Continued from previous book and starting February 20, 1876.

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No 8-1174

Distance travelled- 15 miles

Fee to Dr. O’REILLY ₤1.1.0

Room for jury – 2.0

Held hue of the body of George STEWART 13 April 1876 in the town of Clones Parish of Clones Barony of Dartrey.

Margret STEWART. Desposed the deceased was her husband and aged 29 years was a railway ticket collector. On Monday at last he attended to his duties. For some two years past he has been affected with a cough and spitting of blood. Attended to his ordinary business till last Monday. On Tuesday he complained of being ill but was up and down. Got up on Wednesday morning for a short time and until the early part of the day was able to speak. The last words he spoke was “Hurry for the doctor”. He continued quite sensible to the last moment.

Dr. William O’REILLY. Deposed was called on to see deceased on Wednesday 12 instance. I hurried promptly to attend and found him lying on his right side and breathing quickly. I spoke to him but got no answer. I administered some brandy but he could not swallow it. I examined his chest but found it diseased. I am of opinion deceased died from disease of the lungs.

Verdict. Death on 12 April 1876 from chronic disease of the lungs.

No 9-1175

Distance travelled – 15 miles

Fee to Dr. IRWIN ₤1.1.0

Held on view of the body of John MOHAN 15 April 1876 in the townland of Edenbrone Parish of Tedavnet and Barony of Monaghan.

Francis MOHAN. Deposed deceased was my uncle and about 50 years of age. I was in the habit of sleeping with him. On yesterday I was awoke by his endeavoring to arise but he could not on which I assisted him but he could not sit up on which I said Uncle dear what ails you but to this got no answer. He gave two or three loud snores on which I called for my uncle Thomas. With his aid we carried deceased to the door and there bathed his hands, face and head with cold water in hopes of reviving him but in vain. On this I ran for Dr. Irwin.

Thomas MOHAN. Deposed was brother to deceased. A few years ago when engaged putting his horse into the cart suddenly I heard a snore or perhaps two at same time. Not seeing deceased on the other side I went round and then saw deceased lying on his back on the ground. I raised him up when walked into the house making no remark on what had occurred.

On yesterday morn in my sleep I heard deceased give a snore or groan and immediately after a screech from my nephew Francis on which I jumped out of bed and ran to him when I found him assisting his uncle to sit up but found he could not sit. On which we carried him to the door when we bathed his hands chest and head in hopes to revive him but it had no effect and while we were so employed he showed no sign of consciousness.

Dr. IRWIN. Deposed being called on yesterday mourned to see deceased which I did promptly but on reaching his dwelling found life was departed. From my examination of the body and the evidence now educed, I consider heart disease as the cause of his death.

Verdict. Death on 14 April 1876 from heart disease.

Inquiry No 11 ₤1.0.0

Attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Bridget CARRAHER an inmate of said from 14 Sept 1871 a period of four years and seven months. During 10 months of which she ailed under the cause of her death; consumption.

Inquiry No 12 ₤1.0.0

On 20 April 18 706I attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Susan BRADLEY aged 25 years an inmate of said asylum for over three years and find that the cause of death was consumption. Her illness was of two years duration.

Inquiry No 13 ₤1.0.0

Attended a Monaghan Asylum to make inquiry into the cause of death of Patrick DUFFY aged 59 years and for nearly 7 years an inmate of said asylum and that for over three years he suffered from paralysis. The cause of his death.


Distance travelled 25 miles

Fee to Dr. JACKSON ₤1.1.0

Held on view of the body of Bridget TREANOR of Knockballyroon {AKA Knockballyroney] parish of Tedavnet and Barony Monaghan on 1 May 1876.

TREANOR. Deposed was sister of deceased a young woman of 18 years of age and subject to fits of epilepsy occurring once in two or three weeks but otherwise attending to her usual affairs. On Friday five Inst she remained in the house while the rest of the family were out in the fields. About one o'clock she called us to our dinner. On coming and I found deceased lying on the fire her clothes burning. Quickly I lifted her off but she was quite unconscious of what had occurred. She was burned on the side of the head of the shoulder chest and side. 10 minutes from being called I got on the fire. Dr. James A. JACKSON of Scotstown (Pro Tem). Deposed to have examined body of deceased from which the evidence educed. Has no doubt her death was the result of the injuries sustained from burning.

Verdict. Death on 5 May 1874 from severe injuries by burning accidentally sustained during a fit of epilepsy to which she was subject.


Distance travelled 2 miles

Fee to Dr. P.R. MOORE ₤1.1.0

Held on view of the body of Elizabeth McCABE of the town land of Cortober, Parish of Ematris. Barony of Dartrey. 10 March 1876.

Patrick HANOWIN [?]. Deposed deceased was a woman of 25 years of age and niece of witness, of good health till within the past year when she first complained of a pain in her head and great loss of memory. On yesterday she left for Rockcorry to see the priest and also the doctor returning about for a clock p.m.. About seven o'clock she assisted to churn. She went to bed at the usual hour, fell asleep and continued so till about one o'clock in the night when she awoke but dropped over again till daylight when she became ill with the throwing off. On this witness arose and raised her up. When she said she was done, I then went to tell her father and on my return she was dead.

Katherine McPARTLIN. Deposed to seeing deceased yesterday morn -- who said she was going to Rockcorry to see the priest and called to see the doctor -- met her in the even about 3 o'clock or 4  o’clock when she showed me a bottle with liquid in it which she said was from the doctor.

