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NOTE: There is much more to learn here. I suspect this line of JACKSONs will be merged with other lines as I learn more.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 21, 2013
March 20, 2014. Updated with info from The Bengal Obituary.
NOTE: Ancestry took over Rootsweb, and updates to the Rootsweb tree have not been possible since December 2017.
Update January 12, 2019: The JACKSONs of Kilkenny is a more likely tree for:         --4-Elizabeth JACKSON d. 1767 +Francis BARKER m. 18 Feb 1748, Holy Trinity, Waterford


Descendants of John JACKSON


NOTE: This tree includes members of previous trees that were associated with several JACKSONs of Waterford, Ahenesk & Glanbeg. See also a Detailed tree of JACKSONs of Waterford & Cork.



1-John JACKSON b. Abt 1577, d. of Lismore, Parish of Ballyduff, Co. Waterford


     --2-Thomas JACKSON b. 1612, d. Between 1668 and 1672, of Ballyduff and

         Glanbeg, Co. Cork

    +Anne KING b. of Cork, m. 1634, Roscommon, Ireland

     --3-John JACKSON b. Abt 1647, d. of Glanbeg and Ballyduff

       +Anne NORTON

          --4-Thomas JACKSON b. Abt 1676

          --4-George JACKSON b. Abt 1678

             +Mary WALLIS b. of Westwood, Co. Cork, Ireland, d. 13 Jan 1761

               --5-John JACKSON b. of Glanbeg and Ballyduff

                  +Ellen COCHRAN d. 1837

                    --6-Lieut John JACKSON b. of Glenmore, d. After 1789

                       +Mary TROUGHEAR

                         --7-George Holmes JACKSON b. Abt 1780

                          +Margaret MELVILLE b. 1791, d. 20 Jun 1829

                              --8-Capt. George Melville JACKSON b. 1817, d. 1876


                              --9-Auber Melville JACKSON b. 1858, Jersey, d. 1936,

                                  Tunbridge Wells


                                  --10-Adhemar MELVILLE-JACKSON b. 1885, d. 1954


                                   --11-Adhemar Auber MELVILLE-JACKSON

                                   --11-George Holmes MELVILLE-JACKSON b. 1919, d.    +Unknown

                                       --12-Andrew MELVILLE-JACKSON

                    --6-George JACKSON d. of Middle Temple, London, England

                       +Susanna BENNETT b. of Ballymore, Co. Cork, m. 1781

                         --7-Joseph Henry Jackson BENNETT b. After 1781, d. of

                             Ballymore, Co. Cork

                            +Theodosia SMITH

                              --8-Joseph Henry BENNETT b. abt 1813, d. Jul 1843

                         --7-George Bennett JACKSON b. After 1781, d. After 1819, of

                             Glanbeg, Co. Waterford

                         --7-Rev. Thomas JACKSON b. After 1781

                            +Rosa POOLE b. of Ballyanchor

                              --8-Unnamed JACKSON

                              --8-Unnamed JACKSON

                              --8-Unnamed JACKSON

                              --8-Unnamed JACKSON

                         --7-John JACKSON b. After 1781

                         --7-Edward Bennett JACKSON b. After 1781

                            +Unnamed GRIER

                              --8-Unnamed JACKSON d. 1837, Bombay

                         --7-Georgina JACKSON b. After 1781

                         --7-Charlotte JACKSON b. After 1781

                            +Richard MARTIN Esq. M.D. b. of Co. Somerset

                         --7-Anne JACKSON b. After 1781

                         --7-Anne JACKSON b. After 1781

                         --7-Maria JACKSON b. After 1781

                            +William SMART

                         --7-Elizabeth Warren JACKSON b. After 1781

                    --6-Ellen JACKSON

                    --6-Ellen JACKSON

               --5-Rev. George JACKSON

               --5-Henry JACKSON

               --5-Elinor JACKSON

          --4-Edward JACKSON b. 1680, d. 20 Jun 1760, of Ballyboy, Co. Tipperary,


             +Lucy ROWLAND d. of Cork

               --5-Rowland JACKSON (1721-1784) Esq. d. of Ballyboy, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

                +Frances PERREAU b. of Carmanthanshire

                    --6-Edward Rowland JACKSON d. Between 1795 and 1797, of Castleview

                        Co. Cork

                       +Phoebe TUTTING (1761-1785) She died in Bengal, India.

                         --7-Warren Hastings Rowland JACKSON Esq. d. 1851, Castleview,

                             Co. Cork

                            +Anne D'ALTON b. of Grenanstown, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

                              --8-Edward Rowland John JACKSON b. Abt 1852, d. 29 Oct 1893,

                                  late of Curroy, Ballina, Co. Mayo

                              --8-William Oliver JACKSON Esq. d. of Ahanesk and

                                  Castleview, Midletonco. Cork, Ireland

                                 +Cherry LONGFIELD d. 19 Mar 1862, Wiesbaden, Germany

                                   --9-Edward Rowland JACKSON d. 22 Nov 1893, of Ahanesk and

                                       Castleview, co. Cork, Ireland

                                      +Elizabeth Maraquita GRAVES

                                   --9-William Oliver JACKSON d. Abt 1881

                                   --9-Cherry Roma Anne JACKSON

                                    +Henry SADLIER

                                 +Millicent Anne ROSE b. of Home, Inverness-shire, m. 1841

                                   --9-Harry Albert JACKSON d. Bef 1875

                              --8-Albert Francis JACKSON

                                 +Mary DUNCOMBE b. of Bryanstone Square, London, England,

                                  d. Bef 1875

                              --8-Mary Alicia JACKSON

                               +Henry JOHNSON d. of Boehampton, Co. Surrey, England

                         --7-Frances JACKSON

                            +Robert TURTON

                         --7-Sarah JACKSON

                          +Henry George HOUGHTON d. of Kilmonnock, Co. Wexford, Ireland

                       +Margaret COLES m. 17 May 1792, Glanmire Church near Cork

                    --6-John JACKSON

                    --6-Unnamed JACKSON

                   +Unnamed BLENNERHASSET

          --4-Elizabeth JACKSON d. 1767

          +Francis BARKER m. 18 Feb 1748, Holy Trinity, Waterford

         --5-Mary BARKER

            +Robert EDMESTON m. 1773

         --5-Samueli BARKER

             +Unnamed HASSARD m. 18 May 1778




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