Dr. STEWART; Alice HARRISON; James PLUNKETT; Mary SMITH.




Distance travelled to Inquest 15 miles to Adjournment 30 miles

Fee for Post-mortem to Dr. HOSKINS ₤2.2.0

Do  to Dr. HENRY ₤2.2.0

Paid John KELLY fro accommodation to jury for 2 days.

Held on view of the body of Anne JORDON 19 April 1877 in the town of Clones & Barony of Dartrey

Dr. HOSKINS. Deposed being called on to see deceased on 8th instt about 10:30 p.m., I found her sitting on a chair and her head leaning over the back of it. I felt for her pulse but found none. In fact she was dying at the time. I spoke to deceased but got no answer. When I went and I saw three persons in the House. Mr. TINEN and his niece Sarah Anne TINEN & Mary Anne McCUSKER from what I knew of deceased, from her appearance and for her state when called in, I consider her death arose from natural causes. I was called in to see deceased by Mr. [?] ARMSTRONG. I inquired openly why a doctor had not been sent for sooner. To this got no answer.

James ARMSTRONG. Deposeth 10:20 p.m. last night my servant girl told me that Mrs. JORDON was dying and they were about making her will. That Mr. George KNIGHT was there and Robert KANE, making her will. In consequence of this I went for Dr. HOSKINS with whom I went into the house and there saw Miss TINEN and the servant girl but cannot say with certainty if there were any other: saw Dr. HOSKINS speaking to deceased, but heard him get no answer.

Mary Anne McCUSKER. Knew deceased. Last saw deceased alive about 11 o'clock last night. Left her house a little to 12 o'clock and she was then alive. I had been attending Mrs. JORDON back and forward all day. She complains to several of a pain and attacks of breathing; Wm TYNEN went for Wm KNIGHT who arrived shortly after. Wm JORDON sent Wm TYNEN for a pot of jam and that same time he went for Wm KNIGHT. Mrs. J refused having a doctor. There was no person in the room when deceased made her will save W. KNIGHT & W. KANE. W. KNIGHT having put all of saying we want to see Mrs.JORDON alone.

The further proceeding with this inquest was adjourned until Monday the 23rd Instt to hear further evidence and received a report of doctors HENRY & HOSKINS to whom was committed making a post-mortem examination of body of deceased Monday23rd April 1877. Inquest on body of Mrs. JORDON resumed.

Dr. HOSKINS. Deposed having assisted making a post-mortem examination of body of deceased. On the left side we found water on the chest. On the right side we found adhesion of the lungs to the ribs and a general swelling of the limbs and the above considered to have been the cause of death.

Dr. Richard HENRY. Deposed having with Dr. HOSKINS made a post-mortem examination of deceased body and with Dr. HOSKINS statement I quite agree.

Verdict. Death of deceased on Wednesday 10 April 1877 from natural causes.

No 14 Inquiry ₤1.0.0

On this day a candidate Monaghan Asylum 29 April 1877 to inquire into the death of Anne CAMPBELL aged 59 years and for one year an inmate of said asylum whose death was caused by exhaustion from mania.


Distance travelled 8 miles

Fee to Dr. MOORE ₤1.0.0

Held on view of the body of John McCRORY 27 April 1877 in the townland of Dundranan, Barony of Dartrey.

Margt LESTER. Deposeth was well acquainted with deceased who was an infirm old man, but able to meet up and stirring about. On 24 Instt I saw him at the well, but have not seen him alive since.

Betty LESTER. Deposeth on 26 instance went to see deceased with whom I was well acquainted. On the 21st instance had seen him and talked with him but not since. On 26 going to see him I found the door closed. I called him but got no answer going to the rear of the house through the window I could see him on the bed but from his appearance I began to suspect he was not alive. Returning to the front and looking more closely I became satisfied he was dead. On this I went for Mr. LESTER. On telling him what I thought, he accompanied me to the house and having seen the house key lying in the window we got it and on going into the home found the deceased was dead. When I saw him on Saturday 21st instance he told me in conversation that on the 19 instance in the previous night he had taken a week fit and feared he would have them again and perhaps go off in one of them.

Dr. MOORE – deposeth from the evidence of last two witnesses I consider his death arose from disease of heart.

Verdict. Death on 25 April 1877 from heart disease.