Dr. Robert MOORE. Deposed the bottle and medicine now produced was not got from him neither had he seen or prescribed for her. Has now examined body of deceased from which and the evidence now educed considers her death as resulting from disease of brain.

Verdict. Death on the ninth day of May 1876 from disease of the brain.

Inquiry 14 ₤1.0.0

On this day and tended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Jane HENRY aged 45 years and for nearly 2 years an inmate of said establishment and during the last of which she suffered under the illness of which she died namely consumption; dated as 13 May 1876.


Distance travelled 7 miles

Fee to Dr. MOORE ₤1.1.0

Held on view of the body of Eliza SCHOLES of Drollagh the Parish of Agabog, in the Barony of Dartrey. 14 May 1876.

Francis HAROLD of Drollagh. Deposed that on even of 13 instance having gone some distance to meet my brother and on my return saw a woman sitting on the roadside and moaning and shortly after passing her again saw her lying on the road side dead. On this event I told William CORBETT who in a few minutes was with me back to the woman and on this I left to go home.

William CORBETT. Deposed to deceased having been in his shop on even of 13 instance getting some goods. Knew her well. She appeared in good health making no complaints. With ¾ of an hour after leaving, word was brought me that she was lying on the road dead. I at once went to see and found her lying dead at the place indicated

Anne HUMPHREYS. Deceased was my aunt. On Sabbath 7 instance was at my place. She complained of shortness of breath.

Dr. R. MOORE was well acquainted with deceased who was about 70 years of age in appearance. She was very pale. Had a difficulty in breathing. Coughed blood occasionally. Her feet & ankle swelled. In conversation with her respecting her health I told her it she had heart disease. Having [?] her body and from my previous acquaintance of her and the evidence now educed considers heart disease the cause of death.

Verdict. Death on 13 May 1876 from heart disease.

Inquiry 15 ₤1.0.0

On this 20 May 8, 1876 attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the cause of death of Peter DUFFY for nearly 7 years an inmate of that establishment. For five years he had been ailing from kidney disease and general debility.


Distance travelled 9 miles

Held on view of the body of Francis JENINGS [?]  23 May 1876 at the Monaghan Asylum parish of Monaghan.

Dr. John C. ROBINSON. Deposed to deceased having been a patient of said asylum for the past 20 months affected with epilepsy. On morning of 20th instance I last saw him alive when he looked as well as usual and on the morn of 21st instance word was brought me that he was dead and from the state of the pillow I came to conclusion that twas in a fit his death occurred.

Patrick MOON. Disposed is a night watchman or attendant in the asylum. I saw deceased in bed on Saturday night and in the course of the night I went my usual several rounds and in the morn of 21st on opening the door of where he slept I thought he was asleep but on approaching the bed and touching him I found he was not sleeping. On this I moved the body to see was there any life but there was none on which the case was reported the superintendent.

Verdict. Death on morn of 21 May 1876 during a fit of epilepsy.


Distance travelled 15 miles

Fee to Dr. STEWART ₤1.1.0

Held on view of the body of Robert FLUKE [?] in the fever hospital. Glasslough. 27 May 1876, Parish of Donagh. Barony Trough.

Joseph GORMAN. Deposed that he and deceased were barrowing stones at Sir John LESLIE's new building. Had laid the barrow and stone down and were chatting when the leger which supported the scaffold gave way but did not break causing the scaffold to decline to one side. Prompt attention was given to deceased who fell to the ground on the breaking of the scaffold. Promptly attention was given to deceased and Dr. STEWART sent for to see and  attended to the deceased.

William DOOGAN. Deposed to being engaged as workman stonecutter as Sir John LESLIE's new building. I was on the scaffold when the accident occurred. It was put up the scaffold and considered it quite sufficient in strength. And it did not break but bent for neither barrow or stone fell of it. Deceased was quite close to the edge overbalanced himself lost his footing and fell to the ground of fall of about 43 feet. Immediate attention was given to deceased. The strength of the leger was 7 3/4 x 2 inches.

Dr. STEWART deposed was called on 26 instance to see deceased who I found laid on a bank near the building and when seen was quite unconscious. I once saw from the injuries sustained that he would live but a very short time. I at once had him removed to the fever hospital. After which he lived but 10 minutes. He sustained serious internal injuries.

Verdict. Death on 26 May 1876 from injuries accidentally sustained by falling off the scaffold after John LESLIE's new building.

The jury recommended that some provision be made for the aged mother of deceased now deprived of her only support.


Distance travelled from previous inquest – 5 miles

Fee to Dr. STEWART - ₤1.1.0

Held on view of the body of Robert WILLSON of Mullabane 27 May 1876 in the Parish of Donagh, Barony of Trough.

Eliza WILLSON. Deposed the deceased was in his usual health on yesterday and previous days. He retired to rest after having partook of both tea and supper about 9:30 in his usual health. He usually retired to rest in the morn at 10 o'clock. At this morn did not in consequence I went to call him but found him in bed. On which finding him cold I called my husband in & on his coming ascertained he was gone.

George WILLSON. Deposed deceased was my father. On coming in from my work [?]  at 9:30 p.m. I saw my father at the fire preparing for bed. I rose early to my work at my turnips, was in to breakfast at nine o'clock and having again to go out and also to go to the train and surprised at father not being up, my wife went to see the cause but soon returned saying he was dead on which I went to see and found it was so.

Dr. Robert STEWART. Deposed was this morning called out to see deceased but when I came he was dead. Has now examined body of deceased for which and evidence aid educed considers his death was caused by apoplexy and convulsions.

Verdict. Death on night of 26 May 1876 from apoplexy and convulsions