Distance travelled 8 miles

Room for Jury [3.0], 2 witnesses [2/], help to bury deceased [3.0]

Held on view of the body of James McCORMICK in the town of Monaghan Parish & Barony of Monaghan.

John MULLIGAN. Deposeth is Father to Anne MULLIGAN, Mother of deceased. Was in her house. I was in bed night of Friday 27 instance about 10 o'clock. My daughter was in her bed about same time and at bed hour was in good health.

Between three and four o'clock next morn I was awoke by my daughter saying the child was dying. On this I got to see deceased. It was not dead but was just departing. About half an hour after I examined the child closely. What I observed a dark or purplish colour extending from the ear down from the ear by a shoulder to its side in which mark remains and at the same place. When I went to bed there was no drink on my daughter. None sleeps with her but her three children. Heard none of the three children in the night call or cry for her. My daughter has three children and she was just as careful of deceased and as fond of it as any of the others.

Anne SHERRY. Deposed seeing deceased's mother in her own house evening of Friday 27 instance. She might have taken a little whiskey, but ‘twas very little. I live next door to her. On Friday night I went to bed about 9:30 p.m. There is a wide crack in the wall between her house and mine: about 12 o'clock I heard the infant crying. On this I called to the mother but she had not heard me. I then called to her father but from neither received any answer. But the crying having ceased I went asleep. About four o'clock I heard the mother of deceased scream that her child was dead, but not stiff or cold.

Verdict. Deaths of deceased morning of Saturday 28 April 1877 from natural causes.

This is part of Dr. HOSKINs evidence see page 32 [SEE: 5-1209].

I cannot say with certainty say if there were more. Saw Dr. HOSKINS speaking to deceased but did not hear him get any answer.

Mary Anne McCUSKER I knew deceased and saw her last alive about 11 o'clock last night. I left her house a little before at 12 o'clock and she was then alive. I had been attending her back and forward all day. She complained to several persons of pain and severe attacks of breathing. Mr. KNIGHT arrived shortly after Mr. TINEN had gone for him. Mrs. JORDON sent Mr TINEN for a pot of jam and he went at same time for Mr. KNIGHT. Mrs. JORDON refused having a doctor at this time. Mr. KNIGHT asked would she have one. There was no one in the room at the time deceased made her will except Mr. KNIGHT & Mr. KANE. We had all been put out by Mr. KNIGHT who said something like “you may all go out as we want to see Mrs. JORDON alone.”.


Distance travelled

Fee to Dr. Robert REED ₤1.1.0

Held on view of the body of John LEARY [LOWRY?] of Killykeskeame in the Parish of Killeevan, Barony of Dartrey 8 May 1877.

Robert LOWRY [LEARY?]. Deposed was brother of deceased. I dined with him last Sabbath about 30 clock. He complained of pains in his side and in his arms to which pains he had been subject for years past. I left them about 4:00 p.m. On last Thursday he fainted twice from exposure to the cold the previous day. Since the 7th instance I have not seen him alive.

Margt DONELLY. Deposeth has been servant with deceased for about 15 years past. He had never been subject to fainting, fits, but on last Thursday he fainted twice. He dined on last Sabbath as well as usual in course of that even he took suddenly ill and continued so for about half an hour and then departed life.

Dr. Robert REED deposeth. Has examined body of deceased from which for my previous acquaintance of deceased and from the evidence now it used I consider it in the death of deceased arose from disease of the heart.

Verdict. John LEARY departed life on the evening of Sabbath the sixth of May 1877 from disease of the heart.


Distance travelled 10 miles

Fee to Dr. Jolly ₤1.0.0

Held on view of the body of Patrick GUNN 88 1877 in the townland of Dunnaluck, Parish of Currin, Barony Dartrey.

Mick McCALL. Deposeth that on morn of seven instance when going past deceased door I stepped in to inquire for deceased and know how he was. Stopped a little to do some matters for his infirm sister in the house. On going in looked at deceased but not closely and thought he was sleeping, but by the time I had settled some little matters in the House I looked more closely and between times am satisfied that death had taken place.

Dr. Andrew JOLLY. Deposeth from what I heard yesterday on coming out to see deceased and from what I know of him and also from the evidence now it used consider his death arose from syncope.

Verdict. Death from syncope on morn of 7 May 1877

No 15 Inquiry ₤1.0.0

On the 14 May 1877 the sudden-death of Margaret GRAHAM of Alergask [?] near Scotstown was reported to me by Constable COONEY but when I found the deceased was buried by that time and also that deceased was over 80 years of age and had been ailing for some time I considered an inquest uncalled for.

No 16 Inquiry ₤1.0.0

Attended at Monaghan Asylum 12 May 1877 to inquire into the death of John KELLY aged 62 years an inmate since November 1874 and whose death was caused by congestion of the lungs.

No 17 Inquiry ₤1.0.0

Attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of a Michael GARTLAND 17 May 1877 whose death took place 15 May 1877 and resulted from consumption and whose residence in the establishment was about three months; age at 22 years.


Distance travelled 7 miles

Fee to Dr. REED ₤1.0.0

Held on view of the body of a Owen McPHILIPS 24 May 1877 in the townland of Carnasoo [?], Parish Aghabog, Barony Dartrey.

Susan McPHILLIPS. Deposed was mother of deceased on the morning of 23 instance I left the house, leaving none of my children in it and even gave directions that none of them should go into it without my knowledge. This was between 11 and 12 o'clock. Within about an hour after I heard the scream of deceased on which I hastened home and all in my way fell twice. The child I found not in the House but met it in the field 40 or 50 yards from it. His clothes were all in a blaze. Every attention in our power was paid to deceased and a messenger promptly dispatched for Dr. REED who quickly attended. But the injuries were of so serious a nature that death terminated his sufferings within half an hour after Dr. REED arrived.

Dr. REED Deposed was called on to see deceased on 23 instance. I found him suffering from severe burns affecting and extending over the chest and neck back arms and breast. The injuries were so serious and extensive that the child died within less than an hour after my arrival.

Verdict. Death on Wednesday 23 May 1877 from the effect of severe burns accidentally encouraged, and no blame as to carelessness applies to any person.

No 18 Inquiry ₤1.0.0

The sudden death of a William BARRY of Glasslough was reported to [?] Constable William PRICE but a careful inquiry into the circumstances of the case and the testimony of Dr. STEWART who was present at his death and also for sometime previous that a simple inquiry was quite sufficient.


Distance travelled 13 miles

Held on view of the body of John BERRY sixth day of June 1877 in the townland of Derrynashallog, Parish of Donagh, Barony Trough.

Susan BERRY. Deposed was wife of deceased who was 75 years. On Monday morn last he took ill of throwing off bile and phlegm to which he was subject. This first attack of it was on the bridge, he then came into the house where he had a repetition of it. I then gave him a little brandy, which as usual gave him relief from a severe pain in his chest as well as a throwing off. He then went to bed saying he would soon be better. He fell into a sound sleep which continued from 12 o'clock till five in the evening (5 hours) and so much refreshed that he arose and had his tea. On returning to bed he again slept soundly and continued so till midnight (12 o’c) he then awoke, but he must have been sinking for from that till 2 clock when I spoke to him he seldom replied to me and at two o'clock he had slept his last sleep and free from pain or suffering.

Verdict. Death on morning of Tuesday 5 June 1877 from natural causes.

No 20 Inquiry ₤1.0.0

On this 18 day of June 1877, attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of John McGARRY age 32 years, a patient of that establishment since January 1870 that the cause of his death was serious effusion on the brain.

No 21 Inquiry ₤1.0.0

On this 21 day of June 1877 attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Frances CON[?] Aged 19 years a resident of said institution for about one year whose death arose from typhus fever after four days illness.

22 Inquiry ₤1.0.0

On this 26th day of June 1877 attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Mary WAUGH (alias McCABE) a patient of said asylum since August 1874 for nearly 3 years and age 33 years, whose death was caused by consumption.

No 1 Enquiry ₤1.0.0

On this Thursday of July 1877, I attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Alice HARRISON aged 67 years for nearly 6 years an inmate of said asylum whose death was caused by disease of heart.

No 2 Enquiry ₤1.0.0

On this Thursday of July 1877 I attended at Monaghan Asylum, to inquire into the death of James PLUNKETT aged 31 years an inmate of said asylum since 15 December 1875 whose death arose from general paralysis.

No 3 Enquiry ₤1.0.0

On this 20 July 1877, I attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Mary SMITH aged 30 years an inmate of said asylum since 6th instance and whose death arose from exhaustion from mania.